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Arsenal Have No Cash Claims Manchester Manager

Manchester United manger, 'Sir' Alex Ferguson has made a bizarre claim that he 'knows' that Arsenal have no money to spend despite the recent sale of Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Arsenal and United managers have a long history together that spans over ten years, and has featured epic title battles, fierce mind games and even food fights, but despite the fact that the rivalry has calmed somewhat in the past few years due to the Gunners failure to really press home a title challenge, the purple nosed one seems intent on rekindling that rivalry this year with some rather odd comments that appear to come out of the blue.

Discussions, especially amongst Arsenal fans often take place on the subject of whether or not Arsene Wenger's youth policy is a matter of necessity or if the Gunners gaffer could, as we are told each summer by the board, spend £30M on one player if he so wished. Well it appears Alex Ferguson knows the answer to that.

Fergie said: 'Arsenal have got the biggest test to be where they want to be. I know Arsene doesn't have any money. I think they're struggling cash-wise, so it's a big test. They've sold Adebayor and there seems to be evidence that he can't use the money.'

After speaking briefly about why he thought Wenger turned down Real Madrid he reiterated his stance.

'I know Arsene doesn't have any money. They're struggling cash-wise so this season is a big test'

With the Adebayor deal only being officially completed yesterday I'm not entirely sure what evidence SAF could have acquired to come to the conclusion that Wenger wouldn't be able to spend his profits on strengthening the squad.

Indeed Wenger has already spent a reported £10Million on new defender, Thomas Vermaelen long before Ade was even courted by City and whilst Wenger has openly commented about the possible purchase of Bordeaux's Marouane Chamakh.

It's plainly obvious that Arsenal don't have anywhere near the spending power (massive debt) that United have, but to say he knows that we don't have any cash appears to be a little wide of the mark.

He does have one thing right though ..... this season is going to be one of Arsene's biggest tests yet.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 21 2009

Time: 10:04AM

Your Comments

Well, as much as i hate ManU, he does have a point. I think we're all a little bewildered on how little we spend. I know the Stadium is gonna take some pay off, but AW has a history of buying players and selling them for 300%-600% profit. Anelka, Marc Overmars, Adebayor ...there's gotta be more? I'm not sure about Henry, Hleb, Flamini and Viera? But yeh ...SURELY we have more money then we spend? And if not, where does it go?
Old bacon face must be looking over our accounts aswell. I seriously doubt he has access to our books, or PHW told him so or Wenger went begging cap in hand to a team £700 million in debt and not even making full repayments (released in Man Utd's yearly statement). Added to the fact we had a couple of quid to spend before Adebayors sale and the fact we have just trousered £25 million from man City and me thinks we DO have a few squids to spare. I don't mean £30 million to blow on a Veron type of player but you get the idea. Seems like the rantings of Demento will continue unabated until he slowly slips into a an alcohol induced coma.....
I'm sure Wenger phoned Fergie up and told him the intricate details of our club's finances. This should be taken as encouragement for Arsenal fans that Ferguson construes us as a threat again. The fact is, United have lost their best player, acquired £80m in the process and have bought Valencia and Owen. I think United will cope, but in reality their test is much greater than ours in reshaping their attack and there are much more pertinent questions on how much of the £80m from the Ronaldo sale has been ringfenced from Ferguson and ploughed back into the club's gargantuan debt repayments. Ferguson knows this and he also knows that Arsenal fans at the moment are a bunch of negative ********s who are very detrimental to their team at home games, Ferguson knows this and is trying to play on that and arouse that negativity again.
Little Dutch
Maybe we need to start an "Arsenal Fans Unite" Campaign? :P
Injuries have hurt us over the last two seasons, not a lack of cash. If spending millions on players like Veron, Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson, Hargreaves and Nani means you are flush with cash, then I am happy to be skint. I will make do with players like RVP, Cesc, Sagna, Clichy, Bendtner and Gibbs.
Cockney Rich
It beggars belief that despite publishing interim and full accounts every year readily accessible on the club's website so many are so willing to make statements out of sheer blind ignorance. That ignorance is also a matter of choice too because the information is freely available. Arsenal has plenty of cash - a very healthy amount in fact. Whether its makes financial sense to spend all of it while the clubs obligations on loans and loan covenants have yet to be satisfied is a question not easily answered outside of the board of directors. What you can say is that the club is financially very healthy and is likely to continue to be so over many years as long as they maintain their current policy of common sense fiscal management.
Arsenal are sitting on cash reserves of nearly £80 million, not including anything from Adebayor's sale. £30 million oh which is loan repayment insurance and must be kept liquid so that if any financial problems arise we can garauntee part of the loan repayment for another 12 months. So with the best part of £50 million plus Ade's cash we're skint, according to Demento.
As at 30th Nov 08 the club had 'cash at bank and in hand' of £75.659m - up £6.5m from the same period in the previous year.
I think we will see come september the 1st whether we have money to spend or not. If we spend less than 10m then it would appear we dont have the money in my eyes. If we look over the last 4 or 5 years, how much money have we actually spent compared to sales? Im sure there are 10+ teams who have outspent us in that period in the premiership
You are right Paul, if you actually look at the teams who have spent more than is in the transfer market, it would frighten you. Middlesbrough being one of the teams. That tells me all I need to know about the sound financial aspects of running a football club.
Cockney Rich
If that isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle purple I don't know what is. £700m debt and mounting, with no apparent sign of the £80m winker fee going anywhere other than on interest repayments. I wish there was a stronger word than hyppocrite I could ami at fergie!
We will sign a striker and a midfielder, with another defender coming in if Toure leaves, but that is just my opinion.
Fergie knows because Arsene probably asked to pay £10 a week for Silvestre
Pleeeeaaasse. Dont fall for Red Noses propoganda. He's only trying to convince himself that the Mancs arent going tits up. The £80m has already gone in debt repayments. Oh and get that ugly mug off the top of our blog.
Little Dutch
Nasri apparantly injured. The 22-year-old was transported by two members of staff, reportedly crying in pain, to the regional hospital in Hartberg. Early reports from the AFP news network claim the player has fractured his fibula and will be out of action for at least eight weeks.
Beat me to it
Nothing like starting the season with a big injury to deal with. Hopefully it wont be as bad as it looks. If he is off for that time we wont see him till probably october. Not good
We should have known. Everything was going too well. Apart from everything else, I hope this doesn't place too much pressure on Rosicky.
So, the most successful manager in the PL, who probably knows a thing or two about how a successful team is run, doesn't know what he is talking about? Neither do the second biggest shareholder at the club nor a highly respected past manager ? In contrast, a few blogheads with PhDs in finance who have meticulously perused the team's public financial records do? ... can't make that one up! Rich, really rich!!
Fergie is preparing for next season by starting the mind games now. He has dismissed City today and will eventually move onto Chelsea and Liverpool. He’s done it every season so we shouldn’t be surprised that he has employed this tactic now. Taking the media speculation about our finances and regurgitating it like it was fact is a cheap shot. Cockney Rich has got it right when he says that it was injuries that really messed up last season because with everyone fit we are looking strong. And Fergie knows it, so I take it as compliment that he considers us a threat. Our creative/goal scoring talent is fine, we just need a decent DM and for that, we clearly have the cash. Unfortunately, the right “Wenger” player might not be available.
Sir Henry
Orange Quadrant
I spoke too soon. The injuries we sustain are remarkable and it is far too regular for it to be bad luck. I really am beginning to question out training methods.
Sir Henry
Would that highly respected past manager be the disgraced Graham? - he knows a thing or two about finance only if it involves a brown envelope. I'd listen to Graham on some things but not if it involves money. So because Fergie knows a thing or two about football that makes him an expert about finance? Ask the Magners about his financial competence when it comes to racehorses. And the 2nd largest shareholder and former Russian jailbird, accused by some of corruption, is someone to take financial guidance from is he? Some people will swallow anything - and there's no need to make it up. Such people really are out there!
We have to spend some money now...a centre half, a DM and 2 to 3 strikers needed.
Orange Quadrant
I know it seems absurd, but sometimes I wonder if Arsene almost likes his players to be slightly injury-prone, just to give him an excuse to squeeze a youngster into the team.
2 to 3 strikers needed? Are you joking?
LOL Orange quadrant, thats a bit radical after an injury to one winger. Its a blow though, pre-season is so important for players, stop hoarding the cash and get a defesnive midfielder and a striker.
This will mean more playing time for Theo, and maybe Wilshere.
Theo, Nasri, Rosicky and Err eboue i guess
sorry i meant nasri, arshavin, Rosicky and err eboue.
Sir H, I've been questioning our medical staff/training methods for awhile now. This is truly ridiculous, when will this ever end? We will never win a trophy with this constant rate of injury. It had to be Nasri, ffs! As for injuries being responsible for our failures last season, I agree they contributed to our poor campaign but I can't agree they were the main reason. The biggest reason that 08-09 was AW's worst season with us was the decimated midfield--and the fact that it was not strengthened--and the fact that for the entire first half of the season AW didn't even know who his best XI was. Not sure he was even certain about it by the time the season ended. As AW has often said in various interviews, the midfield is key. You can get away with a somewhat flawed front line and even a backline as long as the midfield is well balanced in attack and defense. We had Europe's best midfield in 07-08. That's why we could get away with a good but not great CD pairing. It's why we could make Ade look like a world class striker. Last season our midfield was an exercise in musical chairs, ever-shifting, never convincing, never balanced.
As for Fergie & the financial question....I doubt that the Fergie-Arsene rapprochement extends to sharing of info about each other's club finances. TBH, this whole issue makes my head hurt. I've read so many different reports and commentary from people who seem to know what they're talking about. Bottom line for me is that Arsene seems to have very little at his disposal to work with -- not just to buy players but to pay them a competitive wage.
2 to 3 strikers needed? Are you joking?...NO...Van Persie plays 10 games and gets injured and is not as good as people think, Vela not proven although in time I think he'll be good, Bendtner damn useless, Walcott too weak and Eduardo fingers cross will come back as good as before but still has limited experience in the Premiership. A pretty weak lot to chose from in all honesty, how many goals have they totalled in the Premiership?
Orange Quadrant
Last year those 5 combined to score 50 goals in all competitions. That is 50 goals out of the 109 we scored in total.
So what 2 or 3 strikers with PL experience should we get? Darren Bent and Peter Crouch maybe? They have ok PL scoring records. You havn't thought this through have you OQ?
Yes I have Amos, without Adebayor (sorry to mention the name) there is no natural leader or main focus of the attack in the team, both Van Perise and Walcott are weak like Reyes & Bergkamp were and cannot play in an advanced position up front. Bendtner isn't up to it either and plays withdrawn so you are left with Vela and Eduardo who are still novices in the Premiership. Obe Martins will do for me, Huntaaler or someone else who's a bit of a handfull
Orange Quadrant
Ah yes - pint sized Martins is just what we need to replace 6' 4" Adebayor. Shrewd pick. Just how much PL experience has Huntelaar had? What sort of advanced role did Henry play when scoring his 200 plus goals? Yep - you've thought it through all right.
I would like one more striker ideally - someone in the Huntelaar mould, but I'm satisfied with what we have, especially if Bendtner seizes the chance that Ade's departure has given him.
Martrins is strong as an ox, Van Persie is made of wet cardboard and so is Walcott. Amos, we weren't good enough last year up front and that was with our top goalscorer over the last 3 years! Dear oh Dear, you haven't thought this through have you?
Orange Quadrant
Try actually going to game and see for yourself!
Orange Quadrant
"a game"
Orange Quadrant
Yes OQ, I'm sure you're right. If we do go to game with a bit of Football Manager, I'm sure we'll all see the illusion you're seeing. Van Persie is not all that weak, and he at least knows how to use his body to turn a player and/or draw the foul. Walcott is so easily felled mainly due to a lack of balance than lack of strength, not that that's a positive thing.
"What sort of advanced role did Henry play when scoring his 200 plus goals?"....and how many Thierry Henry's do you see around then amos that can play that role? Dear oh Dear, you haven't thought this through have you? Shouldn't you be watching Rugby League, where you're from? obviously is not your thing! LOL
Orange Quadrant
I'm not saying there isnt some truth in what Fergie says. We all know there isnt a massive pot of gold to tap everytime we need reinforcements. I just want people to understand why he is saying it and that he will obviously accentuate the negative, so we all start arguing and undermining the club for him. As for Ade, he lead nothing but the offside trap and his few brilliant goals are scant reward for either the riches he was given and the commitment from the club. £25m is a very good return for him.
The guy is an idiot.
No Tom14, amos is cool
Orange Quadrant
lol, but you are still an idiot.
Orange Quadrant
As a season ticket holder since the late 70's and a regular since 1972 I think I'm entitled to my opinon! 1st game Norwich at home November 1972 League Cup, lost 0-3, Graham Paddon hatrick :-(
Orange Quadrant
You are wholly entitled to your opinion, but you still say some totally ridiculous things.
The mind games have started already - he wants us to be taken over! Purple Nose is jealous that we are self-sufficient and might mount a title challenge without relying on a clever businessman to buy our club and lumber it with the debts. Quoting the immortal Kevin Keegan, I would love it, just love it, if Man City knocked a Ronaldo-less United out of the Top 4!
You are flailing around desperately there OQ. So everything is ok because you saw Graham Paddon score a hat trick for Norwich? Maybe I could top that but how would you know whether it's true. You can claim anything you want on a blog under the anonymityof a user name. In any case it doesn't make you any better qualified to express an opinion than anyone else. It's just as possible to be old and wrong. But you give the game away by not even trying to answer the questions I put. You really haven't thought it through have you? But at least you seem aware of your limitations so best not try eh.
I've answered your question already boy or can't you read? You certainly can't write as your postings prove. Bit thick you northern boys, lack a bit don't you?..bring back the coal mines I say that way it doesn't stretch your mind too much.
Orange Quadrant
Orange Quadrant comes from the well known inner city North London dwelling known as Dartford. He'd have had a job being at that Norwich game in 1972 given that he is 28 years old and currently a Red Member, not the season ticket holder he masquerades as. Not as anonymous as you think OQ, how's life at the SOAS. Oh no, they sacked you didn't they? Whoops.
Little Dutch
28 LOL, Dartford LOL and what the hell is SOAS?
Orange Quadrant
Try my facebook profile again mate, you might just be surprised.
Little Dutch
It seems like we all have a facebook stalker. Damn I look good ;)
Put on a picture of my sexy mush! DO IT BEAST!
Yeah but you cannot usurp the Marvin Gaye t shirt I'm wearing in that pic. Style personnified.
Little Dutch
Fergie is full of rubbish once again. However, I dont think he considers Arsenal a threat, coz he said so (he feels the closest challengers are going to be Pool & Chelsea). So I wonder why he is saying this. I'd love to hear Wenger's response to this, in his own subtly sarcastic yet funny way.
If he comes from Dartford I guess that does make me a Northern boy then! A bit under 20 miles north I reckon.
I hope Wenger doesnt reply cos wats the point. But I dont think Wenger will bring in any more players. We are already hearing that he thinks his squad is strong enough,we heard this same phrase last season. I dont think we can afford Huntelaar,so lets move on .
Awwwwwwwwww where's OQ gone. LD I think you've upset the boy. For shame picking on someone so obviously younger than yourself.

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