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Henry - I Wouldn't Recommend Spurs To Anyone

Thierry Henry has lived up to his title of Arsenal legend once again after stating that he never told Patrick Vieira to sign for Spurs and that he wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Debate has raged on in blogosphere after it was reported that the other French Arsenal legend, Patrick Vieira could possibly sign for the old enemy, T*ttenham Hotspur as the midfield general searches for first team football.

Newspapers also reported that Arsenal's record goal scorer, Thierry Henry urged Paddy to make the move to the Lilywhites.

Henry put the record straight in fine style.

'I am Arsenal through and through. I'd never advise anyone to sign for Tottenham. Patrick Vieira is a grown man who will do whatever he has to do for his own career. But I have never advised anyone about their future because it's not my business.'

'I can't have Arsenal fans thinking I am helping Tottenham in any way. The truth is I was talking to Spurs boss Harry Redknapp and he told me he was trying to sign Patrick from Inter Milan. I was very surprised because Patrick is like me. He loves Arsenal.'

'I just said that Patrick would be a brilliant signing. But I also made it clear I would be shocked if it happened.'

I'm not sure how it will make Barca fans feel upon hearing Thierry say that he's Arsenal through and through, and I don't frankly care, but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to hear Henry speak of his former team in such a way, even more so by doing what any self respecting Gooner would do ..... having a pop at Tottenham.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 28 2009

Time: 1:54AM

Your Comments

Long live the KIng... Of Barcelona.
Not even Cygan? Bramble? Bentley? Oh wait he's already there. I'm sure there are loads he could recommed to Spurs!
Good point FU!! Ere, Thierry ... how about recommending Silvestre to Spurs?
What was he doing talking to Harry in the first place? Probably giving his commitment to join Spurs in the January window.
How about coming back to Arsenal?
No he said "go to Spurs go to a real club" evidently .Evidently he has harry on speed dial.
when asked what it was like to finally win the CL after the final, he first said, "well Arsenal is in my blood..." before answering the question. He's simply the best
******** legend! absolute ******** legend!
It makes you like a player a lot more when they show true dedication to the club you love. If i was a Liverpool supported i'd wanna marry Gerrard because he loves Liverpool more than anyone, you got to respect a player for that.
btw guys nice to be back among you all fellow gooners
I would rather have blood in my arse than Arsenal in my blood. How would it be a brilliant signing, now he is old and *****ed, where as when he played for you he was just *****ed.
You get wiser as you get older.Viera's realised his giant cock-up playing for the wrong team in North London and wants to desperately redress the balance to make up for it.Sounds like Henry is aching for a move there too!
Just so you gooners know most yids don't want Viera anywhere near our club, myself included. So hopefuly Henry puts him off. Do us a favour.
Real Deal
Redknapp had turned Portsmouth into a retirement home for our cast offs. He seems keen to repeat that in Spudland.
I am still reduced to tears when I see the Legend that is TH14. Seeing him in his Barca kit is like seeing my wife with another man ! Note to Hleb,Cashley and Adebarndoor : Look at TH14 if you want to know how to behave and conduct yourself when you leave THE greatest club in the world. Your vitriolic lies and stupid, childish comments only ever hurt YOU, not us. They say more about you than they do about the Arsenal. Fact.
Cockney Rich
Nice one Thierry! I wouldn't recommend anyone to even waste their spit on the LILYWIPES either! As far you numpties saying "we don't want viera anyway", ofcourse you wouldn't. It would be too out of the ordinary for you lot to take a player that had actually WON anything of note. And Viera played for the wrong club in North London, did he? Only if his personal dream was to be a total utter LOSER, then he would've been at the lane. As for Henry trying to engineer a move there? Oh , please. Spuds wouldn't know what to do with a skilful and successful player if they actually had one. And Thierry needs to watch out who he comes into contact with too. He might have caught swine flu while talking to old Mr Bung there.
Haha ...Spurs fans are ridiculous
Henry is the biggest legend in Arsenal's history. Not only his he the record goal scorer, he's the best player we ever had .... but more importantly, he gets us. He gets the club. He gets everything about what it means to be a gooner. Sure we've had players who have longer service to the club, but some of these guys soil their legend a bit will ill-advised, egotistical comments, whereas Henry says that now he's left the club he is an Arsenal fan .... and you know what, he sounds like one too. I love this dude!
Definately in the Arsenal all time XI ...Henry/Bergkamp is the best striking partenership since i've been following the gunners ...(that's 20 years)
You are right Rocky and FuiKaka, a player like TH14 comes along once in a lifetime, and I just thank God it was in mine. You could feel the air of expectancy every time he got the ball, and it would lift me out of my seat. His partnership with DB10 was a natural one, born out of sheer football ability and genius. Sometimes though, I do worry if we will ever see their like again at our club.
Cockney Rich
I can't imagine a "World" where Henry would advise anyone to go to Spuds!
I just checked out the Spurs vital football to see if they had anything on this, surely enough, it read like this! "Keep Your Nose Out Henry! Thierry Henry ex-goon legend has had to contribute his two penneth about Patrick Viera's proposed move to the holier side of North London. Some of his pearls of wisdom were:- 'I am Arsenal through and through(NO KIDDING!)I'd never advise anyone to sign for Tottenham.I can't have Arsenal fans thinking I am helping Tottenham in any way.' Apparently Henry was talking to our 'Arry and did admit that Viera would be a brilliant signing when Harry floated the idea to him. Was he being totally honest or did he have his tongue firmly in his cheek?After all you can never trust a Gooner. " That was followed by a whole bunch of "as if we'd want him" ...comments ...who do they have that is better?
Tom Huddlestone is twice the player Vieira is ..... literally. Lol
looks like being a matter of time with Toure. 16m + 25m +7m(possibly for eboue. Thats 48m gained. 10 spent on Vermalen leaving 38, i would hope to spend at least 18-20m leaving us with a reasonable profit for our accountants
theirs no glory talk from you lot is their you are losing all ya players jumping ship as soon as man city wave the cash 4th you say you will be lucky with 14th!!!!
only 1 spurs
Let's go £15m on Huntelaar, and £8m take it or leave it with Fulham for Hangeland. Transfers all done and dusted, carry on with pre-season, get fit and do Everton away 2-1 on opening day. Goals from RVP and winner from Huntelaar. Happy days.
Cockney Rich
Sounds good Cockney Rich. Do we leave the Centre midfield as it is with Denilson, Song, Diaby & Cesc
Did you hear those words, Wright, Merson and all those other former players who slate our club? THAT'S how you talk about your former club and your former manager who gave you so much. Thierry, I love you!
Really hate to see Kolo go, he's one of the few true gunners we have left. Can't understand why AW hangs on to Silvestre. I knew we'd probably lose 1 defender once AW brought in Vermaelen, I just wish it didn't have to be Kolo. I know he's had his failings in the last 2 seasons but, damn, it's Kolo, ffs! He's Arsenal!
Would be nice to get another midfielder paul, but surely we have enough in there already, and who is out there that we want ? You are right jaelle, it is sad to see Kolo go,but can you honestly say that he knows what he is doing defensively ?
Cockney Rich
Thats the last of the Invincibles gone now. Lehman, Cole, Campbell, Toure, Lauren, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, Reyes, Edu, Keown, Parlour, Kanu, Cygan, Wiltord. Alliadiere. Infact only Fabregas & Clichy of the top of my head were at the club at all.
Who cares about City? They're only hoovering up our cast-offs. Adebayor wasn't good enough and Kolo's past it. These two players are gone because Wenger wanted it so. End of. Nice to see Spuds crawling out from their holes and passing comment on 14th spot- the sort of position they are all too familiar. Arsenal will be peeing down on them from a great height as usual this season.
And Thierry is so right. Spuds is where all half- decent careers go to die. Patrick wouldn't lower himself.
Crouch must be Harry Redknapps son. He took him to Southampton, then Portsmouth and now Spuds. Why ?
Cockney Rich
because hes a decent striker do you not remember the 3 he put past you horrible lot haha ( banter ) seriously does it worry you that man city have the spending power to pull players from wherever they like apart from the elite clubs such as madrid barca ect?? and do you in all all honesty see them as a v.serious threat to that 4th and v.profitable spot?.If you do get huntellar then obviously the greedy Wa**er will be forgotten about and i for one will have a new worry that Huntellar will carry on where ade left off with always scoring past us oh and il add Ashavin to that list aswell. Well heres to hoping we have another thrilling couple of games this season.
only 1 spurs
Are we a bit crazy by strengthening a direct rival with the sales of Adebayor and Toure? I agreed about Adebayor but not sure about Toure, although the reputed 15m is very nice to have. Arsene had better make use of this money otherwise the fans aren't going to be happy again!
Toure has 1 year left on his contract, if he won't sign a new one, we have to sell him. In truth, Kolo hasn't stepped up to be the leader we all hoped he would. His pace is a great attribute, but that's only going to recede and without a strapping, commanding centre half next to him, he looks lost in truth, at the age of 28, he should be a more commanding presence now. I would rather he stayed, but only if he signs a new deal. The talk of Citeh, for this summer at least, it well over hyped. They've hoovered up players that are a) no improvement on what the likes of United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have and b) are largely consisted of players the top four couldn't be arsed with. Liverpool wanted Barry but didn't deem him value for money, Santa Cruz is a one season wonder (Darren Bent's goals to minutes ratio is better). Adebayor is potential ruined by avarice and a player Arsenal couldn't be arsed with anymore, Tevez played more games than any other United forward last year and scored five goals, as well as behaved like a whining pussy. City will be a threat in the future, it's inevitable, but looking at their squad objectively (together with a manager who is out of his depth in my view) they should finish 6th. Consider this, after every international weekend, City are likely to be without Adebayor, Robinho, Santa Cruz, Benjani and Tevez due to travelling for international commitments, leaving them only Bellamy to play upfront. Their spending has no planning, it's been a mad grab to mask the fact that they haven't been able to get Eto'o, Kaka etc.
Little Dutch
Forgot to mention that, unlike Adebayor, Toure would go with all of our best wishes as he has been a true gent the whole time he has been at the club and, unlike Adebayor, put his heart and soul into every game. He would be missed as a character for sure.
Little Dutch
It's only strengthening another team if you lose players you wanted to keep. If these two were in Wenger's plans, nobody would have got a sniff of them, not even a NON European club like City. Delighted to offload Ade, and I liked old Kolo but it's time we were ruthless. City haven't managed to lure one big player that was wanted by any other big club despite all their money. Who've they got? Santa Cruz (injury-prone Blackburn player) Barry (Liverpool lost interest in this 28 year old Champions League chaser Adebayor (unwanted by us) and Tevez whom Ferguson wasn't even bothered about? One thing I do agree with AF on- I'm not losing sleep over that bunch of moaning minnies. Hughes to be the first manger sacked, followed swiftly by Flash Harry in good old spuddie tradition.
Agree with LD about Kolo. I wish him well. I just feel we've come to a natural parting of the ways, sadly.
Yeah,I echo all above. Kolo, it was a pleasure to have you at my beloved Arsenal, and you will be long remembered and loved as one of ' The Invincibles '. All the very best mate.
Cockney Rich
I miss Kolo already, he's a great guy even if he's probably not the great defender he used to be. And Thierry Henry = legend. Period.
Great post LD, my thoughts exactly (although I clearly rate him less than mos). Not a big loss for us, not a big gain for City.
Another African sold, Eboue you are next you****!
Frosty B
As long as we dont sign any african players (because of the african cup of nations and travelling) im good.
Sign Jerome Boateng Arsene.
LD re Hughes: "a manager who is out of his depth in my view" -- in all the blathering predictions about how we should all be scared of City, lost is the reality of Mark Hughes. He's the reason I'm not quaking in my shoes. If this were David Moyes, then I'd be concerned but the simple fact is that Mark Hughes is not the caliber of a top 4 manager. Not sure Moyes is either but I do think he's far more talented and sharper as a manager than Hughes. Hughes is a good, capable manager who can do well with mid- or low- table teams struggling to stay in the PL. And that's it. Now, if City fire him and get someone with of a higher caliber, then I'll take them a bit more seriously.
Hahaha. You guys are funny! So Henry is Arsenal through and through? Why did he leave then? Why do you slate all the others that don't brag about his former club as much? It's like giving away your girlfriend to a bigger and richer guy, and then love her for the fact that she says so many pretty things about her former lover. Haha! I saw someone mention Gerrard, now that is true love for his club - he doesn't leave!!!
NorwaYid, you're a moron. Has Gerrard reached the age of 30, has he shown that he can no longer contribute very much to the team? When Henry left Arsenal, he was riddled with injury and didn't play consistently well. He left because there were younger players behind him and AW could no longer guarantee him first team football. Go back to your little spud hole, stupid twit.
Slap in a transfer request, have a bit of extra marital with Chelsea then miraculously sign a new contract on massively improved terms 24 hours later? Love indeed. Henry was sold because he was becoming disruptive. Remember one of the many, many times we've beaten Tottenham's arses all over North London in December 2006? The day before the game, Wenger sent Henry home from training and told him not to come back for a month. Thereafter he played seven more games for Arsenal. It's hardly as though he left on a free for our biggest rivals.........
Little Dutch
Titi is a legend end of! did he ever even lose 1 game against spurts?
i dun agree Henry was sold. we went cuz he wanted to and Arsene maybe didnt try hard enough to make him stay, but for sure he tried. still makes me sad when i see him at Barca. love him and will always do even though he hurt me and millions like me big time, but it's alrite titi, still have tat dream inside me of seeing yu in the red and white again cuz those are the only colors tat look good on yu..
I gotta agree with all of the aboth about Toure. He's a good guy but he's just not the defender we need. Defense was our weekest and most feeble attribute's last year, especially after losing Gallas and Clichy. Gallas is older but has the wiser defensive mind out of the 2 so i'll have to say i'm glad is Toure and not Gallas that has gone. As for Henry, we have no need to justify our love for him to any other squad, they all know they would've wanted him in a heartbeat.
Ya im Arsenal through and through but id prefer winning my trophies at Barcelona......
jaelle, gerrard won't have to leave coz liverpool win things, it's amazing how his injury riddled body gets better away from the kiddie fiddler, and did'nt play consistantly well....come on, even i know he was your best player even when he left, you sound like a child who's friend's don't want to play with them anymore' why don't you ask your "legend" to have a word with veira and ask him to come back coz we don't ******** want him anyway and cesc flabagast will be next out of the door..hahahahahaha
That's kind of it luckys, Barca made a bid and we didn't turn it down.
Little Dutch
paddypower, Liverpool haven't won a trophy since 2006. That's 3 seasons and counting. When we hadn't won a trophy in 3 seasons, morons like you kept pointing that out constantly like it was a massive amount of time. So if Liverpool don't win anything next season, will you still use the same argument? Hypocrite.
yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but..... jaelle look up the true meaning of the word hypocrite before using it..."morons" like us are not deluding ourselves that the only reason our best players leave is because they are "disruptive" and because they are "riddled with injuries" just face facts arsenal are no longer the force they was, not many box office players want to sign for you, quite the opposite in fact, funny how he never said that "arsenal through and through" comment when playing at highbury, the fact remains that gerrard would not leave liverpool in the next 4 years regardless if they won anything or not, because he is liverpool through and through as stated at a press conference at ANFIELD, not some half arsed comment from the other side of the continent, and by the way hypocritcal is what scum like you lot are being toward your ex players when they say a few home truths that you don't want to hear,
anyway i bet he only said it to get a fat end of career paycheque wheeling his "injury riddled" body out for cc games, COYS!!!!!!!!!
Box-office player Arshavin wanted to sign for us didn't he? In any case we create the box office players. As it happens Gerrard came pretty close to leaving 'pool for Chelsea a short time back. But it's telling when a spud has to use Liverpool as an example to make an argument against us. Too embarrassed to make a case from his own team I see. Though not much point using Totteringham Hotspud as an example for anything other than dismal mediocrity I suppose.
"not many box office players want to sign for you" -- not many box office players want to sign for Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool either -- not anymore. Utd and Chelsea have tried for any of Benzema, Villa, and several other big names, all turned them down this summer. They all want to play in Spain, esp. with the new tax laws. "when they say a few home truths that you don't want to hear," -- such as? Give me an example. You're the one who doesn't want to face facts that you have to rely on Arsenal to get any of your football joy -- you can't get any from your own pathetic worthless club (where not even obscure players want to go to) so you have to rely on Arsenal's woes to put a big smile on your face. Says it all about your emotional desperation. Losers like you get more motivated by Arsenal losing than your own team winning.
amos i think you will find he wanted to come to spurs me ol mucker, we was'nt prepared to pay what they wanted, and anyway hardly a box office player now is he........ and the comment about gerrard, he came pretty close....but he never went, how about your "legend"? we could have used john terry as an example as well, jaelle the whole point of this article is that henry stated that he is arsenal through and through, do you call that woes? and us yids find it funny that he said that while playing for barca, and you fecking knobheads are lapping it up from him, have you no shame? ....."they all want to play in spain" make sure adebarndoor and tooray send you postcards from sunny..............MANCHESTER, so the reason no big players want to go to arsenal is because of the "new tax law's" LMFAO
you bois are going to get spanked next season if you dont buy some players. youve lost a decent defender and a your best striker. i rate eduado but his injury could repeat. not being funny but walnutt is pants!! get buying bois. kids wont win you **** all
Thank you so much for the very wise spud advice, ng9-yid. Coming from such a hugely successful club like yours, it means a lot.
BTW, paddyboy, care to tell me which spurs player has shown YOUR club any real loyalty???
Let's be fair jaelle, Sol Campbell did see out his contract with Totnum...........
Little Dutch
just heard that there has been a burglary at totteringham apparently the trophy room was completely ransacked, the police are on the look out for 4 glass shelves and 2 yards of green baize
cornish gooner
jaelle, im not the one calling my ex players legends who have fecked off to better clubs, you have to admit it is funny and you are losing this arguement, and little dutch, sol cambell is hardly a legend at spurs now is he...........cornish gooner mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i had one of them 1001 funniest joke books when i was 5 as well.....,
paddy, you're totally deluded. I am NOT losing this argument. Henry is indeed a legend for us, the opinion of some ignorant loser spud is worthless in the face of that very basic FACT. Henry remains a supporter of Arsenal as he has said publicly time and time again since joining Barca. He has said when it comes to Arsenal he speaks with his heart, he has even said he'd love to come back to the club to work in some non-player role. YOU'RE the one with the laughable, totally clueless argument that claims that Henry is not a legend for us, and that he does not remain in our good graces. You're too stupid to know of the personal family circumstances that led to Henry leaving England, the disagreements between Wenger and Henry due to Wenger not choosing him as a regular starter in his last season, his increasingly inconsistent performances, etc. You're just too stupid to know anything about Arsenal or football in general.
now your contradicting what your own supporters are saying, someone posted above that he was sold because he was disruptive, come on lads make your mind up here now, "You're too stupid to know of the personal family circumstances that led to Henry leaving England", yeah right, listen jarelle if every player who cheated on the mother of his young baby had to leave the country...........there would be none playing in england, you will have to do better than that love.....i say love coz you must be a chick......well you argue like one anyway.....any other reason's? go and put someones dinner on for them girl coz your talking poo on here, bye now, don't bother replying you dirty C*$U*$N*$T'S, coz i won't be back on this S*H*I*T*H*O*L*E to read it, mwhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
The funny thing is that the stupid **** posting above will DEFINATELY be back to read this, and he's just itching as he reads this to throw another lame insult, but knows he'd show himslef up as being a completely pathetic piece of ****.
Well let's look at Totnum's recent legends. Gascoigne? Who of course did NOT go to Serie A first chance he got. Lineker? That fella that went to Japan. Waddle, who waddled off to Marseilles first chance he got. Kilinsmann, who went to Bayern after one season. Anderton perhaps? Who preferred the treatment room to the training pitch. Barmby? The one that whined about missing Hull the whole time. Sheringham? Went to Yoonited and came back when he was old and past it. Going by your assessment of legend paddypower, Gary Mabbutt is pretty much all you got.
Little Dutch
The biggest mystery is hown a ***** like PaddyPower actually managed to plug all the cables in and actually get online. Well I spose if chimps can do it then anyone can.....

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