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The Difference Between Walcott and Wilshere

There seems to me to be a marked difference in the level of these two players footballing development, even with Theo's 3 year age advantage and his obviously superior god given talents, Jack appears to be advanced in the two most important aspects of the game for a young kid, technique and football intelligence. In Australia, at the moment, there has been a debate raging about how to best educate our youth players, not from the age of 13-19, but from 6 or 7 to 13. The general focus of training youth players in Australia for the last 2 decades has been not dissimilar to the approach in England, whereby physical attributes like strength and pace often overshadow skills and rather than encourage technique we emphasise brute force, stamina and 'clever' rule bending. This has seen for Australia and for England a drought in creatively and technically talented footballers like Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Paul Gascoigne and Glenn Hoddle for their respective nations.

In the past 2 years though, attitudes toward youth training have been changing here in Oz, and emphasis is moving from 11 a side, full field games to the 5 a side futsal style games used in countries renowned for their technical abilities like Brazil and Holland, for all juniors under the age of 11. The theory behind this move is that the foundation of a players technical ability is inherently laid at a young age and that any ground lost in technique as a junior can be near impossible to make up as a teenager, whereas on the other hand physical and mental attributes like fitness, strength and tactical awareness can all be learnt at a later date. It is at this point where we begin to see the difference in stages of Theo and Jack's respective development.

Walcott, a graduate of Southhampton's academy was blessed with brilliant natural ability in his speed and low centre of gravity, but raised in the English style of football, with it's physically based emphasis his already obvious skills were pandered to and further worked on while his technique (eg; first touch and short passing) was ignored and suffered. Wilshere seems at a glance to be a different proposition to Theo, and although equally slight in stature, he lacks the obvious physical gifts of Theo's pace, even if he does have a deceptive balance and strength for his age and size (not altogether different from our Russian superstar Arshavin). What Jack does have that Theo doesn't though, is a truly continental academy education, where he has been raised to believe that technical ability and football intelligence are the be all and end all of a young players game, and the benefit this has given him is plain to see. Jack is superior to Theo in touch, vision, passing, positioning and has multiple dimension's to his game, whereas Theo only obviously exceeds Wilshere in the one area - pace. Whereas Theo's pace was coveted as his main attribute, Jack was given a fully rounded football education and his physical ability, like his now apparent strength, was worked on at a later date.

This is not in anyway intended to be an insult to Theo, but more a testament to the Arsenal academy, the continental style of youth development and what that can do for a truly gifted young footballer.

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The Journalist

Writer: Ozi Gooner Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 3 2009

Time: 7:54AM

Your Comments

I think you're spot on with that analysis.
norfolk dumpling
Difference? There is no comparison! Wilshere is on another planet to Walcott I'm afraid. He's waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smarter than Walcott on the ball, makes better passes, rarely loses the ball, has GREAT eye for goal and has amazing dribbling ability to boot! Walcott is nowhere near these attributes yet and needs to desperately take lessons from Wilshere to justify his price tag. I am truly overawed by this kid. I seriously wouldn't mind paying 18 mil to sign this kid! Having said all that, he's going back to the reserves when the season starts for Walcott to slot right back in!
Interesting piece Oz. Our academy is certainly one of the best in Europe, you only have to look around all the teams in the league to see that. Even when these players aren't deemed good enough to play for Arsenal they are good enough to forge a career in football. I bet there are more teams in England with Arsenal educated players than not. With regards to Theo and Wilshere, their upbringings could be the difference between the two ..... but it could just be that Wilshere is naturally a better player.
Spot on! Walcott said he looked up for beatie for his penalty-taking and that say it all for me. The thing with Walcott he still thinks like championship player and tends to make wrong decisions and he cant cut inside because he doesn’t have the technique to go past people without using his pace, he is pretty much an open book. Yet, he got a lot of potential and he has to look at players like henry, RVP, arshavin not jamies beatie to fulfill it . In other words, Walcott is English-type of player using his natural ability and refusing to learn it the other way, while Wilshire is international-type of player. I just hope he stays away from the media otherwise they will turn his head. it would be such pain to see his talent going to waste.
Gooner SA
I agree with most of you've sid Ozi. I think Wenger will take Jack out the spotlight for a month now so as to avoid some undue pressure that Theo had to deal with. It's a big year for Theo, he needs to fullfill some of his promise.
when he asked about capello he said he just want to get into the arsenal team! makes me smile
Gooner SA
@ Rock, don't disagree that it may be the case Jack is just the better football, but I also don't doubt for a second that Theo would be a much more will rounded footballer if he had spent his earlier years at the Arsenal academy.
Ozi Gooner
I hear you. The difference though that you don't highlight is that players are developed to play fora certain position. Theo was developed to be a striker, so speed was his main focus, needing one to two touches before striking. Wilshire on the other hand is a midfielder, creative play maker. Two completey different players bread for two completely difference positions. The fact that Wilshire played on he right is probably the bases for the article but its like comparing a goalkeeper with a defender.
Where would Theo play? He can't play on the wing in this new 433 formation because he does not have the fluidity or creativity. He cannot play up front because he is generally not good enough to finish one on ones or link up play. Him playing on the wing would weaken our team, so do we just accept that, at this moment in time, he is not good enough and he plays on the bench? If we were going off who is best for the team, Walcott would play less than he did last year in my opinion.
I would agree Trennon, but Theo has pretty much always played on the wing, even if he considers himself a striker. And when he has played up front, he has been garbage.
Walcott i can see coming off the bench a lot more this year - touch wood - if Rosicky/Eduardo stay fit. Here's hoping Jacky gets more playing time this season, he fits in so well with our team of midgets.
Great piece Ozi, a really good read. I seen Wilshere at the weekend, and he looks a bit ' special '. For me he seemed to play with more freedom than Theo does. I don't mean that in terms of team tactics or instructions, just that Theo seems to show his nerves at times, and it affects him and his ' game '. Jack played like a young kid ' over the park with his Dad '. He wanted to run at people, express himself with the ball, and generally make an impact. For me the fundamental difference is that Wilshere has a natural gift to play, whereas Theo has to be ' taught ' to play.
I think Walcott stands far more chance of playing without Adebayor (or other target man stylye player) in the side. The extra movement and fluidity of a front three would stand more chance of creating the space to suit his game. We could just find that this decrease in the dependence on long balls and crosses will be the making of Theo.
i wouldnt say walcott was complete garbage, thats very harsh,i would say he is has raw talent with potential but is far from the finished article for a player in his position, where as Jack looks to be almost there
fran merida
I think the new 4-3-3 could suit Walcott down to the ground, where he will play neither really as a winger or a striker but an amalgamation of the two- giving him more freedom. I actually saw sings of it last year, the link up between RvP and van Persie is quite good and I think at times Walcott was played as a virtual third striker when we were chasing games at home.
Little Dutch
"RvP and van Persie is quite good" - I lol'd...
Tom, calling Walcott garbage is really unfair mate. I can recall many a game where he has been the difference. He is playing on the wing to give him that added development he never Southhampton. Pretty much the same way Henry was developed by Wenger. I can't believe what I'm reading from you guys. Yes our development academy is miles ahead of Southhamptons but so what?
I said when he has played up front he has been garbage (apart from the 7-0 Champs league match I suppose) not that he is a garbage footballer. Whilst I am one of his biggest doubters (whought thinking he is s**te) I am not stupid enough to deny some talent. I agree that this 433 is better than a 442 for Theo, however, the 433 is also better for all of the better players. he should be a regular bench player.
Tom I hope you're wrong. Personally I don't see a better option for the right side of our attack. Arsenal's biggest problam when going forward was an inability to get behind defenders. Walcott is the only player from all our attackers which gives us the speed to do that.
He is clearly not the best choice, Nasri, van Persie/Eduardo and Rosicky would get the nod for me, but he is a very useful squad member.
Tom you completely contridict yourself by voting RVP and Eduardo into position. done with this stupid pointless debate now. Theo will prove you all wrong next season. nuff said. Bye.
Btw, Trennon, don't know if you ever watched Theo play for Southhampton, but he definitely played a couple of games on the wing. As for the discussion about whether Theo could have a renewed impact as a wing forward, as opposed to a winger or an out and out forward, interesting discussion point, but ultimately redundant to the essence of the article. The point is that Theo is not as technically sound as Jack. This article, as the last short paragraph emphasises, is not so much a critique of Theo or Jack, as it is a critique of the English/Australian and Continental/South American academy styles.
Ozi Gooner
Btw, Trennon, don't know if you ever watched Theo play for Southhampton, but he definitely played a couple of games on the wing. As for the discussion about whether Theo could have a renewed impact as a wing forward, as opposed to a winger or an out and out forward, interesting discussion point, but ultimately redundant to the essence of the article. The point is that Theo is not as technically sound as Jack. This article, as the last short paragraph emphasises, is not so much a critique of Theo or Jack, as it is a critique of the English/Australian and Continental/South American academy styles.
Ozi Gooner
What? So Eduardo and van Persie could not play in a front three for Arsenal, But Walcott could?
No Tom. I was talking purely from a right wing point of view. But, Theo would be even better suited to a 4.3.3 system because of his pace. United and Barcelona only play 4.3.3 with one front man able to exploit the created space behind the defenders. Without pace, that system will fail every time. Unfortunately, RVP and Eduardo are not the fastest two on the planet. Ozi, in my first post I agreed 100% with the article. A very good one but stressed that the comparisons between Theo and Jack were muted because they are two completely different players suited to two completely different roles.
Personally i would like to See Eduardo up front with RVP & Asrhavin either side. Then play Nasri or Rosicky, Fabregas & Denilson in the middle with Denilson sitting back more.
Agree exactly paul, but I think Eduardo would be the wider of the two (Rvp or Eduardo)
Yep, they are Trennon, completely different. Regardless of that, doesn't change the fact that one is a much more well rounded and adaptable player than the other, and that the reason why is cos of how he was raised on football. Take Henry for example, the reason the transition from winger to striker was natural for him was not because he was fast, but because of his technical academy training and how his physical atributes made for the transition.
Ozi Gooner
I hate the Henry - Walcott comparison.
My whole point Tom is that they're incomparable
Ozi Gooner
I understand and agree with your point.
Great stuff Oz, wholeheartedly agree with and can see the point you are making. Theo with an Arsenal education from a young age would be a genuinley terrifying prospect for opposition defences, as it is, he is dangerous, but nullifiable. Can't wait for Jack to blossom - not this season, but next season I'd hope to see him regularly in the first team assuming his development continues in the same dramatic fashion.
Well put together OZ. tom 14 as usual you're out to rubbish Theo time will tell if your right or wrong IMO your wrong so wrong. There is also another forward that seems to have been forgotten Vela, I believe we really have an outstanding forward line with many variables. My big worry is the right hand side of our defense, many times we seem to have a hole we need to fill. I suspect when Gibbs gets back we will have have good cover for the left side. But there really is a problem with the right side.
In absolute fairness though, Southampton do have a very good academy which has produced some technically sound players- it's about the only part of their club that has been run well in the last eight years. That said, I don't much doubt that as a kid Walcott wasn't taught to do much beyond, "stay upfront and when you see the ball, run Forest, run." I do think Walcott has a decent killer instinct, if you look back at the amount of assists he has over the last three years, allied with the fact that you don't often see him miss chances, I'd say he is a player who clearly knows how to make a difference in the final third. Where he needs work is what to do in the first 70 yards of the pitch. He's kind of like Eboue in reverse.
Little Dutch
Confidence is a factor here too, Wilshire plays like he's at the park, Walcott generally looks to be awe'd by the event, especially in the bigger games, his best moments come when he has no time to think but just reacts
Must admit, Wilshere looks superb.
I always thought Walcott made more impact from the bench. Tiring legs and then send on someone with that speed, devestating.
My thoughts exactly Ozi, only you put them together better than I would've. I've also been thinking what kind of player Theo would be had he been brought up the Arsenal way. I guess that's one of those nature/nurture things that you can never tell definitively. It's like saying what if Wenger had brought up Michael Owen. The only thing I'm sure of is that Wenger has been right in forcing Theo to pick up a skill or two by playing out wide. He has shown improvements in his trickery and decision making. In view of your point that the formative years in terms of skills are much earlier than 16, 17 (when Theo joined us), I guess we have to be realistic about how much more technical ability Theo will pick up - he's never gonna play like Messi but Jack could.
All about confidence and arrogance.
This may seem harsh, but I just don't think Theo actually knows much about football. I am a critic, I admit, I'm also an Arsenal fan and really like the lad so I want him to be a success. Theo started playing football seriously later than most other pros, as he didn't harbour any huge ambition to play, being rather unaware of his talent. He has said in interviews that he wanted to be a sprinter. He has also said that he found youth football easy, because, by his own admission, his match instructions were, contrary to LDs quite reasonable beliefs, "run forrest run". No doubt this hindered his development dramatically. Hearing him in interviews, he just doesn't convince me that he really understands the 'football culture'. His choice of idols, other than Thierry, and reasons for his choices strike me as being very naive. I actually think that, in a bizzare way, this helped him make the impact he did as he broke into the first teams at Southampton, and then at Arsenal. Upon his debuts, his confidence was a key factor. His audacity when running at players, as well as his pace, was the stand-out quality he displayed whilst still an unknown quantity. It's impossible to know for sure, but I think that this 'confidence' was largely just a relative ignorance. When you watch kids play football, they all want to hog the ball, because they niavely, yet somewhat correctly, think "all I have to do is run with the ball and kick it into that net... easy!". Of course, Theo isn't so stupid as to think that so explicitly, but I get a strong sense that he has, in the past, rellied on a kind of blind faith, fuelled by the ease with which he found himself in the national setup, which will no longer serve him so kindly. Another contributing factor may be Arsene's knack of giving a player so much confidence. This is usually an extremely positive aspect of his management, but I think that bringing Theo down to earth on his arrival may have been the best cause of action. Despite Theo's good natured personality, I'm not convinced that he was really successfuly shielded from the media's couverage of his development. That said, I do not think he has past the point of no return. He is a good kid and I'm sure he'll be willing to apply himself to fight for a place. With his place in the team under scrutiny, I think we'll start to see an acceleration in Theo's devlopment.
Sorry for the very long post, I didn't know I was writing that much!
Great piece Rob. I hope you are right about Theo's development. The chance is there for him to shine, we will have to wait and see how much he ' wants ' it.
The other thing with Theo is that he seems to run out of ideas, after a while. Very one dimensional and I think OziG makes a great point in the article. Cant really blame the lad, but his intelligence disappointed me often last season. Jack is very special, and I think Wenger is doing it perfectly, giving him the right kind of exposure and then withdrawing him from the spotlight for some time.
I gotta agree with most of what has been said and the way these comments are going. Right now to me, Theo is still VERY young and is a massive ball of potential, i just hope he learns because that pace isn't going to last him forever. @ alwaysgunner - I'm glad you mentioned Vela, i've only seen him play a couple of times but he looks awesome, his first touch is fantastic, i'm hoping (fingers crossed) he can be the next DB10 :)
I think Vela's technical ability and potential goes without saying, he was after all raised on football in one of the countries where the original idea for SSG's over 11 a side games came from. I wasn't discounting his potential or impact on this season (which I think will be bigger than both Theo's and Jack's if given the opportunity on the left of the 4-3-3 formation Arsene seems to be favouring) but he just didn't fit into this article, as it was essentially looking at different styles of development within England.
Ozi Gooner
Oh that's cool OG! I wasn't having a go and i know that's not the point of the article, i just like seeing his name mentioned :) To be honest i can't comment on Wilshere as i've seen very minimal amounts of him, but i like what's being said about him from around the place. I can say watching Theo annoys me sometimes because i think he can he 10x better then he is, but on that note i've also seen him cause teams a lot of problems on his pace alone. If only he learnt how to cross then he's be a solid winger and it creates another dimension because we have the skill and players to do it creativley through the middle and then we can pump either Nasri or Arshavin on the left ...Damn we've got a good side! :P On another note, whereabout's in Aus are you OziGooner?
I think you were correct OZ - different styles of development between Jack and Theo probably made a big difference to where they are now together with different talents of course. Theo most certainly isn't garbage as someone suggested earlier and I think we should remember the serious injuries that have interrupted his development together with high expectation and media pressure - mainly as a result of that hat trick - that have probably hindered him to some extent. There also seems to have been a loss of confidence as well more recently. Theo is a good finisher and often creates scoring opportunities for others but he needs to continue to improve his all round game - this will be an important season for him and I wish him well. We should also bear in mind that Jacks two tremendous games were both fairly meaningless friendlies and not expect too much too soon - but what an exciting talent he is.
norfolk dumpling Look at number 16 ...Is this correct yet? Any confirmations?
@ FuiKaka, I'm from Melbourne mate
Ozi Gooner
Cheers mate - and thanks for the hospitality -it was a great weekend and a reminder what standards we might meet in the CL - great win we had Saturday - never really expected to beat you at home but 3-0 was a drubbing - next is Pompey then Man City - Arshavin is quality - he was against us in the UEFA Final with Zenit also - Cheers anyway !
Ah okay cool, i'm over the other side in Perth, where it's sunny :)
haha, is pelting down a storm here, but we need the rain. Do you follow Perth Glory by any chance? Should get along and watch the game if you're there for a while, they need all the fans they can get.
Ozi Gooner
@ Ozi. Mate, I have friends in Kilmore and Bright. Was last over there 2 years ago, and was really surprised at just how many Gooners there were. Keep up the good work fella, and spread the word about Wilshere !!!!
Ahhh, I love Bright. I have a mate who owns a pub/microbrewery up there. Great food and rare, local beer :)
Ozi Gooner
I am yet to venture out to Melbourne, but i think i'm going there at the end of this month to watch Carlton play in the AFL. Don't get into the A-League much, the quality is just so poor. I went to watch the friendly they had against Wolves a couple of weeks back and to be honest, the game was just dreadful. Arsenal fans are few and far between in Perth, seem to be either ManU or Liverpool. I play locally over here just in social leagues, i scored 4 goals last Sunday and felt like Arshavin ...though it possibly wasn't quite as good as doing it at Anfield :D
I'm a Carlton fan myself. Are you an Ozi yourself or an ex-pat?
Ozi Gooner
i have seen Walcott play in many games. He has not impressed me much. Very much over-rated. Good in one game, average in the next 2 or 3 games. Ya, still young, u argue. he has no skills, just purely speed to beat his opponents. very ordinary finishing. heading sucks, left foot sucks, defending sucks. hope he can change, and change fast and surprise us all.
Its a very hard question to answer. I know that the Southampton acedemy is fairly highly thought of within English football. As for the Theo critics, Thierry Henry was a pile of **** at Theo's age and look what he went on to become. Ian Wright didn't start playing top level football until he was 23. Patience is a virtue, and its one we're lucky our manager is blessed with (sometimes cursed with, read Aliadiereiere). Theo Walcott will be a phenomenal striker when he gets his game together. Anyone with half a brain in football knows it (even the England lads in training say he's the business). Wilshere though is on another planet. I'd pay with body parts just to watch him warm up. He is exceptionally talented, his problem won't be lack of skill, it will come down to how hard he applies himself and having grown up under the watchful eye of Wenger I've no doubts he'll be a top top player. Great article OG.
Henry had won a world cup at Theo's age and was top scorer for his team in that tournament as well, not quite "a pile of *****" I'd say.
Thierry Henry was hardly 'a piece of *****' at Theo's age, he was actually a World Cup winner in France's starting XI.
Ozi Gooner
Wilshere is just natually talented, we've not produced another player with that kind of natural ability in a long while so I think it's a bit much to give all the credit to the Arsenal youth system. We have produced many good players in recent times but nothing as talented as him. The composure and awareness Wilshere has at his age doesn't come with coaching in my opinion. Composure is something Theo is lacking at the moment unfortunately, but he has many other qualities and I was pleased with his progess last season before the injury. I expect him to do even better this season and I still feel he can go on to have a great career for both Arsenal and England.
Ok lads. Maybe pile of ***** was going a bit far, but when you look at the two of them Henry had 20 odd goals in 100 games in a fairly poor league and Walcotts 6 for us in the Premiership in 60 matches ain't bad, I'd say fairly comparable. Plus if there was a WC this year there's no saying Walcott mightn't do the same, and that ain't easy to admit as an Irishman let me tell you! I think your right OG. I think with an extra few years under Wenger there's no telling where he'd be.
d11gunner,17033,8652_5475598,00.html Shock! Gasp!
Little Dutch
Maybe it will force our hand and buy someone. Rosicky can not be trusted again
Maybe it will force our hand and buy someone. Rosicky can not be trusted again
I think Rosicky's "injury" is already covered by players at the club (Wilshere, merida and Ramsey are all genuine selections) so i think whenever he is fit we are classing that as a positive.
Zidane apparantly said we made a 17m bid for huntelaar but he is on his way to milan. Dont see why he would lie, so if he said it I take it as true. In which case 1. Its good news to see we are not afraid to bid thoe kind of numbers this summer. 2. Its a shame he chose Milan over us
Wonder if we'll hear the 'new signing' line again Mid September after we haven't signed anyone.
Rosicky will be like a new signing, for a day, then he will pull his hamstring, then he will be like a new signing again when he comes back! its like christmas every 3 or 4 months!!!
I like the guy, he's a fantastic player and seems a decent character. But I have to say, it's time to take 'Old Yeller' to the back yard with a Smith and Wesson.
Little Dutch
Off to the farm with the other dogs.
Such a pity seeing a good guy with the potential to be one of the best have such bad luck (or however you want to put it). He's played very few games against Europe's best, which is a shame, because I know he would have shined. I suppose it's only natural to have a set-back after being out for so long, though. I don't think this is definately, definately over for Tommy, but it's the last straw. Having said all that, there's also a chance he's not even injured at all!
LD just wants to shoot Rosicky to win his bet... which is a bit extreme in my opinion... haha
I swear I only caressed the hamstring on my Rosicky voodoo doll..........
Little Dutch
Im bitter, i got his name on my home shirt last season, i dont want to go 2 seasons with people asking me 'who?'
botoo i got a home Rosicky kit two seasons ago as well, and dun worry he'll be back. when Eduardo came back after his injury, played 45 mins of a friendly & had a muscle strain, then played in da FA Cup as well & had a muscle strain again. Rosicky played on two consecutive days in the Emirates Cup & the level of football was certainly better than the two games Eddie played in. these kind of injuries happen when yu start playing after such a long time, the body needs time to adjust to the physical demands of training & modern football. give Tomas 3 months to fully recover & we will see the best of him from november/december. and LD yu won't win ur bet, i so angry at yu for jinxing it :p
and Wenger cud just be bluffing by saying it is six weeks where he could easily be back in 3. i've seen his interview & he didnt really look too worried over Tomas which is good. but still dis is so frustrating. i can't wait to see Rosicky, Arshavin, Fabregas, Van Persie, Eduardo & Nasri play in one team. no team in da world let alone europe can match dis combination, not even barca, it is orgasmic to think of these guys playing football together dis season..
Here's an interview from Arsene which covers pretty much everything going on at Arsenal at the moment:
I bought a No.8 Nasri shirt, ten days later he breaks his effing leg!!
fran merida,23791,12606_5477035,00.html
tats his entire press conference..
Just over 3 weeks ago, my 2 nephews age 8 and 10, were taken by their Dad to choose their Arsenal shirts. They each chose the blue away kit, and promptly had the names Adebayor and Toure printed on them ! I am taking the boys back on saturday and I am persuading them to choose Senderos and Eboue this time !!!
Thats the extended press conference
I trust Wenger will buy someone before this transfer window is up. Personally i still think we need a DM more than anything! But i don't think i'm the only gunners fan just praying for the powers that be to open up that fat-but-tightly-closed wallet of theres!
@ Ozi Gooner - An Gunners & a Blues fan? We're one in a million mate :) I don't think we got much of a chance tonight against Geelong tho! Maybe in a few years? I'm originally from England, Leeds, been in Perth 11 years now.
@FuiKaka, I only know two other lad who is a Gunners and Blues fan, one of them is my brother. Am heading off to the pub before the Geelong match shortly, should be good :)
Ozi Gooner
The only way we can win is if Fev and Judd fire up!
all the other people looking at these comments will have absolutely no idea what we're talking about. Seriously though, you should try and get down and watch a Perth Glory game. It's definitely not the best quality, but it supports the game we love and every football fan should be interested in doing that :)
Ozi Gooner
I work Saturdays and play on Sundays ...i'd way rather be playing that watching A-League to be honest! I only know 2 other Carlton fans in Perth and one is a ManU fan and the other is a Spurs fan we get along in the AFL season ...soon as the Prem League starts we're no longer friends! Haha
@ Ozi Gooner & FuiKaka.......Get a room !!!!
This year I will mostly be taking my summer holidays in.....Glasgow!
Little Dutch
take your coat LD lol
Gooner SA
@ CockneyRick - .... :D
The reporting of news is a bit "leisurely" round here innit? Anyhoo - Celtic, great tie - tough game, but will be a cracking one nonetheless.
Walcott is spelled differently to Wilshire
@ OziGooner - GO THE BLUES! What a win that was! Bloody fantastic... wow, i just realised how far off-topic i've gotten.
@Gunnerman, they're taking there lead from @ Gunnerblood, lol, good work @ FuiKaka :)
Ozi Gooner
Looking at it from an England point of view... I know I'm not a Gunner... but hey thought I'd add a 2 penneth... isn't it just possible Wilshire is a far better talent... like trying to compare Rooney and Walcott. Fact is they're on different levels but that Walcott still has great attriibutes, no one was complaining when he went through a fantastic spell for england and Arsenal before getting injured but just isnt the same player. is it not possible it's like saying Crouch and Wilshire are different because of the training? I never find that any English players turn up with huge physique and speed and skill... that's why we invested so heavily in the African market...?
Walcott is potentially a world talent, developed properly -- and that could be at Arsenal or elsewhere. Wilshere isn't.

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Team P W D L GD Pts
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
7. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
10. Everton 17 5 6 6 0 21

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