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Well That Was A Statement!

Arsenal sold their best players, their defence is too weak, Arsene needs to spend or Money City will overtake them. Blah, blah, blah. It's all rubbish I tell you!

Six to one. I repeat SIX to one! It really doesn't get much better than this. I haven't felt this good in a long, long time. Today Arsenal played like they had something to prove, and how sweet was that to watch? Every player was magnificent. Song, Vermaelen, Gallas, Fabregas, Denilson were all brilliant. Take your pick for man of the match (Then vote in our new poll to your right). It's easy to sit here and say how good this Arsenal team can be now, but I've been saying it all summer. There's a long way to go I know, but this is surely a statement of intent.

Have a great weekend Gooners! When Tim gets back from Liverpool, he'll have you his usual top-class match report.

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 15 2009

Time: 7:25PM

Your Comments

I never saw that one coming. I saw Arsenal winning, as I stated on the BS build up, but never in a million years thought they would implode like they did. Great result gooners. You've got a decent starting det of fixtures as well. Could look good until after Christmas, then we'll see how the pressure holds. Gonna be a cracking season.
so *****ed off - conceding a goal so sloppy.. will we ever learn???
Vermaelen was the MOTM, but Song a close second. great result. Still need a backup to Song and Denilson, there is literally nobody else.
I want to mention that Eboue did well in the buildup to the last goal too. lol
Not even Adebayor scoring on his debut could ruin this :D
I hope Mark Lawrenson was watching, the smug ******** better take heed!
GunnerBlood Oh dear (I wouldn't have mentioned this but it was one of the search results that came up when I was searching for this site).
as the writer of the vital countdown who predicted u guys 5th, all i can say with that result is touche...well done
Best collective performance for a good few years. Everybody worked their nuts off, well proud! Its all about consistency though, we have set our standard and laid down our marker.
True words Mr Ice.
awesome performance! but it is only one game.
Heh, heh. Are you watching, Celtic?
Tom, just how happy were you when Denilson scored that goal?! I thought of you as soon as I wiped my eyes in disbelief! ;-)
I thought Cesc scored it to be honest.
Well done lads but a season lasts 38 games!
Iceman, I guessing Tom had to change his pants after he found out it was Den ;)
well that was a fluke then!?!? :o))))
The Fear
Well, just absolutely perfect. No, more than perfect. I'm so glad to see that other Gooners rated Song as MoTM coz he was absolutely awesome and he's only 21! The balance seemed right and Bendtner played really well too. SO glad that Ade is nowhere near this team and squad. And to think we had a fit Eduardo on the bench and Rosicky and Nasri injured. We just need to add one central defender and midfielder then I'd say: bring anyone on!!!
Iceman, summed it up nicely, we have set our standard and laid down a marker.........Consistency is now the key........ Merlin stating the obvious as usual........
I can only hope Baines and Yobo were convinced they were playing for Arsenal and that wasn't them trying to keep the ball out of our net. And Tony Hibbert was shown up for his actual profession, impersonating a footballer. Still you can only beat what we put in front of you, which was very little after the first goal. Biggest Everton defeat since you last decided to ***** us.
Shearer very dismisive of our performance on match of the day "they didnt have to do anything to win" Just bcos doing nothing and trying to win was your philosophy at St James park alan doesnt mean it ours!
When I read comments such as the like of EvertonMike, my faith in the beauty of our game is restored. Don't worry Mike, we caught you on a day when everything worked out for us, and you were having one of your off days. I'm sure you're happy it came against us, and not the red half of Liverpool. Did anyone else notice the steely determination shown by our players and the edge that Song has added to his defensive game? There was something of the old midfield with the right blend of steel and skill, and I hope we can reproduce this form consistently. But more importantly, the indomitable spirit we showed today, must become a team staple.
Did make me laugh The whole Gladwys street (what was left of it anyway), chanting "who the ******** hell are you" after we scored our goal and "We want 2". Possibly the best reaction to a goal by a set of fans of a team 5 goals behind.
Bloody hell match of the day is interesting, "Adebayor in lung bursting run shocker!" must have been a 50 note stuck to the ball.
How predictable. Match of the Day don't give Arsenal any credit and blame it all on Everton. Now if that was Rooney or Gerrard that had scored the goals that Denilson and Fabregas did, all you would have heard was "oh typical Gerrard" or "sheer class by Rooney". What a bunch of absolute twerps, it would be SO good to win the PL and see their f&%king faces!
Denilsons was a great goal, but Fabregas wasn't even challenged. it doesn't take much to run in a straight line and hit the target with nobody making an effort to block it.
Gooner_Vin, I expected nothing less off them tossers, i was actually amazed that we were first game....That doesnt happen often........ It makes all the so called experts feel stupid,but it is only one game and we have to keep our feet grounded, but hopefully that will shut them up for a few weeks
If Song and Denilson continue playing like this who will Nasri replace when he gets back from injury. I for 1 like the denilson, Song partnership as it brings out the best from cesc.
could not watch the game,could not believe the result I heard until I logged in now. Fantastic,now what?do we still need new players???? Believe in the team like Wenger says.We have to maintain these momentum and keep shutting up all the so called pundits.Damn I hate those f#*kers.
I'm like them - they're so brilliantly stupid! And i'd much rather they didn't give us the credit to be honest, we have a much better chance of success if we can keep ourselves under the media radar for a while. That's going to be a bit difficult after this result though, why did we have to win by 5 goals!? Terrible result...
*I like them. Please believe me, I am NOT like them! I repeat, I am NOT a huge blabbering tw*t!
I haven't seen Song play so well since d African cup of Nations, he was just ready to block everything in his way and stop all attacks. That was some gut and determination and the class he exuded whenever he eventually got the ball. Wow!! pls just replicate this display in every game. Another impressive person was Vermaelen he was so hard, we hv not had such a hard tackler in a lng time. I watched Everton before the season in Edmonton Canada against River Plate and they were poor, however, to score 6 against a premier league team is impresive. I know ot os one game, but it is a good way to start and relieves a lot of tension for we fans.
Everton made you look good, Don't get carried away with the thought that evrey team you meet will have a defence as awful as that.
Buzz Lightyear
I didn't see the game, so I'm not sure of our line-up, but I'm right in saying that the only Striker to score yesterday was Eduardo! If so Wow, How brilliant is that! I know it was only to 1st game of a very long season ahead. But Let's Enjoy it, it was a Great Result! Well Done The Arsenal!!!
Thank you Alex Song. You showed me at Goodison yesterday something that I never thought you had. Intelligence. Your passing, positioning, awareness of those around you and filling in when Gallas joined the attack, all very intelligent. More of the same please, on a regular basis and you will save me from suicide and AW from spending 15 mill. TV5 well in mate ! I could not believe what I was seeing at times, and a couple of Everton fans in front of me summed it all up as they were leaving the ground. " They were on a different f***ing planet to us ". PS. Did anyone count the number of nutmegs in the build up to our 4th goal ? I counted three and surely that must be a record.
Magnificent result, but it's a pity we conceded that goal. Also it's only one game and we mustn't get carried away but it was oh so sweet. Only saw MOTD highlights so can't really comment on any of the performances but the team looked good. I thought the analysis by Shearer was very sour, he didn't want to give our lads any credit and apparently it was all because Everton played badly and not much to do with us playing well. I am sure Everton will rally themselves, I have a lot of time and respect for Moyes and Kenwright and wish them well for the remainder of the season - except when they play Arsenal of course.
norfolk dumpling
Boll*x to MOTD and any numpties who claim this is a fluke. 1) Arsenal can rip any team in the world to pieces when the mood is on them. 2) If any one of the other top 4 teams scored 6 yesterday, it would have been "all bets off" for the title winners. And can I just remind everyone, this was David Moyes's Everton we we playing yesterday, not a dopey team just up from the Championship. Give Arsenal some credit. Maybe Everton looked so bad because the Gunners made them so. Alan Shearer, why should anyone listern to him? 8-game saviour? That worked, didn't it? Roy Keane was so right. Fluke? This was no fluke. There are going to be some new a**seholes torn for a good few other teams this season. The gloves are off.
The fact is the 1st 20 minutes were tight and we matched them physically and took over. We won our battle, won the right to play our football and Everton played poorly AFTER that. They didnt lay down and die from the 1st whistle.
Absalutly terrible result, we scored 6 goals and tore the home team to shreds in their own backyard. I feel so sorry for Hansen and Shearer, they deserved better than this. agree about the man of the match but the rest of the midfield was also fantastic.
Song was amazing yesterday, wasl always a big fan of his but didn't think he could be this good. It's good that he can play centre back as well, allows Gallas and Vermaelen more freedom to move forward knowing he can fill in for them at the back. Best not to get carried away, but I have a good feeling about this season. We've got so much talent, just needed to give the players time to mature a bit and hopefully we will see the benefits of that this season.
There seemed to be a good balance in the team yesterday and the 4-3-3 formation, and players being used there, seemed to work. Denilson and Song give us some defensive solidity and Fabregas can still influence the game going forward whilst doing his share of midfield work. Gallas and Vermaelen were also very, very good. So that quartet of Gallas, Vermaelen, Song and Denilson, can perhaps give us that defensive shield. And if the wide players like Arshavin, Walcott, Eboue etc can drop back and give further protection, it would be even better.
Don't get carried away just yet Gooners! According to most of the Everton fans, their loss was all ManCity's fault! Well done, you shut up Moyes and made a very strong statement of intent.
It's quite typical of the press to publish every single match report with glowing reviews of Cesc and Cesc only, ignoring the great work from Song, Den, Verm and RvP (who provided 2 assists didn't he). Also they're blaming the poor Everton performance squarely on Joleon Lescott. I love the press lol... Also, I know it's a goal that changed nothing but the scoreline, and the press dismissively called it a tap-in (okay fair enough). But I was so so happy to see Eduardo's instinct of popping up in the perfect place at the perfect time is back at work! :)
Vermealen and Gallas looked very good together. Bedtner looked better but there were a few 'Bedtneresque" moments in his game, i think Nasri or Rosicky would've been better suited in that position. I think Denilson and Song had the absolute game of there lives, i thought Song got a bit quiet in the second half, Denilson was fantastic, Tom14 must have loves this one. Cesc and RVP just did exactly what we know they're capabale of and were outstanding. Arshavin was probably the only disapointment of the whole game for me. Eboue was crap when he came on but i expected nothing more. And quiet achiever of in the left of defense, absolute loving having Clichy back (sorry Gibbs). All in all ...beautiful to watch.
FuiKaka, I was there on saturday and, like you, I didn't see the point in bringing on Eboue. There were 27 minutes remaining of a Premiership game that we were winning 4-0, away from home. Would Merida have benefited more from a half hour run out ? Gibbs, for a bit more match fitness and game time ? I don't see what Eboue gives us anyway, and I don't see what he will gain from 30 minutes at Everton. Apart from that, our football was breathking. Our 4th goal will live long in my memory.
I didn't mind Eboue coming on, because Sagna was looking shaky and it is good for Eboue to feel he has the chance to impress and challenge him for a place, but on the left of our 3-man strikeforce? I found that a bit wierd. I think at 4-0 up Arsene just chose who he wanted to come off and who he wanted to come on and just didn't really bother with positions.
I won't elaborate too much on the things said before, (great result, nice to see the goals spread around, great to see everyone working and the ball-to-AdeBarnDoor not being our only option) - I thought Song looked good (but not great), and Vermaelen looked quite good. I hope this team can grow another 30% as Wenger suggests (as they might win things if they do). But I'd still like to say - if any two of Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Fab or Arshavin get injured - I think we will be found out. Now he's gotten rid of Toure, I suspect Senderos will be out the door in the last week of the transfer window - leaving Djourou and Silvestre (I'm not including Song because he's a DM and should be played there). Silvestre isn't good enough as 2nd choice. It's a shame Wenger didn't go for Bassong (in my opinion). He'd do well to pick up another CD and DM before the window closes (I don't know why he didn't demand Micah Richards or better yet, Vincent Kompany as part-exchange with Man Al-Citeh). I though Bendter did an ok job out wide, but seriously - if he wanted to play that side vs Barca, Chelsea, Man Utd, Pool, or any of the pack-the-midfield sides we will undoubtedly come up against on a wet, windy night in the Northeast, Bendtner won't know which way is up. I know Nasri will probably end up taking that spot, so why not just play Nik up top, with van Persie wide right (as per Holland) so he can cut in on onto his left peg ?
At least, the Enlishman-in-NY has given us an idea of what we can expect to read if the team ever takes a day off. I had to check again to be sure I did'nt stray to the Sun's site. Relax man, take a chill pill, some funny ciggies, some brandy, relax. Its a game, we are the fans, Wenger? He's the coach, and he knows!
He's just simply giving his opinion, which is our entitled right and the point of this website :) I have to say tho that i wouldn't be starting Bedtner at all. My from 3 would go : Arsh - Eduardo - RVP. Midfield would be hard to choose because you wouldn't wanna drop Denilson or Song after they performances they both put in against Everton, but then were does Nasri go? Or Rosicky for that matter if he gets fit? And then what about Theo? ...wait a minute, we're spoilt for choice! This is what ManU must feel like?
All of a sudden all the talk of Arsenal making way for Man City in the Top 4 have disappeared. Funny that. Since I think Liverpool and Manure are going to be the ones to make way I still believe the title will be between Arsenal, Chelsea and City.
And far be it from me to question his, or anyone's right to hold and ventilate their opinions. I'm just tired of all the negativities I come accross on our sites, when its obvious or should be obvious, that we are in a good position. Ol red nose knew this when he started the mind games earlier than usual, our glass is not half empty, its almost full. A man is paid to do the job, he has done better than most in the years he's been here and we all need to get real with our expectations and criticisms, its getting pretty tedious.
deledudu, believe me - I want to be happy and positive, but the 6-1 rout of Everton doesn't paper over the cracks (for me anyway). The warm safety some people feel in the saying "Arsene knows" doesn't either. When we are on form and everyone is fit, we can take almost anyone - that's great! but already our injury list is growing, and in certain key areas we don't have enough depth (for my liking). We finished a distant 4th last season (and that was on the back of a 'wondrous 21 match unbeaten run' - which should illustrate we aren't where we'd like to be. We have since sold two experienced spinal players Ade and Kolo, brought in Thomas Vermaelen. If people truly believe that's enough then they must be spending too much time with the funny ciggies. I just want to see Wenger reinforce certain positions (whilst the window is still open), not wait until middle of Sept and see Song, Gallas and Arshavin join Rosicky, Fabianski and Nasri on the crock list and see our (so far) promising start to the season eroded before it's begun.
EiNY, it is all if buts and maybe's with this negative lark.
I don't think anyone could reasonably think Alex Song will play every game this season (he'll be missing for the ACoN for a start), or that Gallas and Vermaelen will stay fully fit and on form, that Almunia won't miss a couple of games ? .. Does anyone really think that Mannone and Silvestre can step into the breach and do the job ? No offense but your head is in the sand if you do
Does smashing Everton 6-1 mean that we've won the Premership? Certainly not, no one hands out the medals in August. Does the manner of the win evoke some hope that the hitherto young team has come of age? It should. A manager can only plan based on objective and realistic expectations, no team in the upper tier of the English game has suffered the high injury rate that Arsenal has had to deal with in the last 4 years, and whilst we can all hope that we'll be luckier with injuries this season, I dare say that our bench and its quality can only be bettered by the like of Chelski. I'll love to see more cover, but the truth is that the man does not have the depth of purse enjoyed by Ancelotti and Hughes, and even those teams will be hard pressed to win anything if their teams have to endure the kind of injuries to key players that we have learnt to live with. ENY,cometh the hour, cometh the man. The manner of our victory tonight tells me some people might end up with eggs on their faces come May. Come on you Gooners!
My tribe has a wise saying which translated would read thus; the fleeing man should be encouraged by the knowledge that, his pursuer tires in fellowship with him. Let any team in the top 4 endure our injury woes and do better than we have. Only Manure and 'Poo will escape the effect of the ACoN, and the team has only benefitted from the sale of Adebarndoor and Kolo. Ade had become a liability and a mill stone that the team have had to carry. The easiest thing to get Gooners to agree on is the need to sell Ade, selling him has freed up our midfield in a way they've not been freed for 2 seasons, we stopped playing over our midfield, and its not accidental that the likes of Song and Denilson are showing ball skills we'd not seen from them in a while. I suspect that once we confirm our advance into the group stages of the UCL, Arsene will add numbers to the squad, but I'm prepared to go into the season on the strenght of what I've seen in our 2 games so far. I believe.

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