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Arsenal v. Celtic: Team News

Good evening. Apologies for the lack of a preview. Yesterday I had to drive 8 and 1/2 hours with all my stuff to move into my new apartment at the university. Moving such a long distance is a hassle.

Here is the Arsenal lineup for the first match against Celtic and its the same team we put out against Everton.

Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Song, Denilson, Fabregas, Bendtner, Arshavin, van Persie

Bench: Mannone, Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey, Silvestre, Eboue, Gibbs

Cheers everyone. Enjoy the match.

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 18 2009

Time: 7:31PM

Your Comments

Verm is giving a great impression again. Gallas is jealous and giving his best again. What a deflection (a deliberate one for me)! :D :D
World class goal from Gallas! Lol
im impressed with the fact that we dont seem to mind a challenge - we are pressing all over the park getting a foot in
eduardo injiured in the warm up....... worrying?!?
The Verminator was brilliant in that half. He single-handedly stopped 3 great opportunities for Celtic. It's nice to have a CB with such a fighting spirit who still has good technique with the ball. Alex Song has done very well too, breaking up play, covering for Gael and keeping us ticking when Cesc gets forward. It's a tough ask for a guy not blessed with too much pace to cover the huge pitch tonight. Arsh still doesn't look that happy in his new position, but has still shown some nice touches.
It's a day for fluke goals today obviously, what with Bent scoring against Chelski and Hleb scoring for Stuttgart! haha
We're only winning 1-0 at halftime. WENGER OUT!!!
To much pace in this game for us to pass properly, hopefuly the Celtic players will get tierd in the second half and things slow down a bit. I also am very impressed with our Belgian, he's been brilliant and Song has played well but we need to see more from AA and RvP they have been very quiet.
Verminator has really been so good. As usual Arsene knows. I now like the way Song fills in for Gallas automatically when Gallas goes forward. Am beginning to gain more confident with our quality especially after the few games we have played. But then it is just the beginning of the season. Can you just imagine I had no butterflies during the Celtic corners unlike last year. Theteam has really mtured. But then it is just the beginnig.
Can only rely on text reports (at work, no audio/video feed of the game) - I take it the Gallas goal wasn't a "sublimely veiled deft touch administered by a lethal poacher who should have made a career as a striker" as one site billed it as then ?
We have stated the 2nd half well 3 attempts already
We've started well, but Celtic have been poor. We've played a very high tempo, and we should be the fitter side, especially if they've eaten too many fried mars bars. I'd expect us to gradually take over the half if we can keep them out for another 15 mins.
Not really blaming them, but a lot of our boys are looking tired out there,...
Own goal Arsenal score the 2nd
the beginning of our lucky season?
Abou Diaby to Clichy and a cross is converted into his own net by Coldwell Arsenal 2 Celtic 0
We're clinical in front of goal today
Please no more injuries, to meny games coming up in the next few weeks.
EIN Gallas goal was a deflection off his back as he was trying to dodge the free kick from Fabregas
any ideas as to why Wenger did use the last two substitutions?
End of game Celtic 0 Arsenal 2. Fabregas has found his shooting boots this season. Saga and Nk has not been neat at all. I like the wa Song got stuck in through out. Arsene really needs to get into Abou Diaby's head. Impressed wt the whole team especially Verminator for me he is the man of the March. Celtic hv not ben too good today though the commentators here say they have not done much wrong.
Any news on what's wrong with Eduardo?
We got two lucky breaks for the goals, but it was still a good team performance. TPowell, I really don't know. I would've liked to see Ramsey come on for Fabby, who had run his arse off, but maybe Arsene didn't think he had enough of an engine to link up the midfield with the strikers. phreddy, I thought Bendtner played decently. He didn't have a match-winning impact, but he did well dropping deep and keeping the ball moving. Clichy and Sagna both had a couple of dodgy moments, as they did vs Everton - I'd like Arsene to increase the pressure on them a bit by giving Eboue and Gibbs more time at full back. It's really important that we can relax a little more at The Grove now, with some tough games coming up.
You make your own luck and all that. :)
ArsenalRob I agre about NB, I thought he had a good game and I must say that AA has not been at his best in the last two games, not that he has played badly, just not as well we know he can, mayby this system takes time to get used to.
I'd like to see Arsh moving behind RvP and Nick/Eduardo, preferably with RvP on the right, every so often in games, just to keep our opponents on their toes and allow Arsh to come deeper and more central.
I am getting ready for the match at Emirates on saturday. After 20 minutes of tonights game with the score at 0-0, I started booing. I then shouted at AW, urging him to ' spend some money ' . I then stormed off to bed before half time, muttering ' this is rubbish '. I feel fully prepared now for Portsmouth !!
Excellent result especially considering that AA, Robin and NB were not exactly firing on all cylinders. I thought Song (first half) and TV were brilliant today also. Happy days!! 8-)
Lou, there's no such thing as luck. You should know better by now lol
I thought Song was even better defensively today than on Saturday.
Denilson - Song - Fabregas is a perfect combination in my opinion. I would not like to see Nasri/Rosicky disrupt it on a general basis, but I can see how you would play a more advanced player in certain games. Well done in (almost) proving me right lads.
Lets hope that Wenger was waiting for CL qualification $$ before spending on reinforcements. I pray he does.
The defnece is STRONG, the MIDFIELD is strong, the attack IS EXTREMELY WEAK. okay let me touch on the few major Problems, Robin Van Persie, I remember there was a period when you Arsenal fans would have a go at Adebayor, You'd say he's Lazy And he was always offside, But Now looking at it, You arsenal fans are starting to regret your words. Van Persie is NOT SHARP, he falls down A LOT. The grass is magnetic to his jersey, A big Man like Van Persie spends a lot off the time on THE GROUND! And today He did not look like scoring, There are many times when Van Persie can take a shoot, but he's lack off confidence always ends up on him passing the ball, What Van Persie fails too realise is that by trying to cheat Wenger and passing the ball, he's also cheating himself, arsenal have scored 8 goals, 3 from defence, 3 from midfield 1 own goal and 1 from the attack which was from eduardo, We have two BIG games after Porthsmouth, A MASSIVE ONE manchester city and onther big one Manchester United, the defence and midfielders can not keep on scoring and getting lucky goals, In Big matches the midfields job is to work hard, penetrate and pass, NOT to be doing the dirty work for the strikers, And it's understandable that Celtic FC had more ball possesion. Becuase there was No attack, Nicklas Bendnter TRIED his hardest, but guys lets be honest, we can't take him to United, Chelsea, Liverpool or a big champions league match like Madrid or Barcelona and expect anything outta bendtner, NOT YET he's getting there, And Arshavin, He goes In the game then Out off the game, against everton he played poor, today He played poor, I'm beginning to have doubts, And I've had doubts on van persie for a long long time. And you Arsenal fans are very soon going to realise that with van Persie as the chief striker, NOTHING will come out off it.
MOM today for me:ALEXANDRE SONG working hard, Just Like John Obi Mikel, he keeps the midfield functioning but the attackers Like Lampard get the credit, Just Like Flamini he keeps the midfield functioning but Fabregas gets the credit, Just Like SONG keep that midfield functioning and Fabregas gets the credit, SONG is the main man in that mid, Fabregas is the KILLER in that mid. The attack on the other hand is garbage, Van Persie Ever since the Emirates cup he hasn't SCORED. he's proving to be an AVERAGE striker. Arshavin ERR I GOT DOUBTS, bendtner, he plays too safe and doesn't take risks, otherwise I think he's playing good, but could you take bendnttner to the Camp Nou or Bernabeu and expect something from him? with Puyol and Alves And Abidal dangerous there? don't forget zlatan henry and messi.
I would be playing Rosicky/Nasri in the posistion Bedtner is playing right now. I'm still so far from convinced he's not a ball-repellent average player. I think either of the forementioned 2 players would cause a lot more damage. Also, any news of Eduardo injury? I'd love to see getting more time. He's the best player we have for hanging around the box and knocking in the loose balls. Goal poachers are always very useful players, especially the good ones.
Munasheonly, Van Persie hasn't scored since the Emirates cup... That's 3 games, one of which was a friendly in which the whole side was tired and failed to perform. Against Everton he wasn't as threatening as he could be, but still managed two assists and kept the ball moving well. Tonight space was limited for him. sandwiched between 2 CBs and 2 deep-lying midfield players. There's more to come from Robin, and it will. Like you, I'm still not convinced that Bendtner can play consistently well on the big European stage, but so far this season signs have been positive, making life very difficult for Baines vs Everton, and linking play together nicely vs Celtic - and don't forget we've still got Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott and even Vela who can come into the side. We're not exactly relying on him for the season. Even when Bendtner doesn't make a match-winning impact, defenders don't like playing against him, because he's got that awkward combination of height, ball control, good movement and a great work ethic, and he helps defenders to take their eyes of Arsh/RvP etc. Arsh is still getting used to his new position. It's not ideal, but he'll grow into it, and is always capable of producing a piece of magic. One thing you have to realise is that although RvP is our 'chief stiker', he's not necesarily our main goal-scorer. He supplies the main striker and brings in midfielders, too. The fact that we've scored goals from over the pitch is not a negative, its very positive. We know our strikers can score. You're speaking as though we've lost. I know we're not as faultless as some people are making out, but let's not worry yet. In two games we've scored 8 and conceeded 1, surely that's positive, nomatter how the goals came.
I'd like to see more of Dudu too FuiKaka. It's rare to have a top goal-poacher who is actually very competent with the ball at his feet further away from goal.
@ Munasheonly7....I Must disagree re: our "weak attack" i think it is the strongest part of our game. if we have defensive consistency throughout the season we will be unbeatable Arsenal+Wenger have always always been strong going forward and so far this season I have seen us counter faster than we have in the last 2-3 years...
Still think RVP will be one of our most important players this year with his assists and goals and leadership.
Munasheonly7 five goals in eight games in europe by RvP is not average. Even almighty Henry did not do that.
Second that Hughied. How can you call our attack weak when we're 8 and 1 in 2 games? Doesn't matter who's scoring, goals win games. Against Everton 2 assists from Cesc, @ from RVP and 1 from Arsh. That's 5 Assists from our front 3. Plus a goal from Dudu when he came on. Plus like Rob said we got Vela, Nasri and Rosicky on the bench. Moving forward has never been our problem. RVP is a top class player with a whole lot to offer the team. Sorry Munasheonly7 but you're full of ***** :)
I'm confused reading your post, Munasheonly. You started off by sounding like a bystander or anything but an arsenal fan telling us off "YOU ARSENAL FANS" this, "YOU ARSENAL FANS" that ... then you used the term "WE" emphasising your concerns on the 2 upcoming "massive" matches...but amazingly you ended with the "YOU ARSENAL FANS" thingy once more. It seems like you are "one of us" on things you perceived as "positive" but you do not belong to "YOU ARSENAL FANS" for things you perceived as "negative" ...
We probably have seen better performance from RVP and arshavin then what we've witnessed at goodison and parkhead. I'd rather have the likes of Fab/RVP/Arshavin/Eduardo/Nasri/NB etc. taking turns to put on virtuoso performance and win us matches then to see them suffering loss of form altogether. I agreed we shouldn't get carried away and start imagining we're favourites now, but it's 2 good wins at 2 difficult away grounds with players like RVP and arshavin not hitting the best form yet and I can't imagine there're already some having a go at our players
Attack, Defence and Creativity are all collective. Its wrong to say our attack is weak if we have scored 8 in 2 games, look at the part our attack played in some of those goals. The control and skill of Bendtner for the 1st against Everton, The movement and quality or RVP for the 4th, the skills of Arshavin and Instinct of Eduardo for the 6th, even the movement by RVP to create the space for the Fabregas 5th. Do you think we would have played so well defensively in the last 2 games without the extreme closing down by the front 3? you cannot give the defence all the credit although they have played well, totally disagree with M7's assesment.
Well that was a good performance last night, we were not afraid to get a kick, and took our knocks. The team played well, and we are now only the 2nd team to go the Celtic Park and Win. Cesc was MOTM imo, he must have covered every single blade of grass last night more than once. Let's finish it off in style at The Grove!!!
It's funny how quickly things can change! Our defense is getting credit for being strong (incl our CDM Song), and just like that, our attack is being hammered. Granted, our shooting was pretty weak, but we know that AA, RvP and NB will smash them in sooner or later. The great plus for me was the team performance, and the fact that nobody played badly - not everyone can be divine every match.
Good question, TPowell. I thought Fab looked tired, and he got some rough treatment from the Celtic players, I was expecting him to come off after our second goal.
and why is it that when manure or chelski get a scrappy 1-0 win against weak opposition their fans and the press talk about character and the wonderful ability to grind out results, but there is still a great deal of criticism for Arsenal when they comprehensively beat very capable opposition like Everton and Celtic?
As I said before, I think we would have a better front three without Bendtner on the wing and one of the more typical wide players like Nasri or whatever. But I have to agree with a little of what crazy Munasheonly7 has said. Not that I think va Persie is a rubbish central striker in a three, I have been one of the guys pushing him forward in the central three or in a 4411, but it does not look like it suits him 100%. I think that is partly down to the games we have played, but we can expect more of the same. I will always prefer Eduardo, so it will be interesting to see what Eduardo can do with in a 433.
Still no news on Eduardo?
What a lot of absolute Boll*x you do talk, M7. An EASY win without even getting out of first gear. First English club to get a win there in 23 years.
Not sure about Arshavin?????? Have you ever WATCHED a game of football?
A little worried about Eduardo's constant niggles.If we have any silverware hopes for this season, he has to be an important part of it. I know many people are looking forward to see Chamakh at Arsenal, but I am not one of them unfortunately. I am not at all impressed with the way he is trying to engineer a move out of Bordeaux. Reminds me of Flamoney to be honest. Right now the team looks united and we don't want any mercenaries coming in.
Sajit, a lot has been made of Chamakh's attempts to engineer a move to Arsenal, but whilst everyone compares his actions to those of Flamini, Sagna was similarly determined to escape the clutches of Auxere to get here, and he's been brilliant since he got here. Personally I quite like the look of Chamakh as a player, but I'm still not sure we should get him, because we have so many other striking options.
Also, I don't think that we can't blame the press for not appraising us enough after last night's win. Criticizing the press is a favourite hobby for fans of all clubs, and although it's true that our lack of English players and defiance in our methods do sometimes cause negativity from the journos, I've seen many very complimentary articles over the last few days. Let's find ourselves critisizing everything any journalist says by default, unless it's Mark Lawrenson.
*Let's NOT find ourselves critisizing everything any journalist says by default, unless it's Mark Lawrenson
scoring goals, 8 in 2 games, only 1 scored by a striker
fair point, Rob. I guess it's like AW said, we've given the first few words of our answer to the critics, but the essay is still in the making, or something like that. But for fans (in this discussion) to turn on Arshavin because he didn't score a dozen goals in the last two matches is the quintessence of stupidity and ignorance
I'm with you there afri-gooner. It's true that he didn't perform to the rediculously high expectations that everyone seems to have of him, but he's playing in a new position, still shows some great touches, and never gives the ball away cheaply. He'll take some time to really get used to interacting with RvP and the midfield from wide on the left, but considering it's only his first two games in that position he's done very well.

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