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Mass Hysteria As Eduardo Invents The Dive

Diving is a culture in football that most fans hate to see (unless of course it's against an old enemy or someone who's wronged you in the past, which makes it perfectly legal of course), it's cheap, it's unsavoury and it's not within the spirit of the game.

Diving can appear in many guises, it can be cold and calculated, it can arrive in the heat of the moment, or it can be caused by a player anticipating contact that ultimately never arrives. But when all's said and done, there are so many tv cameras in football grounds these days that players will never get away with it.

Eduardo's dive last night was very disappointing to see, in all honesty it took a little shine off a job otherwise very well done, but at the same time the mass hysteria surrounding the incident way over the top. Anyone would think that Eduardo was the inventor of the dive, when in actual fact it's been around for much longer than you realise, it even pre-dates the invasion of Johnny Foreigner.

Does anyone remember such a kerfuffle when Rooney took tumbles against Blackburn, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham or Villarreal?
See here. How about Saint Stevie? Should he be banned for plunges against Bolton or the lowly Andorra?
See here. Does anyone mention how he fell to the ground with no contact whatsoever in that (puke bags at the ready) 'famous night in Istanbul'

Like it or not, diving is a part of our game, it's cheating, it's ugly but it's there. I'm all for retrospective punishment, but at the same time we have to be consistent, you can't have allowances because of the shirt a player wears or the passport he carries.

So yes, ban Eduardo for three matches, but ban Rooney, Gerrard, Drogba, Ronaldo, and anyone else who tries to con the ref, their fellow professionals and the paying fans, but don't make Dudu the scapegoat, don't act like this is the first time you've seen a diving player and certainly don't get on your moral high horse just because this is an Arsenal player ..... no matter which club you support, you all have players who are 'light on their feet'.

Diving is commonplace in football, it's ugly, but it's not as ugly as hypocrisy.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 27 2009

Time: 11:06AM

Your Comments - 26 seconds in is like watching a replays of eduardos! :)
Firstly, there was plenty of contact in Istanbul. Gattuso clearly pulled Gerrard. Secondly, I was actually very surprised to see Eduardo dive. It seems 'out of character' but with the punishment handed out to Kyle Lafferty and Dida, I wouldn't be too surprised if Eduardo gets a small ban.
Firstly, there was plenty of contact in Istanbul. Gattuso clearly pulled Gerrard. Secondly, I was actually very surprised to see Eduardo dive. It seems 'out of character' but with the punishment handed out to Kyle Lafferty and Dida, I wouldn't be too surprised if Eduardo gets a small ban.
My previous post - so good they show it twice!
Don't gimme that Aamir, Gattuso touched his shoulder. Football is a contact sport, you can touch each other as long as it doesnt impede the other player, do you seriously expect me to believe that a hand on Gerrard's shoulder made both of his knees buckle? *********. If Eduardo get's a ban I would be shocked .... but if he does I fully expect ALL diving players to get the same treatment from here on in.
...... because if they don't I'm sure as hell Wenger will point out every case of diving to the relevant authorities.
What a ridiculous post! How dare you claim Stevie G and Wazza have ever dived?? They're English and therefore completely honest in everything they do, only those dirty foreigners dive!! We should ban them from our country, then we'd never see cheating in the Premier League and England would win the World Cup!! If it ever looked like my heroes Wayne and Stevie dived it's because some foreigner tricked them into it!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If an English player dives then everybody in the country is happy to look the other way and never speak of it again. Of course, if a foreign player dives...
Poor Eduardo's got no chance with our media. He's got 2 things against him: 1) he wears an Arsenal shirt 2) he's a foreigner. I'm fed up at the frankly racist bias of the English media. I saw Gerrard pull off blatant dives at least TWICE last year in CL games and hardly a mention. What a load of hooey about nothing!
Gerrard's dive at our place last year in the league as an absolute embarassment
I'm not disputing that Gerrard probably did go down a bit easily but Gattuso did pull his shirt. Sometimes, you need to make the most of illegal contact so you can get the decision, something Van Persie regularly does. In all honesty, I don't have a problem with that. Sometimes a foul does need to be made more obvious.
You see there-in lies the hypocrisy. Everyone is always looking to excuse the likes of Gerrard and Rooney, whilst the other guys are just dirty divers ..... I'm yet to hear your opinions on the other "incidents" on that video!
If you're talking to me, Rocky, which video? If you're not talking to me, ignore this and send for the men in white coats. :)
Bang on really. We fans are just as complicit, we all still cheered when Eduardo put the penalty away. Not too many around me in Paris 06 were shaking their heads about Eboue's dive either. It'll go against us this season, at which point I'll be apoplectic with rage. When it goes for us, I'll act like a car mechanic, suck my teeth in, shake my head but ultimately be quietly happy with the blatant ripping off.
Little Dutch
That wasn't a dive - it was worse than that. DIRTY CHEAT.
djdutts - Diving is cheating, so how could it possibly be worse?
Aamir - click 2nd the red "see here" in the article. I'm not looking to single Gerrard out in the same way I don't want Eddie singled out .... I just want him to be fairly treated.
I don't think the one against Marseille was a dive and the one against Blackburn was debatable but, OK, the others were dives. I'm not sure what you expect/want me to say. Oh, and thanks for ruining my day with the photoshopped picture at the end of that video!
Anyone else willing to admit they have dived before? I used to dive on a weekly basis.
I'm diving right now
Djutts stop talking rubbish. What happened to Dudu last year was FAR WORSE. There isn't one team in Europe that hasn't had a penalty or a free kick on the edge of the box by falling down. Eduardo is being unfairly targeted by bigots.
I once did the Italian style rolls after I was upended in the area by the keeper in a friendly, I rolled from the penalty spot all the way off the pitch .... it was obviously a joke ..... but I got booked!
We have a thread in the forums about how Gooners love to take the ***** out of everything ...... in our site poll Eduardo is currently top of the votes for man of the match. LOL
i was actually hoping eduardo missed the penalty as i could see all the headlines in the morning (and they didnt disappoint) i honestly did not celebrate. i really hate diving and we shudnt need to resort to diving especially in a game which - lets be honest - were never going to lose by a 3 goal margin. i am in favour of a 1 game ban for this type of thing, 2 games the 2nd time a player is found guilty and 3 games the 3rd time - you get the picture !!! i think this will ensure players try and stay on their feet at all times and this in itself will ensure there is no ambiguity as to whether a player dived.
Diving is a terrible thing in our game and Eduardo was wrong to do it. It annoys me though when players like Ronaldo and Gerrard do it constantly and hardly anything gets said about it. An Arsenal player does it and theres suddenly a huge uproar. Having said that, Gerrard can beat the ***** out of a bloke on camera and get away with it so theres no chance of bringing him to justice for falling over in a penalty area.
oh aye - the bias in the media either because its arsenal or because hes no johnny english is really really really sickening. the various youtube compilations of the english saviours doing the same thing has never been met with the same kind of response and thats *****es me off even more : 0
That's funny Rocky! Anyway, it seems like this debate is bit like going round in circles. It's got hypocrisy written all over it. No fan can claim their players have never done this. It's the inconsistency of the media reaction that is appalling.
Oh and thanks to the Celtic supporter who booted me in the ankle outside the ground last night. That was really clever. Come to think of it, there were Police nearby, i should have took a dive!
Aamir, UEFA cannot ban Eduardo, there's no legal grounds for it. The rules say the ceiling of punishment for simulation is a yellow card- so they can't ban him by law. Retrospective punishment is a rocky road, it'll effectively be trial by media which is a dangerous precedent. Had Eduardo taken a tumble on Tuesday night, nobody would have been arsed due to the Upton Park trouble- he'd have got away with it in the eyes of the press.
Little Dutch
If anything i stay on my feet at all cost, and then if i lose the ball i moan at the ref for not giving me the foul. Its almost as if im supposed go down easy to get what i deserve.
This whole idea about banning him is crazy, as much as i hated seeing him do that, if we start retrospectively banning people who dive, should we go further back and start banning people who dived last season or the season before, why should he be the first to be punished. Maybe we should create a compilation of dives committed by players in the Scottish league, show them to the Scottish FA and ask them to take action!
Go back and look at the video of that incident again. Boruc knee clipped Dudu's ankle. Call me a blind bat if you like, but that's what I saw.
Warri Gooner
OK, question for all you blinkered Gooners. A simple Yes or No is needed (one word), if you can manage that... Did he CHEAT???
It's not difficult boys - three letters in one sentence or two. Yes or No. DID HE CHEAT??
Well, there you have it. No replies. Quite simple really - the answer is YES. He cheated. Simple. YES HE CHEATED. So, as he plays for Arsenal, then ARSENAL ARE CHEATS?!?! Obviously! The lack of support for Eduardo is deafening because it's impossible to defend him. He CHEATED. ARSENAL CHEATED. There is no response needed.
And it just about sums you all up - your own site poll votes him as MOTM. Therefore you are all condoning cheating. Doesn't surprise me with blinkered Wenger leading you all. How sad.
Go back to your slum DJnonutts. We all know he cheated READ THE ARTICLE. He isnt the 1st and he wont be the last.
A simple question to you djdutts - CAN YOU READ? Because the article, and all the responses in the thread quite clearly admit he took a dive. You illiterate tool.
Tell us about this one nonutts
So you're admitting that Arsenal are cheats then?
djdutts This is disguisting as well - why hasn't Winger signed him if he's that good at cheating? He'd fit in perfectly well at Arsenal.
Sorry, not Winger, Whinger
djdutts is clueless illiterate MORON because every gooner here and the article concedes he dived. And since djdutts is already inclined to hate Arsenal, the fact is that cretins like him LOVE the fact that Eduardo dived because it just gives him more ammunition to indulge in his hysterical hatred. I’m quite angry with Eduardo for diving last night because a) there was NO need for it, b) it totally destroys all the goodwill he’d built up since he came to Arsenal, esp. after his leg break and c) he’s given yet more material for all the bigoted hypocrites to use against us, the anti-foreigner/anti-Arsenal brigade who eagerly ignore the good old English boys who repeatedly dive and NEVER get raked over the coals like this. The article by David Hytner in the Guardian is a fine example of this moral hypocrisy. His credibility is totally shot to hell because I’ve NEVER EVER seen him devote an entire article to those good old English boys who “taint” their team’s victories by diving. The utterly predictable xenophobic morally hypocritical reaction is far more disgusting than Eduardo’s dive. This is the same media that has absolutely no problems with horrible career-ending tackles and thugs like Chris Morgan who put opponents into comas. It won’t matter to all the moralizing hypocrites if I say Eduardo doesn’t have a history of diving. Even if he never dives again he now has the reputation of a cheat and a diver. Referees will now look at him with scrutiny and I’m sure one or more legitimate penalties will not be called because of that reputation. I do feel for Celtic, I know how I’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot (and it has been). However I will not accept any moralizing from Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelsea fans (unless they strongly condemn their own players for the same conduct), and certainly not any morally bankrupt pundits who thoroughly ignore cheating from good old English boys like Rooney and Gerrard. Oh–and here’s another fine example of good ol’ English boys cheating and the ensuing media silence: two seasons ago in our league game at Stamford Bridge, Joe Cole dived in the middle of the park, pretending to be injured in order to stop an Arsenal attack. Eboue threw the ball out of play. Terry took the throw in, deliberately and cynically moving quite far up the pitch toward our goal, the referee allowed it. Chelsea scored as a result. I guess that’s just English fair play.
djdutts, we've admitted Eduardo cheated by diving, WILL YOU ADMIT THAT SPURS PLAYERS DO THE SAME, as in that youtube video iceman just posted? I'm sure you won't.
yes they do - why hasn't Whinger signed them all?
jaelle - please read my last post before you criticise. If you can read. This is disguisting as well - why hasn't Winger signed him if he's that good at cheating? He'd fit in perfectly well at Arsenal.
how come a player can score a goal four team mates can jump on his back, and he manages to stay on his feet,yet someone gets a a hand on the shoulder, or a little clip and both legs collapse,its all simulated, if rugby players acted the same way there would be no game at all......i believe that the fact the player is awarded a direct free kick from the penalty spot is the real problem,the rewards are too great, perhaps they should give indirect free kicks from where the incidents take place
fran merida
DJdutts, grow up mate, you've got players that dive, every team has them and your moral hypocrisy does you no favours. Funny, I swear I saw Tony Hibbert take a dive at Turf Moor on Sunday. Funny how he wasn't raked over the coals. Wonder why that is?
Little Dutch
Yeah, imagine rugby players using simulation, particularly those stalwarts at the Harlequins. :-) (I know what you're saying Fran, just think it's interesting that the rugby world is caught in a cheating storm when we so regularly see this bloocks about rugby's superior integrity).
Little Dutch
Because Arsenal do it all the time - that's why!
The reason why no one mentioned anything about Hibbert was because it was a rarity. It doesn't happen normally. The reason why everyone's gone to town on Eduardo, is because it's Arsenal - AGAIN! Cheat. Cheat. Cheat - all the time! That's why! It's the same old Arsenal - it will never change.
djdutts, actually it's simply NOT the case that Arsenal "do it all the time" -- if you watch all our games, you'd know that. This Arsenal team finishes top of the fair play table season after season (go check it out yourself), way ahead of Spurs. It's YOUR own ignorance and knee-jerk hatred that's working here, not the facts. Arsenal do not in fact cheat more than any other team, in fact this Arsenal team's stats for bookings are quite good. You seem to be stuck in a time warp and you obviously don't watch Arsenal with an objective eye. I watch them every week and it's quite rare to see any of our players dive.
How many clear cut diving incidents in the Premiership last season? probably about 50. How many players were awarded a penalty, got up and told the referee it wasnt a penalty? 1, Andrey Arshavin vs Pompey away. now clear off nonutts.
******** OWNED. Jog on.
If they ban Eduardo they have to ban every player who dives from now on, if we wanted to ban players for diving Drogba would never play, Ronaldo would of never played. Grow up.
Leave Dudu alone and go find something more productive to do.
Warri Gooner
The rules state that a dive is punished with a yellow card if the referee deems it to be simulation. So how would you go back and give him a 2 game ban if he is tricked? I would be happy to see players punished after the game if its within the rules, but you cannot make a rule once the offence has taken place. Why make an example of one player when plenty have been guilty of similar or worse? From a slighty different angle, i was under the conclusion that retrospective action could only take place if the referee has missed the incident, and not if he has made a mistake. In much the same way a yellow card can not be turned in to a red card because the ref has dealt with it
Great article. Eduardo should get a ban. But so should Gerrard, Rooney and anybody else who does in the future.
He dived, got away with it, now may be hit retrospectively. Big deal, he is not the first and wont be the last. No point in argueing over him getting a penalty, more that we need to see players that dive in the box getting a red card not yellow when the ref does spot it!
Agree Huddersfield. Look at what happened to Harlequins. Clubs in Rugby have been cheating this way in the past, but this time the authorities have said no more and issued colossal fines and bans. No club, player or coach will ever think of doing that again and all of a sudden an embarassing form of cheating is stopped in its tracks.. Ulitmately, what magnificies the impact of Eduardo's tumble is the monetary value to the opponents if it had been the deciding goal. Personally I think it can often be difficult to call diving in the split second it occurs, so a retrospective yellow card should be issued, but in return a player booked for diving when it hasn't happened should have that wiped from the record. Alternatively a player should receive a ban, but it should be a suspended one, only applied if the player in question dives again.
British media have two agendas on this story - 1. To get Eduardo banned or hyped everything as part of so called mind games to influence England Vs Croatia World Cup match. 2. To divert attention from the disgraceful scenes at Upton Park.
If you look carefully at the videos you can see that the keeper`s knee makes contact with Dudu`s ankle, hence there WAS CONTACT, hence the referee was right in giving a penalty. I can`t understand why Arsenal fans are claiming that he dived when in fact the keeper did make contact with the player.
good point, I HAVE NOT seen the match, but I've been hearing tons about OH EDUARDO DIVE blah blah blah, I dunno was it THAT BAD. But this is how you look at diving, IT'S 0-0, with a little bit off force you can stay up, THEN STAY UP AND BE STRONG, I play football on academy level, I've very young and I want to make it through the academy and too proffesional, we play HARD, not sissy modeling soccer, HARD, you go into a tackle, LET THE OTHER PLAYER FEEL IT. If somebody's coming HARD at you, you give em a shoulder, BUT on the other hand, it's 1-1, extra time, You're in the box, you're not getting anywhere, you can't produce nothing, and the defenders close too you, SO IT'S WORTH A DIVE, but don't let it become a big part off your game, becuase if you do, you'll become a wimpy player who backs out off challenges, who gets knocked over easily, you'll become a feather, YOU GOT TO BE HARD!!!
Also I'm looking at the side, it asks for Man Of the Match and Eduardo is leading by 40%, What I heard, Eboue was the difference he has 29%, Haha I heard that he dived, got a penalty, and didn't do much. I wish I had seen that game, but who cares? It's over now. anyway, we just got our group, gonna be an easy one, one exciting group AC MILAN and Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Inter Milan, and you know whats Ironic? Both Eto'o and Zlatan are up against thier EX TEAMS. THIS EARLY. lol.
Diving isn't sportsmanlike but every team has players who try it. The worst culprit was Ladyboy Ronaldo. But did the Press get on his back the way Eduardo is being witch-hunted? I don't think so. The Press are just short of something to write about at the moment.
NEWS JUST IN: Eduardo eats puppies. He's the worst human being in the history of football.
To me, there was a little bit of contact. But still, he was probably looking for it. Certainly not the worst dive I have ever seen, by a longshot. Eboue against Barca in the CL final was far worse, as was Rooney against us.
Eduardo has been charged by UEFA. Now for Ashley Young to be banned...
And he has been charged. Ridiculous that someone can be banned for 2 games if the ref hasnt picked up on the dive, yet if he sees it, just a yellow. Its like a bank robber getting 3 years in jail if he is caught in the act, but 10 years if he gets away with it but is caught on CCTV.
As a United fan, I'm quite shocked that this has happened to you. In fact, I'm so used to this kind of persecution - I'm angry on your behalf. Yes Eduardo was wrong, but he is by no means the first player to ever dive. I've always said this is how they should deal with diving, but I think players should have been warned first! Now uefa has created a rod for their own back. In the first leg of a semi final, when an opposition player pulls off a 6.4 with half tuck in the area - uefa had better ban him from the next leg - otherwise there will be uproar. However, what if there is actually contact between players? Has anyone ever been able to be completely objective when one of their own players is touched and goes down? Can english teams be assured that these punishments will be handed out in equal measure - or is this the tool they intend to use to stop our stranglehold on the competition? Is there any right of appeal? If so, how can you prove that you didn't dive? If this is to become common place, its just one more reason to be glad that we no longer have Cristiano Ronaldo in our team.
as an swfc fan, im quite shocked about this. players like DIDIER DROGBA and CRIDSTIANO RONALDO dove many of times last season and were never charged once.eduardo dives 1 TIME in europe and the media and scottish FA make a big deal about it. i think its totall rubbish and the FA and UEFA need to take a long long at the decision they have made. why not charge ronaldo or drogba with diving multiple times , instead of a bloke who dives once. Also eduardo was very brave going into that tackle noing that he has just returned from a broken leg!!!
What alot of stuff about nothing, I can't believe that the UEFA has got involded. This is going totally over the top, and can't wait until Man utd fall foul to this, watch out for SAF Blowing his Top over this one!!!! Likewise Chelski, and Real Madrid, UEFA will certainly regard this!
I feel for you guys, it's not fair to ban or charge Eduardo because of a simple dive. However, I disagree that people keeps saying Droba is one of the top diver. Yes, he falls down easily, but 99% of the case there're contacts. If like some of you reckon there's tiny little contact between the goalkeeper and Eduardo which makes that not a dive, then I would like to say Drogba is definitely not a diver. He's never dove like this.
Nice dive Eduardo. Should have been sent off.

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