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UEFA Ban Eduardo, Still Waiting For News On Young

'Dirty cheating Arsenal bastard' Eduardo Da Silva, inventor of the dive, has been handed a 2 match suspension by European football's governing body, UEFA.

Eduardo clearly took a dive in the 5-1 aggregate victory over Celtic, and the ridiculous media bias and over-reaction after the game lead to Eddie becoming one of the first players in history to be banned after the referee had seen the incident and judged it accordingly.

The 2 match ban was given despite the referee upholding his decision after seeing the replay.

UEFA have now opened a door that nobody connected with Arsenal club should allow to be closed. We need to make sure every incident is scrutinised, every dive punished and every player labeled a cheat and boo'ed at every opportunity.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 1 2009

Time: 5:07PM

Your Comments

Get over it. It harsh, he's not the only one who does it, FAAAAAR from it but whats done is done. Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa got 3 match bans for saying a bad word on telly and calling a ref a cheat. Uefa are the goons but please put this to rest already and tell Wenger to look after his own team and not worry about who does what elsewhere.
What Eduardo did pales in comparison to those two muppets. It's not about "getting over it" it's about being fair. As long as UEFA are fair (which they already proved in record time that they aren't) then I have no problems with the ban. But why should we sit on our hands when we're getting unfairly treated?
Amazing that Cronaldo and Gerrard can dive in CL and other int'l matches to their hearts content and go unpunished. Eduardo does it ONCE and gets banned. And anyone who thinks this means UEFA are going to start a real crackdown on diving is fooling themselves. I can also assure you that if Arsenal had drawn a team from another country other than Scotland in the CL, and Eduardo had dived -- THIS CONTROVERSEY AND PUNISHMENT WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED.
There's so many reasons this decision shouldn't stand. First of all, it's impossible to judge intent, then there's the fact that so many other players dive so often, and the fact that UEFA's president Michel Platini launched a scathing attack against Wenger earlier this year for which he had to publicly apologise. Also, Eduardo was charged with 'deceiving the referee', well, would he have gotten this charge if he had successfully dived in his own half? No way. Oh and dives warrant yellow cards, not two match suspensions. Furthermore, 'deceiving the referee' can account for much more than diving, like when the wall moves forward at free kicks when the ref looks away or placing the ball outside the corner spot when taking free kicks.
Zbam, the difference is that players don't always go after the refs after matches, however dives happen all the time. UEFA should ban players for 3 matches if they behaved like Drogba, and they should ban players for 2 matches if they behave like Eduardo. But we all know that they won't, and that is the true issue.
when taking corner kicks*
This is what happens to CHEATS. Good old Man Utd. They can cheat too eh?
I feel like my blood has been boiling for a whole week now. I thought it reached the boiling point at OT but now all my blood is boiling over in rage.
Weetim you can't use the present tense 'happenS' if there's way more incidents where nothing happens to cheats than incidents where a cheating player gets charged like this right? English is my second language, correct me if I'm wrong. (Or yourself if you are.)
"This is what happens to CHEATS" -- actually, no, it's not. It's what happens to ONLY one Arsenal player and one Lithuanian player last year -- both of whom were unfortunate enuf to dive against a Scottish team. The overhwleming number of CHEATS, as you call them, go unpunished. But I'm sure you're quite happy with that state of affairs, as long as it's an Arsenal player who's punished for it.
Frankly an amazing decision. The club simply wasted their time putting together a defence because it was clear that UEFA had already decided Eduardo was guilty without trial. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? They won't sanction video and yet use it to condemn a player. Really, how absurd can it get? They also effectively render their own referee impotent in over-ruling his decision. Its not UEFA's job to come to a decision...its the referee's! The moment you start changing decisions made by your own officials you start down a slippery slope. Only Eduardo can truly know whether he dived or not, although he clearly didn't seem to be appealing for a penalty. Folks, the decision to award the spot kick was made by the ref and only the ref. He has since stood by his decision, but somehow this hasn't satisfied UEFA. it appears evil Eduardo is at fault for trying to pull the wool over our eyes and must suffer tenfold! I ask you, what is worse for the image of the game - Eduardo falling over anticipating a challenge or Messi headbutting an opponent? Ludicrous.
Wyn Mills
Looks like we're not taking this lying down. Good.
haha rocky, amazingly that is exactly how i'd respond too. i'm all for punishing players for diving, and i completely accept that this is conceivably a justifiable punishment for eduardo. I am now looking forward to the second match day of the CL as Ronaldo and Gerrard will most certainly dive in the first match day at some point... but I won't hold my breath on their suspensions
Let's see if this continues all this season or will it be forgot very soon, with other players taking a dive and getting away with it! UEFA has certainly made a Rod for their own backs! Think of all the Videos they will now have to cope with, UEFA will sink under the mountain of Videos, never to be heard of Again! Well let's Hope so!
If you look at the incident in which Sagna got booked at the weekend you will see that it was as a result of Nani putting the ball into touch and then rasing his hand in the air to appeal for the throw which he duly got. There can be no doubt that Nani knew he put the ball into touch and therefore in appealing for the decision to be incorrectly awarded his way he is guilty of precisely the same offence that Eduardo has been banned for - intentionally deceiving the referee into making a wrong decision. Every such incident from now on should be reported to the authorities with the demand that it be actioned in exactly the same way as the Eduardo precedent.
Quite correct Amos - well said!
norfolk dumpling
Uefa wont need cameras or extra refs now that Arsene and the gooners are gonna be watching every little foul out there for them. The punishment is extremely harsh but Eduardo cheated. Pointing out other players cheating, be it from free kicks, corners, dives etc does not take away from the fact that Eduardo cheated. I dont think he's a scumbag and unfortunately diving is common in football these days. Look at Sean Davis the other day against Cesspool. Not a sniff about Lucas and what he did to get Davis sent off but if this keeps up then you gooners will not be able to watch a match any more as the notebooks will be out writing the minutes from each game and dare I say, Arsenal will be responsible for killing footy!! Ah no, I'm joking there but look at the games he's gonna miss even, hardly worth all this mess. Once again, I agree 2 match ban is *****e but he DID cheat. NO ONE said he was the only cheater in the world. There's at least one in every team. Chin up boys!
That's our beef exactly Zbam .... he isn't the only cheat in the world, but he's being treated like he is. Aslong as UEFA carry on with the punishments I will have no complaints with his ban.
Zbam, I don't know any gooner who denies Eduardo dived. It's the mass hysteria and selective moral outrage that this one incident has caused that has us so annoyed.
He should have only been given a yellow card as thats what would have happened if the ref had got it right during game.What i cant understand is you guys getting all upset @ the end of the day he is just a foreign player who does not give a F*** about Arsenal he is only here for the big pay check there are more important things in life to worry about get over it.
They have to start somewhere, i'm happy that it came to light in a high profile game. He did cheat , he got caught by video evidence. Let him take the punishment on the chin or shin (lol). Let all con artists take note......YOU ARE BEING WATCHED.
I doubt that this is a message to all the con artists. Logistically, it is impossible for UEFA to review video highlights of every UEFA game (CL+Europa) to punish sich instances. They have opened a pandoras box, and those stupid ****s dont even realise it.
he didn't deserve it - a disgrace!
Was just listening to a Brazilian pundit on an internet Brazilian radio sportscast (translated as best I can) talking about the Eduardo decision: "The English are a strange people. They call our football corrupt and violent. We do not deny it. But they feel an incredible rage when a player tries to take advantage to score a goal but not when that same player tries to break an opponent's leg. Their emotions reach a point of hysteria at deception but they feel nothing toward violence on the pitch."
You know what, I'm glad this is happening. It seems like the whole world is against us - UEFA, total twerps in the media like Alan Hansen and Stan Collymore (I mean seriously, can you really take someone seriously that has previously beaten up his girlfriend and been caught getting off on watching other couples cop off?? How can talksport hire such a pillock??) - well feck em, feck em all. I hope this creates a siege mentality around the team and drives them to success this season. Then I'd like to see the look on their faces. Especially when Eduardo finishes as top scorer in the PL!
Ok Arse fans let's face it: If this had been C. Ronaldo diving, getting away with it initially, only to be punished retroactively, you'd be applauding the decision with the rest of us. Diving is cheating! Full Stop! UEFA now needs to remain consistent with this practice (we can call it the Eduardo ruling) and punish every diver from here on out.
I am sure there have been opportunities enough to punish Ronaldo for diving. Let's see if they now intend to take this process as far as their action against Eduardo would seem to suggest they must. Just don't hold your breath.
By the UEFAs own rules diving is a yellow card offence. This decision is quite pathetic. If they want to stamp down on cheats, they need to do it to everyone who dives.
Arsenal have ruined it for the rest of the cheaters, bah. LOL!! :P
if this retrospective decision is observed strictly, what's stopping the FA from lodging an official complain against maradona's hand of god goal? he could be banned from argentina's next 2 games. or if we're all lucky, england could get a rematch of the final. can of worms, eh?
I too am waiting for Ashley Young's suspension. I got all week UEFA....
Eduardo is being called a "cheat" for one dive. But the **** who broke his leg got showered with "he's not that type of player" praise. In fact, check this out: "and former manager Steve Bruce questioned whether Taylor even deserved a booking." (got that from his wikipedia article)... And people still think we're delusional when we talk about an anti-Arsenal media. Even from thousands of miles across the sea here in South Africa, I can see it.
Patresc Vieiragas
Since it was the SFA who made such a big thing about this, will McGeady get more than 1 match ban? I doubt it! I personally don't mind the ban, but expect every dive not seen by the ref in CL to be given the same punishment, some sides might struggle for registered players after a game or two.
Maybe a factor being overlooked is the financial importance of the game and the fact it was the first goal scored. If it hadn't occured and Celtic had nicked the first goal, who knows what might have happened. Clearly the penalty put the tie beyond doubt and this might have had an impact on UEFA's deliberations especially due to the financial disparity of playing in the Champions League vs the Europa League. Therefore the alleged dive would have been viewed in this regard which is unfair but possibly how it was considered. As for the anti-Scottish remarks, the Scots complained previously about Mikoliuanas diving against them back in 2007, but in this case the Scots won 3-1, yet despite this they still registered a complaint so there is consistency in their actions which seems to be lacking across football as a whole
He didn't even appeal for a penalty. He went down, and that was it from his side. The dude is still coming back from having his leg crushed, for heavens sake, he can almost be expected to react a little funny when someone rushed to him. But I think it's important to note that the ref gave this penalty without an Arsenal player raising an arm etc. As the ref himself said, he wasn't deceived, and that's what the ban is for, not for the dive.
K71 - If UEFA are taking such things as match and incident importance into account then we are all well and truly f***ed. A dive is a dive no matter what the match or what the scoreline. That has no significance whatsoever.
You guys I am so outraged. After giving Dudu a 2 game ban, UEFA now says diving is punishable with the yellow card. What planet if any do those m_g__s come from.
Absolutely right Rocky. If it only matters when it's deemed important or crucial then Uefa are making a difficult decision even harder. We'll see just how vigorously they pursue this new policy. I suspect it will be only when the media dictates it. Which gives the media every possible incentive to do so each and every time they believe they have a case. At least it is now official - the referee doesn't have ultimate control over any match - the media does.
Damn cheating brazilians!! I don`t know why they jump, it`s not like a strong challenge could break their leg. ********!
Welcome to a brave new world of football! The suspension handed to Eduardo has opened a huge barn door for retrospective punishment that no player can avoid. Just out of the top of my head there are these circumstances that are intended to decieve the referee: 1- Appealing for offside when you are the last defender keeping the onrushing forward in side; 2 - appealing for a throw-in to go your way when in fact you kicked the ball out; 3 - rolling over 5 times after a foul so as to make it look worse than it actually was; 4 - appeal for a corner kick/goal kick when the ball goes out of play over the goal line when your team hoofed it over; 5 - celebrating a goal when the ball rebounds from the underside of the crossbar out of the goal; etc... My guess is that by the 3rd day of the CL clubs will find it difficult to field 11 players out due to cumulative suspensions all over the team. The ultimate disgrace.
Rocky, I know what you mean but it cannot have helped Eduardo's case that there was maybe £10m-£15m riding on that one game. I think they will only make these sort of decisions in so called 'high profile' games which will smack of double standards. As I have stated previously, if UEFA wanted to take a stand, then a two match ban, suspended for the rest of the season would have been a more palatable response, or if UEFA wanted to have taken a tougher line, do want happens in sprinting where after one false start, anyone can be disqualified if they repeat. In this scenario, any subsequent dive by anyone would result in a two match ban. I think however that UEFA can only enforce this suspension in their own competitions so diving will still occur in the domestic leagues.
One intersting fact is that in the last Europa League play off, CD Nacional didn't allow any tv cameras to cover the home match against Zenit St Petersburg. How on earth is UEFA going to keep all these professional cheaters in line if they can't even have acess to the footage - because there ins't any?
In order to make everyone understand the posts above, I paste the 10.c) article below: "suspension for two competition matches or for a specified period for acting with the obvious intent to cause any match official to make an incorrect decision or supporting his error of judgement and thereby causing him to make an incorrect decision". From
Sorry it was Eduardo,,, but glad someone's doing something
As far as I am concerned the penalty had no bearing at all on the outcome and had little impact on the job Celtic had to do. If I was Tony Mowbray before the Arsenal game, I would have told my team not to worry if Arsenal scored first because we still need to score three to win the tie (Kernowboy71 take note). No I believe this has something to do with the SFA. Their top two club sides have been summarily beaten by Arsenal (at a canter) in the last few weeks, conceding eight goals. They need to do something to deflect the attention away from the state of Scottish football.
Sir Henry
Three words: "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT". I would happily go to this event in Nyon, sit there and listen to stuffy morons in suits blather on about this and that. Watch smug little Napoleon II Platini with his anti-Arsenal blazer on giggle under his proboscis . Just get confirmation that Eduardo's ban is going to stick, that they are prepared to overrule a referee's decision (remember, they are not giving a punishment where a referee missed something - they are setting a new precedent by overruling a referee's decision). Take the ban on the chin and simply ask: "Is this the way you are going to handle ALL (and I mean ALL) instances where a player is found to be deceiving the referee?". If yes, submit evidence EVERY match. If no, class action lawsuit. Game over.
Englishman-in-NY .... FIFA/UEFA have within their rules that any club taking legal action outside of the normal sporting court of arbitration, can be banned from participating in their competitions. A number national associations and clubs have been threatened with this. Clubs are 'invited' to participate in their competitions. It is carefully worded so that the invitation can be withdrawn. A class action lawsuit would cost Arsenal tens of millions even if they won
Wenger proposed that the referee considers controversial incidents after the match — an approach that Fifa has often rejected because it does not want matches to be officiated retrospectively, which it believes would undermine the referee. “I don’t see any other way,” Wenger said. “That is the only way you can get it out. Once the guy knows he might be punished he will not dive says wenger, 2006, 2009 calling it a disgrace = oh whinger whinger, yawn yawn
Amos we all no ed cheato dived to get a peno if u cant see that ye all must be have same eyesight as whinger
but i do agree that manure get most of the desision there way
Wenger proposed that the referee considers controversial incidents after the match. 123 the ref DID consider the incident after the match, and I know someone as thick as a spud might not have noticed this, did stand by his decision and therefore no ban should be given, ******** hell I knew you ****s were thick but this is really taking the *****.
i thought eduardo made a pigs ear of the dive, he needs to look at some arsenal archives to show him how its done. eduardo ,start with pires the master. how he purposely trips over his own foot and makes it look like the opponent has done it is quality diving/cheating at its very best!!
springy,17033,8652_5535065,00.html Well it looks like they've confessed to being corrupt *********s at least!
Little Dutch
Kernowboy71 - well the "Invited" part I didn't know!, and that the club threatening legal action could be banned (what ? as revenge?) how utterly childish! They (badly) organize, officiate and administer - yet they cannot ultimately be held responsible to anyone? Well - I guess it would hasten the 'SuperLeague' - which would take with it ALL the advertising and sponsorship money..
here's a little something from an Chelsea fan: ENJOY, as it wasn't a dive.
zg2000fs, respect! Thanks for putting that up!
zg2000fs, respect! Thanks for putting that up!

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