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Put A Sock In It Sparky

On numerous occasions, Wenger has received heavy amounts of criticism for how he protects his players in post match interviews. For example, Arsene practically has a copyright on the statement 'I did not see it'. But today, Mark Hughes went above and beyond any comical statement Wenger has ever made with this outlandish and down right moronic statement.

He told the City official website: "We just have to understand that he is an emotional guy and he wanted to share the moment with the fans in the corner with whom he has a special affinity. It is the same area that the Arsenal fans were in so there is the potential for people to see it as the wrong thing to do. We recognise that and so does Ade."

Rubbish. Just absolute balls. Have the kahones to either not comment on the celebration or say the club does not condone it. Don't make up a foolish excuse that Ade just wanted to celebrate with the City fans all the way on the other side of the stadium, who just happened to be by the away support.

Please don't call me bitter about the today's result. City won, fair and square. But this statement from Sparky has left me in a rage. Many Arsenal fans were injured today because of that celebration. (You will surely here more about that when Tim arrives back to London) And with Hughes making excuses for Ade, he is just as much as an idiot as his striker is.

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 12 2009

Time: 9:02PM

Your Comments

Again, I don't want this to be construed as me being bitter about the result.
Yeah right, you'd run the length of the pitch just to celebrate with a bunch of home fans, not the away crowd at that particular corner. Classic case of insulting someone's intelligence, i.e. ours. Not sure about you Brice, but this is exactly what made me laugh in rage (strange emotion that).
Sorry, I just asked the same question on the other thread but was the chant the Arsenal kept firing at at Adebayor that pumped him up?
Johnny Baguette
Lou you're right, it is insulting. And JB, I'm sure he didn't need a chant to get his blood boiling for this match.
I've no idea what went on between the player and the fans at Arsenal, save to say I know he was a lethal goalscorer but our Vital Blues who were at the game are reporting back with some unsavoury stuff that was getting aired from the first whistle.
Johnny Baguette
ps I am not in anyone attempting to condone his actions.
Johnny Baguette
Of course he was going to be on the receiving end of plenty of abuse, and that is fine, as long as it was not racial abuse. I believe our away fans are above racial slurs. That said, I wasn't at the game so I cannot confirm that.
Cheers, gk.
Johnny Baguette
It was probably the same crappy chant about his dad washing elephants Johnny, Yeah I know as if! they'd let that useless *********s old man anywhere near them big beautiful grey bastids.
The Arsenal fans weren't injured because of the celebration. They were injured because of their over reaction to it. They were giving him ***** all game and he celebrated his goal in front of them... that is no excuse for your fans kicking off and they only have themselves to blame. As for Vital Arsenal allowing an article where the writer calls an opposition player and manager a '*****' well that speaks volumes.
Lol... I can't quote a word in the article because the swear filter won't allow it.
Considering I can buy an official Vital Football shirt that says "You *****" on the front, I won't be losing any sleep over my foul language.
I'd be all the more determined to up my game if someone was dissing my folks, that's for sure. That said, Potato Head (Rooney) has never been sanctioned for celebrating at the City fans. But aside of this issue, I think it's the Van Persie clash, subsequent statement and foaming hacks queuing up to seal the Ade ban that will see us facing the rags with only Bellamy available up front. Gutted as it would be great to peg them back with as many options as possible. Enough City talk, I'm off back to our site!
Johnny Baguette
It is not unusual for fans to reserve chants for ex-players (especially, where they leave with so much bitterness) to distract them. Honestly, I have not seen an ex-player celebrate a goal against his former team, so soon after leaving, as Ade did today. It just confirms it was right to sell him off. There must be some respect for old team mates and fans.
Hughes excuse for Adebayors celebration sounds remarkably like one offered when Henry was accused of incitement when he celebrated in exactly the same way against Spurs at Highbury a few seasons back. There are plenty of things in football to get upset about. This isn't one of them.
I'm not even an Arsenal fan and I even thought that Adebayor is way out of line. Stamping RVP and the celebration. He deserve to be shot.
Hiya Goatboy, I'm not asking much here, just that you come back here in 18 months time when the haze clears around your new golden boy and he starts his usual agit crap, whilst stephane his cock stroking agent is whoring him to all and sundry, when he turns his back on city fans that have shown him support during his time at Eastlands for the sake of a few city fans that've dared to make their growing feelings of being cheated and betrayed known, when you tire of all his utterings being about how fans are only there to undyingly love Adebayor (his words not mine, he will continue to refer to himself in the third person) when he again starts to lose any need to justify earning his crust and loiters embarrassingly on the halfway line visibly mindw@nking over Beyonce, then please just have the decency to return here and admit that.....yes I uderstand now...the man is pure poison. Cheers! see ya in a year and a half.
Adebayor has had his day. We will have ours. ********.
Mark Hughes said what he said so that Adebayor won't be charged with misconduct like Gary Neville was when he did the same thing towards Liverpool fans a few years ago. Can't blame him for trying.
im typing this thinking that the swear filter is on....what a load of whinging ****s you gunners sing songs about adebayors dad and totally disrespect him and when he scores against you all you do is complain you ******** morons... can you blame him with the abuse he took not only today but when he was with arsenal from you fickle ****s eh? you aint got no class and RVP is the slyest ***** in the premiership the way he fouls people and when he gets a wack he cant handle it the soft ****. you lot need to get a grip because i used to have respect for you lot but as far as im concerned now you can kiss my sweet hairy arse because you can give it but you cant take it so kiss my arse you 2 faced *****s.
Mike Hunt
I was at the game, City fans need to clear their ears out, the chant against Adebayor was "he's five foot four, we've got Arshavin ***** Adebayor." I won't bother commenting here because I'll do a piece on it.
Little Dutch
And Amos that's incredibly easy to say when you're not mired in the thick of the melee. I can assure you the guy I saw knocked out cold would not share that casual viewpoint. Nor the little girl of six twoseats to my left whose mother had to take her out of the ground.
Little Dutch
agree the stamp was disgusting but the celebration was just too funny, the gooner fans reaction had me almost laughing uncontrolably, thanks for that moment gooners as it brightened my night up after the loss to united today.
It must have been pretty unpleasant LD and I am not dismissing the consequences of the fans reaction to what was no doubt provocative - and best discouraged. Probably best left until you have done your piece but it seems, to me at least, that the fans rather set themselves up for it. Like I say we didn't see any great harm in it when Henry did much the same thing to the Spuds.
Henry did much the same and I was not much impressed by that either seeing as my season ticket seat was next to the Spurs fans and that celebration put us in some bother. Ade got booed but not much else, a finger to the lips or a cock of the ear would have done. What he did weas entirely disproprtionate and having seen that his goal celebration had caused a melee in which people were hurt, he then came back again at the final whistle and had another go.
Little Dutch
The man is an asshole - there's no question of that. But unfairly or not the fans needn't have reacted quite as furiously as they did.Their reaction was also disproportionate to an extent - even if its also understandable. Which is Ade's claim I guess. A mocking laugh or a dismissive chant would have been enough.
little dutch get a grip you soft nancy...its because of your mindless fans that some got hurt not because a city player scored and celebrated in front of your knobhead dont like it when its given out to you but singing stuff about adebayors dad washing elephants is ok is it? you got beat today and your fans was disgusting and you got what you deserved and RVP is just a sly ***** that cant take it when he gives it which he suits your club because he fits in well
Mike Hunt
We didn't sing about Adebayor's dad, that's a Spurs song numbnuts. The song is "He's five foot four, we've got Arshavin ***** Adebayor."
Little Dutch
just face it you got beat by a better team and coz of that your stupid fans had to react badly, get over it you were played off the park, i'm not liking man city myself but thats more about there stupid fans rather than there team, lets face it they are a fantastic team now and who wouldnt be after 200m spent on them in just 1 year, hansen had it spot on last night on motd, man utd, chelsea and even liverpool dominate games and win them, arsenal can dominate at times but you never know if they will win, we all saw 2 sides to adebayor and if the referee had eyes where they are supposed to be then the whole fiasco would never of happened coz he would of got a straight red for that disgusting stamp, good news for us spurs fans though as it looks likely he will be suspended for the game with us and we all know he like scoring against us.
Er...Watch the game, read the stats. The result tells half the story. Jog on bell end.
gunnerman - i watched the game i looked at the stats and it read MANCHESTER CITY 4 - 2 ARSENAL -----jog on bellend
HAHA! Waving your little willy about, come back in may you tard. Considering pretty much every fan from every team is backing our stance you probably want to ***** off about now and carry on fapping over adebayors "superb" close control. Keep it coming blue mooner you are hilarious!
the result tells me the whole story, erm........ YOU LOST!! i don't like it anymore than you do that man city are a bunch of cheats but this is your last season in champions league as the skanky mancs look like they are the new team in top 4, of course i like the idea that arsenal are all but finished now coz debt is gonna cripple the club with no champions league money but i don't like the fact that like chelsea man city have bought it, its not jelousy its fact, a team like spurs that have invested millions over a long period of time and should be fighting for the top 4 this season find themselves fighting an extra team that can just spend another 100m or so if it's not going right in january but hey this is football and although its not a dead cert that they gonna finish in top 4 this season i firmly believe they will, oh well let them have there moment they gotta have something to sing about rather than the fact they have a bottomless pit, adebayor has played his one good game for the season now and arsenal fans should know aswell as anybody that he is a very overrated player and of course a cheating scumbag. COYS
Spursman, read the posts again, where did anyone dispute that City beat us? Where did anyone dispute the result of the match?
Little Dutch
can i remind the arsenal fans of henrys run up the pitch in 2002 to celebrate infront of the spuds fans, but i spose this is ok is it? also you call spuds for there treatment of sol but your treatment yesterday of ade was a ****in disgrace you ALL ACTED like animals and i hope the FA chuck the book at you, and persy for his disgraceful tackle on ade which was a red card itself! so if ade gets banned then so does persy HYPOCRITES THE LOT OF YOU
Errrr, read the article about the incident before waving your willy here. There was one chant from the City fans I didn't quite understand though Mark, the City fans to my left kept singing, "you're just a town full of Munichs." Not sure I understand what that one means, care to explain?
Little Dutch
is it a racaist chant? and i notice youve forgot to mention henry! oh and you are a town full of utd fans you cant deny the fact that there is more utd fans in london than there is arsenal fans lols pretty sad really, anyway just get back to calling ade names (sol campbell anyone?)
It's not racist, what's your point? Read the article about the incident numbnuts and you'll see I've mentioned Henry quite clearly. Ahhhh, so the term 'Munichs' refers to United fans? Care to explain why you call them 'Munichs'? But if you want to talk about racism, you might want to take a look at what your new favourite striker said about Arsenal's Jamaican and American supporters..........
Little Dutch
at the end of the day adebayor did what he had to do,to prove that his time with arsenal is over, whether you deem it as cheating or unsporting,or bringing the game into disrepute, it doesnt really matter, it was a good game of football that we could have got a result from had we took advantage when the situation arose..instead we blew it for various reasons that have cropped up again, mainly the ref not doing his job properly, diaby not tracking back,and almunia not making any world class saves
fran merida
Dutch... you say you were at the game.... so was I. I heard you sing both the Arshavin chant you mentioned and .... 'his dad washes elephants, his mother's a whore'. You can lie about it all you want but even the press picked up on it and have mentioned it.
I was in the upper tier and I did not hear that chant, I doubt the veracity of that because it's a Spurs chant. However, I can't speak on behalf of the lower tier. But no I did not hear that. I'm not taking moralhigh ground with that one because we habitually sing that Harry Redknapp's mother is a whore, which is nasty and unecessary. I'm telling you honestly I didn't hear that chant once. Whether you believe that or not, well, to be honest, it doesn't much matter to me.
Little Dutch
hughes is spot on
steve bhoy

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