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Stamp It Out of the Game

It's part of his character that Robin van Persie usually speaks up in honesty, whether he sees the subject matter in a positive or negative way. So it is not surprising that he has given his opinion on a certain incident in the away game at Manchester City. What is quite extraordinary today - apart from the result - is for to promptly issue a player's post-match statement that condemns an opponent, let alone a former player who has left the club recently.

Some of us Gooners might have speculated whether Emmanuel Adebayor's stamp on Robin van Persie's face while he's down on the floor was a foul since the incident happened. To me it seemed innocuous enough in real time. The replay showed a bit of an awkward movement of Adebayor's leg that made me feel he could perhaps have avoided it if he wanted to. But then everything looks different in slow-mo, I thought at the time, so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But not Robin van Persie. Shortly after the game, the Arsenal forward commented with disapproval of his former teammate's behaviour:

'I am sad and disappointed by my former team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor's mindless and malicious stamp on me during today's match.

'We are both professional footballers and I know that the game is physical, I too have made hard and sometimes mis-timed challenges but never with the intention of hurting an opponent. He set out to hurt me today.

'I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made. He moved backwards when his natural momentum would have taken him forward. I find that deeply disrespectful. He has shown a real lack of class today, to me and the fans.

'I do feel lucky that I have not suffered a greater injury. The contact was only centimetres from my eye. I have not received an apology from him, there were no words exchanged afterwards. He had his own agenda today and that is bad for football. It's bad for the game we all love.

'I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with the result of today's match. We do not hide from that disappointment but I need to speak out about his behaviour.'

As I said, to me it seems quite unusual that the club have put up a player's statement to make public his disapproval of an opponent's behaviour on the pitch. Maybe the straight-talking Dutchman felt so strongly about it that he wanted to make it clear to everyone in the game. Tim will also likely tell you what he saw first-hand how Robin expressed his feeling towards Adebayor to the travelling Gooners after the match.

Well you know where to go to find a video clip to see it again. You can decide for yourself whether it was a deliberate stamp or just an accident that Adebayor's leg trailed and the studs hit van Persie's face - something that Adebayor or Man City are likely to claim when asked anyway.

I said to someone on Facebook that Adebayor was fast elevating himself to the Cashley status with the despicable character that he showed in the goal celebration. If he topped it off by doing what van Persie accused him of doing, I don't know what to think of him as a human being anymore. And malicious violence is precisely one of the more serious things that need to be stamped out of the game, more so than, say, diving. (Sorry, had to stick it in.)

Until proven guilty, it's one man's word against the other's. But regardless of the truth, let's brace ourselves for more controversy and shit-stirring in the media in the next few days.

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The Journalist

Writer: Gooner Lou Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 12 2009

Time: 9:11PM

Your Comments

Got to ask this folks, but what was the exact chant that Arsenal fans kept going at Adebayor through the game? It certainly seemed to fire him up.
Johnny Baguette
It is most unusual for to issue such a statement. Lou - what did RvP say to the Arsenal fans at the end?
Clattenburg not giving him a yellow card for this incident, probably means it would be easier for the FA to hand down a ban if they decide to do so.
ps I am not in anyone attempting to condone his actions.
Johnny Baguette
Just seen Adebayor deliberately - or so it looked - drag his boot down RVP's face. Disgraceful!!!
Vin, I can only say I expect Tim's match report to be a pretty colourful piece. Let him tell the story, he saw it first-hand and will tell it as it is better than I ever can from the comfort of my living room. Gkid, If the club have shown such bottle and support for RvP that they've allowed this serious statement to be quickly published on, maybe they'll file a formal complaint to the FA or something?
If he ment it then he was out of order and deserves a ban.
The club will have to file a complaint. The stamp was blatant, obviously intentional and is disgraceful, considering that they were former team mates. Ade is classless!(or something lower).
The video seems pretty conclusive - Adebayors stamp was deliberate and nasty. If the FA has any balls they won't ignore it.
Very sad that Adebayor had to put out his frustrations on his past teammates. He needs to quickly apologize to Wenger and Van Persie for his actions out there today. Truly despicable!
Foreverunited...try goin gon your cemetery of a forum and post you fool....
Mike Hunt
MH - I just hope you're not a Sh-1tty fan on an Arsenal site telling me this!
all this coming from a player that known for being a *****HOUSE in some of his tackles eh....he should practice what he preaches because he is a mard arse who cant take it when its given out and for him to say adebayor didnt say sorry is a lie because tv replays show that he said sorry straight away...RVP is nothing short of a *****house who cant take it when its given out but like to give his sly tackles the tosser
Mike Hunt
The chant was "He's five foot four, We've got Arshavin ***** Adebayor." Pretty tame really and not the stupid elephant one as other Citeh fans have tried to claim.
Little Dutch what if i am ? WTF are you coming on here licking the arsenal fans arses for when its well known you hate each other you ******** IDIOT
Mike Hunt
Just a pity this deflects from the fact that Arsenal were well and truly beaten for the second time this season and will as many predicted find it hard to compete this season as a top side.
willy if your refering to them getting beat by man united then they weasnt and deserved to win that one but they are ****s the way they are whining about adebayor and the result today.
Mike Hunt
Shut up Mike you prat!!!
Adebayor - April 24, 2010. Remember the date.
I'm suprised/impressed/shocked at how well most of you have taken this incident. For me what adebayor did is up there with that pedro mendes incident a few seasons ago - deliberate assault on a fellow professional. In my view he clearly tried to stamp on his face and like RvP says could have caught him in the eye. I cannot see how he can possibly go unpunished - that went beyond deserving a straight red.
He also stamped down into the challenge on Fabregas, you cannot gain control of the ball by stamping your studs down onto it (well adebayor can rarely control the ball at all) - thankfully Cesc is alright, had adebayor still played for us and stamped down terry before scraping lampards face, i wonder what the media would be saying now...
I think Hughes would do well to have a word. Come next April, Adebayor has created a situation whereby he probably shouldn't be played in the return game for safety reasons,plus he has wound up two of Arsenal's most prominent strikers for that fixture. Adebayor won the battle today, but he's already taken massive steps towards losing the war.
Little Dutch
That's enough Mike Hunt. If you can't start acting like an adult then you will find all of your comments deleted, not just that last distasteful treat.
Mike Hunt - 'Licking their arses'?? Hahah are you serious? This idiot named Ade-minor tried to take his former teammate's eye out and went on to goad the opposition fans after he scores. He nearly caused a riot and I heard a steward got injured trying to hold back the Arsenal fans! Ask any neutral of the game and they will call out Ade's disrespect and disregard for not just the fans but Arsene Wenger - who by the way said NOTHING BUT NICE things about this same idiot at the pre-match conference! Oh how I'm sure he'll regret that!
I just saw the stamping incident, an if UEFA can determine Eduardo's intent for a dive, then it's plainly obvious to the whole world that Ade meant to do that. A cowardly act that needs a 4 match ban. Then throw in a couple more for provoking the crowd.
I'd be surprised if he's even charged as he doesn't play for us now!!. He will make up some lame excuse how it was accidental, like he already has to the TV cameras. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see he DID NOT try to pull his foot away as he said. We are no angels, but that was a callous and cowardly act which sums up the 'man' for exactly what he is. Just when we thought that that scumbag couldn't go any lower after pimping himself for 12 months, then blaming us for the fact he whored himself around is quite astonishing. A minimum 3 match ban surely for an individual who has surely taken over from Cashley as public enemy no.1 at the Emirates.
And Adebayor is STILL lying about it, insisting he apologised to RvP. He did not. I admit I couldn't see the level of intent in real time, but one thing my mate and Ipointed out straught away was that he walked past van Persie when he was being treated and did not acknowledge. What a pathetic, insincere, deluded and nasty individual. Wasn't he nicked a couple of years ago for whacking his missus one too?
Little Dutch
Little Dutch
Yeah he denied that one too. Funny thing is, my mate who i have my season ticket next to is a Policve Officer who works at Holborn nick and was involved in this case. He said when they were talking to him about it he came accross as an arrogant tw*t then as well. He denied any wrong doing even though she had a lump and bruising above her eye!! Once a scumbag.......
everyone seems to forget the TWO FOOTED tackle RVP did to adebayor leading upto his stamp on his face and you fans seem to forget when ade took the ***** out of your defence leading upto SWP missing his sitter there was 3 arsenal players trying to hack adebayor down which is pre meditated and i doubt anything would be done about that - RVP should have got a red card also for the TWO FOOTED tackle on adebayor but i guess because he has gone crying like a baby to the press he will get away with it - RVP has done this many times to players so he needs to take it if he gives it because although ade shouldnt have done it i can understand why someone wanted to cave his face in the way van handbag went for him with a TWO FOOTED tackle.
You are being too partisan bluemooner. RvP's tackle wasn't the best but it wasn't ever going to threaten Ade - just the ball. That doesn't excuse the stamp by Ade. It isn't true that 3 arsenal players tried to hack Ade down but Bendtner did have a pretty good go at it. It doesn't excuse anything that any of our players may have attempted to do but it is worth noting that Ade set the tone himself with a reckless challenge on Fabregas very early on and a couple of por challenges leading up to RvP's tackle. Understandably you'll love Ade now but unless he has changed his personality altogether you won't always feel that way about him. Time will tell.
The FA will take a 'good close look' at the incidents. Not sure about their ability to do any justice though. And here you can watch Adebayor's interview and undersand his psychological dynamic a bit more, he sounds immature and very self-centred:
it also makes my laugh that people like GOONERLOU is looking for every crumb of stuff in the newspapers to make her feel better when the facts are we beat you fair and square yesterday - if it was vice versa the tackle yesterday you all would be saying how ***** the papers are for reporting this and blowing it all up but because it was one of your cry babies its different and your looking for every news outlet to use it as a comfort blanket - you lot are so sad you really are.
What's even more laughable is that you are unable to read any of the 'crumbs' in the newspaper references for fear that there might be a valid point in there. Best close your eyes and maybe that blue balloon you have inflated will last the whole season eh. The only one I hear crying about the result and desperate for his comfort blanket is you. Stick your thumb in your mouth take a good grip of your comfort blanket and maybe all those people saying nasty things about some aspects of the game yesterday will go away. It has to be better for you than trying to see whether there is any objectivity in what is being said.
Here's the internet stalker blue mooner with his willy waving again! HAHA!!! This is funny stuff.
Hehe Gunnerman last time we had some willy wavers who came over here to jump up and down, saying how they're gate-crashing the top 4, we all know what happened. At least the Chelsea guys have something - some decent trophies in recent years - to brag about. Other than them and Pompey's FA Cup, I haven't seen anyone in blue win anything otherwise.
like ive said take a long hard look at yourselves because the spurs fans are 10 times the fans and club your mob are.
HAHA! LOLOL keep it coming moon you are f-ing priceless!
Bluemooner, and that mob down the road from you lot have actually won something!!
Adebayor taking the ball past Eboue and Bendtner is something to be proud of? i could take the ball past Eboue and Bendtner...but go ahead and be proud Man City fans - he is your problem now
boohoo....he is indeed our problem and what a lovelly problem he is to have by scoring against a vile mob aswell as being named MOTM - thanks for the sale buddy ;0)
Look at you fellating his ego, pathetic. Come back after he agitates for a move to United next summer. Your hero worship is almost as pathetic and grovelling as that banner you have opposite your Director's Box, "Manchester City thanks Sheikh Mansour." Vomit inducing.
Little Dutch
I think it is absolutely shocking that *****ty fans come on here and defend Ade*****e....there is absolutely no execuse for what he did, as i was watching the game it was clear for anyone to see the intent in RVP tried to say watch the body language the way he turned it was completely and obv intentional..... he should be charged with assault, he should be banned for a month......he is a complete disgrace to the beautiful game....especially after all the recent events(what happened at west ham) for him to entice the crowd like that i assure on every ground he will go he will be booed, sworn at, stuff thrown at fan on earth could respect someone as filthy as that....
You can gloat about Adebaywhore all you like - he used to try for us in his first season too!!! But just wait til next summer when his agent is whoring him to Man utd and Chelsea just like this summer and you will learn the hard way. It WILL happen believe me. So as for gloating that you have him and we don't, all i can say is thanks city for making our day!!!
Just like we like Rooney now, 3-1!!!!!!
I am seriously concerned with the state of Adebayor’s mental health in terms of what he is capable of in the future. The alleged attack on his girlfriend, the Bendtner head-butt and this assault on RvP, where by the sheer grace of god the eye wasn’t damaged, leads me to believe that he cares not for the welfare of other people, notably the public. Even in the cold light of day he is incapable of any self evaluation and retrospection, and his narcissism is there for all to see. He seems not to have any moral code at all. In fact Football could do without him.
Sir Henry
From a Yid.... it was disgraceful and there is no place for it. 3 matches for the raking and 2 for the celebration (if you can call it that). Up there with Ben Thatcher in my view as you could clearly se the intent.
If van rapist made contatct with his lunge he may of saved face but would of been OFF, he asked for it.
If van Persie had made contact with the player he may have been carded if with the ball he wouldn't. He made contact with neither so no crime. Ade made very definite contact with Cesc early on which wasn't carded so it seems unlikely the ref would have been inclined to card RvP. The only contact was a deliberate stamp on his face by Adebayor - which nobody asks for.
The calls that van Persie's "assault" on Adebayor are thinly veiled attempts to explain away his vicious stamp (or blatent windup attampts from idiotic Spuds). van Persie challenge was a foul, but it wasn't even a particularly bad one, studs facing the floor, controlled, he just took a swipe. A foul, definately, but it wasn't even enough to warrant a yellow card. You see much worse fouls in every game you watch, indeed we saw worse fouls made by Adebayor earlier in the day. So please stop with this van Persie assaulted him nonsense, football is a contact sport ..... if you don't like it go watch ballet or something.
totally neutral to both teams, thought van Persie's tackle was awful, if he'd got a red it wouldn't have been out of order BUT Abe needs further tough action taken against him for both incidents, that head stamp could have had FAR worse effects than just a cut, skulls aren't that tough if kicked in the 'right' place.
The Fear
got what he deserved
steve bhoy

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