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Ade Says He Did Nothing Wrong, The Police Disagree

The fall out from Saturday's game continues in full flow, and it's not difficult to see why.

When we see distasteful things happen in our games, the best thing usually is to put it out of our minds and forget about it, but the situation created by Adebayor is leaving quite the bitter taste.

Not only does he not think he did anything wrong two summers ago to warrant the wrath of the Gooners, but he now believes he's done nothing to warrant a ban he will most certainly receive.

No, kicking a fellow professional in the face with your studs and then single handedly almost causing a riot .... twice .... is the norm in football, and should remain unpunished. Hell, it's not like he took a dive to win a penalty.

"I don't know what I have done wrong to get banned, I have not heard the police or FA want to talk to me. The club have not said anything.' claimed Adebayor.

'It was silly to run up in front of the Arsenal fans. But these people have been insulting me all game. Even in the warm-up they were insulting me. They were saying things that are not nice to hear, personal things.

'I didn't plan it, not at all. I didn't even know that I would score. The way things were going from the warm-up, at the end it came into my head.'

He also stated he attempted to apologise to van Persie, but Rob refused to respond. 'After the game I saw him and said sorry but he didn't even want to speak to me.'

The Greater Manchester police however take a different view on whether Adebayor was in the wrong.

'The player's goal celebration caused the opposition fans to be aggravated and there was a crowd surge, one of the objects that were thrown caught a steward and knocked him out. It's the decision of the club, the ground security and the FA now whether they want to take the incident any further, but it must have been quite horrific for all the stewards at the time.' said a police spokesperson.

I think that this response from the police will go a long way to seeing Adebayor banned for his actions, the FA need to keep tight relations with the organisation charged with keeping law and order at thousands of football matches in this country every year, and the FA have to be seen to be doing their best to be helping the police as much as possible. Failure to chastise Adebayor will set a bad precedent and repeat performances would not be tolerated for very long by the law.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 14 2009

Time: 9:00AM

Your Comments

There are reports emerging that he could be banned for the stamp on Fabregas and also a slap on Alex Song? (I had no idea about that one, did anyone see that?) Classy fella. The supporters that threw objects have to take responsibility for their actions, I'm a mild mannered guy but I was absolutely seething myself- but still in control enough not to lob objects. However, Adebayor knew exactly what was going to happen and I don't think there's a set of supporters in the world that would have done differently. What makes it less acceptable was that he came back for another bite at the final whistle when he could see what had happened first time around and the ref had to get him off the pitch.
Little Dutch
I'm wondering if City fans might be a bit worried about this blokes effect on the dressing room if his former team mates hold him in such low regard. To be honest I think he'll only get punished for the stamp, as he has already been punished (yellow card) for the celebration. Whether that's correct or not will be discussed till the cows come home.
Wrapped up in this saga are emerging revelations of the extent to which dressing room relationships between Adebayor and other players had broken down last season. We all knew that he and Bendtner weren't best buddies but I recall one game where Ade was sitting on the bench with his feet up on the back of the seat in front of him. Song came along to take up the seat and Ade didn't remove his feet. Song glared at him and pushed his feet off as Ade sat chewing gum and unsmilingly mouthed something at him. It might seem, may even have been a minor issue, but it struck a chord at the time as stories of dressing room discontent had been very much a feature. I don't think the way some of our players reacted towards Ade yesterday would have happened if there had been any real respect for the guy. Surely RvP wouldn't have been as quick to denounce Ade's actions if the relationship had previously been even reasonably friendly. Just conjecture of course but maybe resentment of Ade isn't just confined to the fans.
Just gutted no one actually got on the pitch
The odd thing is that I always thought Ade and Song were friends. I made a point of watching the pre match handshakes because I wanted to see how Bendtner would react to him (very frosty), but Cesc and Ade appeared very, very friendly, all hugs and high fives. I'm surprised by RvP and Ade as I was never under the impression they disliked one another, there again Adebayor doesn't strike me as a very easy person to like and that's putting it very, very mildly. I'm just glad that the next time he causes his team mates and manager untold problems that it won't be our issue anymore.
Little Dutch
One person who'll be happy about all of this? Ashley Cole. He seems like Dennis Bergkamp compared to Adebayor. I think Arsebolgger said it best when he said that Adebayor really does live in his own little world with his own agendas. Another disapointing aspect of all this is that is that it's made two sets of fans who usually enjoy some great banter rather bitter towards each other ...... the sad thing being that given time, City fans will come to realise that we were right all along.
You guys are right there were obviously issues in the dressing room as has been repeated in articles today. I watched the pre-game handshakes intently too. Although Ade gave special attention to Cesc and Cesc reciprocated, he appears to have a distasteful look on his face as Ade moves on. It was also interesting to note that Toure made no eye contact with any of his former team mates, just very brisk handshakes to all of them. I remember wondering why Ade was dropped at the end of last season and listened to or read quotes of Wenger saying something like he would be prepared to sell him to Chelsea if they made a big offer. I also remember Clichy being quoted as saying something like if you are motivated by money you could up at a club like City. This seemed to be an obvious swipe at Ade, but it is ironic that City has shown us that they are not the *****ty club that Clichy implies.
I would also add when you watch Songs reaction after the Cesc stamp (I think that was totally accidental by the way) he appears to be complaing about Ade' challenge, not what you expect from your buddy. Song also gave a retributive tackle to Ade after the RvP incident again not particularly friendly I am not sure if that was after the alleged Song slap. Nevertheless Ade has developed a "healthy" hatred for Arsenal.
I do not blame Ade for winding up the fans though, I doubt he would have thought that they would behave like caged beasts with no self control and end up hurting each other or someone else. He should not be expected to forsee their overeaction particularly as we believe he is not very bright. Neither is he supposed to have known that anyone was injured at the end of the game or would overeact again. He was still *****ed with the fans and wanted to give them a peace of his mind at he end of the game too. Not bright but probably not disproportionate to the abuse he would have got throughout. I believe if you give abuse you should be ready to take some back and should take it on the chin. The fact that he is a highly paid proffessional footballer is of little relevance, he still expects a little respect and maybe some appreciation for what he did well when he was with us. Adebayor is a complexed personality, has his good points and his flaws and who knows maybe even a personality disorder, we should not expect him to to behave like a model professional and do what Jermaine Defoe did and totally ignore the abuse. Remember he only ran to the fans in celebration, he did not stick his fingers up at them yet they spent a large amount of time when they should have been encouraging the team singing derrogatory songs about Ade. The abuse given out to footballers is out of order, cowardly fans hide in the protection and power they feel they have as part of a crowd. There are very few of them who would abuse Ade if he were allowed to do a Cantona without threat of punishment.
Taken in isolation I can understand the concept of ' don't give it if you can't take it ' and appreciate Ade's feeling that he was entitled to give a metaphorical finger to those that he felt were unfairly abusing him. To some extent I share that view myself. The problem is though that you can't take this in isolation. You have to factor in the ill feeling that Ade engendered himself with comments and actions over a period of time and particularly prior to the game. Add in those factors to a potential situation he should have been well aware of and it then applies both ways - Ade shouldn't have given it out if he can't take it. Looking at his actions overall thoughout the game you have to say Ade couldn't take it and crossed the line that should mark him out as a professional footballer.
Having a nice little chin wag with yourself there Arthur? I don't understand all this 'disproportionate' argument, it's a load of old tripe. How can anything be balanced when you live in completely different worlds?
Damn I must admit he quite literally got in your faces! i cant stop the grin all day, im going onto you tube to watch it again.
There were about 6 challenges on Ade throughout the game with no attempt to play the ball and if he wasn't good enough to avoid them were dangerous challenges deserving a red card. Van Persie in the challenge with the alleged stamp went in two footed. Do we bring video evidence to ban these players too? As for your away fans they're an absolute disgrace and anyone defending them is deluded. If nothing is done about the behaviour of your fans then the FA is giving the green light to chant racist chants attack ground staff and throw missiles on the pitch. He celebrated a goal in front of you wow. Yes it would ***** me off but it wouldn't make me act like a racist thug. Then again I'm not an Arsenal fan. Post after post defending your fans and players on here and not one of you condemning them. You're all a disgrace. If Ade should get banned so should 6 of your team and perhaps a points deduction for the racism and crowd violence. Being provoked is no excuse and if it is then why isn't Ade being let off.
MCFC - Explain the racism please? (This oughtta be good)
Goatboy, as the other thread has said. Those who made any racist comments should rightly be banned.... forever. As should those who threw projectiles, this includes the city fans who threw bottles into the Arsenal section. If you weren't aware of that then wind you neck first and get all you facts in.
The his dad washes elephant and his mums a whore chant. And don't say you never sang it because everyone at the ground heard you. Even the press picked up on it. Don't say no... it was the Arshavin is 4ft 2 or whatever chant because you sang both.
You can't see the irony of your post complaining about failure to condemn wrongful acts while at the same time defending Adebayor's I guess goatboy? If it were possible for you to get real then you'd have to acknowledge that it was Ade himself who set the tone for poor challenges very early on in the game and continued in much the same vein. As RvP said Adebayor had his own agenda going into this game. Your failure to see that can be put down to blind ignorance but it is just as disgraceful, even more so, as any injustice you feel is being done here.
Goatboy, outright lies don't help your viewpoint whatsoever. I'll ask you one more time whilst you're astride yoyur moral high horse and I'll ask you about events that, you know, actually happened. What about the chant "You're just a town full of Munichs", what should happen to those people? *anticipates yet more silence/ some drippy casual excuse*
Little Dutch
To be honest, I couldn't get enough of all the black fellas being 'racist thugs' when we were clapping Toure...oh wait...****, i'm confused now. Real NF undercurrent at Arsenal, always has been, always will be. Forget all the 80/90s chants at Wham/Chelsea re being 'full of nazis' - it was Arsenal all along. Can't wait for your opinions on Adebayor in a year's time you lotto winning mancs.
City fans (along with most others) have aung the same song when he played for us. Double standards - and I'm still not sure it's racist.
come on shewore, don't you realise that the group of fans who voted a black player as our all time greatest (Theirry Henry that is) is also racist?
Also, I'm fairly certain that elephants can be found all over the world, same with whores... so perhaps your presumption that all elephant washers and whores are black means you're the racist, Goatboy.
I answered the muich one on the other thread.... as I said there it's not something I'd sing because it's in bad taste and a City legend died that day... it's not racist, however. The only two bad challenges Ade did was the stamp (which I've also said he should be banned for if he meant it) and the accidental one on Fabregas early doors. Also... so what you have black fans and black players and chanted Toure's name..... Or do you think if you one positive chant and one racist chant cancel each other out or something?
"because a cannon will always be cooler than a chicken" Cannons are usen in wars to kill people....hmmm I think the racist remarks arent far off.
I see you dodged the point that city fans have sung that song long before you signed Ade! Oh well guess it wasn't so 'awful' then.
Yeah - and chickens can carry salmonella bacteria. This determination to claim racism without being able to show one single shred of evidence for the claim betrays a guilt complex that is getting increasingly harder to mask. It sounds more pathetic by the post. You may just have to accept the evidence of your own eyes and the opinion of the Greater Manchester Police because the racist diversion is a busted flush.
The police said that Adebayor aggravated the fans that's it. The posts on here aggravate me too but I'm not gonna come to your place of work and start throwing chairs and bottles at everyone. As for dodging the City fans sang that long before.... I'd never even heard the song before Saturday. From what I gather on here it's something the Spuds sang to your lot. The evidence? How about the 47,000 supporters who heard it at the game and the press who have also mentioned it. How about the steward who was knocked unconscious? How about you provide 'evidence' you never? You've not been 'able to show one single shred of evidence' refuting the claim which 'betrays a guilt complex that is getting increasingly harder to mask. It sounds more pathetic by the post'. Yes Ade shouldn't have stamped... the celebration was a bit out of order.... how about you start admitting what you did wrong instead of denying you've done anything wrong.
As I said goatboy, there's a real National Front presence at Arsenal, blatantly obvious with even the tiniest of snippets from the crowd. Seriously though, racism & Arsenal is something that has never, ever gone hand in hand. That song originated at Chelsea, not Spurs. And it was definitely sung by your lot last year.
So all 47,000 fans heard it did they? That's a clear and deliberate exaggeration. Even if a few did sing it as someone else pointed out is it racist? What if it was being sung by one of our many black supporters? How about you admitting that if you had taken the trouble to fully read the main articles on this site immediately after the game there is no excuse for the excessive reactions of Arsenal supporters just an understanding that there was a 'cause' and 'effect' which, as the Police described 'The player's goal celebration caused the opposition fans to be aggravated and there was a crowd surge'. How about acknowledging that the 'effect' was a direct result of the 'cause'? There are plenty of posts accepting that those guilty of throwing things should be identified and punished. Now grow some balls - admit that had Adebayor acted like a highly paid professional footballer as you should expect as much as we none of this would have happened - and stop inventing mealy mouthed pathetic accusations of racism to justify your biased one sided justification of an idiotic act. You are defending the indefensible. If you want (you won't of course) an independent view (albeit from a former ManU player) then try this:
stop moaning now, you acted like animals and deserve to be punished hopefully the full force of the fa will slam down on you like they did with spuds, and with comments like "just gutted no one actually got on the pitch" you deserve banning for life along with all the hacks at the mirror who incited the arsenal fans to booo with there many articles on why its ok to boo adebayor,
just take the 4-2 defeat on the chin, the top4 are all the same when u lose a game you always have excuses, move onto your next game im sure you will have cash cole to abuse soon so you wont have to wait long to satisfy your thuggish behaviour
Im sure one of the 47000 that heard us sing it had a video camera on their phone right? By the way its in no way racist and its a sp*rs song anyhow. Im sure if it was deemed racist the police will have all the fans up on charges like the spuds away at pompey? no? BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPEND. Stop playing the race card now because you are embarrasing yourselves and insulting people who have actually been the subject of racial taunts myself included.
WE have to move on to OUR next game, mark? seems like you're the one dwelling on the last one, what with you coming onto an Arsenal site and all...
The sum total of arguments from City fans I am seeing is either, "we beat you so ner" or "you're racist so ner." If you don't have an argument, don't pass comment. The wise man speaks when he has something to say, the fool speaks when he has to say something.
Little Dutch
My post looks to have been deleted, though im not sure why.
paul_ownz ........ Van Persie celebrating in front of the City fans and swearing at them.... should he banned too? Police are investigating lol. I bet that doesn't come up in front of a disciplinary hearing... or is ok for your player to celebrate in front of our fans but not the other way round?
I said in a previous post that I am seriously concerned with the state of Adebayor’s mental health in terms of what he is capable of in the future. The alleged attack on his girlfriend, the Bendtner head-butt and this assault on RvP, where by the sheer grace of god the eye wasn’t damaged, leads me to believe that he cares not for the welfare of other people, notably the public. Even in the cold light of day he is incapable of any self evaluation and retrospection, and his narcissism is there for all to see. He seems not to have any moral code at all. In fact Football could do without him.
Sir Henry
Hmmmm, we'll see what the police say. But it stinks of tit for tat to me. Mouthing a swear word is not quite the same as hurtling headlong towards opposing supporters from 90 yards away.
Little Dutch
Whilst the Adebayor song is deeply unplesant it is in no way shape or form racist. It has racial sterotypes and is not particularly endearing towards the player's mum, but racist it most certainly isn't.
van Persie celebrating in front of City fans - who occupied what, 90% of the stadium? Is it possible not to? Is there no end to the nonsense that these people will invent to excuse Adebayor?
That's why Ade ran the length of the pitch he wanted to celebrate with all 90%. The Arsenal fans just happened to beat at the other end of his run lol.
greater manchester police are investigating RVP the way he celerbrated his goal by telling the city fans to ***** off aswell...maybe the mard arse will get a bit of what he deserves aswell.
I think Adebayor was trying to show how hard he was by taunting the Arsenal fans, except it doesn't take much courage to do that on your home ground. I've got a feeling he will have a convenient injury ahead of the return match being the coward that he really is. In saying that, I was still disappointed by the agressive response of some (not all) arsenal fans. I understand things get passionate at football matches but that's no excuse for being violent.
If Manure beat Man *****ty, I'm going to enjoy that so much - I might even run up the whole Vital Football website, slide on my knees and celebrate in front of the Man *****ty fans...
As I said even the press picked up on the chant.....
Adebayor is innocent, I think Van pu55ey headbutted his boot to get him sent off, which is right in line with your slimy cheating policy, no doubt van P will escape punishment like Edwardo, tut, tut.
I think Van P should be investigated for fake blood.
Goatboy not in one line of that article does Samuel mention racism, he says its deeply offensive which it is but doesnt mention race. He also doesnt confirm he was at the ground, a guy called IAN LADYMAN (a relative of Ronaldo? oops dont want to be offensive towards trannys..) did the match report that I have read.
Now the **** has been offically cahrged hope he gets 6 matchban
Seriously, how anyone can claim that saying an African's dad washes elephants is not racist is beyond me. It is clearly racist, unless Ade's dad is actually washing elephants at the London Zoo? am i missing something?
Ozi Gooner
God Bless adebayor he done nothing wrong ;)
steve bhoy
If i said your dad was a kangaroo washer or you called me a badger washer, would it be racist. You are implying that only africans or blacks wash elephants. Asians could wash elephants, white people in south africa etc etc. I think its an insult as you are saying his dad does menial work, but that has nothing to do with the color of his skin or where he is from.
To me its as insulting as calling someones dad a garbage collector, muck layer or shoe shiner.
Who said washing elephants is a bad thing? I think I'd quite enjoy it as a matter of fact, getting that close to one of natures biggest but gentlest animals.
Seriously though it's not racist. It's sterotypical, like calling Scotsmen "dress wearers, Germans "sausage munchers", French people "cheese eating surrender monkeys" ..... not of it is very plesant, and it's not something most of us would do, but it's not racist. Would you think it were racist is Ade were a white scousers and and some black football fans sang " ....... his dad is a dole dosser, his mother's a whore ..... " ?? Just because he's black it's being taken out of all proportion. Once again I'm not condoning this song, it's deeply unplesent and does our fans on the whole no favours, but it's not racist.
Its all gone a bit PC! Ive been subjected to racial abuse in the past and dont find it racially offensive. If two guys where standing across the street, one called my dad an Elephant washer and the other called my mum a whore I know which one would be in the most bother ;)
iceman10 and Google elephant washer and see how many africans you can find.
Or should that be black africans as the 2 in the pictures could be from south Africa I guess?
Arsenal are officially the stab in the back merchants and the coweards of English football. You know ho we hate those clubs whose players try and incite the referee to give other players a yellow card by waving an imaginary card in fron t of them. Well that is nothing as to what Arsenal do. They get totally thumped, go home to the Emirates to lick their wounds and then use their own web site to wave the finger, so as to get revenge. If I was an Arsenal supporter I would hold my head in shame at such behaviour, you are cowards, back stabbers and have no values. Such a shame as the old Arsenal would have not behaved so poorly. Just think I used to believe you had some class but how wrong I was. Still you are no longer a top 4 side.
Sorry forgot to add ..... 4-2; 4-2 and you've already lost two matches. Nearly relegation form.
So if RvP hadn't posted anything on the website you think the FA wouldn't have taken any action? The TV cameras wouldn't have picked it up? No newspaper would have printed pictures of RvP's studded face? It wouldn't have got a mention anywhere? You're in denial fella. We have played 1 home game, 3 away and against the teams we have played so far have a point more than we earned in the same fixtures last year. You're deluded fella. Try giving your mouth a rest and see if your brain will kick in.
Was it David Sommeil who, back in May 2006 after we'd beat City 3-1 at the Council Ground, accused Robin van Persie of aiming a racist slur at him, only to swiftly retract that false accusation when someone informed him that van Persie is married to a black Muslim? Classy stuff.
Little Dutch
You'd think you'd know all about relegation form being a City fan, 9th is hardly relegation form, it's a place higher than your team managed at th end of last season. I can understand why your making the most of this opportunity to gloat as your rubbish club doesn't get much success. The number of chances we created against your defence on your home ground suggests you have no hope of breaking into the top 4.
Problem is bowiecokemirror that 9th is as high as you will get this year. Why are all you Gooners so scared ... I can smell fear in everything you write and Fabregas will go in January and who can blame him. You still will be left with snivveling Van Persie and head case Bendtner... what a pair!!!!
What you can smell is your own breath mate. It's the risk you take when you talk through your arse as much as you do.
lol at people saying there is no racist element to it. I don't think it's that bad, but people saying it has nothing to do with race are delusional. If you wanted to say his dad does menial work, then why not call him a 'dishwasher'? If menial work was what it was about, then that would be a great substitute, as it would lose any racial conotation. Fact is, some people will sing that with racist implication, others will sing it thinking it is more innocent, and some will sing it - even if they see it as racist - just cos everybody else is. The only person who knows if it was truly intended to be racist is the bloke that came up with it. Personally i think there are better anti-Ade chants you can do to that tune anyways and don't find that one funny at all. Bet yeah, iceman, i'd flog the bloke who called my mum a whore first too.
Ozi Gooner
Of course race is involved, but it's racial sterotyping rather than racism. But I will agree with you that some people will probably use it as a racist song.
Its all gone a bit PC! Ive been subjected to racial abuse in the past and dont find it racially offensive. If two guys where standing across the street, one called my dad an Elephant washer and the other called my mum a whore I know which one would be in the most bother ;) iceman10 yeh the one that lied saying your dad washes elephants.
Yawn, another internet warrior who wouldnt say that to my face.
Evil ******** Ade admits violent charge lets hope not only a ban but a bloody big fine as well. Now lets have those stupid mup[pets from Man City come on and apologise.
There is no disputing the violent conduct which has now been dealt with, however the charge for inciting the crowd is an absolute joke. The player recieved a yellow card for the celebration at the time which was more than appropriate and a fair punishment for his part of the incident. It's only because of all the bitchin and moanin coming from the press and the Arsenal supporters that this ridiculous charge has been put on Ade. I don't care what the cops or anyone else says, you can't blame the player for the kind of ape-like behaviour that came from the Arsenal supporters in the stands after the goal. They are a disgrace and it is them that should be banned for a long time for what they did. Hopefully City appeal and then we may see justice served, I won't hold my breath though.
There comes a time when you just have to hold your hands up and admit it was a foolish and provocative act bluesnozza. The response and actions of a minority of the arsenal support are a separate issue and are being dealt with separately. Those identified having thrown things onto the pitch will be dealt with as all supporters identified doing so at any match are dealt with. It's no more justified to excuse Ade on the grounds of his emotional state of mind than it is the missile throwers. Ade will probably not get much more than a fine and a warning for his celebration. There are worse 'crimes' on the pitch that he will go unpunished for.
Its a good point Amos and Adebayor's goal should have been enough, but If he knew that the crowd reaction was going to cause that much troble I really think he would not have done it.Rooney did the same to City last year when he danced in front of the City fans, after we have been calling him 'You fat ********' but the difference was that we knew we had taken the ***** and he had the last laugh and there was not the same reaction that the Arsenal fans gave to Adebayor after having had a go at him virtually all the match. I hope that all this goes away soon and both clubs and supporters can get on with the rest of the season and not be looking at the fixture list for part two.
buzz lightyear

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