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Keane Claims Spurs Parity .... I'm Sorry, What?

With the first North London derby of the season only a matter of days away, the mind games have begun.

Unfortunately for Spurs, they sent out one of the thickest men in football as their first wave of attack.

The pointy front-man claims that not only are Arsenal and Spurs 'on a par' but also maintains that the Lilly-whites have more strength in depth with a stronger substitute bench. (Obviously he failed to tune in to the Arsenal Liverpool game last night).

Pointy McPointerson said, 'You look at the two squads and we're definitely on a par,' he said.

'In the last four or five years Arsenal always managed to get ahead of us but if you look now it is even. It will be judged at the end of the season but if you look at the bench we have, it is probably a bit stronger than their bench.'

He also went on to mumble something about the Champions League.

I guess that the opinion of who has the strongest squad is entirely subjective (at best if you're a Spurs fan, or entirely obvious to the rest of the world), but the rest of Robbie 'Ref, Handball ref, did you see that ref? Penalty ref, come on ref' Keane's statement is highly contradictory.

Firstly Keane claims that the Gunners have managed to get ahead of Spurs for the 'last four or five years' ...... try 15 years, pointer, such a massive amount of time has passed since the last time Spurs managed to finish ahead of us that I had to have Google find out the information for me.

He then goes on to say that the clubs are on a par .... but it will be judged at the end of the season.

I'm sorry, what did you just say? The clubs are on a par? I know the Irish like a drink, but I'm pretty sure Harry Redknapp would be fuming to know that the club's striker was so utterly shit-faced this close to a North London derby.

If, as Robbie says, the clubs will be judged at the end of the season, then history tells us that the clubs are mostly definitely not on a par. So what if judge them now? Well despite Spurs lofty position in the league (and I will be the first to admit that I'm surprised to see them up there) and how close they appear to be, the gulf in class between to the two teams season so far is there for all to see.

Whilst we are level on points (that's league points and not finger points, Robbie is in a league of his own on those stakes), the Gunners are far superior in the goals scored sector and better defensively too. Not to mention the game in hand.

The Gunners have also had the added burden of playing five Champions League games so far this season, winning four and drawing one. That's precisely four more wins and one more draw than Spurs have ever achieved in the competition.

I usually try to steer clear of the pre-North London derby bullshit, but decided to treat myself for a change. It was really quite nice.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday October 29 2009

Time: 10:12AM

Your Comments

What Keane meant was that Spurs have a stronger bench in order to hold Huddlestone.
If you look at the picture that comes with the article, you'll notice Robbie's finger just starting to strech out to form one of his trademarked points.
Keane wasn't moved to comment on the strength of Liverpool's bench then? Strange, he spent six months on it, you'd have thought he was something of an expert.
Little Dutch
Haaaahaaaaahhhaaaaa!!!!!! Robbie Keane needs to lay off the Jameson's.
'In the last four or five years Arsenal always managed to get ahead of us but if you look now it is even' - try 14 - 15 years ya pikey no mark.
Ah bless... poor little woolwich pikeys getting all hot and bothered about PSB's comments. Biting like a bunch of tarts... well funny!
Doctor Yid
The gap between Arsenal & Spurs has narrowed over the last 3 or 4 seasons. We can finally see them on our radar now.
join the party!
Not hot and bothered at all. Just taking the opportunity to have a little grin at the Liverpool (and Milan) reject's expense. Stok(e)ing the banter as it were.
Hot and bothered, DY? The only reason I'm hot is through *****ing myself laughing at the very thought of your bunch being anywhere near as good as us. You'll beat us one day, god knows the law of averages has to be on your side doesn't it?
I think the interviewer misheard Mr Index finger, the Irish brogue can be tricky on the untrained ear. Basically he said sp*rs were having a parrritay to celebrate being briefly in the league vicinity of Arsenal, and that he's just 'aquired' a nice new bench that holds all his family not to mention at least two of the daargs and the rest of the site are understandably quite envious.
btw his pointing form really has dropped something rotten, the picture above is truly a sad sight for lovers of his masterful and powerful forefinger thrusting the world over.
Niko - He is suffering from burnout. The guy has been on top pointing form for the last 15 years. From the look of his hand I'd say he has arthritis ..... or w**kers cramp.
I know mate but it's still heartbreaking to witness the once mighty digit so withered and feeble. Pictures do speak a thousand words and he one above also roars 'F@ck Clichy, ***** Gibbs, ***** Traore, We have Gareth Fail!!'
Leave him alone you bullies, i think he hurt it doing his forward roll!
Doctor Yid
heh, good job the doctors in the house then, it's more likely he hurt it shooting all those imaginary bullets, all that celebration was missing was for him to blow on the barrels to cool them down then cooly slide them big guns back into the holsters. :)
LOL good old Robbie, like Fabregas's stupid comments last season, and Hill-Woods recent ones, you should ignore these aswell. While he has a point on squad depth (we do have a very deep and expensive squad) truth is your miles ahead. Hes trying to get back into our hearts after the betrayal to his 3rd boyhood club last summer. Sorry Robbie keep trying son.
Well, you know, that's just Robbie Keane being Robbie Keane. The guy who can't make up his mind which club he grew up supporting because his mental faculties are failing -- that explains his twilight zone interpretation of the Spurs v. Arsenal bench. Poor boy. That said, lately all we can get are draws against these guys--either they're improving or we're crapping out more or both. I want a crushing, convincing win, ffs! It's about time, don't you think?! I want to put a final nail in the coffin all those "5-1" references.
I can't see it jaelle, with no defoe and possibly no penguin they'll be humping it up to the giraffe all game and he does love to bang em in against us, his hattrick for the scousers still makes me feel nauseous. will be very tight and very nervy. The longer our unbeaten hoodoo of not losing against them in the league continues, the more I dread the day it finally occurs. Thankfully it's an early Saturday kick off so all their team would've been out on the lash the night before.
+1 to jaelle
We had the opportunity to lay those 5-1 taunts to rest last season that a simple lay off from Adebuymemore would have achieved if it weren't for his petty differences between himself and Bendtner .... oh, and of course the monumental balls up at the end.
My only response: Hahhahahahhahahah!!! Their bench is defo older and more expensive to be fair.
niko, yeah, I also think it'll be nervy and tight. Esp. with our crew's schoolboy professionalism and genius tendency to make stupid mistakes. I want our guys--esp. guys like Arshavin--to understand that against the spuds, this is all-out war, no prisoners, they're supposed to go out there and commit berserker crimes against humanity, ffs!
Er btw the Arsenal bench beat the Liverpool one with which, as LD said, Robbie Keane should be familiar. THAT's our bench.
Come on guys, keane is fishing and you are all biting. I for 1 believe the gap is closing and our 'squad' may be on a par but your 1st 11 would shade it. Maybe all the sniping means you really are looking over your shoulders (all be it downwards at the moment) at us and see us coming over the horizon. Sadly, i feel others may beat us to it by stealing someones Champs league crown but try we will until it is mathematically impossibl;e to catch you for another season (about March historically...)!! Heres to an 'entertaining' game on Saturday and either way plenty of ale in the afternoon..
Noones really biting or sniping here tho whitey, just having a bit of a craic, as we both sit on level points I expect a real cracker Saturday, altho the lame KO time may dampen things slightly as was undoubtably intended.
jajajajaj the coach of this ugly arsenal is not good, remember that Palacios was at arsenal at first???? now arsenal doesnt have the money to buy him, there is no player like Palacios in the PL he is really good player!!!!! the best Spurs player so far, and i'm sorry but Asenal 0 Spurs 3 on saturday!!!!!!!
up a bit late aren't you son? rustle of your plastic bedsheet keeping you awake?
Thought the spuds were doing a good job of flying under the radar this year, Unfortunately pilot biggles Keano has tied 2 wings to his caravan and is attacking us with water balloons.
this is just another stepping stone to bigger things for Spurs
you can say what you like about our Pointy Shouty Bloke, but..................OK i have nothing
"Another stepping stone." Another? ANOTHER? When did the last one find solid ground? 1961?
Little Dutch
Lol Paddypower!! Good to see some good natured Spuds around here. I'm really looking forward to the game actually .... as long as we don't loose of course. We must be due one by now mustn't we?
COYS COYS COYS. If nothing else we all know it will be a cracking game
I love how arrogant your Arsefans are. It'll only make your fall from grace all the more sweeter. A non bias opinion is that yes Arsenal as a club are without doubt ahead in terms of acheivement over the years (I can't be bother to google when you actually won something last tho) and they are an established CL club. What keane is saying, and he's right, that this season the gap in terms of playing personel has been closed whether you lot want to admit it or not. You can harp on as much as you like about your kids beating liverpool RESERVES - and lets keep this in perspective, you have got some fantastic prospects there but talking as if they've just wiped the floor with Liverpool is a load of bollox. We've all seen what happens when your prospects come up against a half decent side Ar5ena1, and lets face it that wasn't even our full first string either - Anyway, in terms of sqaud we have a bench and then some that would make up another decent Prem side, you might have a load of U21 internationals but we have a load of Full internationals. As for tomorrows game home advantage alone see's you go in as favourites not to mention the fact that we have at least 4 star players out but like Robbie said we still have a squad that more than capable of turning you over. It gonna be an exciting game and I'll look forward to your comments should you get beat by our squad players ;-)
"Good to see some good natured Spuds around here" ah you spoke too soon Rock ;-)
"Good to see some good natured Spuds around here" ah you spoke too soon Rock ;-)
Freaky deaky work laptop wigging out. Can't wait for tomorrow! It's gonna be a corker, I can feel it! :D
Well said MJB
poorly said, MJB
You do realise MJB that we have 20 Full internationals as you call them. Do you have more than 20? The exact amount is not important as your argument has been nullified.
well said, paul
poorly said, paul
paul playing for arsenal womans team dosent count
Huge Huge pressure on arse a number of our players injured, suspended.
No MJB made some very fair points.
no, he did not
Yes he did beautifull piece of work MJB
Team B could be: Fabianski, Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre, Gibbs, Denilson, Ramsey, Nasri, Rosicky, Eduardo, Bendtner. Team A could be Almunia, Sagna, Vermaeelen, Gallas, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Diaby, Arshavin, RVP, Walcott. So thats 10 internationals in team A and 9 Full internationals in the team B. MJB's point is a load of crap basically. Add to that we actually have a youth system to call upon and his point is even more crap.
Whereabouts in the US are you from Kok?
Nice to see Robbie got the last twenty five mins of the game to assess the strength of the Spurs bench up close and in person.
Little Dutch
Not much room for him there with Huddlestone destroying his way through his second lunch though. The bench needs to be feckin strong with that fat lump permenantly parked up on it.

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