Arsenal - Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1
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Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

Following the naval gazing of the last week in which Arsenal have inexplicably thrown away comfortable leads on two occasions, it was nice to get back down to action. With the arrival of a side like Liverpool, the Boss correctly changed tack slightly with the team selection; the cold hard fact is that the side that defeated West Brom would probably not have beaten a Liverpool side intoxicated with satisfaction having overcome their most bitter rivals on Sunday. So Samir Nasri, Eduardo and Bendtner added a more experienced flavour to a side already featuring the likes of Senderos and Silvestre- who have tasted the absolute pinnacle of cup football in their careers. Though it was clearly a sell out crowd, the pub pre match and the food kiosks at half time were looking strangely threadbare, leaving pie munching, ale supping gluttons like myself sitting on full stomachs come kick off.

Games between Arsenal and Liverpool are normally cagey and fraught with caution (the 4-4 at Anfield in April aside) but the quirk of the competition meant that a winner would have to be found on the night. Both teams seemed to set their stall out early on to win the game outright in 90 minutes. Liverpool created the first opportunity of the game after seven minutes. Andriy Voronin played a pass inside right to David N`Gog who played an exquisite back heel to Philipp Degen with three Arsenal defenders ball watching, but the Swiss right back dragged his shot wide when he ought at least to have tested a rusty Fabianski. Arsenal responded a few minutes later with a sweeping move of their own, Fran Merida turned the ball wide to the impressive Kieran Gibbs, he found Bendtner who played a neat one two with Eduardo, but Eduardo`s return pass was ever so slightly behind the onrushing Dane who subsequently could not get a shot away. It was high octane football, played quickly in tight spaces. Enthralling stuff from both sides. You felt the game deserved a goal and it was the home side that gave the game due decoration. Craig Eastmond-, who impressed in an unfamiliar holding role, pressed Voronin from a Liverpool throw, won the ball cleanly and nudged it forward to Merida. The young Catalonian looked up and saw a snatch of space to move into, with the invitation to shoot in the post, Merida unleashed a rasping left foot drive which crashed in off of Cavalieiri`s near post. A stunning strike befitting of the game.

But Arsenal`s lead was not to last for long. Ryan Babel knocked the ball down thirty yards from goal, Emiliano Insua found a bouncing ball at his feet and Eastmond drifted away from the Argentine, allowing him time to unsheathe a terrific dipping left foot volley which caught Fabianski flat footed and unawares for a quite terrific equaliser. The home side were not downhearted however and responded with a wave of attacks- orchestrated by the increasingly impressive Aaron Ramsey. Ramsey looks a different player this season, his talent was obvious last year, however, at times he would try to do too much with the ball in a bid to impress. With all due respect, having been reared on Cardiff City`s training ground; he would probably have got away with over elaboration. A year alongside Fabregas appears to have taught him to simplify his game and the effect is palpable. He looks to be very close to the first team for me and was the player that I was most enthused about come 10pm yesterday evening.

Arsenal were again to produce some scintillating football minutes before the break, Nasri found Craig Eastmond- relying on his full back instincts marauding down the touch line- and his cut back into the area missed Eduardo by inches. The Gunners next chance arrived in less salubrious circumstances. Cavalieri flapped at a Ramsey corner, the ball dropped into a frantic goalmouth, Eduardo prodded the ball to Bendtner who turned and shot from close range but his attempt fell serendipitously into the arms of Cavalieri. The half time whistle sounded and the game had been a pulsating and quite even one with good football played by both sides.

The pendulum seemed to be swinging Liverpool`s way in the opening exchanges of the second half with literati of crosses into the Arsenal area. But it was the home side that would next draw blood in this absorbing slugfest. Eastmond switched an intelligent ball wide to Fran Merida; he eschewed the opportunity to lump in a hopeful cross and instead picked out Ramsey in the area, who showed quick thinking and great awareness to shift the ball to Bendtner in the area, whose rising shot from a tight angle ruffled the roof of Cavalieri`s net. It was by no means Bendtner`s best match for Arsenal, I got the impression he took his "senior" tag in the wrong way and tried to over complicate things at times. But it was an impressive instinctive finish akin to that which Torres despatched against United so recently. From there, Liverpool began to take control of the match in search of an equaliser. Indeed, they probably deserved one Voronin and Degen played a neat one-two-three on the edge of Arsenal`s area which finished with Voronin angling a cute drive just wide of Fabianski`s upright.

If that attempt deserved a goal based on aesthetics, then with eleven minutes left, Liverpool should have drawn level on the basis of simplicity. Substitute Alberto Aquilani switched a ball out wide to captain Dirk Kuyt and his cross fell invitingly for Ryan Babel who inexplicably miscued from close range. Babel was a player I really liked the look of as a youngster at Ajax, he now looks a bit like a Dutch Jermaine Pennant nowadays. Despite being pegged back for the last throws of the game, Arsenal had opportunities on the counter attack. Eduardo out muscled Degen on the left; powered into the area but dragged his shot narrowly wide with support in the centre lacking. The Gunners showed the value of more experienced heads in a game such as this, with Nasri and Eduardo content to take the ball to the corner flag- something the majority of our squad consider a dirty practise that is beneath them. I would prefer it if the first team did this from time to time, past Arsenal teams have been able to see games out by knocking the ball around amongst one another without feeling the need to go for the grope like a horny teenager. The last five minutes of the 2003 F.A. Cup Final against Southampton comes to mind. The current side has the ability to play keep ball and squeeze the life out of opponents in that fashion. In the end, Arsenal won the spoils from a very close game. There really was a cigarette paper between the sides in terms of quality of play and opportunities created. It was one of the more entertaining games I have seen this season and there is plenty to be enthused about as an Arsenal fan when one considers this was ostensibly our reserve sides against the reserve side of a close rival. That says plenty about our squad, however, the need to put an 18 year old right back in defensive midfield still illuminates that we are short of cover in that position- though I thought Eastmond fared well enough. In the end it was a close game that Arsenal won with a mixture of skill and intelligence. Senderos and particularly Silvestre were steady enough influences at the back to transmit confidence into their attacking colleagues and Nasri got a useful 90 minutes. All in all, a very productive night for Arsenal and the lessons learned from the match will stand some young heads in good stead. Looking at the potential teams we will meet in the next round, they will need to call upon those resources again.LD.

Team: 21.FABIANSKI, 42.GILBERT, 6.SENDEROS, 18.SILVESTRE©, 28.GIBBS, 37.EASTMOND (48.Randall `75), 16.RAMSEY, 8.NASRI, 52.BENDTNER (54.Watt `75), 32.MERIDA (35.Coquelin `87), 9.EDUARDO. Unused; 34.Bartley, 41.Frimpong, 51.Sunu, 53.Szczesny.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday October 29 2009

Time: 10:56AM

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I thought of Eastmond as a rightback too but it seems he only played that position for the U18's last season. Prior to that he played in the middle and has been playing in the centre for the reserves this season. He must have been picked on merit as Coquelin was fit so we weren't short of defensive midfield cover at that level.
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29/10/2009 11:10:00

I love the Carling cup. That was one of the best matches I've seen for a very long time. We could sit and pick holes in some of the mistakes we made as a team, but the correct and proper thing to do is to applaude both teams on an excellent football match played the way football should be played and in a great and respectful spirit between the two clubs. Thanks Liverpool for playing your part.
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29/10/2009 11:17:00

Although I hate it when it's done to us, the sight of Gibbo heading for the corner flag in stoppage time to eat up the seconds filled my frosty cynical ******** heart with warm fluffy joy. It took every ounce of me not to stand up and scream 'Hallelujah! I have seen us learn that to hold a slim lead is mighty good' Wicked game, stunning goals (Insuas was ridiculous) There was a few naive slips which would've seen us punished another day but the level at which the youngsters perform made the line between first teamer and reserve pretty damn fine. Is Wookash now in for Saturday?
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29/10/2009 11:53:00

Will be very interesting to see who he goes with in the sticks on Sat
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29/10/2009 13:31:00

tenner says he won't be Spanish.
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29/10/2009 13:39:00

Gibbs will be in the first team regularly within 3 years. He really is one for the future. Can anyone tell me what song the Liverpool fans were singing. Its hard to describe because i could not make out what the were singing. It was not one of their most well known songs but they were all singing it. Old woldy type song
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29/10/2009 13:47:00

I reckon you mean Fields of Anfield Road- it's an old Irish song, I believe it's an adaption of an IRA song actually. The Fields of Atheny. "Outside the Shankly Gates I heard a Kopite calling Shankly they have taken you away But you left a great eleven Before you went to heaven Now it’s glory round the Fields of Anfield Road. All round the Fields of Anfield Road Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play) We had Heighway on the wing We had dreams and songs to sing Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road Outside the Paisley Gates I heard a Kopite calling Paisley they have taken you away You led the great eleven Back in Rome in seventy-seven And the Redmen they are still playing the same way All round the Fields of Anfield Road Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play) We had Heighway on the wing We had dreams and songs to sing Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road To Rome the Redmen came By road, by rail, by plane To see the Scousers lift the Euro Cup Big Tommy done the chore and even managed to score And the memory it will live for evermore
Little Dutch
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29/10/2009 13:52:00

I think i would sooner see Almunia than Manone. Fabianski would be my first choice, although he can be a bite reckless
Report Abuse
29/10/2009 13:54:00

Theres no way Almunia will start, not gonna happen after being dropped for as long as he has been, and let's make no mistake here he was dropped. To chuck him back in to the hotbed of the NLD would be bat***** mentalist. Fabianski for me - he will likely make a flap costly or otherwise at some stage but I've no doubt so would Vito. What is it with Al?? gambling? coke? small boys? Saw him recently slumped on the bench - bags like laden hammocks under his eyes, unshaven. I had to do a double take to realise Charles Bukowski hadn't been reincarnated nope that was our 'No 1' Whatta gwan??
Report Abuse
29/10/2009 14:18:00

Thing is he hasn't made any Lehmannesque howlers, just a fair few mistakes - Wenger's either doing this cos he genuinely thinks that's it for him, and is gonna get rid ASAP, or it's a kick up the arse that he may really need.
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29/10/2009 14:35:00

Makes me nervous to see whoever's in goal right now but I'm fascinated watching how Arsene handles the keeper situation. He's clearly wrestling it and has lost confidence in Almunia. Not sure who I'd prefer right now.
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29/10/2009 14:36:00

****ty death......:( Vito it is then.....
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29/10/2009 15:07:00

Yeah that sounds about right LD. Never heard them sing that at Anfield. Then again you dont hear too much at Anfield bar never walk alone at the beginning
Report Abuse
29/10/2009 15:14:00

They always sing fields of Anfield Rd to be fair, now you know what it sounds like you'll pick up on it easier. So it's an even bigger decision for AW now then! If he goes with Vito i think that's it for Almunia.
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29/10/2009 15:29:00

Liverpool fan here. Firstly congrats on last night, was a great game to watch and it is not often that I come away reasonably content after a defeat but this was the exception. As was mentioned in the excellent review above, it was high quality football from both sides, lovely 1-2's and triangles. Well, good luck in the rest of the competition and I hope you go on and win it. Relative hostilities can resume in the League!!
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29/10/2009 15:43:00

Has anyone seen the Armoury Square stones you can buy and engrave with your own message to be laid in front of the Armoury store? I know it is a way of making money, but it appeals to me to have your stone set in the ground and part of Arsenal. Maybe its tacky hmmm
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29/10/2009 15:48:00

Fabianski's injured for three weeks. I wonder who Almunia hired?
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29/10/2009 16:12:00

Agree with Niko's point about Gibbsy getting the ball to the corner flag - and even winning a corner. Haven't seen that for a long while. It's time-wasting but also the exact sort of maturity we need in the side when we're protecting a lead. Ahem, first-teamers please take note.
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29/10/2009 16:30:00

"Fabianski's injured for three weeks" -- WHAT?!?! WTF?!?! Another diplomatic injury!
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29/10/2009 16:37:00

As to last night's game...I was scared when Benayoun came on. Have always like him, and have always felt frustrated at the way Benitez fails to use him. Fantastic game from both teams, great advert for the competition. Wonderful to see Eastmond's debut in a position he normally doesn't play in.
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29/10/2009 16:39:00

KB1 many thanx and we thank the pool for playing their part in an enthralling match. I sill can't get over those attacking triangles. I was impressed with the pool's new signing, he sure can spread the ball. I thought Eastmond was supperb, but Fran Merida and Ramsey were a different cup of tea, Silvestre was not bad at all though a bit slow. Altogether a very good night of entertaining football. Keep it up guys
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29/10/2009 18:22:00

KB1 many thanx and we thank the pool for playing their part in an enthralling match. I sill can't get over those attacking triangles. I was impressed with the pool's new signing, he sure can spread the ball. I thought Eastmond was supperb, but Fran Merida and Ramsey were a different cup of tea, Silvestre was not bad at all though a bit slow. Altogether a very good night of entertaining football. Keep it up guys
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29/10/2009 18:22:00

I think Eastmond did him self no harm last night, although surprising he got the call ahead of Le Coq. Really expected him to get a run in his cup. Ramseys on course to be a starter pretty soon. And just to clarify Fields of Athenry is not an IRA song. Its about a guy locked up for stealing food during the Irish famine. "By a lonely prison wall, I heard a young girl calling. . . Michael they have taken you away. . . For you stole Trevelyns Corn . . . So the young might see the morn. . . . Its so lonely round the fields of Athenry". Just thought I'd clear that up (:
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29/10/2009 21:01:00

That was a great game to watch. Some of theinterplay from both sides was breath taking. There was two specific moves for Arsenal, where they played it dangerously from the defensive flanks all the way up the park, with some sublime skill and trickery and brilliant passing and vision, the second of these resulting in Bendtners goal. Same for Liverpool, two great bits of play, the first the one where Voronin found N'gog who backheeled to Degen for him to shoot wide, the second a bunch of beautiful one-twos between Voronin and N'Gog on a similar edge of the area. For mine, Ramsey did largely dictate the game, but I didn't see it the same as you LD. I thought at times he was still trying to be a little to cute, yet it all seemed to go so well for him. As good as he was, I would not like to see him doing similar self-indulgent flicks and chips away at OT or the Bridge, he does look a winner though. The man who impressed me most out of this game was Merida. For the first 45 minutes, everything he touched turned to gold, he was quite simply, outstanding. He visibly tired around the 60th minute mark, but there was still the occasional moment of brilliance. He even made a few good defensive tackles, which I was not aware was in his game. Was great to see Nasri again, he was also a stand out, but in that side I suppose that's to be expected. Bendtner still gives me the *****s. So much talent, so often used fleetingly and to over elaborately. Still, good to see him get on the score sheet, though again he might have had three with better finishing. Watt's attempt late in the game gave me a laugh, he looks a decent young player, but he was like a deer caught in the head lights when he found himself in so much space.
Ozi Gooner
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29/10/2009 22:34:00

in the words of Bruce forsyth.....good game good game
fran merida
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29/10/2009 22:47:00

Fields of of Athenry! That could have been the 'Fields of a T Henry' ! What a musical opportunity missed! Go on give it a listen - you know you want to:
Report Abuse
29/10/2009 23:12:00

I thought Ramsey came into the game as it progressed - had an average start. Eastwood impressed me, as did Merida and Bendtner's attitude. He misses some poor chances but doesnt let that hamper him. We've seen that several times, and I like that about Bendtner. Overall, the goals were good, and there were some really pleasing moves, but there was a lot of ****** footing in the defence (playing cute passes close to goal which would have been punished if Voronin and Babel werent so *****e). The maturity showed in the closing stages when they kept the ball in the corner area was good, something that the 1st team needs to learn. Atleast there is some positive sign of learning.
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30/10/2009 07:34:00

The more I see Ramsey play, the more it softens the blow of Cescs inevitable, eventual move back to Spain!
Report Abuse
30/10/2009 07:42:00


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