Arsenal - Cesc: Captaincy Hasn't Changed Me - I Disagree
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Cesc: Captaincy Hasn't Changed Me - I Disagree

When Arsene Wenger stripped William Gallas of the captaincy and handed the armband to Cesc Fabregas, I don't think there was a gooner in the land that questioned the professor's choice.

12 months on, and the young Spaniard says he doesn't think that being made the captain of such a massive club has changed him one bit.

'The captaincy hasn't changed me at all,' said Fabregas.

'My team-mates have done a great job for me as well, to be honest. They showed me they believe and help me with everything. There has never been any trouble so I am very happy with how things are going.'

I actually beg to differ. I think it's changed him quite a bit. He's become a better player for it. In some cases the burden of captaining a football club has weigh heavily on a player, leaving him unable to do his duties as a player, which ultimately leads to poor focus and poor leadership.

It seems to me however, that Cesc has taken it in his stride. He takes his new responsibilities seriously and strives to lead by example.

With the greatest respect to Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and William Gallas, it feels like a long time since we've had a truly great captain at the club, but finally it seems as though we've found the skipper we've been craving.

At least that's my take on it.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 9 2009

Time: 2:13PM

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Cesc has been great for real! Patrick Vieira was great captian though as far as Thierry and Gallas, thats goes without saying.
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09/11/2009 14:54:00

I think Gallas was a great captain until insanity kicked in :D
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09/11/2009 14:58:00

I thought Paddy was a good captain, but not the legendary one I reckon Cesc can become. Thierry was the best player we've ever had at Arsenal .. unfortunately his captaincy skills weren't very good. It's ok though, we forgive him.
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09/11/2009 15:02:00

It hasn't changed him because I don't think he has done anything different. I think he's more a captain in the Zidane/ Cantona mould. Not particularly an organiser or a bawler and shouter, but somebody who is a great player who, without exception, works his arse off in every game when his quality might have gone to his head by now. I still don't think he's a great captain as such, though this side is very hard to lead as they're a quiet bunch. Like I said in the match report, Sagna asked Cesc to give Arshavin a bit of a mouthful about his tracking back and he refused. He needs to iron out that side a bit.
Little Dutch
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09/11/2009 15:05:00

Agree with LD to be honest. Cesc is a great footballer who leads by example. Doesn't make him a 'bad' captain as such, just not what you call a 'captains captain'.
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09/11/2009 15:08:00

I don't see much change in the way Cesc behaves per se. Rather, I notice that RvP has really matured a lot. If the armband hasn't changed Cesc, maybe, like RvP, he could try having kids?! :D
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09/11/2009 15:43:00

That's very true, I think RvP has really grown some cahouns in the leadership stakes in the last year. I'll have Cesc's babies if he plays like this until May.
Little Dutch
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09/11/2009 16:19:00

It will be interesting to see how he will captain the side when the chips are down. He's not the kinds who will scream and shout at the team, and simple things like telling his defence and mid field to get back while defending a lead - he's unable or unwilling to do. For me, the jury is still out on Cesc as a captain. Although his comments are all top class, feet firmly on the ground, not letting these wins influence the thought process one bit. It looks like they've learned from 2 seasons back, when all the players were talking about was how great it will be to win the title. Its different this time.
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09/11/2009 19:24:00

Patrick Viera was an epitome of team captaincy; the quintessential Arsenal skipper. He was an organizer, bawler and a driver, in one; plus, he leads by example. I am in love with Fab, as our captain, but how he can be classed as a 'great captain' (having not won us anything yet; this season, hopefully) and PV is not beats my imagination. Is there something I am missing here?
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09/11/2009 22:35:00

I don't think Vieira was a bawler. Maybe he drove the team by example but for me he had the benefit of captaining a side that didn't need captaining. Made up of mature players that had captained other club and/or national sides. Leading the current side is an entirely different proposition. Vieira was a very, very good player, few if any better but quintessential captain? - flirting every summer with other clubs, encouraging Cole to demand £80k a week? Not for me he wasn't.
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09/11/2009 22:44:00

Mmmhm. This for a man who spent 9 trophy laden years with the club and ranked the club's 5th greatest player (August 2008 fan poll)? I recall his bruising encounters with Roy Keane and how he is always remembered for his dressing room influence; a factor all fans agreed the team lacked, after he left. Anyway, we are agreed he was a very good player for us.
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09/11/2009 23:28:00

At 22 he leads with class and example. The kid doesn't need to change he just has it all going for him and works hard for it. And LD, i'll fight you for his kids!
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09/11/2009 23:38:00

good choice for captain. diplomatic, down to earth, leads by example. exactly what we need in a team brimmed with talented youngsters. i feel RVP, Vermaelen, Nasri, Eduardo make good deputies for cesc.
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10/11/2009 04:29:00

Very good captain. Although I think RVP would be a good shout one day. Basically what LD said. Cesc needs to be more vocal in terms of telling players when they are becoming disorganised a'la Sagna to Arshavin.
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10/11/2009 10:05:00

Viera was a captain in the sense he was big, intimidating, taleneted and feared no one, his players could rely on him, look up to him and fall back to him if there were any problems or issues. We cannot say the same about Cesc, just yet anyway. As good as his form has been, imagine what a boon it would be for us to have captain like that available to us? Although I feel Cesc will more than hold his own inas Arsenal captain he is onyl captain because of his playing ability not his leadership ability (if tha makes sense?) and I for one would kill for captain like Viera to lead this mega talented bunch of players and kick the snot out of any little ratty gob******s like the Neville sisters or Bartons of this world...
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10/11/2009 12:32:00

Oh forgot to mention, I think Vermaelen is ideal captain material from what i have seen of him in his fledgling Arsenal career so far.
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10/11/2009 12:33:00

Lovin Vermaelen, he is the nuts and isn't afraid to give rollockings to his team mates, the other team and the ref if needs be! Great player, great buy, he could become a legend if he can maintain this consistency and win some silverware for the Gunners.
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10/11/2009 13:53:00

Well he was captain of spain under 17 that were second to brazil in 2003 so its not strange that he is used to being captain. It should come naturally to him since he is a great player himself and so not really outshone by those around him... He epitomizes AWs idea footballer... skillful, intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, a gentleman! I think he was the most valuable player in that tourmament and i remember wishing him at arsenal... AW went up higher in my esteme when I heard we had signed him!
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10/11/2009 14:00:00

LG, you stole my topic: Vermaelen for captin. :-) If Cesc can't shout at his players the way Sagna asked him to then he should at least let it be known that a vice-captain (Vermaelen is the best candidate) is designated with that job. If Cesc wants to lead by example, fine. But then strong personalities like Vermaelen and RVP and Gallas should be allowed to take on vice-captain roles to corrall lax players like Arshavin. Good to see that Sagna took the initiative on his own.
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10/11/2009 14:01:00

It's the quality of instruction and encouragement that a captain gives his team mates that's important - not the volume or frequency. Shouting instructions is pretty pointless if they are the wrong instructions. Being able to read the game and to have the respect and authority to get others to do what is needed is what matters. Wenger shouldn't have needed to throw his jacket at the bench in frustration at not being heard on the pitch. Ideally you'd want the captain to make those decisions for you. I am not sure that Cesc has that quality yet but I'm not sure anybody else does either. But there is every prospect that Cesc will grow into the job as well as anyone.
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10/11/2009 14:14:00

jaelle - Sorry mate! I like that idea though with cesc and vermaelen. A kind of good cop bad cop thing could work well..... Amos - Some of us here are English and we all know that if johnny foriegner cannot here us properly it is because they are deaf not because they don't understand us!
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10/11/2009 14:21:00

Exactly Amos, although I'm not sure I believe Wenger when he said he couldnt be heard by his players (Was the Grove any noisier than normal ? I think not). Its upto Cesc to rally the players and make sure defensive duties are not being ignored by him, Song and Diaby when we have the lead. I dont see that happening now. Still too early to judge Cesc as a captain.
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10/11/2009 14:27:00

I still have my doubts about Cesc as a captain. For example, where was he during the CL semifinals? I wanted him to lead by example but I didnt see it. Cesc is good when the going is good but what about when the chips are down?
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10/11/2009 16:51:00

Sajit, I noticed you'd asked about Eduardo's t-shirt at the Wolves game (I wasn't here). You've probably discovered that by now but it said "Peace in Vila Kennedy, RJ" referring to Eduardo's poor neighborhood outside Rio which is immersed in gang violence. Also, Tom14, been meaning to respond to a comment you made during the AZ CL game. You said it wasn't being broadcast live in the US -- that's not true, Setanta showed it live.
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10/11/2009 19:42:00

Looks like we all agree that cesc & the verminator will be captain & vice captain? In that order. so send the message to AW for approval immediately.
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10/11/2009 21:12:00

Thanks jaelle, yea someone had posted it here itself. :-) Thanks nevertheless. It was a classy act by Eduardo.
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10/11/2009 21:15:00

Jaelle, I think you're mistaking Tom14 for TPowell. But you are right, the game was on Setanta Sports last Wednesday. Not on their crap online service, but on their TV channel.
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10/11/2009 22:16:00

you're right, i saw setanta was covering it after i posted it. Setanta is not available for me, which is what led to my confusion
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10/11/2009 22:30:00

Yeah TPowell, that's why I had to switch to DirecTV. It's coverage of European football is second to none.
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10/11/2009 23:26:00

This season Cesc has battled hard for the team, he has scored some wonderful goals. Also Cesc seems up for every game and he's hungry for a Trophy or 2!
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11/11/2009 09:17:00

Hey guys don't you feel cool abt being 2nd after all the rubbish being said that we shall find it hard to maintain top four position this season. I just like the way these lads keep shutting the idiots on TV up. I remember them saying Arsene had never won against Koeman then the lads ship Koeman off with 4 goals. About Cesc captaincy, I remember Cesc standing up to Hughes and also to the clown at Hull. That to me says it all.
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11/11/2009 11:16:00

Oh that's right, it was TPowell, not Tom14. gk107 I also have DirecTV, great football coverage.
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11/11/2009 14:32:00

It was me, liars!
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11/11/2009 18:09:00

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12/11/2009 01:00:00

crazy that this guy is still only 22 and captain of a club like arsenal. well worthy of the captaincy tho and one hell of a player.
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12/11/2009 12:58:00

nice friendly comment from a spurs fan, thanks pachna.
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13/11/2009 15:21:00


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