Arsenal - Arsene going to the January Sales
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Arsene going to the January Sales

It`s unusual for Wenger to give too much away about his transfer window intentions but he has openly declared that he is in the market for a forward to try to plug the gap left by van Persie`s absence for the season.

'I didn't feel we were in the need to buy anybody but we will be out on the market that is for sure now. However we will only make a decision if it suits us.' Arsene said.

Replacing someone of van Persie`s stature is difficult enough at anytime. The more limited opportunities in January windows only adds to the difficulty. Arsene expressed an interest in Chamakh last season but the deal went sour as the offer made was declined and the Bordeaux chairman, by his own admission, put an inflated price tag on the player. They have since said that they wouldn`t let him go in January as they are still in the CL and currently topping the French League. Therefore letting a key player go would be counterproductive. Of course there must be a price at which it makes sense for them but that might not make sense for Arsenal. You`d expect that a little too much water has passed under the bridge on that one.

I`d imagine that the club`s need is for someone who could come in and do a job straightaway in which case some of the players being linked, such as 19 year old Balotelli from Inter might be seen as too raw for the task. Many of those we might consider as having the right level of experience and expertise are going to be wondering what the prospects of playing after the return of RvP will be.

Ferguson used Henrik Larsson as a stop gap, with some success, when faced with a similar dilemma a few seasons back. In the same vein Ian Wright has suggested we might consider using Ruud van Neighstelroy to gallop ahead of our midfield but surely that's less likely than Nick Griffin being asked to join the Socialist Workers Party. Myles Palmer`s assertion that Henry would be rejoining the club on loan in January is only slightly less absurd - isn't it? It`s not really Wenger`s way to look for short term remedies but at the moment he must be open to any practical solution.

The return of Bendtner sometime this month will increase our options but the interest is as much in how as it is in who. Does he solve what might be a short term problem - if half a season can be considered short term - with a short term solution or does he take a longer view? Does a longer view necessarily raise questions about the future of other of our existing forwards this summer or is that a question for another time? What matters most is a solution that works instantly - there are very few of those to be had.

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Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 1 2009

Time: 11:42PM

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I don't even know why we're discussing this. Get someone in to do the job and worry about whether its going to hurt Van Persie's or Bendtner's feelings (or Wenger's long term plan) at the end of the season when we bag that 3rd or 4th spot. Long term or short term solution? What does it matter as long as its the right solution for the club now. We need to challenge for ans qualify for the champions league in a few months time...not next year. If someone comes in on loan and starts scoring 3 goals a game, job done. If they don't we will at least have some striking back-up.
Wyn Mills
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01/12/2009 23:57:00

Oh god I can just see it now the last min Hysteria, the guy with 16 mobiles on SKY sports news, the dude outside the stadium reporting as if he knows whats going on inside, Arry signing 2 more portsmouth players, Chelsea Stocking up in preparation for the Ban, Adepaymemore announcing that he wouldnt turn down Leona Lewis if she asked him out.
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02/12/2009 00:01:00

Henry wont happen but he could play that role perfectly, he's used to the system with Barca and the yard of pace he may have lost is not as important in this formation, premiership experience, looks good on paper but you just get the feeling it wouldnt work out.
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02/12/2009 00:06:00

Even before robin got injured we needed another striker. There's not enough goals being scored between all the strikers and now it seems were back to the old days of henry, only now its van persie....*****ed without him. Seriously concerned about the rest of the season :/
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02/12/2009 01:17:00

I dont know .. this is soo unlike Arsene.. He never reveals he is in for a player yet he has publicly announced it this time. I think this is just a tactic to get some pressure off himself.
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02/12/2009 03:30:00

The usual stuff then..:(.. What I do not understand is that, why people like rooney and Drogba are not getting injuured? If Rooney gets injured for Man U or Drogba gets injured for Chelsea, Im sure they will drop points...But,somehow, these guys are always alright..Its annoying..
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02/12/2009 05:07:00

what is most frustrating if arsene buys some experience this team is capable of winning so much... there is never a debate of whether we will win or not just a matter of when and how much
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02/12/2009 06:33:00

really think the time has come to break the bank and get someone like Villa. he would be perfect. also we need a replacement for Gallas if Wenger isn't going to give Senderos a chance to become a first choice. this Gallas Vermaelen partnership aint working and infact its shipped in more goals than last season at this stage of the season. we need another Vermaelen kind of no nonsense defender..
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 07:00:00

Thank Christ...
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02/12/2009 07:26:00

This is incredibly odd and he really has to buy now because I'd imagine Eduardo's confidence is shattered, having been subbed twice and now implicitly told he's not good enough to replace van Persie. All this around two weeks after he signed a new contract. It's amazing we're talking about a lack of goals when you consider how many we have scored this season. This is a strange comment from Wenger and I have to say I detect panic in it. It's all very well saying let's get a striker, but the question very few people try to answer is who? As the article points out, there's not a lot about that could come in and do a job straight away, they'd have to either already be playing in the Prem- which would make them difficult to sign in January- or must have played here before. Surely it would have to be someone who can replicate van Persie's ability with his back to goal and ability to create space for team mates, in that sense, people like Villa and Martins aren't the answer. van Nistelrooy is the only person that honestly comes to mind and after comments made about him in the past by Wenger ("he can only cheat") I wouldn't think that too likely.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 08:44:00

Got to say I gree with you, Sajit. Going public with such info is not Arsene's style but it serves the purpose of taking pressure off the Manager and possibly placing it on the strikers to begin scoring goals, fast. It is like saying "what they want to hear" to get them off his back. In any case, the team does need a new face around. My concern is it won't be easy finding a useful striker at this time, whether it is for the long or short term. We should just go for it and get done with it and leave the consequences for the end of season inquests.
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02/12/2009 08:53:00

Feel for Edu, really and believe he can do the job if he would only play his own game and the team adapt to him. On possibilities, any of Ruud, Carlton Cole (we can test WHU's resolve) or Chamakh, in that order, will do, for me, in the short term. Wenger has been known to pull a Rabbit out of the hat, a few times in the past and may have something in mind again. So, we just have to see how the strikers respond in the next three weeks.
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02/12/2009 09:03:00

Maybe there is a psychological implication I am missing, but I think that the window doesn't open for another month, we're still going to have to go with what we've got for six weeks at the very, very least (but the way Arsenal do transfers, it will be ten before any new player makes his debut- add another month to that when he gets injured on his first day at training). I question the wisdom of implying your strikers aren't good enough when we have no choice but to stick with them for another month. Perhaps, as NG says, he's looking to fire his strikers up.
Little Dutch
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02/12/2009 09:03:00

Does RVN really come to mind as someone who would fit that role? If anything we were drawing comparisons between his playing style and Eduardo's not too long ago. I would have thought the solution would be to play to the player's strengths, which in this case would probably be Eduardo and Arshavin up front in a 4-4-2, but it seems Wenger doesn't feel we have enough in the midfield for that. On the other hand, maybe this is all a smoke screen... it's just impossible to tell these days.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 09:12:00

Arshavin playing off of Bendtner was a strikeforce I felt worked well last season, but I'm loathe to abandon the 4-3-3 yet as I do think it plays to most of our players strengths- Cesc in particular. The partnership of Denilson and Song behind him I feel works very well too. I think if we abandoned the 4-3-3 much of the chemistry we have seen this season will have been lost. I think the biggest lesson AW learned last year was that constant tinkering of formation- particularly in midfield- is a bad path to go down.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 09:53:00

Either a stick to hit em with or genuine, if it's genuine, i'd have McCarthy.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 09:57:00

It will be foolhardy to change the sytem now; hey! the club plays the same way now, across the grades and it will be disruptive to tweak it, for any reason. Shewore, I don't think the situation is as bad as to go for McCarthy (Benni?), who is not much better than what we have available. The 4-3-3 allows a lot of flexibility to change roles swiftly, without making obvious that some players are temporarily out of position. There is always cover for runs from midfield while the defense moves along with the play, much better than in a 4-4-2. This suits the team play well. Maybe, Edu is feeling the burden of expectation and will get better as he plays some more; and when Bendtner returns. Still, it is no crime to seek out additional fire power, at this stage. Other teams do it, so it can't be wrong for us.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 10:31:00

I agree that the majority of our team's strengths (primarily in midfield) are amplified in the 4-3-3, but it does raise the question of whether the majority of our strikeforce are seen as compatible. Especially when you see comments from Wenger comparing Vela to Fowler. I know better than to take these quotes verbatim, but currently I can't see how we have a system for players of that ilk.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 10:45:00

Maybe Wenger has finally come to the conclusion that we're never going to get a full season out of van Persie, and rather than suggesting that his current strikers are not good enough to plug the gap, he's looking long term and plans to bring in a player who'll be here for years? Probably not eh.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 10:53:00

Anyone here about us wanting Balotelli. I know the story is made up, but its hilarious they reported that Inter were willing to let us have him if we throw in Fabregas as part of the deal. Maybe we should throw Arshavin & Clichy to seal the deal.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 11:02:00

Talking about AA, was he misquoted or did he really suggest he has lost confidence in the team's abilities against top sides? ..."certain doubts creeping into my mind.." and all that. Not good coming from a senior player.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 11:11:00

Unfortunatly he speaks exactly whats on his mind.
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 11:31:00

Carling cup team list is out; surprise absence is big Phil. An indication that it is Bye bye, Senderos!
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 12:12:00

Iím happy with our current strikers, Eduardo in particular; they are all quality players who can do a decent job for us during RvPís absence. They need time to play themselves in as they all seem to be returning from a time out, so I see no need for another striker. Besides, the notable thing about our goals this season has been that they are coming form all areas of the pitch. There is always a psychological benefit from any additions during January, to show intent if nothing else. Wengerís statement is so out of character that there has to be something else to it, maybe to rattle a few cages.
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 15:28:00

This is just so out of character isn't it! And it's happened a few times in the past year or so. I'm afraid the boss is feeling the pressure. Or maybe as you guys said, he's trying to fire up the strikers. Really weird he's going public about his plans but whatever now, THANK GOD he wants to buy if 'it suits us'. YES PLEASE BOSS!!
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 15:35:00

leo_aj,u are a sick in the head,dude u want drogba to get injured...U need ur meds. Anyway some strikers are stronger than others and are smart enough to jump out of challenges from dirty players(Rooney and Drogba)...Unlike some others who are weaker,vulnerable and more prone to injuries..such as torres and RVP...I was somewhat surprised when drogba came back that fast to play Porto after the John Evans kunfu kick...It seems some defenders are planning to get him injured..some le arse fans in were even wishing one of your defenders injured drogba and take a three match ban...VERY UNCLASSY LIKE THROWING FAKE CAMERAS AT CHELSEA PLAYERS
Report Abuse
02/12/2009 23:33:00


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