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Man City v Arsenal Team Lineups

Sorry guys, no match preview but a quick piece to let us chat here during the match. Here are the team lineups:

Manchester City
Shay Given, Micah Richards, Kolo Toure (c), Joleon Lescott, Wayne Bridge, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Gareth Barry, Stephen Ireland, Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, Craig Bellamy

Stuart Taylor, Nedum Onuoha, Vladimir Weiss, Michael Johnson, Vincent Kompany, Robinho, Roque Santa Cruz

Lukasz Fabianski, Emannuel Eboue, Alex Song, Mikael Silvestre (c), Armand Traore, Craig Eastmond, Fran Merida, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wilshere, Carlos Vela

Vito Mannone, Kyle Bartley, Kerrea Gilbert, Francis Coquelin, Emmanuel Frimpong, Mark Randall, Sanchez Watt

Hmmm all I hope is that everyone gets through this game unscathed and gives a good showing. Come on you Young and Old Guns alike!

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The Journalist

Writer: Gooner Lou Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 2 2009

Time: 8:19PM

Your Comments

Er so Fran isn't suspended. Though with a bit of luck, we're soaking up the pressure and attacking with some purpose when we can.
Was Mark Hughes yelling at Arsene? lol
Hughes is desperate, trying to get players sent off because he can see how WEAK the ref is and that he will only book the youngsters and not big egos like Tevez who's foul on Rosicky was the easiest yellow of the game.
Besides Tevez's tackle on Rosicky, I thought Foy has had decent game so far. Bellamy was desperately looking for the contact from Song.
Hughes is doing everything he can to save his job ..... You can't blame him, but it does make him look ****ish. Ref is a moron. Traore is living on the edge. Vela is playing quite well, with a bit more support I can see him having a bit of joy. One thing that does scare me is that how clumsy Song can and how he's playing at centreback ..... nervewarcking to say the least.
Yeah Gkid but I hated the way the commentators kept saying it looked like it's a foul from Song on second viewing or something. Anyone watching Valencia during our half time? They really shouldn't be playing in the Europa League. Oh well.
As a side note did David Platt actually play for us? Why do all our ex-players who turn to punditry turn out to be complete knobheads?
Actually, that's a little unfair ... Smudger and Dixon are good guys.
You can see Booboo is a really popular guy. Pro bench-warmer Robinho couldn't resist the temptation to hug him. ;)
Any noticed that Ol' Purple Nose has sent Wenger his lucky flashing mac to wear as a good luck charm?
FFS. All those kids on the pitch and it's the first teamers who let us down.
******** Rosicky. He's an experienced player. I expect SO much more from him.
Oh, looks like Tevez scored a screamer. Poor Arsene Wenger, I'll bet he never saw that.
Congrats JT, that's some pretty original and funny material. I bet Billy Connolly is sh**ting himself.
Can't believe it. That's so sloppy from Rosicky, though he was making some creative difference before then and trying to redeem himself since. Eboue and Song could have marked Tevez a bit more tightly too. :s
Eboue may as well not have been there in that move. He never contributed anything.
It says more about JT that he felt the need to post that than about Wenger or Tevez or anyone ellse.
LOL Silvestre is soooo *****e its a nervous way
LOL @ Silvestre... Although he did put in a good amount of effort into his performance. He was the only one of the back 4 to actually prevent that previous breakthrough... The other 3 literally were not budging. I find that a bit appauling really, the slowest of the 4 making the only run.
Haha yeah and I did panic a bit when the commentator said it's Traore to get a second yellow with a pull of the shirt. Traore heard you guys though lolm he made the run to track SWP.
Silvestre has done alright .... but yeah, he's pretty funny to watch.
Blimey.... game over? :-/
Oh well. Game over.
Where's Armand Traore again...?
was that Silvestre or Traore that Swp ran past?
I think I probably can't say I've seen enough but Gibbs is a cut above Traore in the LB position mainly because of both his skills and sheer willingness to defend. Traore may be better in LM than LB but then we've got tons of youngsters who can play LM now, sorry he needs to up his game to have a future at the club I'm afraid.
Yes indeed... Traore does not have what it takes to break through imo after this performance. Not just this match of course but today was quite clear.
We're falling apart now.
Should have been red for Song ;)
The cards count is looking even funnier than Silvestre. We get an automatic fine with a certain number of cards right?
7 yellows and we get a fine, i think
Strangely this doesn't hurt much. I thought the kids did quite well in patches, especially in the first half. But against a combination of physical power, trickery and pace in Bellamy-Ade-Tevez-SWP our second/third-choice defence was always going to struggle. Just hate to give a life line to Hughes.
In a way this is good cos it forces Arsene's hand to buy in Jan lol. Just how we get through Dec is another question lol. Can't believe I'm laughing.
i no the feelin lou we had hutton bale an bassong at back
what are the odds that we are going to be inundated with Man Citeh fans!!
honestly if went out an bought 3 quailty experience players, that would make a huge difference, still cant belive over the years it hasnt happened not tryin to be smart
At least the kids are getting their "lose big games" training in nice and early.
May I ask who gave the shirt to that City No. 25?!!?! Even Silvestre had his red and white shirt intact when he walked off. WHO, Eboue!??!
All these things add up to a huge amount of pressure on Arsene and the kids in the FA Cup after our CC exit. Some kids might have that one chance against West Ham to keep their Arsenal careers going. With quite a few of our first-teamers still young and hard to displcae, it's make-or-break time for someone like Traore and Randall.
Oh, Well that's Carling Cup over for another year, it's was great while it lasted.
I see Wenger covered himself in glory again at the full time whistle.
Why does he have to shake hands with someone who screams for his players to get sent off the entire game? Its just foolish, traditionalist Bollox. The only reason to do it is to shut the idiots up that go on about it to be honest.
Completely right iceman10 - no phoney sanctimonious posturing from Le Boss. He's a truly bad loser and all the better for it.
Funny how Paul Robinson's become the hero tonight or so I heard? Oh and Fat Sam has beaten the millionnaires in the CC. Blackburn-Villa and the Manc derby in the semis then. Now I want Martin O'Neill to win it.
LOL Iceman - get the lose big game training in indeed. Just when you thought we wouldn't have the same feelings about Arsenal again...I'm sure it must be groundhog day coz this is how I felt 5 years ago watching us. Oh well, we're no longer a winning club, it's a simple as that.
Rocky - I agree, David Platt has turned into a consistent twerp with his anti-Arsenal stance. But Keown, Winterburn, Dixon and Smudger and Charlie Nicholas are great. Merse is another twerp.
The worst thing about losing tonight was Wenger refusing to shake Hughes' hand. Ok, Mark Hughes is a Tw*t of the first order, but Wenger doesn't need to be that ungracious. He's clearly feeling the pressure.
Wyn Mills
what pressure you on about ?! he played with much weaker team against full-strength team, he knew his chances of winning away is not strong. hughes was under the pressure running after the ball when it is 0-0 in the 1st half! the way they celebrated their goals was bit funny for me as if it is was world cup final!. nevertheless, good experience for the youngsters.
Gooner SA
Wenger's body language during the game speaks volumes for me. The hand wringing, spats with other managers and constant harping to the officials. This isn't the Wenger of a couple of years ago. He may be smiling during the press conferences but believe me the man is under pressure. It's written all over his face.
Wyn Mills
not in the carling cup tho!
Gooner SA
Pressure? Certainly not in the Carling cup. Wenger's thoughts must be far away with the next EPL game. As always, every Manager will hope that whatever he puts out can win a game, but to say Wenger was not half-expecting the young guns to lose will be pretentious. He stated at his last press conference before the game that the Cup was not a priority for the club and that is it. It will have been nice to beat the Mancs with these young lads, though. My concern is how to ensure that Losing to 'big name players' clubs does not become a habit for the kids.
Losing to big clubs isn't a habit for the kids. They gained a victory over Liverpool in the previous round. They'll take something from that.
Didn't they? However, I felt their heads dropped too soon, unlike the swagger they had in the Game against the Scousers. It was as if their was no real belief they could win the game. The all-round confidence in the team seems to be low (after the Chelsea & S/land games) and needs some lifting and fast. A run of wins will be a good way to achieve this.
I think a lot of Wenger's actions point to a man feeling the pressure. The bizarre decision to imply his strikeforce wasn't good enough without RvP backfired spectacularly. City's defence are shocking and were there for the taking, but none of our forwards had the confidence. Vela's confidence was shot, nobody was getting up to join him the few times another one of Silvestre's aimless punts found him and who can blame them for lacking confidence when the manager stops just short of publicly admonishing them? The kids didn't disappoint me, the senior pros did. Two goals came from experienced players losing the ball then just standing there with their hands on their hips watching as City scored. Rosicky, Eboue and Song should be absolutely ashamed of how they approached this game- as if they felt playing was a punishment. If they had anything about them, they'd refuse their appearance fees because their attitudes were a disgrace. We were on an even keel until the first goal and then the heads dropped and we got what we deserved.
Little Dutch
sort yourselves out boys and have a word. you need to be on top form when you come to the lane. if we beat you i want to beat you when you are playing well its a real victory then. you have a cracking team just need that big strong guy upfront he doesnt even need to be prolific because the way you play if he holds it up then the rest of your guys will break through and score. john carew me thinks would be good for you but who wants to take advice from a yid lol
Who indeed jljyid! Are you sure you are best placed to give advice after Uniteds kids did a number on your first team?
My thoughts, exactly. What was Rosicky doing, worrying about muscling his way out of a situation, instead of picking out a pass or clearance; then, he loses the ball and does nothing to track back, as if in hope that nothing will go wrong. Song kept bombing forward like he didn't remember he was playing a different role that game, plus knowing Silvestre will be challenged for pace, if a break was on. The break did come and I was appalled to see Song strolling back, as if he didn't wish to be part of the impending goal. It was a shame, really and I am not sure that the kids benefited from playing alongside the seniors that night. I am not one for unsporting behaviour, but after the game, our senior players might as well have been putting on blue shirts, the way they went about cavorting with City players; I would have felt better if they looked sober all round, tbh. We really must win the next 5-6 games, now to restore some confidence, even as we await the return of Bendtner & co.
Rosicky did get caught on the ball but cleverly in that move Bellamy deliberately blocked him as he tried to get back and close down Tevez. It was a foul but those things are never given. The kids disappointed me (if you can ever really say that about teens) Wilshere was an ineffective weakness all night, Eastmond was perfunctory at best and Ramsey and Merida spirited and talented but lightweight. Rosicky ran his socks off trying to make up for the lightweight midfield but you can expect only so much from him.
quite right amos however if you watched the game it was obvious who the better team was the difference was we werent that up for it but we still had the better quality on the ball and created the best chances it just looked like we were not interested in progressing in the cup. i think our players are concentrating on a top 6 finish and nothing else. as for you guys can you honestly tell me you dont need someone like carew. david bentley and co are hardly our first team either.
After some of the spud posts we get here an admission that the CC isn't of interest to you does bring a smile jljyid. It should be secondary to finishing as high as you can in the league though. Wenger has said already that he'll look to sign someone to plug a gap with RvP out for the season so someone like Carew in the sense that it will be a forward to play as a front striker.
it was important to me as i believe silverware is good even though the CC is considered the lowest form of silverware available, i just dont think the players felt like that wining breeds winning and as me and you amos have discussed on other threads once a team reaches a similar ability to that of its peers (us-yourself-utd) it then comes down to that winning mentality you have it over us at the moment and utd have it over you (chelsea are on there own). back to the front man you know arsene will want a technically good centre forward and you know you need a big strong one, carew is the one ithought of as he is tried and tested in the PL but if thats not an issue i would have a look at Fred
Yid, you are not one of our peers.
read the post properly shewore before commenting and looking silly i was refering to utd being our peers. and besides if you look up the correct meaning i think you will find every team in the whole football league is technically one of your peers
We can throw all sorts of names around jljyid. It doesn't matter one tiny jot and doesn't interest me greatly. Wenger will buy who he wants to buy if he wants to buy him. In fact is much greater fun just waiting to see which unknown he might come up with than running through a whole gamut of back page favourites, step over wizards and anabolically enhanced battering rams.
besides shewore why dont you stop focusing on one point and join in the conversation with something positive and intelligent i know you are capable as i have seen some of your other posts on other threads
feeling abit negative today amos? these posts are about opinions and having a bit of fun so lighten up. Blind faith is not always a good thing either its difficult because football isnt a democracy but if you just give up trying to put your opinions forward about what you think is best for your club and just state ''it doesnt matter wenger will buy who he wants'' you have no where to go when it goes belly up as you should of been saying something from day one.
I reject that, I felt Eastmond was one of our better players (in that he did his job, nothing more, nothing less). I saw effort and willing in Wilshere, the problem was that nobody was up ahead of him bar Vela. When Vela had the ball, he lacked confidence and support. Ramsey was poor but I can understand why Vela and Merida lacked confidence judging by a) the attitude of the more established pros around them (Silvestre's attitude wasn't poor, but his performance was, how can such an experienced player look so panic ctricken every time a football comes near him?) and b) the manager had chosen the day of this game to tell everyone he didn't believe in his striking options sans van Persie. Eboue and Song looked like they wanted to be anywhere else and as though they felt playing was an affront to their status. Rosicky I feel displayed that attitude for about 50% of the game too. Wilshere and Vela tried but weren't supported and I would have been looking to Rosicky, as our most senior forward player, to have been guiding them. He didn't, largely he only took interest when the ball was at his feet. That reveals a big problem with the Arsenal team that Chelsea schooled us in on Sunday- when we don't have the ball, we're not interested in winning it back. Only when the players have the ball do they seem to show interest. You could see the confidence of the side was low as City's defence was very porous but we didn't have the slickness to exploit it and the midfield did not help the strikeforce at all. Therein lies a big flaw with our style, everybody has to be operating at their top level for it to work, when they are slightly below that level, we have no way of winning.
Little Dutch
I wasn't being negative about it jljyid - I really don't care who Wenger signs. Not out of blind faith as much as ambivalence. Why work yourself into a lather about signing someone you have no influence over? If it does all go belly up what comfort is there I claiming 'I said we should have signed player x!' ? I am happy to comment on many different aspects of the club and the team and enjoy reading others opinions but when it comes to wish lists I'll leave those to the dreamers.
I'm not on here to wind people up but I was at the game and I watched the highlights later. I'm shocked that Wenger would say those things after 5000 fans made the way up here to support the team. As a regular away fan myself I want to feel that, if I lay out the money and make the effort to travel half way across the country, then everyone concerned is committed to the cause.
i still feel you are being negative amos. would you like a hug? lol. isnt football full of dreamers and dreams isnt that a big part of its appeal? will chester beat chelsea in the cup, will arsenal win the league and will we break into the top 4 lol. its all about dreams and trying to achieve them. i know what you mean about wish lists but you watch your club alot more than i do so i wanted to know who you felt would do the job for you as there has been alot of speculation about who it would be in the media since wenger mentioned getting someone, although durham the ginger on talksport said defoe (yeh hes a big strong striker) everyone else doesnt seem to know or have a clue
Your view of Eastmond's performance seems to describe perfunctory well enough LD. The kids are bound to get a little more latitude because they are kids - and quite rightly to. But if you can ignore that then most of the problem was that midfield couldn't retain possession well enough or be creative and penetrating enough. You can lump a fair responsibility on Rosicky shoulders as the senior player but he wouldn't have been helped at all by the performances from the four teenagers along side and around him. For me the kids would have got a great deal more out of playing with the seniors we did put out than the seniors got out of playing with the kids. It was burden, away from home, that was just a bit too heavy for them to carry. But then for us that's what these games are all about.
SkyBlue - you're wasting your time on that point mate, feel exactly the same. jljyid - i'm not 100% sure what point your making so am a little bit distant from the conversation, sometimes i completely subscribe to Amos's theory of 'not caring about something you can't influence', especially about transfer wish lists, there's no way i've ever raved about players we should or shouldn't sign. Don't think it's as black & white as that though, even if i can't influence it, i still care.
That's the whole point - only one man does know or has a clue jljyid. The rest is just clueless speculation enjoyable for those who get a buzz out of joining in and amusing entertainment for those of us who wonder at some of the bizarre suggestions. I remember not too long ago someone suggested in all seriousness that Jan Koller was the answer to our prayers.
Jan Koller! Now there's a thought!!
That's just it, it's not so much giving latitude to the younger players, but the experienced players were put in there for a reason and I don't think they even tried to perform the function expected of them. I think Wilshere and Merida etc did try to perform their functions with varying degrees of success, but I really was looking to Eboue, Song and Rosicky to provide a bit of guidance and I think Song and Eboue failed spectacularly. Rosicky did bits and bobs but his part in the first goal was farcical. I recall Anelka losing the ball in a very similar position on Sunday and he broke his neck to go and get it back. The players looked low on confidence and I didn't see any usggestion that the older ones were providing leadership- I think they felt insulted at being asked to play. I have to say, this is possibly the first time ever that when the players came over to acknowledge the fans, I turned my back and walked out. I felt too many went through the motions and that wasn't acceptable and I'd like tot hink the manager will communicate that to them. Silvestre as captain was a disaster as it was at Burnley last year because he looked absolutely petrified every time the ball came near him- whether he was in possession or had a City player running at him. I said on the forum last week that I would have left this game solely to the kids with only Rosicky in there to provide a bit more cutting edge. At 1-0 the players gave up and that wasn't acceptable. I was looking for the senior pros to at least open their mouths, say something, but none of them did and their body language stuck out like a sore thumb.
Little Dutch
I see where you are coming from Skyblue, but Wenger has always had the policy of playing youngsters in this tournament and outlines this every season. Fans traveling up with this would know well in advance that he would carry on playing youngsters and leaving out most first teamers. So although it is disappointing to lose no one can complain too much. The other thing is we have so many injuries that to risk them on this competion would be stupid. The only first teamer yesetrday now misses the next game through suspension.
Ever get the feeling you're posting something similar to last year...? That's a genuine question by the way, just feels like we're in a limbo.
Just on the point of Rosickys role in the first goal LD. If you get a chance to see the replay watch how Bellamy makes sure that Tomas doesn't get back at Tevez which is what he tried to do having lost the ball. It wasn't successful and he shouldn't have lost it in the first place but it wasn't farcical either. Just very a professional foul from Bellamy.
In regards to the Senior pros not being up for it the way Wenger talks about the competition doesn't help at all. When asked about its importance he always mentions the Premier league and the Champions league as priorities so why would the Senior players not adopt the same attitude? As LD says we might as well not play any Senior pros because going out there with the mind set that the game isnt a "priority" means you cannot be 100% committed to the cause, In fact id go as far to say its not the type of attitude I want anybody from our academy adopting.
I saw Bellamy get in front of him, but there was for a split second, I didn't see Rosicky bust a gut to run for the ball after that,. He might not have got it, but he could have put doubt in the mind of Tevez by pressurising him and rushing his decision making rather than standing there with his thumb up his arse. Having watched Chelsea on Sunday, could you honestly have seen one of their players doing that? It was a mistake that was repeated by Song and Eboue and in general it's something we haven't done well since September. We lose the ball, we stop caring about it. On the ball, we can be a great side, off it, we are terrible.
Little Dutch
Your Boss will have to move over and let someone else get Trophies coming to the emerates i'm afraid to say.....He has lost his touch to be honest. Your 5,000 traveling fans deserved so much better last night.......
Wyn, you are simply WRONG about AW not shaking Hughes' hand. THANK YOU, FTK! Throughout the entire game Hughes totally baited and disrespected Arsene and then he whinges to the media that Arsene didn't shake his hands! Hughes cursed at him, baited him, yelled at the ref to have his players booked and sent off. So after 90+ mins. of disrespecting ARsene, he expects Arsene to show HIM respect??? And then he whines to the media about it??? It's a DELIBERATE CYNICAL MEANSPIRITED tactic by Hughes to have the media attack Wenger, that's all. He's a lowlife scumbag. He's always hated Wenger and this was totally deliberate on his part.
As I say LD you may feel the same way if you get the chance to see it again but Bellamy gets a full blown body check in. There's no way Tomas is getting back at Tevez the whether by busting guts or bionic hamstrings.

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