Arsenal - Gunners Are Fit To Wear The Shirt, Gerrard Isn't
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Gunners Are Fit To Wear The Shirt, Gerrard Isn't

Following the sensational second half fight back from the Gunners to claim a valuable 2-1 victory at Anfield, Cesc Fabregas gave rare insight into the goings on of the Arsenal dressing room.

Arsene Wenger has a legendary reputation for keeping secret the inner workings of Arsenal football club, but following a pathetic showing from the Gunners in the first Cesc Fabregas revealed that Arsene Wenger blew his top at half time, screaming that the players were not fit to wear the Arsenal shirt.

In an interview with Sky Sports after the brilliant fight back Fabregas revealed that he'd 'never seen him [Wenger] like that before' and that the Arsenal gaffer screamed at them that they weren't 'fit to wear the shirt'.

The response from the players was instant, with Arsene's Gunners flying out of the blocks with much more Gusto. It didn't take long to get back into the match, and within 13 minutes of the restart Arsenal found themselves in the lead courtesy of a Glen Johnson own goal and an sensational Andrei Arshavin strike.

Arsenal have often wilted when they were required to stay strong to concede late goals and drop valuable points, but the boys fought and scrapped for every ball and didn't even afford Liverpool a shot on target for the entire second half, proving they were indeed worthy of wearing the famous cannon.

If half time team talks of not being worthy of a shirt took place in the Arsenal dressing room, then the full time tirade should have taken place within the Scousers safe-house, and aimed in particular at Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool are a team of fine tradition, the most decorated side in English football (for now) and yet Gerrard's recent behaviour has been a disgrace to the club.

I know that Arsenal are no saints, but the sanctimonious clap trap that 'Saint Stevie' often spouts makes him one of the most hypocritical footballers on the planet, especially after witnessing his on field antics today.

In his autobiography Gerrard claims that 'players like Carvalho and Ronaldo are damaging the game' with their dives, and has also laughably claimed that if he 'saw a team-mate doing it, I definitely have a word'. The most damning Steven Gerrard comment however came when speaking with the Daily Mail when he farcially claimed 'I don't think there's anything worse than a player diving when no-one has been anywhere near him, it's ruining the game'.

Gerrard is often championed as one of the genuine legends of English football, and whilst his talent is undeniable, his attitude stinks. Today I watched a player throw himself on the floor, try to get fellow professionals sent off and lunge in with cynical tackles for the entire game, and the more the game slipped away from Liverpool, the worse he got.

As previously stated, the team I love are not without guilt, but then again they don't go around pretending to be something they are not, preaching self righteous egotistical nonsense to anyone who will listen. I find it hard to take that Eduardo was vilified almost world wide for a dive that, as far as I can remember, has been his only crime to date, yet the English (and world, it seems) media refuses to take to task the actions of a blatant cheat, thug and genuinely unpleasant individual.

I found it quite amusing that Gerrard complained so vociferously about the denial of a stick on Liverpool pen today, only 7 days after blatantly trying to cheat a couple of points from Blackburn Rovers.

You reap what you sow Stevie, you reap what you sow.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 13 2009

Time: 7:54PM

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Rocky's on fire!
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13/12/2009 20:02:00

Regarding their penalty, I believe that Coward Webb noticed (as I did in the replay) that Saint Stevie actually twisted his body and began to fall before contact was made. What makes it better is that if he had actually tried to stay on his feet there is no doubt that Gallas would have clattered him down for an unmistakable penalty!
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13/12/2009 20:05:00

Spot on Rocky. But we know already Saints Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney are above all other mere mortals. They don't 'cheat', they're just committed. Only the other day Rooney was stating as fact that the English lads never dive. I'm as proud an Englishman as the next man but the sheer hypocrisy makes you laugh.
Wyn Mills
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13/12/2009 20:31:00

Good win for you guys, also good to see that you guy recognize the performance of Alex Song today on the field. Very true statement about Gerrard. Its absolutely ridiculous how the English media lets Gerrard and Rooney (blatant dive against Villa) off the hook.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 20:40:00

Wyn Mills - You left john Terry off your list mate - he's the worst of the lot.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 20:45:00

Frankly I find it hard to blame Gerrard entirely though he should have the good sense not to be so effing hypocritical about it. He takes a tumble for the same reason Eduardo probably did - refs are completely crap at distinguishing between a foul and a dive. Coward Webb took the easy way out he gave all the home side 'dives' outside the box. He didn't even try to consider whether the foul was genuine except when it happened inside the box. All Gerrard and others need is a crap compliant home referee.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 21:02:00

You guys only noticed this now? Gerrard has a always been a diver and a hypocrite, nothing 'recent' about it. Rooney is just as bad. If this was a foreign player there would be uproar. So the English media are xenophobic, what else is new? And Wyn Mills, if there is one English player that will never dive it's Frank Lampard, keep the crap to yourself.
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 22:42:00

fifthcolumnblue - worse than Robinho? I'm curious, exactly how many chances does Terry get to dive? Idiot.
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 22:44:00

Chelsea fan I guess? You hide it well.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 22:48:00

SAF - Did anyone here say this was a recent thing? In the light of what Gerrard has done recently however, and the apt link between Wenger's halftime team talk, and my distain for Gerrard's attitude, I thought the article was quite pertinent on the day of the match.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 22:48:00

I thought you did. "yet Gerrard's recent behaviour has been a disgrace to the club." Granted, now that I think about it could read differently but what the hell.
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 22:59:00

Tom14 - I realised my username could be seen that way after I started posting on Vital, but I can't be bothered altering it now after having racked up so many forum points. It's the short version of the short version of my rather long name.
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:01:00

Oh come on, I don't recall Lampard ever diving. Nor preaching about the sinful ways of the divers.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:02:00

And congrats guys on the win today, you must be really confident of finishing third now, eh? Just kidding. Win your game in hand and you go second right? Any idea when you're going to play it?
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:04:00

I'll agree with Kev, I'm not a Lamps fan but I don't recall him ever taking a dive .... infact all we need to do is inspect the premier league pitchies. If none of them have any human being shaped craters in, the it's safe to say old Lumpalard has never taken a dive ;)
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:05:00

Ah yes the old fat lampard dig. Any minute now we'll see the DEFLECTION dig. It would be very amusing to see everyone calling Lampard fat to run at least 10km in 90 minutes.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:13:00

Fat Frank can't move fast enough to effectively sell a dive, so he doesn't even try...
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:13:00

At least when I say about Gallas' mr.T haircut, you know I'm being truthful! ;´p
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:16:00

Your midfield could use some weight. Is wenger buying players from America's next top Model?
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:17:00

I pity the fool that takes a dig at Gallas
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:20:00

On another note, is it just me or does Glen Johnson look an awful lot like David Haye? He has a bandage on his arm too now..... Has anyone seen them in the same room together?
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:21:00

you may have a point k_chelski, after all our midfielders do play some beautiful football ;-)
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:24:00

Yeah, and cry when they don't win.
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:29:00

I thought that was Terry who does that...
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:40:00

No, its Terry who thinks he's a keeper. Yeah...of course Lampard doesn't dive. Silly me.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:50:00

Xavi clearly pushed him down, and when you're in full flight any contact can knock you over. Why would Frank dive there when he could have easily scored?
Saf 91
Report Abuse
13/12/2009 23:55:00

"when you're in full flight any contact can knock you over". I'm sure Eduardo would agree with you.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse

Terry cried when we lost the CL, your players will cry because of nothing :p . WOW, WOTTA A DIVE!!!!!My god!!!! Whatta mega-hyper-super-gigantic dive. That wasn't a dive.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 00:03:00

Lampard did dive once, can't be arsed to look it up on YouTube, but it was a game against Charlton on 05, Makelele took the pen, Chelsea had already won the league. With regards Gerrard, me and my friend commented at the game that after his fifth dive, Coward Webb visibly showed a great deal of frustration at Gerrard, urging him to get up without the usual tact and diplomacy of a match official. But I agree with Amos here, Webb was so inifuriated with Gerrard here yet he didn't book him once. F365s Mediawaych section did a good piece last Monday where they read every single match report of the Liverpool Blackburn match last week and did notfind one single mention of his dive.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 00:16:00 How about this lampard dive. Watch it a few times before saying their is contact. To me the only contact is Pienars shorts, and if their is actual contact then it is minimal compared to his fall. Also he does not complain when being booked, which any innocent person would surely protest slightly.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 01:15:00

Point conceded. I stand corrected.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 01:37:00

i'm sorry but I thought this was hilarious.....
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 03:02:00

hmmmh! There are some honourable Chavs on the forum today. Good one, Kev. On the subject, it was so infuriating listening to the commentators of the Manure-Villa game falling over themselves trying to make us believe Rooney didn't dive; even scrutinizing the replays to "show" some contact, when there was none. What they failed to note was that he didn't even complain at the yellow card he was shown. Amazing hypocrisy! Stevie Gerrard was pathetic, yesterday; adopting desperate measures, I'd say.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 09:17:00

Naija - The commentators actually did talk about Rooney's reaction ... at least on ESPN. I think it was Joy Royale who said something like "You can tell from Rooney's reaction that it was a dive because we'd all know how he would react if he'd have been booked for something he hadn't done". With regards to the match officials, I think it was Chris Kamara on Goals on Sunday yesterday questioning the consistency of Martin Atkinson after he blew up for a Steven Gerrard dive at Blackburn and never issued a yellow card, yet when Rooney took a tumble against Villa, the very same referee got out the yellow card. There is no sane reasoning for this inconsistency. It's just poor refereeing.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 09:53:00

I have to agree. Gerrards isnt the worst cheat out there but the thing with saint Stevie that really bugs everybody is how "anti-cheating" he is when he dives every game. He really does come across as a right pr1ck.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 11:12:00

Rocky, on the international broadcast of United-Villa, the English commentators said "That is absolutely disgraceful refereeing." Later, he conceeded "I suppose that could have been the right call." VVankers
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 15:57:00

Rocky, regarding a ref not giving Gerrard a yellow one week but giving Rooney one the following week - maybe he looked back at the Gerrard dive in hindsight and thought "I won't get fooled like that again." You'd hope that when refs make mistakes, they will learn from them and not make them again, even if it makes it seem like inconsistency.
Report Abuse
14/12/2009 23:29:00

Back to gerrard, he won a foul for going to ground with absolutely no contact from which Diverpool scored. For me, that evens out the calls for him being robbed of a penalty opportunity. Diverpool, are and always have been, as high on the cheats ladder as manscum and chelscum.
Report Abuse
15/12/2009 06:28:00

Thank God I thought I was the only one who noticed the Liverpool players throwing themselves on the ground every chance they got. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures
Report Abuse
15/12/2009 19:56:00

Lampard does not dive. Gerrad does. Glad we got that sorted out.
Report Abuse
18/12/2009 05:55:00

The greatest diver should be C.Ronaldo. No one comes close. IMHO...
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 14:12:00


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