Arsenal - Has Nasri put his foot in it?
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Has Nasri put his foot in it?

Treading on other`s toes can cause discomfort and maybe Samir will find that the yellow card he received for his part in the Hull melee won`t be the last of his discomfort from the affair.

In true media fashion Nasri`s tread on Garcia`s foot has become converted into a stamp. Were it truly a stamp it still wouldn`t have been enough to have knocked Garcia to the ground as spectacularly as it managed to do on this occasion. Referee Steve Bennett didn`t see it initially as he had his back to the incident and only reacted to the melee after consulting his assistant. Steve Hunt displaying a previously unseen concern about injury to a fellow player was booked for pushing Nasri , in itself a far more violent act than the weight of Nasri`s foot on Garcia`s instep. Barmby`s reaction was the most violent of the lot, and couldn`t fail to have been seen by either the referee or the linesman, but he got away with it despite the referee showing amazing eyesight later in picking up a penalty offence that everyone else, even with the aid of video technology, still can`t.

Samir`s actions were foolish but I suspect they had a little more to do with the way that some Hull players went about their task. It was more likely an act of retribution than the petulance it comes across as. As Captain Almunia later told it: "When the opponent is just making fouls and stopping us play football, everybody reacts, it is a natural thing for a footballer" then adding "When it is not all the team, but one or two players who are very nasty, you react. I did it sometimes in the game with Hunt."

TV is all seeing and there is little that a player can get away with if the cameras are directed at an incident but treading is something that takes place in the game far more often than the cameras pick up. Lehmann was regularly targeted in such a way, not least because he was so easy to wind up. The last time we won the title at White Hart Lane (it has been more than once) it was Keane treading on Mad Jens foot that caused the crazy kraut to launch himself at Keane`s head to concede a late penalty that deprived us of the victory to embellish our title triumph.

Keown suffered similarly at the feet of van Nistelrooy in a game at Highbury a few seasons back. In an off the ball incident miles away from the action, Sky Sports, then a shareholder in Manchester United, picked up Keown pushing the horsefaced forward who fell to the ground as though hit by the proverbial sniper`s bullet. Sky replayed the incident incessantly for days afterwards and eventually the FA banned Keown. What the Sky cameras cynically failed to show was that van Neighstelrooy was standing on Keown`s foot at the time.

Depending on Bennett`s report and how quickly the FA disciplinary committee reacts Samir risks missing the Villa game which along with the current midfield injuries isn`t a welcome consequence of his act of foolishness. If the FA takes their responsibilities seriously some Hull players won`t welcome a close study of the incident either but that gives little comfort to us. Samir will have to learn to tread carefully in future.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 21 2009

Time: 3:49PM

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Very foolish and stupid
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 16:14:00

ESPN showed Nasri getting shoved before he stepped (NOT "stamped") on Garcia's foot. It was an act of retribution.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 16:27:00

Usually retrospective punishment by the FA is reserved for incidents that were not seen by the referee. Since Samir was booked, I doubt he'll get anything more than that.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 16:28:00

@Gkid - it is being reported that the booking was for his role in the fracas that followed, stepping on Garcias toes remained unseen and thus Samir could be retrospectively banned.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 16:38:00

I see the whole world is against you again Amos. Poor Samir.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 16:48:00

Didn't bother or couldn't read the article then eh HY? Gunnerman is right the ref had his back to the original incident and therefore didn't book Nasri for treading on Garcia's toes.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 17:06:00

It was a very silly thing to do, and imo Samir will get a 1-2 match ban as stepping on someone foot isn't really 3 match ban is it?!
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 17:14:00

Barmby's reaction was just as violent as Samir's action. So long as he gets the same punishment or worse, than I won't have much else to say on the matter.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 17:18:00

Silly from Samir, but if he get's anything more than a slap on the wrists I'll be annoyed. Players steps on each others feet all the time in an effort to wind each other up, and whilst it's not the most ethical move, it's something and nothing. It certainly wasn't a stamp, and considering Adebayor only got 3 games for raking his studs down someone's face I think a little perspective should be used.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 18:44:00

I thought a yellow card was commensurate punishment for the act. This can hardly be termed as violent conduct. Or can it?
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 18:49:00

Barmby's reaction was poor and unnecessary, but the fact remains that Nasri was in the wrong - and for what. Silly boy deserved a red card, it was a stupid thing to do. By the way, I agree our 'pen' was never a pen in a million years - more poor officiating
Basel Tiger
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 19:05:00

Well said Amos... I'll be upset if he gets a 3-match ban - in which case we're really going to have to insist on footage reviews for all the shenanigans that go on behind a refs back, because if there's one thing that gets up the nose of any fair-minded fan it's the injustice of inconsistency.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 19:43:00

One day in the future (when hell freezes over) we will hear a commentator say "Nasri is a sparky chap and got fed up of some Hull players have a 'nibble' at him so he decided, even unadvisedly, to give some back"... or when hell freezes over, thaws, then freezes again, we might even hear "Well I don't know... these Hull boys just don't like it up'em do they"
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 19:52:00

I must say I was quite happy Samir did what he had to do. It is about time our so called kids face up to these bullies. I was also very happy that Song came in to protect Samir. This team is going places and anyone that thinks that they can "get in our face" and we would capitulate has another think going. I know a lot of you would not agree with my position but I played football with a physically small side and until we learnt to hit back at the bullies, we were never protected by the Refs. The moment we started dishing it back the bullying stopped. One ref even told me that if we can not play the game like men we should not be on the field at all. Imo what had to be done was done and we should stand by our man.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 20:16:00

Who can forget Nasri hacking down Joey Barton mere seconds after that nut-job entered the pitch? Brilliant stuff.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 21:26:00

I won't necessarily, give thumbs up to Samir as what he did was dangerously silly; the team needed everyone on the job and he risked getting sent off. I insist, though, that his action gave the game the edge it appeared to lack and spurred his team mates to show more spirit, instrumental to the victory. I hope the FA takes the view that he "stepped on", not stamped and that the yellow card suffices. A lot will depend on the match ref's report.
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 22:04:00

It may have been silly...but dangerous? For christs sake the most dangerous thing that happened was Garcia jumping 6ft up in the air. The fecker could have injured himself as he fell. Naz showed some balls. Its a pity some of the Hull lads seem to have lost theirs. Take a look at this image and tell me which team looks out of control.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
21/12/2009 23:04:00

I'm with Wyn on this one, Jesus H, treading on someone's foot? Aww diddums. Not the smartest action but hardly one likely to cause serious injury- unless Garcia has severe calcium deficiencies. If it was a stamp fair enough, but Christ, people step on my toes on London Underground without so much as apology. If this gets a three match ban it will be a disgrace. Martin Taylor and Samir Nasri will be subject to the same punishment, there's something seriously, seriously wrong with the rules if that be the case.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 08:13:00

Now apparently Song is on a charge too for grabbing Hunt around the throat. But Barmby isn't for grabbing Nasri around the throat. Work that oen out. Still, we're the top 4 and we get favouritism don't we?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 09:33:00

While the reaction of the hull players was annoying, it doesn't mean Nasri had any right for that "challenge" at all. This is the type of thing we saw in the late '90s with our players topping the booking charts. When people say we need to get physical, this isn't the way to do it. It's more distracting than effective in terms of results. With the title race open, we need to get ourselves focused. There's an opportunity for Arsenal this season, but not for many fans!
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 10:27:00

isnt it strange that every time that arsenal start to be a title challenge, the rest of the world starts to find reasons for the fa to have a look at video footage, it amazes me that every time a 5 foot nothing arsenal player dares to have the temerity to even think about fronting up to a 6 ft plus opponent aall of a sudden every tv camera in the world zooms in on this dastardly act and the fa once again have a golden opportunity to flex their corporate muscle,i find it very very strange that the fa wont have video replays during a match, like nearly every other sport, ie rugby cricket tennis golf yet will have the hypocritical view that banns can be substansiated by video replays i seem to remember that spurs scored against utd and the ball was shown to be about 3 ft over the line, but the ref didnt see it, and what did the fa do about bit, sweet fa either use video replays for every contentious incident that the ref misses, or dont use it at all the fa must stop picking and choosing what video evidence to use and which to not
cornish gooner
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 11:07:00

Travers, the last time I looked stepping on someone's foot wasn't a capital offence. It happens every match. Just watch a typical corner kick. Its petulant and cautionable, but no way is it a red card offence and we need to just laugh at those lazy hacks trying to inflate it into a 'stamp'. On the other hand pushing someone in the face is most definitely a straight red card and one player was stone-cold guilty of that on Sunday. They must be having a laugh if they're considering banning Naz and Song. One side lost control of their players in that game and in my view it wasn't The Arsenal.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 11:55:00

I'd expect the FA to ban him for a game, which would be a great shame given the importance of that game. His ability to keep the ball, turn sharply and find a pass/shot is crucial to our play.
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 15:02:00

Good take on Nasri's "marseillaise revenge" from Joel Che on the Arsenal-mania blog: "To my absolute surprise and shock, Samir Nasri is not on every headline this morning. A foreign player stamping off the ball – not just foreign but Arsenal and French – is media fodder. But thanks to Mark Hughes sacking and to Man United and Liverpool losing for keeping Nasri from the 24 hours news buzz. It will take Samir a season to get referees back on his side. In France and Italy, that sort of thing happens a lot. Players do it when they feel they are being wound up and fouled without protecting from the referee. It is a way to get back at the perpetrator without getting sent off but also where if he reacts wrongly from what he has been putting you through, then he would send himself off. It is conducted with stealth and intention when the ref is looking the other way and usually in a crowded area towards the lower body where the assistants and TV would have difficulty seeing clearly. It is a means of getting even without injuring the opponent or getting sent off. In England people get even on the ball and that is when they can cause terrible injuries and get sent off. Roy Keane would aim for the knee during play and put a player out for the rest of career, Zidane would headbutt on the chest of the ball. In most cases in France and Italy it is a pinch off the ball where nobody gets sent off or injured. Both are ugly and cynical but I rather prefer the type where all players to stay on the pitch and nobody leaves on a stretcher while the other gets red." It's not the first time Nasri has done that sort of thing, I saw him do it at least twice when he was with Marseille. I'm sure he's done it more (incl. at Arsenal) but the cameras didn't catch it.
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 15:41:00

It appears that referee Bennett has decided that no further action need be taken in respect of Nasri putting his foot down in the Hull game. He deemed that neither the Nasri tread or the Barmby push would've warranted a red card. That's surprising but I won't condemn a referee for applying a little discretionary common sense.
Report Abuse
22/12/2009 18:44:00

Good news Amos. Losing Samir would be terrbile for us right now considering we're missing most of our creative forward line.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 02:29:00

Sensible decision, I think. That step wasnt a red card and was not violent conduct.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 07:34:00,17033,8652_5794374,00.html I love the tone in which this article has been written. Spot on.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 13:02:00

Well, it all seems worth it now. The incident disturbed the stalemate and generated some intensity in our play and we got three points. I think we would all rather not see this sort of thing happening on a football pitch but any of us who have played the game know that it is part and parcel of it. The trick is not to get caught.
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 14:06:00

Wow, Thanks Mr Bennett!
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 17:02:00

The FA have shown their disappointment at Bennett not allowing the inveterate committee types to sit in judgement by charhing both clubs with failing to control thier players. It will give them a few bob more to cover the champagne at the next meeting and ladies night I guess.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 17:47:00

If it was a Hull player that got away with stamping on Nasri, how many articles would there have been on here about the whole world having it in for you, I wonder.
Saf 91
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 23:08:00

Saf, if you call that a stamp then I'm afraid you've got problems.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
24/12/2009 00:21:00

And if it was looney doing it how little would be said about it at all?
Report Abuse
24/12/2009 02:55:00


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