Arsenal - Good News On Bendtner. Do We Still Need A Striker?
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Good News On Bendtner. Do We Still Need A Striker?

I've been scouring NewsNow today for answers to a couple of questions. Firstly, will Arsenal play tomorrow? And secondly, how did Nicklas Bendtner's tests go today?

Unfortunately, I didn't get an answer to my first inquiry, as it seems we'll have to wait till tomorrow for that. But I did come across some clarification on our worrisome injury situation upfront. Earlier this week, it had been reported that our activity in the transfer window would depend on how his fitness tests went upon his return from Denmark today. This is what Arsene had to say tonight:

'Nicklas is doing well in training, had a good session today, and the news is quite good. He'll join in with the first-team next week. His fitness is not too bad, actually, because he has worked hard. He can do the job [as a central striker], even if he's a different type of player to Van Persie. But it gives me a few options in there.'

'His return will influence [what we do]. If he'd been ruled out for two months, we wouldn't have had a choice but to sign someone. It would have been an absolute that we signed a striker. But now we can be a little bit more relaxed. We can take it or leave it if we don't find what we want.'

I share the same opinion as Arsene. If Bendtner wasn't ready to go by the 31st of January, our home match against Manchester United, then I believe we would have been forced to splash a significant amount of cash. Not only will it help to have a player of Bendtner's size playing in the central role, but this will allow Arshavin to vacate the position. It is clear Andrey hates playing up front on his own almost as much as he hates women drivers.

So, what do you think? Will Wenger now be able to use the available money on another position? Leave your comments below or vote in the poll on your right.

We'll post news on tomorrow's fixture as soon as it becomes available.

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 8 2010

Time: 11:38PM

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I think risking doing nothing rather than risk doing something in the transfer market has badly hurt Arsenal in the past, I think it's almost suicidal not to sign a striker, even if we just get someone on loan, that will do. Bendtner is fine but even in the best case scenario he won't come close to recreating Van Persie's form, he is rusty and hasn't played competitive football for months. To risk doing nothing just because an injury prone, inconsistent player returns is lunacy. At all costs Arsenal must do everything they can to maintain their momentum, if at the end of the season we win nothing having tried our best to replace injured players in January, then so be it. But to look back with the regret and wonder what could have been after doing nothing in the January transfer window would be a huge blow to the club and team morale. We are in the best position we have been in for years, now is the time to be proactive in the transfer market, at least attempt to reduce the odds of things going wrong.a
Professor Calculus
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08/01/2010 23:57:00

Agreed Prof .... this transfer window is about the only time in the history of Wenger that'll I'm practically begging him to go out and spend a ***** load of cash .... simply because we're in with a shout this time. We can win it, I know we can ... but if we get any more injuries (and let's face it that's more than likely) then we can kiss our title shot goodbye. We have £40M from the sale of Ade and Toure .... let's spend the friggin lot and go win us a trophy.
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09/01/2010 00:05:00

Originally Arsene said we were in the market for a striker because of Van Persie's injury, at the time Nik was still due back in the New Year, so really our situatio hasn't changed. I still think we will get a striker in, I simply think this was said so people don't think that they can rip us off because we're desperate.
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09/01/2010 00:11:00

I'm sometimes genuinely fearful that we won't sign anyone, but then I think the club are in a position where they have to sign someone due to pressure, I think Wenger and Gazidis are awesome, but regardless of what they claim, they know that the fans know that this time without doubt there is money in the bank to spend, and that this year for the first time in years is looking like a genuine chance to win the league. Surely our current scenario is the one envisaged when we first left Highbury, so surely having worked their balls off for the past four years against all odds, all that work to find ourselves in 2010 with one of the best stadiums in the world, a well balanced team, financially healthy and 4 points of the leaders with a game in hand with the youngest team in the EPL, after all that is the club going to look at where we are now and then in January go "Nah, we won't bother, we'll take the risk of making do". When I think of it like that I am certain Arsenal will sign at least a striker.
Professor Calculus
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09/01/2010 00:39:00

He wont buy anybody and come at the end he will say we had injuries that cost us winning the premiership. When summer comes we will sell two more players and get one. Thats the way this club will be doing in the transfer market
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09/01/2010 00:59:00

Its moments like these when I feel like tearing my hair apart. Wenger thought he was God and thought we would survive the loss of Flamini and Diarra and Bert and Hleb. Like ***** we did. And finally when our position in top 4 (thats all the ***** he cares about) was in danger he went and spent a truck load on Arshavin. And thinks his job is done - coz he got 4th position. Second time in 5 years we are again within grasp of the title and he is back to his bloody frustrating ways again. I am truly *****ed! Even if Nik comes back he is no RvP and if we strengthen we can really do something good. Both Utd and Chelsea are not in a position to spend.. all we need are 2 players but I know he wont buy. Why? Because he is bloody stubborn for his and our good.
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09/01/2010 01:08:00

The only reason he won't buy now is because he can't find anyone available now better than we already have. He wants to buy aand he has the money to buy - that much is clear but buying someone that you really aren't going to put in ahead of those we already have is pointless. Especially if he thinks he can get someone better for the longer term in the summer. These guys are thinking about the next few years as much as they are the next few months. Token buys are a complete waste of time.
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09/01/2010 01:14:00

Right on! Dberg. Arsene knows that the slightest hint that we are desperate for a striker (as is being espoused in the tabloids and blogs) will turn potential bargain buys to "big money stars", albeit undeservedly. This is part of the transfer window gamesmanship and Arsene hasn't been in it this long without knowing how to side step a few 'land mines' (1. Money to spend. 2. Desperate for striker.) that go with the negotiations for players' values/fees. I believe we shall buy a player because we do need (at least) one, even if for the feel good factor.
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09/01/2010 01:25:00

Amos, Wenger said today he doesn't see anyone who fits in short term. So does he mean he doesn't find anyone in the market who is better than Eduardo or Nik or Carlos? Again, Song could possibly come back knackered from ACN. He couldn't find someone to fill in for the position where our second real back up is Eastmond? Its all a joke. He knows he will get CL football next season.
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09/01/2010 01:29:00

Sajit - Arsene Wenger has consistently added top quality players to our squad over the last few years. Good experienced internationals. In seperate transfer windows he's bought Tomas Rosicky, Samir Nasri, Eduardo Da Silva, Andrei Arshavin and Thomas Vermaelen .... that is a core of top quality players. Whilst I'll agree that with a couple of excellent signings we're gunna really challenge this season, to say Arsene doesn't buy is a complete misnomer.
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09/01/2010 01:33:00

Oh, and Bacary Sagna too.
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09/01/2010 01:33:00

Naijagunner and Dberg, Im hoping against hope that you are right and I am wrong. But I havent been for a couple of transfer windows now. :-/
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09/01/2010 01:33:00

Rocky, all Im saying is that he doesn't buy when we actually need someone. We were desperately in need of some reinforcements when Paddy and Edu left but he did sod all, and when our position from top 4 (again thats his priority isn't it?) was in real danger he went out and splashed during the Jan 06 transfer window (which eventually saved our arses). Same thing last season. Whats the point in spending big next summer - if we win sod all this season?
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09/01/2010 01:38:00

Im not asking for reckless spending. Even a couple of players on loan would be fine.. but letting go of this chance to actually win something would be criminal.
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09/01/2010 01:40:00

The lack of signing of players after Paddy and Edu left was because Wenger saw a youngman by the name of Cesc Fabregas coming through ..... I think that move worked out kind of well, don't you? Over the past few years we haven't had much money, the money we have had Wenger has spent very wisely, he's brought in the players I listed above and secured long term contracts for our existing stars. Now we've begun to enter an era where we're seeing the fruits of Wenger's labour, and we've done it without falling out of the Champions League spots. The big picture seems like it's been a long time coming, but I believe we're about to get our first glimpse.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 01:42:00

If he doesn't buy/loan/acquire a striker/forward then yes it will be only because he can't find a player better than Eduardo/Bendtner/Vela or Walcott. Even if he identifies a player or players are they available? Does the club want to sell? If the club wants to sell does the player want to come? Can it all be done on terms that make sense for the club? It's all very easy behind a computer keyboard quite another thing when you are trying to find players with enough quality to make a difference. Denilson and Diaby would be the back ups for holding midfield but Wenger put a bid in for Melo last summer so he's apparently not against getting another midfielder - if he can get someone good enough. What's the point i spending in the summer if we win sod all this season? - So that we stand a better chance of winning something next season I'd imagine.
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09/01/2010 01:44:00

Completely agree with your last post Sajit!!! But I don't believe that you can use Wenger's actions of the last few seasons as a barometer of what he'll do in the near future. Whilst the media and other fans slag off Arsene for not winning a trophy since 2005, what he has actually achieved is damn near miraculous.
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09/01/2010 01:45:00

I think Prof put it well and agree with a lot of you guys. I HOPE Dberg is right too - it's just gamesmanship! ;)
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 01:56:00

yes we do need another striker... because bendtner is no good enough for us! we need a world class striker to come in, bendtners first touch is poor, and he neds 4 or 5 chances to score 1 goal.... i say bring in Klose
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 03:15:00

If Nik is fit we don't 'need' a striker, that doesn't mean we shouldn't still buy one. If there's a better option, or even if it's just as back up for Bendtner then it should be looked at. Our injury history is just to shaky to risk it while we're still in the title race.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 04:12:00

Definitely Arsene should buy a striker, the team needs to have depth, this is very important, the Champions league and the EPL will put strain on the team, and Bendtner is likely to get injured again, being that he will be pressured to play in so much matches.
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09/01/2010 04:56:00

I think he should buy Lacina Traore, he fits the bill of the players Arsene normally buys, He is young, unproven and he club is not asking a lot for him
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 05:06:00

Apart from Amos .. I almost cant tell that I'm actually in Vital Arsenal.. Keep the faith in him..
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 05:17:00

Sajit, you seem to already know what AW will do in the transfer market before hand. I am a currency trader. Could you please tell me how much the dollar would trade against the sterling a month from now?
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 06:12:00

deltaforce, so are you telling me I should not believe what Wenger says? I'd only be more than happy to do that!
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 06:53:00

No disrespect to what you have now. van persie appears not to be able to complete a season with some sort of long term injury. Bendtner is at best an average player and you have not replaced the great Henry nor anyone near the skills of the fabulous Denis Bergkampf. I thought your boss might have gone for Villa or Ribery or even Torres with liverpool in financial difficulties, even Rooney is not out of bounds. I would suggest Robinho, buthe is a homer and only plys when he wants to.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 07:08:00

The other thing is that AW raely buys in january simply because the prices are inflated.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 07:09:00

i think wenger is in two minds, knowing that Chamakh is very good player that could come for free in the summer and bringing a player that would mean not brining chamakh. so i am sure he would be looking for player that is better than chamakh. i really dont see any world-class player who is not CL-tied.
Gooner SA
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 08:48:00

Sajit, if you have been an Arsenal fan for even five years you would know very well to always take what Wenger says about transfers with a pinch of (read: ton of) salt.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 08:51:00

I have to agree with you Buzz. Bendtner isn't anything special at all and if Whinger is expecting big things from him then ARSEnal could be in for a rude shock come seasons end.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 08:52:00

Buzz Lightyear, it would be nice to have some data to back up your claim that Wenger rarely buys in January. He has bought Adebayor, Diaby, Walcott, Reyes and Arshavin just out of the top of my head in recent years in January. bluesnozza, yeah I would much rather trust your judgement on Bendtner than Wenger's. What the hell does he know anyway.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 09:27:00

I don't think it's unreasonable to still expect big things from Bendtner at his current stage of development. If you look at the careers of Ronaldo and Henry for example neither really showed many signs of what was to come at the age of 21/22. It was about the same age that Bergkamp started performing as a top class player instead of a promising youngster. The best judge of that in comparison to what is available on the market are the Arsenal coaches. Suggestions that we buy Villa, Ribery or Torres are nonsensical they simply aren't available. The way the transfer market is set up now any player worth having isn't likely to be completed until the end of the month - if at all.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 10:23:00

Nicklas Bendtner is a good solid player, and at an age with an attitude that means he will only get better. I still believe we could do with a striker to solidify our title charge this season, but those thinking (maily the City fans) that he's nothing special, need to spend more time watching him, this kid is class, and completely and utterly fearless. That will take him a long way.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 11:08:00

at the end of the day, theres no point going to spend £20mill on a player who will playy for half a season then be a bench warmer for when RVP returns. Its not going to happen. I think he will refer a loan move, but i do agree that we should get a striker in as were bound to have more injurys at some point, maybe even calling back Jay Simpson from his loan is a choice, hes done well at QPR. in my opinion, he will Sign Sol Campbell, im sure senderos will move on to get 1st team football for the WC. and MAYBE a striker, but not a torres kind of striker, one that will be like RVP, as in can play attacking left, attacking right, upfront. otherwise there really is no point unless we are going to sell a striker at end of season, and with Eduardo and walcott and RVP signing new deals, i think vela has as well and bendtner, it does not look like any of them will be going. So to round up, although i would love to see a signing, its not essential. if he doesnt sign anyone, we should have a load of moneyz for next season! then again with 1 striker out, maybe 1 should get 1 in to replace, again maybe on loan
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 11:27:00

If you look at Wengers spending trend over the past few years we haven't seen many flops. Sagna, Eduardo, Nasri, Vermaelen, Arshavin all good buys, good characters who fit into our system. When he went and rushed a last minute signing (Sylvestre) many moaned and that signing hasn't really been the most successful in recent periods so we cant have it both ways. I hope he has been working on something and he has a few options but I feel the player he really wants is Chamakh who isn't coming in January it would seem. If he does go for a short term Sylvestre type signing Saha seems to fit the bill, swap deal with Senderos anyone?
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 11:45:00

I still thinK Bendtner would play on the right when he returns. But I would be happy to see Rosicky/Nasri and Arshavin flanking him.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 12:20:00

Saha seems to be one of the few players that he hasn't dismissed outright, I think he would do well, is used to the prem so wouldn't need a settling in period liked a player from outside the prem would need. Plus he is over 30 and while wenter has been saying we are looking for a long term player I don't feel that is needed at all with our strikers being as young as they are, if we were talking about defence I would be thinking long term.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 12:27:00

If we had our full quota Tom then probably .... but not when we have a 6'3 strapping brute who can play well with his back to goal and head the ball to replace a Russain midget who plays much better elsewhere.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 12:31:00

We definitley do need a striker... I really like Niklas and he is getting there but hasn't quiet arrived yet, so expecting him to be the answer to our striking needs is not a safe bet. We need a seasoned player who is maybe in the Prem already and has more experience... Saha or the likes of Roque Santa Cruz fit that bill. It will be interesting to see what happens if we dont buy anyone - are any more of our lads going to step up? Icemans Senderos-Saha swap has an interesting ring to it!
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 12:50:00

I seem to be out of synch with most people. As far as I'm concerned we don't need another striker because we have a very good strike rate already, scoring from all areas of the pitch. This hasn't changed since RvP's absence either. Let's look at changing a good goalkeeper for an even better one and get some cover for our two, overworked, central defenders. Sol seemes a sensible signing to me.
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 13:10:00

Yes, We still need a striker, just in case Bendtner breaks down.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 13:54:00

Knowing our injury record, its a risk not signing anyone. True, Bendtner might come back, but what if (god forbid) Arshavin is injured after that? Obviously, Wenger will not simply accumulate a huge squad just for this reason, but adding 2 more players (I'll be ok with Campbell, actually I'm ok with Senderos if Wenger would actually play him but that aint happening) will be a prudent move.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 14:16:00

Is Bedtner good enough to win is a title? No way, and anyone who thinks so really needs to re-think. Bedtner can no do for us what RVP was doing for us. We need a new striker, a world class one. Bedtner, is NOT a world class striker.
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 14:23:00

Is Bendtner a 20 goal a season striker?
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
09/01/2010 17:25:00

FuiKaka, your comments are becoming increasingly and mind numbingly predictable.
Report Abuse
10/01/2010 07:26:00


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