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Picture: Maybe Adebayor Really Does Love Us?

Emmanuel Adebayor always maintained (well he did eventually) that he never wanted to leave Arsenal after his acrimonious departure to Manchester City, and it appears he might be telling the truth.

The leggy striker appeared on Sky Sports News today speaking about the horrific shooting at the ACN .... wearing an Arsenal t-shirt.

So either Ade still harbours a love for our great club, or he really did need a wage rise.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 12 2010

Time: 7:23PM

Your Comments

Right I aint seen the interview, but had untold texts etc about it. Is it some sort of mistake? Is he actually speaking today?!? Pls confirm he is!! Cheers
Look at the caption SW ... "Man City & Togo"
We knew this though yeah? It was always apparent to me he'd been pushed rather than jump. Wenger had totally had his fill of his diva behaviour, lack of effort, add to that the fact he was the main cause of friction and poor morale not to mention his godawful singing.
I can see that Rocky? Just wanted to make sure the interview was today. FFS!
Oh it's real. He was talking about the shooting. I was watching SSN about the Sol thing. I nearly CHOKED when I saw it. A major no-no if ever there was one. To be honest he was far more concerned about the Arsenal fans back in September. Guess all the bitterness is because he loves us after all!!LOL!
Why would I put it up if it weren't?
Has he been taking PR lessons from Paul Ince?
I think he's employed Hicks Jr to improve his fan relations. What the hell is he playing at? Why would you even still own our shirt let alone pack it for a tournament and wear it for an interview with a rolling news station. Like any more evidence was needed this blokes brain is truly non existant.
Cheers Julie
Lalala warm it up
lol - how to alienate yourself from the Citeh support!
I can't understand him. Did he do it deliberately and if so, WHY?
****in priceless!! Get that into u Cit£h lol
nobody takes that club seriously. this is really embarassing if ur a city fan. he is a grown up person and to do such a thing is like hitting the city fans below the belt. think he just wants out of city now n join a top club..
Well I have been over to Vital Citeh to say MY piece! Heh, heh. You couldn't make it up.
Great Poll btw ;o)
I don't think that there was anything calculated behind this, he only left the club 6 months ago and you shouldn't expect him to throw all his old arsenal clothes away. I dislike Adebayor for his antics in the past but right now is not the time to make fun of him considering the horror he went he through. Too soon guys... too soon.
I'm not making fun of him, I'm making fun of the City fans ... and they aint been through s*** :)
I disagree Rocky, they've had decades of it :)
I've just told vital citeh I saw him in an extended interview wearing Arsenal trackies :) **sits back, cracks beer and waits for explosion**
Rocky's right. It's Citeh we're making wise-cracks at and deservedly so.
So, who's going to the nuthouse first, sociopath Adebayor or falky Sol? You decide, this week on celebrity big brother. (Billy G is gonna have to do more than throw a strop in the centre circle to top this lot).
Little Dutch
I actually felt for Adebayor watching the interview. Someone mentioned earlier that his shirt might be a comforter (still doesn't explain why he packed it in the first place) .... but I'm wondering if this near death experience made him realise what he truly loves?? .... yeah maybe not.
And Gonedrone, on the ACN thread, I think we made it pretty clear that we had sympathy with Ade over what happened and that we wouldn't have wished something like that on him. We're all decent-minded people here. It was just a puzzling sight to say the least and seemed like a good opportunity to wind-up Citeh fans and their ilk.
You lot are so funny - NOT!
tudor give us a smile, tudor tudor give us a smile
Awwww, Tudor, come on now. You're not big time until you get the s*** ripped out of you at every opportunity.
Maybe I'm a dreamer but there is a distinct possibility that given the shocking near-death experience of the weekend, he has had a re-evaluation of things in his life and this was his way of possibly apologising to Arsenal fans for inflammatory actions and trying to make peace with us? It mightn't actually be his own shirt that he packed you know. There's plenty of AFC fans in Africa, maybe he borrowed it to wear for this interview and make a point. I don't know. Is that too far-fetched?
i think he needs help and its there for everyone to see - lets face it if he wants to wear an ARSEnal shirt he needs to be taken into the funny farm to sort his napper out.
You can never count out anything with Ade ... the dude is on another planet.
Whatever, he'll have most likely packed it with him, either that or he went out of his way to get it and wear itfor the interview. If he wanted a cocnciliatory gesture, he could have just said it. In truth, I think he'sjust so deluded and sociopathic that he doesn't think about his actions rationally. It all adds up, his actions with the contract, the interviews prior to leaving us and then playing us, his celebration, the arrest for punching his missus back in 2007, his fall outs with Togo and Monaco. It all adds up to someone who is not mentally sound at all.
Little Dutch
Well Bluemooner, there are only a few clubs in world football with true class, pedigree and history, whose shirts are DE RIGEUR around the world. Arsenal is one of them so and your bunch of johnny-come-lately, too-lazy-to-actually-earn-anything-properly, upstarts with a big fat sugardaddy is most certainly NOT one of them. Money can't buy class. Keep your mouth shut until you've actually proved something, which you haven't.
Haha bluemooner - FKN TOLD!! This picture is hilarious. Honestly, i don't like what happened to him, but he is an absolute *****. What the hell goes through his head sometimes?
Here is my take on it. I think his eyes have been opened after the shooting incident. He must have realized how lucky in life he actually is in life and how he has let money blind him. If he has his head in the right place, what a terrific striker he will be!
It's just a frigging shirt.
Essienic, you'd happily be photographed wearing an Arsenal shirt then? After all, "it's just a frigging shirt."
Little Dutch
Too true, LD. What's with all this, "It doesn't matter what he wears in his own time" stuff? Have I missed something? Since when was it ok for a contracted player at one club to be caught on camera wearing the insignia of a rival club in the same league?? Somebody mail Drogba quick to let him know that while he's in Africa, it's cool if he feels like wearing a ManU shirt when talking to the press. Yeah, pull the other Essienic.
And what with both Sol Campbell being re-signed and Adebayor thinking he's still a Gunner, I have decided that henceforth, yesterday should be known as "Tripping Tuesday."
LD re your previous post I think it all adds up to him simply being a berkely hunt
I honestly, all joking aside, am convinced he has a borderline personality. It all adds up, absolutely textbook case.
Little Dutch
I don't think he jumped. He walked to the edge of the cliff, realised that Beyonce wasn't there to catch him, turned around and came face to face with Arsene, who prodded him off the edge.
I think he's madder than Mad Jens.
no one is more mad than Jens. he's not mad at all, he's plain ridiculous..
It just shows that Adebayor is unable to understand the principle of allegiance. He has failed to understand the adverse impact of wearing the colours of a competitor would have on City fans. This neatly mirrors other events in his life. Adebayor lives and works for Adebayor and everything else is to be used and exploited for the cause – his cause.
Sir Henry
My explanation is this: he's distressed. He needed something to wear. It was the only thing clean. Haven't you worn the company t-shirt you half inched after leaving? That's about it. Oh and don't be a hypocrite Sir Henry. You were probaly gleeful when Campbell defected so don't start lecturing people about allegiance. He stabbed Spurs in the back, but when the shoes' on the other foot?
Jinkin Jimmy Dimmock
Do any of you have any idea why he wore it?
100% prepared
Jimmy - I bet most of us have worn the company tshirt after leaving the job ...... but never to another interview.
thanks filthy but the reason is pretty irrelevant tbh, we were just glad to have another opp to chuckle and make you lot squirm again so soon after bumlickgate.
What is relevant is your ability to laugh at a tragic event because you don't like someone. Bit pathetic really, do you laugh at road traffic accidents? Would seem about your level.
Keep twisting and sheikhing there filthy, it's the Brits way to laugh in the face of tragedy dontcha know, to tweak the nose of terror. Never heard a 9/11 or a Diana or a Michael jackson joke and chuckled? Besides I'm not even laughing at Barndoor I'm laughing at you lot, so please jump down off the nauseating and desperately ill fitting moral high ground.
Laughing at us for what exactly? A simple explanation for the incident has been proffered by the man himself, does that not make you look rather assinine with your feeble attempts to storm our front page and wind us up over nothing? It does from where I'm sitting! And please spare me the patronising smugness of a lecture on humour, you sound like a blind man trying to explain a Renoir.
asinine was that? dear oh dear have to say I'm not holding out a lot of hope for the novel matey. Whats it about?
It's about a man with delusions of grandeur who is repeatedly undermined by his overweening smugness. Initially the man is well received, and is even encouraged by others of similar bent, but when he ventures into the wider world others begin to see through his jocular facade, and grow tired of his inflated egotism. Oh, and his jokes are pants.
Sounds a winner, booker here we come! there was me thinking it's a fairy tale about a humble little club who has lived it's entire existence in the shadow of a big evil club. Then one day as if by magic a wonderful white robed saviour appears and releases the citizens from the evil spell the big red empire has held over them for all eternity by throwing ****loads of magic golden beans everywhere the castle of old trafford crumbles away and everyone lives happily ever after. written by filthycolumn age 14 and a half.
filthycolumn, so you're ghost writing Adebaypr's autobiography?
Little Dutch
Or maybe 'Obsession', the dark story of one mans relentless infatuation of another man, to the point where he is using the name of his unsuspecting victim of manly love stalking as part of his signature on a football forum. A thriller that rapidly turns into a tragedy with a heavy dose of farce.
Adebayor, In City Shirt, Asks For Recovery Time
Johnny Baguette
Oh STFU and grow the hell up, fifthy! Geezus h krist your personal petty little hobby is to constantly come on to this blog and scold and lecture us with endless sanctimonious screeds, shouting from your smug perch of moral superiority to us evil gooners for whom you have some kind of personal hate obsession -- yes, ok, we all eat babies, we all worship Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin, we all think Saddam Hussein was the greatest thing since beer and pizza and we all take ENORMOUS pleasure in seeing former players get SHOT and almost KILLED in a war zone! We fantasize about it every night in fact! It's our idea of a GOOD TIME! Every single gooner thinks that way, in fact! There, are you happy now? Does that make you feel so much better and proud to be among the Chosen Few Who Are Right and Good? Now go home and get the f---k out of here and stop soiling your precious superior self by associating with us devil worshippers, ok little boy? Geezus, GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELF!
And one more thing, fifthy. I feel sorry for your friends and family (surely you don't have a wife or girlfriend) -- they must get very tired of your constant scowl of moral self-righteousness and lack of humor. I'm sure they flee your company whenever you're around in order to avoid being bored out of their minds, or being subjected to yet another scolding.
My wife is a GOONER from Enfield. Cheers all the same though Jaelle!
Still trying to rile us about a non-event concerning a player you don't like, and would never want back? Nothing on TV? No friends to call?
@ Bluefoxy to answer your questions - Nope, damn right, just watched Reading beat Liverpool and enjoyed a 45 min chat with my bro as we laughed at Lolerpool. Hope that answers you. Now you're here because? Oh yeah because we're not over at yours talking to you on that article that you've specifically asked us not to comment on.
I didn't ask you not to comment on any article. In fact I haven't requested anything of you today.
No thats true and I didn't mean you personally, but I see we've been asked not to comment and from what I see that's been respected.
Know nothing about that, but I can hazard a guess, from most of the previous posts from many of the posters from this site ...
Yet another moral high grounder lol, obviously someone hacked your account foxy and posted the word wibble on our forum repeatedly recently. :) I suggest you report it - this scoundrel must be brought to justice.
Again, no idea what you are going on about
Its embarrassing to watch
Don't watch then (whatever it is). Catch ya later
Then here you are good sir, a link to some clown having obviously compromised your account taking the opportunity to ridicule your high moral compass and position as intellectual cornerstone of the vital community by posting the word 'wibble' 4 times in a row :)
It was actually more than four times Niko, we delete about 20 of them. Proper levels of intelligence there, but then I guess it would take that level of intelligence to believe that the first guy Adebayor asked for a shirt had one that fit him and it just happened to be an Arsenal shirt, and he just happened not to notice.
Wow. Man City fans are ridiculous. Seriously, stop acting like it didn't bother you. Stop acting like you wouldn't laugh at every Rag if you saw Michael Owen doing an interview in a Liverpool shirt? You'd be all over them like flies on *****. Hypocritical *****ers. ***** off and enjoy that moron some more. Not one Arsenal fan in here mentioned the shootings? Not one laughed at it or made jokes of it? You're fkn pathetic. Put it down to whatever you want, but Adebayor has packed that shirt, taken it with him to Africa (this is before the shootings yes?) and then made a concious decision to wear it, during an interview that would be shown worldwide? Haha. Yeh, that doesn't bother you at all does it? That's why you're getting so fired up, because it DOESN'T bother you.
20 times lol! So foxy, a mod on their forum posted the word wibble 20 times yet comes here and has the feckin cheek to call us out about our posters on their site lol, those guys aren't really representative of citehs support are they? Citehs support are generally up for a craic and full of half decent banter, this lot are a bunch of paranoid, siege mentality ridden, overly precious, chuckle free halfwits! We have so relentlessly and mercilessly owned them we could probably legally get away with changing the name of VA to Vital Sheikh Mansour.
just be really thankfull, Fuikaka, that it wasn't any of your relatives. a squabble over a T shirt. and shame on both City and Arsenal fans nd the media, at at time when thoughts should have been on the more serious aspect here.
Buzz Lightyear
Jeez, when did Citeh fans become so bloody dull? Nobody's making any jokes about what happened in Angola and you all know it, it's just a cheap deflection attempt. Buzz's post and others remind me of that bit in Withnail and I, when the Irish guy squares up to Withnail in a pub and he starts to cry and says, "I have a heart condition, if you strike me it's murder!"
Little Dutch
Glad that Adebayor was okay after the terrible events that happened in Angola, Didnt understand the photo though!

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