Arsenal - Sharp looking Clichy
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Sharp looking Clichy

Gael Clichy last played in the 3-0 romp over our North London neighbours back at the end of October. In the months that he has been absent through injury we have used three different players in the left back role with Gibbs swiftly becoming a long term absentee himself with a broken metatarsal then followed by Traore and Silvestre.

While the team has coped fairly well without the French left back his return offers some respite from the catalogue of first choice injuries we have endured this season. His experience will be a valuable asset to our hopes for this season.

It is not yet clear whether Gael force can be deployed in the upcoming game against Bolton but it seems to be a possibility as Wenger tells us that:

"Gael Clichy is available and he might be in the squad.

"I don't want to go overboard with Gael because he has been out for a long time - but he looks very, very sharp in training."

Rather more certain is that our midfield fulcrum, Cesc Fabregas will return for the Bolton game.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 14 2010

Time: 1:48PM

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Hmmmm, I sense another, "Arsenal rush player back from injury so he quickly gets crocked again" style scenario. This injury he already has is a result of bringing him back too early when he hadn't quite recovered from the last back injury and we've made the same mistake with Denilson about three times in the last few weeks.
Little Dutch
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14/01/2010 14:03:00

I dont think we should rush any of our players back at the minute, we have a hard set of 4 games coming up after the 2 Bolton Games so i think we should be patient with Clichy's injury.
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14/01/2010 14:36:00

How long was he initially out for? I don't know, so don't know how "rushed" this return is. It'll be nice to have him and Cesc back.
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14/01/2010 14:37:00

End of october i think he was injured. Sometimes you dont have a choice but to risk bringing a player back early. Traore and Sylvestre are not ideal replacements coming in to this tough run of fixtures. We currently have 10 players on the sidelines with Eboue & Song in Africa. Risks might haveto be taken if we want to win anything.
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14/01/2010 14:52:00

Also i just noticed Cameroon lost the opening game. Hopefully they can lose one more of the last 2 fixtures and Song can be home in 2 weeks
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14/01/2010 14:54:00

Good to have Clichy back. If he is, indeed, looking sharp, why not throw him in at the deep end, early enough? We need all the re-inforcements we can get, at this time.
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14/01/2010 14:59:00

Don't start dreaming too soon, Paul. The ACN big guns will usually start slowly (cos the minnows will prepare hard for that first game, then drop subsequently) and rev up the engine in subsequent games. Cameroon will be in for the long haul, I think; at least, up to the semis.
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14/01/2010 15:10:00

Clichy got a back injury in early April last year- which in itself was a recurrence of an old injury- and missed the rest of the season and was only fit enough to join pre season training a week later than his team mates. The season before, the exact same thing, a back injury took him out in early April and he missed the rest of the season. Back injuries are serious for a footballer, particularly one who relies on mobility as much as Clichy. Rio Ferdinand was rushed back from back injuries last season and we all know how his campaign has gone thus far. This isn't just a short term risk, it's a long term one. I don't personally know how fit or unfit Clichy is of course, all I'm saying is that he only started training a week ago following three months out and on Sunday it looks like we're going to put him up against Kevin Davies (who drifts out to the right for Bolton). It doesn't bode well for me and Arsenal have shown masses of evidence this season that they simply refuse to learn that rushing players back leads to longer term problems. Already this season, Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott, Denilson, Fabianski, Clichy and Bendtner have all come back from injury for one match before being injured again.
Little Dutch
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14/01/2010 15:11:00

All good points LD .... though I'll say the Cesc risk was well worth it ... lol
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14/01/2010 15:17:00

Yeah I watched the game between Gabon and Cameroon. Pretty awful stuff really. Gabon scored early and then parked the bus. Cousin from Hull scored the winning goal, must have brought back bad memories for Alex :-) That Hull game was the last time I was at the Emirates, but thanks to my Silver membership coming through this year I am off to see the mighty gunners take on Utd at the end of the month. Not sure any of our boys would be rushed back, ok Cesc played against Villa when he wasn't fully fit, but those were exceptional circumstances. News today that Torres needs surgery and will be out for 6 weeks. Who would be a Liverpool supporter these days, ai ai ai!
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14/01/2010 15:21:00

Yeh I hope they don't rush him There is a lot of the season still to come
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14/01/2010 16:04:00

I dont think he will start for the awya Bolton game. I just would feel more confident with him at left back vs Villa, United & chelsea rather than Traore.
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14/01/2010 16:34:00

Great to have him back.
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14/01/2010 17:20:00

Check these two articles out: and
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14/01/2010 19:37:00

Offtopic Check out this footage of our new kid. Wellington. He is no 11 for Fluminense FC. And he has already won at OT :)
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15/01/2010 03:34:00

Sajit, I've been watching Wellington for awhile (I'm Brazilian) -- as well as Douglas Costa. I was quite surprised when I first heard that Arsenal had gotten Wellington. Like most Brazilians, I have mixed feelings seeing our best kids head off to Europe. I do like seeing them come to Arsenal. :-D I just resent it that clubs like Utd and Spurs get them. ;-) (I'm still mad that Utd got Anderson and the twins). I'm very annoyed with Internacional (one of Brazil's greatest clubs) entering into a partnership with Spurs (who are now getting Sandro from their academy). Poor taste on Internacional's part, really dum. They deserve better partners.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 17:17:00

I'm more than happy United got Anderson. He is supposed to be the replacement for Scholes *tries hard to stifle laughter*
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 17:29:00

Luckily Jaelle Arsenal play the most fluid & brazillian lik football in europe with the exception of Barcelona
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 17:29:00

AND ANOTHER OFF-TOPIC POST, directed to Little Dutch: I've been catching up on all the VA articles I missed during the holidays. LD, your article on Henry was outstanding, I've filed it away and sent the link to several friends. However, I have to ask about your repeated use of the word "Gaelic" to refer to Henry and other French players. Uh, don't you mean "Gallic"? Unless Henry has Irish ancestry? :-D Also, I LOLed at your reference to the women's bathroom at Pompey (or toilet). I too love Fratton Park but I had a couple of awkward and memorable (and funny) experiences there when trying to use their bathroom.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 17:30:00

LD, I'm not crazy about Anderson either and I wouldn't want him at Arsenal (esp. because he's one of the most obnoxious, arrogant little ****s in all of football, you should hear some Brazil fans joke about him) -- it's a petulant thing on my part, I just don't like Utd or Chelsea or Spurs getting ANY Brazilians.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 17:32:00

paul, unfortunately, Brazil haven't played Barca-like football in a long time. *sigh*
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 17:33:00

Hello Jaelle, I had posed a question to you in one of the other threads , but guess you never saw that.. What is your opinion about Zezinho? Btw, I dont know if the Zezinho deal is still on because we got that Bolivian kiddo.
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15/01/2010 18:39:00

I have a question for you Jaelle too. What is likely to start in the attacking positions for Brazil come the world cup. Does one of my fav players Pato usually start? I love the Duck
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 19:23:00

Hi Sajit, no I didn't see your question re Zezinho. He's been repeatedly called in the Brazilian press "the revelation from Juventude." Now, Juventude are in Serie B and there aren't a lot of Serie B games shown on the two Brazilian channels I subscribe to here in the US. I've seen him play in 3 games only but I did see him in the U17 South American championships, which Brazil won. I like what I've seen, he scored a cracking goal against Portuguesa and he provided the only creativity on the pitch in two tough games during the U17s. He's inventive and incredibly brave. He doesn't care how big an opponent is, and tho he's an attacking player, he loves to put in wild, committed tackles - he has this attitude about the ball, like it belongs only to him and no one else deserves to have it (he'll need to reign that in). He needs some discipline, he gets easily provoked. This article from Esporte Brasil dated Dec. 28 is entitled "Juventude should confirm sale of midfielder Zezinho at the start of 2010": . Arsenal are the only club mentioned and the article assumes it's a done deal that he's coming to Arsenal. The article also states that Arsenal have been trying to get him for some time now, bidding twice before unsuccessfully. The writer thinks Arsenal are waiting for the January window which coincides with a new club president to come in, who is more amenable to the transfer than the previous one was. All the articles about him in the Brazilian press only mention Arsenal and repeatedly state that the club has had a number of bids turned down but refuse to give up on him.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 19:28:00

paul, Pato is way way down on Dunga's list. He rarely calls him up. Dunga feels Pato needs to grow as a player -- he feels that Pato has not learned enuf of how to be an effective striker. He thinks Pato has yet to learn how to effectively and consistently create space and get away from tough man-marking. He thinks Pato has talent, he just doesn't think he's good enuf yet to be a regular starter on the national team. A lot of us wonder if he'll even be called up for the wc. Some Brazilians condemn Dunga for not calling him up (Diego too), some agree with him. For attackers, Dunga relies on Luis Fabiano as the main striker, followed by Nilmar. In midfield, he relies on Kaka, and Robinho to a lesser extent. In his last two wc qualifiers (Brazil was already qualified), Dunga experimented and called up Porto's Hulk for the first time. It's a good team but not terribly exciting.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 19:57:00

Off topic, Eboue got himself sent off (Ivory coast V Ghana), with his country leading 1-0. Game now 3-0, with a 3rd by Drogba, who did not do much (sorry, Arsene) all game long. They are as good as through to the last 8 of the tournament, now. Well, it is Song we want back early, right?
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 20:19:00

Naija, good for Eboue, that means he'll get a rest and won't play so many games. :-)
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 20:26:00

I guess, Jaelle. Game ended 3-1, btw.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 20:40:00

If in doubt jaelle, blame it on the spellcheck :-) I had to forward the Henry one to several people too because a lot of people had built up the idea I didn't like him, which is untrue. I criticised him a lot on his last two seasons and I think rightly so. In truth, I think he should have gone a year earlier. That said, when you're talking about the guy's Arsenal career as a whole, you're talking 98% positive. In fact, scrap "positive" 98% out of this world.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 20:52:00

LD, some people have a hard time making distinctions, like the idiots who can't grasp the notion that you can criticize a player yet still support him on the pitch and sincerely hope he proves your doubts wrong. I remember your criticisms of Henry during his last two seasons and agreed with him. I thought it was a good thing for Arsenal for him to leave when he did. What maddens me is how time and subsequent events (and his failures) have allowed a new narrative to be written about Henry, wiping out his brilliance, reducing him to a cheat and a bottler. This disgusts me. It's like the morons who reduce Zidane to a headbutt, or Maradona to the hand of god. In the thread for your Henry article, some spuddie (of course) interjected that he failed in the CL final and cheated against Ireland yadayadayada - as if that's all he was about. What your article captured was the moment of genius we all witnessed, a moment in which sport became something else entirely -- something very rare, intangible and inspirational. Something that Cronaldo has never provided. It was breathtaking to witness. The kind of thing that makes people who've been watching the sport for decades, who've seen it all and think nothing can move them anymore -- stand up in awe, like children. It's like how old madridistas who'd been watching football since before WWII responded to Zidane in his first season there, when he hadn't yet faded--I saw this for myself at the Bernabeu once. Cynical and jaded, having seen it all, they'd react like kids, a few even crying. That's what Henry did. And that's what Arsene Wenger gave us.
Report Abuse
15/01/2010 21:46:00

Aww poor jaelle has to support one of the top 3 countries in the world right now. Boo hoo ;)
Report Abuse
16/01/2010 07:40:00

All i can say is 'thank *****' ...Thought Gibbs was doing a decent job in cover his injury came very quickly, Troare suffered greatly against a decent right flank attack, Silvestre had one surprisingly good game but we all know what the chances of him follow that up with a second good game are. Gibbs is still young enough to have decent speed but old enough to have the head for posistioning and we look better with him in the squad.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 05:05:00


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