Arsenal - A Victory For Arsenal & For Football
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A Victory For Arsenal & For Football

Have the urban myths that Arsenal 'don't like it up 'em', can't beat teams in the North and that Bolton are Arsenal's bogey team been well and truly dispelled after a 2-0 victory over Bolton at the Reebok today?

Probably not.

However the truth is that this vital victory in the chase for the Premier League title was a victory not just for Arsenal, but for football and football lovers everywhere.

Long has been the myth that if you get in Arsenal's faces they can't cope, and that Bolton's 'physical' style of football cause Arsenal untold troubles, yet despite the fact that the Gunners have triumphed in six consecutive league meetings between the two teams, that myth won't go away.

Describing Boton as a 'physical team' is as misleading as them describing themselves as a 'football team'. Truth be told they substitute their lack of talent for a style of football that wouldn't look out of place in a Sunday league team.

Today, Arsenal proved that style and substance is more than a match for over zealous challenges, snide digs and general c**tishness.

Bolton fans often refer to us as Southern Softies and that players like Kevin Davies have our number, yet once again 'Elbows' Davies was nowhere, completely nullified by Vermaelen who has the physical presence and the talent to be able to play football.

Arsenal's football has everybody drooling again, and when you draw plaudits from people like Richard Keyes and Jamie Redknapp, well you know you're doing well.

Andy Gray pointed out today that Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres have played more games together this season than Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie, and when you consider another 2-0 victory against Bolton on Wednesday will put us to the top of the league, you just have to be impressed with the way we've improved mentally and physically this season.

Whether we have what it takes regain the title this season remains to be seen, but the vast improvement from recent seasons is as plain as the elbows on Davies' arms, and that's whilst suffering crippling injuries and playing magnificent football.

It's exciting times at the Grove that's for sure.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 17 2010

Time: 6:47PM

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we look forward to a thrilling title chase but let's sure it ends up in London and not remaining in Manchester!
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17/01/2010 18:51:00

I can't see United winning it again. Of course you can never write them off, but they just seem to be missing something this year. It's going to take a mammoth effort to get past (and stay past) Chelsea this season, they are very very strong, but we have a chance. Let's see how far we can go.
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17/01/2010 18:52:00

I couldn't be more proud of the manner in which our team plays, one of the most entertaining teams in the world and even though we have a player in Bentdner who is a more physical player he still has the guile and soft touch that seems to be innate in all arsenal players
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17/01/2010 19:03:00

I think the fact that lots of our players have been together a long time now they're feeling a bond and are fighting for each other. It's awesome to see these players fighting for each other like brothers. Cant wait for Wednesday now.
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17/01/2010 19:07:00

Indeed Rocky. To add to the mystery, we got 1 more yellow card than Bolton too. lol
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17/01/2010 19:10:00

So much for the southern softies BS
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17/01/2010 19:23:00

Right on, there, Rocky. I will describe the attitude of the team as that of a Gang (one for all and all for one). Did you see Rosicky attempt to avenge Diaby or the way Sagna gave Taylor the treatment few minutes after he pulled Fab's hair? It is that edge that has been missing all those trophyless seasons; smetimes, we have to play good football but win the battles of the uglies, as well. It is looking good, I tell you.
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17/01/2010 19:29:00

Pssst! Don't want to speak too soon but but Song may just be coming back early, as most fans have wished. It is Zambia 1, Cameroon 0, at half time. Just to regale you in some (East) African style commentary, it was a goal by MULENGA, off a cross by CHAMANGA, who was released on the left flank by a pass from KALABA, after a clearance by NYIRENDA. The Cameroonians are not taking it lying down, though. Fingers crossed, they lose this one and Song could be back by the weekend.
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17/01/2010 19:37:00

Ohhh they got some abuse from the away crowd. Not more than Almunia, but their fair share '-)
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17/01/2010 19:54:00

btw Wenger really does love the word "interesting" a lot. he uses it so many times on so many different things in his interview. our league position is interesting, eastmond was interesting as well lol, never a dull moment with Arsene..
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 19:56:00

He is pretty interesting luckys!
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 19:56:00

******** crap, just started watching Cameroon game and they go 2-1 up
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 20:03:00

How poor were Bolton? A few years back you could rely on a good few leg breakers, some elbows a few sly kicks but now they only pull hair?! Whats the premiership coming to when our 'ardest' set of monkeys can only pull hair? tut tut.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 20:03:00

Yup, it was immensely satisfying, and still astonishing that we've still got this ridiculous reputation for being rubbish up north and against bolton, we've battered them over and over again. @Naija, yah, you spoke too soon fella! 2-1 cameroon eto on 72 mins.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 20:04:00

Come on Zambia. They were 1-0 up for 65 minutes and now 2-1 down. But if Zambia score this penalty....... Yes get in there. Lets hope Cameroon can go out and Song back now
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 20:11:00

Never mind they scored again and won the game.
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17/01/2010 20:28:00

Well, I told you not to start dreaming too early, Paul, didn't I. Game ended Cameroon 3, Zambia 2. Let's see if they win their last game. Song was immense for them, though.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 20:41:00

I hope Wenger can convince Fran that he has a future here. And I feel Wenger will do all he can too.
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17/01/2010 20:54:00

Oh please... " a victory for football" for around 90% of your enture existence you played a dire style of football, unimaginative and horrid on the eye. Granted under Wenger you play great football but dont ******** kid yourself. You didnt invent 1 touch football and youre not even the best at it now rocky
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 21:06:00

Oh God! The flies are here.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 21:11:00

We may not have always Hudders but we do now, whassup lad bored of the 'oh well at least we got a point at home to Hull thread' on Vital sp*rs?
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17/01/2010 21:15:00

I dont think Bolton were poor at all. They played pretty well and could have got something from the match. But we deserved to win.
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17/01/2010 21:26:00

Bolton played anti-football. Those guys are thugs. What was that move on Fabregas? A training ground manoeuvre, perhaps? Bolton annoy me to the core, they were blatantly trying to do a number on Cesc and not trying to play ball. I hate those guys. Hopefully we can do them good on Wed.
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17/01/2010 21:35:00

nearly 14 years of some of the worlds best football is a pretty long time hudd... so yeah, I'd say it was a victory for football. Toddle off now..
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17/01/2010 21:38:00

90% of the spuds existence has been mediocrity with more than a touch of catastrophic f*'k ups so you have to forgive HS for his bitter rant. He remembers the days when the world looked up to sp*rs as the pass masters, when they swept all before them claiming a huge haul of 2 titles (The same amount as Sol Campbell). We of course ripped off the blue print provided by Bill Nick and carried on by Osvaldo Ardiles, Gerry Francis and Christian dare we.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 21:50:00

Good 3 points against your bogey side
Tiny T
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 21:51:00

@tiny t - we've beaten them 6 times in a row now, hardly a bogey team mate - just another media inspired falsehood.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 22:13:00

For you to acurately put forward that opinion HY you'd have to be around 100 years old and been to many Arsenal games ..... that said if you are 100 years old you'll be one of the few Spurs fans left alive who actually saw your shower of s**** win the league. Well done on that ;)
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 22:32:00

Is it me or is this the very type of encounter that Sol would falter under the pressure from Bolton in the Allardyce days? Thinking of that makes me wonder why the hell we have this guy back now!
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 22:41:00

good win neighbours. i come in peice as a spurs and a football fan. glad to see these annoying 10men behind the ball bullies get what they deserve. negative footballing teams should banned
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 22:51:00

Why so bitter HY, pressures of getting in to the top 4 too much.
Report Abuse
17/01/2010 23:18:00

Bolton did have a few chances, but just couldn't take, where as We did! Roll on Wednesday!
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 02:33:00

Almunia had a pretty decent game as well...much more commanding and his catches were a lot better...
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 03:39:00

King Fab is gonna win is the title!
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 05:44:00

"substitute their lack of talent for a style of football that wouldn't look out of place in a Sunday league team." More like an NFL game. Very good write up keep it up.
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 06:56:00

Would it not be great to have Arsenal, Clelsea and Spurs finishing in that order it would definitely knock the **** off those Northwest guys or whayever they call themselves especially the Manchester groud.
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 07:00:00

Of course, given that we play them again on Wednesday, Bolton had one extra impetus to kick Cesc off the park, but the boy's class told through. Dowd handled the game astonishingly badly and allowed things to heat up when he should have been punishing Bolton players. Rosicky could have walked for his reaction possibly, but if the ref had the balls to pull up Zat Knight for kicking Diaby in the first place, it wouldn't have happened. Despite the fact TR7 was a bit rash there, as with Nasri against Hull, it's good to see our players sticking up for themselves again instead of just whingeing. Nice guys win nothing, Arsenal seem to have got a bit of snarl back.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 08:22:00

The sooner we can get the bigger clubs back into the top flight, Such as the Forests, Leeds of this world the better. Far too many little Towns from the NW. Their ignorance is astounding. Charging £2.80 for a pint's a **** knock n all, was only 99p in Burn-leh!
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 09:44:00

I think Bolton have been done a bit of an injustice here. Not throught the result but they weren't as thuggish as some sides are against us. And (say it quietly) but they actually played some decent stuff to get in behind Traore at times (not hard I know). I do think we, as Gooners, get a little bit over-protective of Cesc at times. I was pleased to see the lads sticking up for themselves (Rosicky imparticular).
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 11:37:00

Why does Kevin Davies get linked to the England squad? Carthouse with a hint of thuggery.
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 11:51:00

Yep, that's exactly why Nellup
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 12:43:00

Nellup: Kevin Davies being linked with England, is in the same context as Mr blobby getting the Christmas number 1. Football as in the music industry always has to have an unbelievable joke of an outside bet for the unthinkable...all be it, in the music industry this actually far in football it hasn't, unless you put Carlton Palmer in that category.... 27th Jan- 10th Feb....Come May we will look back at that period as the breaking or making of our season,if its the later, then that will also be a victory for Arsenal and a victory for football, proving that you can still do it the good old fashioned way and we don't all need a sugar daddy to be crowned kings of England.
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 13:18:00

You are not as good as you think you are and will be found out later in the season. And wasn't that nice Fabregas involved in a spitting incident earlier in the season?
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 13:44:00

adlington2, no, no he wasn't. Next question.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 13:52:00

adlington2, Phil Brown and Brian Hor*on were found to be lying about the so called spitting incident by an independent committee. Get updated on news before commenting please.
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 15:26:00

And it wasn't this season. Really, really, really ******** hate small town mentality. Absolutely backward.
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 15:36:00

A bit like when the Bolton fans were chanting "You're gonna win ***** all." Seriously, Bolton fans singing that? I could take it from United and, at a stretch, from Chelsea, but Bolton???
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
18/01/2010 18:27:00

I don't understand how after that game, they had 1 yellow and we had 2? Seriously, some of there tackles were down right vicious and it's a disgrace. Even at my level of football there is no excuse for that style of play. Lose with grace and honour and you can call yourself football players. Otherwise your just a bunch of sore losing cocks.
Report Abuse
19/01/2010 04:27:00

I was quite happy for Rosicky to do what he did, becuase the fact of the matter is, it should have never got that far because the ref should've given Knight a yellow for doing it to Diaby first. But what it does show is Comradery, Rosicky was avenging his team mate. Togetherness gets you a very long way in team sports.
Report Abuse
19/01/2010 04:34:00

Oh please... " a victory for football" for around 90% of your enture existence you played a dire style of football, unimaginative and horrid on the eye. Granted under Wenger you play great football but dont ******** kid yourself. You didnt invent 1 touch football and youre not even the best at it now rocky HuddersfieldYiddo---I seem to remembner Spu*s oplaying that style of football for about 20 years and being a medicore pile of horse s**t for the rest of tehir existence? Did that escape your rather lacking memory? Fact is we are light years ahea diof any one in England at this football and only a truly legendary team like Carcelona can claim to match or surpass our standard of football. CL? You're havin' a laugh twitchy!
Report Abuse
21/01/2010 12:52:00


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