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AW Says Sorry For Foul, I Wouldn't Have Bothered

Arsenal, however temporarily, once again sit high atop the Premier League table courtesy of a stonking 4-2 victory over Bolton in a crucial game at Ashburton Grove last night.

The game however was not without it's controversy as William Gallas left Bolton's Mark Davies with a suspected broken ankle after a 50/50 challenge went, shall we say, 'wrong'.

To compound the situation the incident led to Arsenal scoring their second, and equalising goal that set us well on our way to securing top spot in the league.

Arsene Wenger apologised for the tackle (but not for playing on) after the game. 'I am sorry if the tackle was not good, and I apologise. However, to complain that we went on to play, I think that is unfair. The players did not even know what was happening behind them, whether the player has got up again or not.'

'I don't believe you can kick the ball out every time a player is down when you win the ball. That is why they changed the rules.

'Remember Everton, I did not think they should have kicked the ball out and it was a much more obvious situation because Denilson went down, they got the ball and might have gone 3-1 up. I said after the game that it was okay.

'We got some tackles, some big ones, but we had to cope with it. I am sorry if it is a foul, but it didn't look dirty from outside.'

Fair play to the manager for apologising, he's a bigger man than I. Whilst I sympathise for the player personally and hope he makes a speedy recovery, you wouldn't find me offering any apologies to Bolton for all the toffee at Everton.

Long have we suffered at the elbows, stud and hands of Bolton, indeed it has often been popular opinion that if Bolton get 'in our faces' we can't cope with it, leading to a myriad of clubs adopting the rough house tactics and kicking us off the park and crying 'Arsenal don't like it up 'em'.

'Pansies' they cry, 'Southern softies' can be heard in the back ground 'whingers' also a popular tag, yet when we have to tenacity to fight back we're labeled 'dirty', 'cheats' and 'scumbags'.

'HYPOCRITES' I yell in reply. People complaining about Arsenal complaining? Fans and media crying like baby girls about Arsenal adopting the same shit-house tactics that have been used against us for years? Get a grip of yourselves, for we are at the dawn of a new era.

No longer will our 'boys' take your crap lying down, we'll give what we get, we'll fight to the end, our boys have become men so think twice before f*cking with them. They have become what they are through necessity, because of the incessant refusal of teams to play football, opting instead for kicking and punching our players into submission.

Apologise for a foul? Bollocks, bring 'em on.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 21 2010

Time: 11:08AM

Your Comments

The ref didn't even see it as a foul and he had a clear uninterrupted view. Forget all the emotive crap and you'll see that it is Davies lunging at the loose ball as much as it is Gallas looking to gain possession - maybe more so. Either player could have been injured. If you contest a 50-50 ball then there is an equal chance you'll get clattered. This'll be seen as a partisan view of course and nobody likes players to get hurt but Davies was as responsible for any injury as Gallas was.
WHAT!?! Hypocrisy? Your guys cry about 'hair pulling' and "oooh, he went in a bit rough then ref", your guys leave our guys with broken ankles!!! I think that just shows exactly why Arsenal don't tackle, becuase they can't. They couldn't handle Mark Davies so they just sythed him down... really classy guys.
Save your tears for your first born Adam. Dont talk about players who cant tackle as your team are at the bottom end of the fairplay table every year. Davies has commited more fouls than any other premiership player in its history. Hypocrisy is you crying for foul play when your team resort to hacking down players to stop them. And dont bother to use the victims tag and how Bolton are unfairly tagged. You are reknown for being dirty because you are, for every bad challenge an Arsenal player has commited a Bolton player will commit 5. Too da Loo
We were "crying" about the hair pulling incident, we were laughing at the girlyness of it after your site claimed it was Cesc's fault. And don't even get me started about kicking players to stop them, I could cite literally 20 or so incidents over the last 5-6 years of Bolton adopting this tactic, though I only have to point back to Robinson's rake down the back of Cesc's legs four days ago. You reap what you sow brother tuckers ...... pay back is a bitch.
**We weren't
Meant to say unfairly labeled. not tagged
"No longer will our 'boys' take your crap lying down, we'll give what we get, we'll fight to the end, our boys have become men so think twice before **** with them. " What a twerp ! The last bit especially make you lot sound like the testicle slobbering pansies that you are... Love it..
Didn't think it was malicious... cant see an arsenal player wanting to do something like that after witnessing eduardo
Also Amos let me explain to you why your wrong. A 50/50 challenge could be seen as when both players challenge an equal amount for the same ball, however a wreckless challenge is when one player goes into a tackle with his foot raised above the ball and ends up bending the leg of the opposition player (or victim if you will) into an unnatural, contorted shape leaving him on crutches after the game... now which one of those seems like the tackle yesterday, let me help you again, its the second description. I would have thought that out of any team Arsenal would be all for cutting tackles like that out of the game (given what happened to Eduardo after a similarly thuggish tackle from Birmingham's Taylor), but you seem to have adopted a sort of monkey see monkey do approach. Anyway, Mr. Wenger didn't see it obviously, but if I had my head so far in the clouds then I bet my vision would be obscured too.
How does it feel to get spanked around the park by a bunch of tesicle slobbering pansies 7 times on the bounce BigTeeth? Mmmmmmm.
This is a man bites dog saga. Davies got injured lunging for a loose ball he had no more chance of getting than Gallas. He wasn't concerned whether he risked injurying Gallas. Gallas was strong enough to stay on his feet and not shirk the challenge. Davies got injured because of the way he played - as shewore said in the forums "They're your f***ing rules"
It’s of no consequence... As a Bolton fan I understand the concept of entitlement.
If you understood the concept of entitlement you'd understand that after being kicked around the park for x amount of years by your talentless thugs, we're entitled to a bit of payback. Now you might encounter some Gooners looking set to take the moral highground and say that given the Eduardo situation we should be looking to remove this kind of thing from the game, but if they were all honest I reckon 90% of those people have a deep rooted satisfaction about giving your neanderthal a taste of their own medice. And I tell you what .... I'm feeling on top of the world this moring .... and on top of the league too.
Tony Gale kept going on and on and on and on about the foul. What a complete idiot. Fouls do happen in football Tony. Refs also miss some fouls. I cant believe how negative the commentary is on Arsenal at times. As for Bolton, they didnt stop play when a few minutes later, one of their guys was on the floor. Why? because they had the ball.
I wasn't complaining so much as just laughing at the emotional bile you towelled out in this article... You're right though, teams who dish it out have to take it too. However, as when Eddy got his leg screwed, it’s not a good thing for any player to get seriously injured.
Some perspective on the commentary, it's neither barracking for Arsenal, nor knocking Arsenal. It's about as balanced as one can expect... with the acknowledged bias toward English players over foreign players (if it were Rooney, Coyle wouldn't call it assault and there would be no story). The tackle deserved some comment, it's a reasonable view to call it a bad challenge. The reason it was covered so extensively was it's involvement in the lead up to the equaliser.
In reference to adambrabbin comment that Arsene has his head "up in the clouds" I would say - have you even read any online stories this morning? AW has apologised for the challenge, hindsight it seems that you are lacking! And as for a likely retort that youmay have creeping whence forth from your lips about AW and not seeing 'incidents' in this instance many of the players, including the Bolton ones continued with play, not realising how bad the challenge was - the same with the referee. You have to remember that the game is not played in super slow motion, in real time that tackle, for want of a better word, was easy to miss and as the rules dictate putting the ball out is only for a head injury and only then at the referees discretion. True the challenge was horrific, I feel bad for the young lad but it happens so often in football up and down the leagues. Gallas is not a dirty player - even when he was at skum Chelski he was not and the fact of the matter is that your lad got unlucky in a challenge, same as Eduardo, Haaland, Smith etc and you were also unlucky that the referee did not spot it. There is to be no sullying of the good Arsene's name - not in my shop! From atop the league, good day sir.
There is no comparison between the Taylor challenge and this one. Eduardo had the ball under full control and in possession. Taylor went way over the top of the ball. Gallas' foot barely left the ground let alone go over the ball and Davies wasn't in possession. The referee was right on top of the tackle and saw it for what it was - a 50-50 challenge with Davie's movement towards Gallas greater than Gallas towards Davies. Davies's challenge was a 'committed' one and if you play like that you take the risks that go with it.
I'm glad Arsene has the class to aplogise for a bad foul. I'm sorry for the lad in question. I'm well chuffed however with how we stood up to what was essentially Boltons only tactic given their extremely limited ability to actually compete with us footballistically. Year after year we've been painted as the weak/poncy/foreign/southern/add your own tired cliche year after year we've complained about their rough house bullyboy tactics and have been met with jeers of get on with it / it's a mans game / insert your own tired cliche from the cloggers of our game past and present. Well this is ,we play you at your own game, we fight fire with fire, but I don't see any it's a mans game get on with it now from Bolton fans, nope I see whingeing, victim mentality ridden, woe is us, nasty nasty Arsenal weeping and wailing. Beggars feckin belief. Love the fight, passion guts and needle we showed last night. Last night was a turning point, an enough is enough tidal mark. You got yours Bolton, the hobbitses outfought the orcs.
Whilst I'll agree, BigTeeth, that the section you highlighted was indeed a bit crap, (it sounded better in my head) I'll make no apologies for my over enthusiasm at a fantastic result, going top of the league and a piece divine retribution.
lol. Then it ends in abit of banter then.. :) See ya next season (hopefully)..
does this put an end to the bolton are our bogie team rubbish we get each season from sky.
Steve bould Flick on
7 league wins on the bounce ... I'd hope so Steve!! (Great username btw!!)
Fair play to the Boss. He exudes class. But Bolton have no right to expect I see that the FA saw it OUR way too. No action against Billy because there is none necessary. It was a mis-timed tackle for a 50:50 ball in REAL TIME AT SPEED. And Dermot Gallagher said as much too on SSN. End of.
Wasnt it Gavin McCann who went scythe down Arshavin with one of those tackles from behind? In my view that was intentional and worse than Gallas's foul and could have seriously injured Arshavin. Noone talks about it though because thats ok and it didn't lead to a goal. Wiley saw it though and gave a yellow. McCann claimed he got the ball but he went through our player.
Did Bolton apologise when we lost 3 players in one match a few years back? Did they f***. Screw them and there mediocre clogger team, they reap what they sow and now that they cannot kick teams off the park the Championship surely beckons, i'll be waving the pigeon fancying, wife beating, warm beer drinking whippet breeders off.
And FURTHERMORE, Owen Coyle should come out and publicly retract the word "assault" and apologize to Billy.
UPDATE: scans confirm Davies has no fracture or ligament damage. And there you have it. What a load of hoo-ha about NOTHING! Apology to Gallas NOW please!
You will win nothing because you aren't good enough. And the next time a tackle or a decision goes the wrong way you and and your sad manager will be moaning with all the hypocrisy that comes as second nature.
Lectures on not winning anything coming from a Bolton fan is .... Hilarious!!! But then again, I guess you've got more experience in it than we do.
Aren't good enough?! Ahaaaaahaaaaaahaaaa! Best footballing team in the country! Get lost you MINNOW. And if you want to know what silverware looks like, take a trip into our trophy room. Be sure to bring a pair of sunglasses though because you're likely to be blinded by the glare! And make sure doesn't smack your BEhind on the way out!
Don't you love the stupidity and hypocrisy of morons like adlington? Bolton deliberately set out to injure our players with their deliberate calculated tactic of rotational fouling (and rotational timewasting), they get away with THREE challenges in the box that were all blatant penalties but which are not given, they injure Merida in his first league start with a malicious tackle and he's now injured for 2 wks, they go kamikaze on Cesc's back and neck (and try to kick him in the head, then pull his hair) -- AND NO MORAL OUTRAGE WHATSOEVER FROM THE MEDIA, FANS OF OTHER CLUBS OR FROM BOLTON. In fact, when these things are done against Arsenal, everyone just smirks and laughs and says it's a man's game, justify the tackle as committed English "grit," and observe that Arsenal are just softies that don't like it up 'em. But FINALLY we get a little payback, after years of Bolton injuring our players (and sometimes putting them out for weeks), one of our players commits a bad tackle -- and WE'RE the hypocrites. Well f--k you, adlington, f--k all REAL hypocrites like you who get outraged ONLY when Arsenal commit a bad tackle but have absolutely no problem when it's done to us repeatedly. In fact, you totally REJOICE in it. Which means it's not the bad tackle that bothers you at all -- it's the fact that it's ARSENAL.
the next time a decision goes the wrong way, we'll complain? you mean like how cesc was clearly fouled in the box 3 times in the last two games? you mean like those bad decisions that didn't go our way?
Quite so! But can I remind everybody that we've had confirmation today that Davies ISN'T actually injured. Vindication IMO that Billy barely touched him. Hence a dive and simulation a la Didier Drogba, who likes to pull the same stunt when the opposition are in the ascendancy.
Thanks for the update julieloveshenry4ever. Thats another excuse Bolton cant use now. Now that its confirmed that Davies is fine, will the media turn around and revisit their reporting of the "horror tackle", "career threatening injury" etc. Dont think so.
Lectures on not winning anything coming from a Bolton fan is .... Hilarious!!! But then again, I guess you've got more experience in it than we do. Rocky7 - LOL OUCH!
Tony Gale was being a complete *****er, "it's ironic because when something like this happens to one of their players, Arsenal are the first to complain", tw*t.
Fabregas was fouled in the build up to their goal (he was fouled in their half, then they countered, got a corner and then the penalty from there), nothing about that in the news eh, or the 2 stone wall penalties over both games that he wasn't given, with both referees choosing not to book him for diving either, just cowardice.
F me the French Mr Magoo has finally spotted something!
Of course, it's long odds on Monsieur Wenger will revert back to his Stevie Wonder ways at the next slightest setback.
If the odds are long that he'll revert to not seeing things then surely that means he's less likely. Don't think that was the jibe you were looking to make. I see the gap between us and the spuds has now grown to double figures. What do you reckon the odds are on St. Totteringhams Day arriving very late in the season?
Amos, I made the jibe I intended. Long odds on DOESN'T mean the odds are long. Try not overstretch next time.
Try not to overstretch next time.
It needn't necessarily but lack of clarity in your use of English means my interpretation is just as valid as yours. You were clearly overstretching yourself. Still shouldn't be too taxing for you to take a stab at when St. Totteringhams day might fall this season. Any thoughts?
My thoughts are that was a poor comeback!
It was a poor jibe in the first place! So when do you reckon St. Totteringhams Day will fall this season?
Still trying to find the calendar eh? I'll leave you sometime work it out. Catch you later spudfoundhoduphisass
Haha, hilarious. After the way the dirty ****s played against us, they cry when we give them 1 back? Owen Coyle saying it was "assault" THAT is hypocrisy.
Love to hear the outcry if that had been an Arsenal player on the receiving end of a challenge like that Reckon the gooners fans would have tried to get onto the pitch. Gallas could never be called a dirty player, but that challenge was a shocker and it's a pity the FA won't be able to do anything about it.
Fcb, the FA saw it as what it was; a fair attempt at getting the ball in a 50-50 situation. Have you been reading the posts in this thread or is this just an attempt at mischief, or have you been asleep since Wednesday? Arsenal players have been at the wrong end of worse challenges and I am sure you don't need the statistics to know that.
The more I look at it the less I see wrong with it, Gallas doesn't even go over the top of the ball. It was a 50-50, the Bolton player got there first, simple as. Had Gallas got there first, Davies would have mowed straight through his ankle/ And filthyliarblue, you often like to bring up this fallacy of Arsenal fans "trying to get on the pitch" (yeah, because 6 stewards really held back 1.5000 Gooners in the lower tier- idiot). I see no condemnation on your page from one of your supporters throwing a lighter at Evra, nor have I heard condemnation of the "always look on the runway for ice" chants, clearly audible. So if I were you, I'd take your fiilthy lies back under that rock of yours.
Little Dutch
fifthcolumnblue - We HAVE been on the end of challenges llike that and we have had 3 broken legs in th elast 5 years because of it, bu tthey were malkicious ove rthe top tackles from players who had no chance of winning the ball. Taylor shattered Eduardo's ankle yet people like you and the media stood up for him as being an old fashioned English professional (translated - a talentless **** who gets by clogging others). Gallas made a 50:50, the referee is the ONLY person who signals wether the ball goes out of play, he didn't we played on and scored. Turns out davies has no injuries at all and all the bleating and squealing from the "Big tough Bolt-on" lads sounds more like bitches whining that they have been had. For what I ask? Didn't Kevin "elbows" Davies accuse Arsenal players of screaming last season after they kicked lumps out of us and still lost? So WTF is Davies doing crying baout it in the paper sthis morning 2 days afte rthe incident, TWO DAYS! Bolton have lived by the sword for many a year and now they get one of their own injured they can expect many mor eteams to kick them as everyone can see how it has upset there poor little manager and his players. The mor ethey scream and cry about it the mor epeople will take notice of how we fought back by not taking any **** from a scabby little club like that. I don't recall fifthcolumnblue coming out in defence of Fabregas when Taylor kicked him several times, knelt on his neck and pulle dhis hair, all while Cesc was on the floor. So (and I think I speak for most Gooners) either comment fairly or you should keep schtum and keep your biased know nothing comments to yourself. At leass I have a balanced view of the incident, you, well less said the better.
Stop defending the indefensible. Just because your players have had their legs boken does not give them carte blanche to injure someone else. Or will you not scream like little girls the next time a bad challenge is made on an arsenal player? Pull your heads out of your backsides for once and admit that an Arsenal player made a bad challenge and that he was lucky to escape punishment for it. Even your blind manager has apologised and that's saying something.
"Love to hear the outcry if that had been an Arsenal player on the receiving end of a challenge like that" that's just the point filthlycalumnyblue - you didn't. Merida is out for a couple of weeks with an ankle injury - nobody was happy that he was clogged but nobody tried to get on the pitch. You seem determined to make a complete arse of yourself everytime you come here - and you succeed every time. As for Wengers apology "I am sorry if it is a foul, but it didn't look dirty from outside." Your eyesight needs some work too it seems.
filthybluecolumn, this incident is hardly indefensible. While its true that the incident deserved a yellow card, Arsenal were well within their rights to continue playing. Why do we need to pay heed to the opinion of a fan of a club such as yours?
This so-called incident isn't a Yellow Card either. I don't know what video some of these whining morons have been watching but everytime I look at I can't see that Billy did anything wrong. Plus the fact that Davies has NO DAMAGE to his ankle ought to drop a few pennies in their heads. Wake up both the referee and the FA themselves have reviewed the footage and called it a 50:50 tackle. All these bleaters have got no case at all- they're just xenophobes and racists. Oh there's a poor little English boy lying on the floor (faking) crying, let's a pop at the big nasty foreigner he ran into. You neanderthals are SO transparent, it's ridiculous.
Little Dutch
Thanks LD. Guess that settles it.
Thanks LD. Guess that settles it.
fifthcolumnblue - Seriouisly, you're a total dick. Shut up ...seriously.
Oops!...Plus, in commenting how nobody minds when we are kicked, Wenger rounded up with: "Look at the fairplay league-Arsenal are top. That is the best answer you can give". Fact!
We're totally top of the league! haha. Feels kinda like ...we belong? Yes? :)
fifthcolumnblue, you continue to be a massive massive moral hypocrite; the conveniently selective moral outrage you express is revolting--it mirrors the disgusting English press' selective moral outrage. You have absolutely ZERO ZERO ZERO credibility on ANY subject pertaining to morality. You're obtuse, disingenuous and utterly cynical. You and I know very well that your "moral meter" ticks up ONLY when it has to do with Arsenal, esp. an incident that is hysterically played up in the media for days. Your morality meter sleeps and is woken up ONLY when the media TELLS you it's time to hate on Arsenal. People like you thoroughly disgust me--you pick and choose your morality according to anything the media plays up regarding Arsenal, and that's it. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU when Taylor assaulted Cesc at the Reebok, or when Merida's ankle was deliberately taken out (he's now injured for weeks)? In 2003 THREE Arsenal players were stretchered off in the same game against Bolton after malicious tackles--where the hell was the moral outrage of the English media and hypocrites like you? WHY is it perfectly ok for Bolton and Stoke to publicly say they're going to rough us up, injure our players? And then suddenly when one of our players commits a bad tackle, the morality police wake up from their slumber??? Your hypocritical, cheap, worthless sanctimonious bilge has NOTHING to do with any sincere moral outrage and we all know it. So f--k off!
I got Jaelle's back! *fists chest, kisses it and puts out a peace sign* ...waddup yo? Haha. But yeah, fifthcolumnblue, you're trying to be a 'younger brother trying to wind up an older brother' type figure. But really, how old are you? Stop being a ******** poss and ***** off.
LOL, Fui! I yell a lot don't I? I just get too riled up defending Arsenal from the injustices of the world.
No chance of a date then Jaelle? Big kiss.
Haha. Lame.

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