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Arsenal 4 Bolton Wanderers 2

Having played Bolton just three days ago, it seemed a tad strange to be welcoming them to Chez Gooner for the return game. January can often bring up seriate matches with the F.A and League Cups coming into full swing at the same time as a busy league schedule, but to meet a time in consecutive league encounters is a situation I`m not sure I`ve encountered before. It certainly provided food for thought pre match, Bolton will always rely on making games against us "needley" shall we say and it was interesting to see if any festering resentments from Sunday were to be taken into the match. Pre match the mood was of confidence and bluster, on departing the Arsenal Tavern just before kick off, we all made a pact to go for an after match drink if Arsenal were top of the league come 10pm. We entered the ground in little doubt that that meeting would eventuate. The game also represented a mini anniversary of sorts for me too, it having been eight years to the day that Arsenal played a game in Britain without my attendance. (Leeds away in January 2002 for the stattos).

Come kick off time large gaps were evident in the stands, doubtless due to the fact that Oxford Circus station was closed some time in mid afternoon and never reopened. The atmosphere was somewhat vapid, with confidence of victory veering into the territory of complacency. It was a mood that appeared to have permeated its way through the team too. Having coped rather easily with Bolton`s high balls into the box on Sunday, Arsenal found themselves a goal down on seven minutes as they displayed a good deal of visible panic in dealing with Taylor`s lofted left wing free kick, Clichy spooned the ball into the air with an unconvincing hashed clearance, Kevin Davies then won the knock down and the ball dropped invitingly to Gary Cahill to turn and whip the ball into the net. An early setback, but not an insurmountable one at this stage of the game you felt. In fact, the most pressing concern appeared to be that we would need at least three goals in response to go top. The Gunners response was swift, with Cesc Fabregas looking to roam forward at every opportunity. After Arshavin drifted in from the left, Tomas Rosicky found Fabregas in the area in a tiny pocket of space but Juusi Jaaskelainen was out smartly to smother the Spaniard`s close range effort. The Gunners were facing a well organised Bolton side but seemed to have developed a number of ways of trying to circumnavigate them. Diaby won the ball deep in his own half and quickly clipped an immaculate cross field pass into the path of Eduardo, who controlled on the edge of the box and hit a quick, rising shot narrowly over the Trotters bar. Fabregas again was the heart of Arsenal`s next chance, driving Arsenal forwards through sheer force of will, he darted out to the left and evaded two challenges before teeing up Arshavin, whose tame shot bounced just wide.

But Bolton sensed weakness in the home defence and weren`t afraid to try and exploit. Matt Taylor`s free kick had Almunia at full stretch to beat the ball away from the bottom corner. But it wasn`t long before the visitors did assume a shock two goal lead. Matt Taylor`s low corner was again met with a poor clearance, this time from Fabregas, the ball fell to Lee Chung Yong in the penalty area, Denilson had committed to tackle just as Lee cleverly shifted his feet, causing Denilson to take him down with a rash tackle. A clear penalty. Taylor stepped up and buried his penalty low, despite Almunia getting his fingertips to it. Most around me loudly berated Almunia for not saving it. The criticism of the goalkeeper is getting incredibly tiring now. Criticise him when he makes a mistake, but I can`t think of another set of fans in the league so spiteful to one of their own players that they gleefully criticise him for not saving a penalty. Earlier this season, Almunia endured a great personal tragedy and I have not heard one single word from one single Arsenal fan of compassion or understanding. That maybe fair enough, we don`t know the players personally after all. But now imagine if Eduardo or Fabregas had suffered the same. Almunia hasn`t put a foot wrong for a number of weeks but the public have already decided they don`t like him, so it matters not. Supporters` affections are not always as malleable as some would have you believe.

Arsenal`s character was now being sorely tested and their title credentials were on the line. Words such as "choked" and "bottled" were beginning to appear under my breath. One thing was for certain, we needed a goal before half time. Once again, it was Arsenal`s captain Cesc Fabregas determined to pick up the reins and drive his team forward, careering into tackles and pushing into the box with impunity. It was his mazy run from the centre of midfield that set up Eduardo in the area, but he produced an unconvincing finish straight into the arms of Jaaskelainen when a more confident striker would have buried the chance with force and conviction. There`s something about Eduardo that does not convince me at all at the moment, psychologically he looks very insipid. Where once he ghosted into the box and finished without raising so much as an eyebrow, now his play in the box is permeated by self-doubt. The Gunners appeared to be running out of ideas with half time looming. In fact, the next opportunity came as a result of Bolton cocking the gun and placing it to their own temple. Fabregas swung in a free kick which Mark Davies headed towards his own goal, the ball bouncing off the junction between crossbar and post before bouncing into the grateful arms of Jaaskelainen. The game looked to be slipping away but there was one player showing enough fighting spirit for all eleven men. Once more Fabregas picked the ball up from the left, powered his way past Muamba and sauntered to the edge of the box before releasing Rosicky to his right, Rosicky resisted the urge to shoot first time, instead touching the ball past Robinson before unleashing a fierce shot which neat a dumbfounded Jaaskelainen at his near post. So true and quick was the shot that the Finnish keeper did not twitch a nerve. It was a neat snapshot of the kind of incisive play Rosicky is capable of.

From there I never doubted Arsenal would go on to win the game. As with Bendtner`s strike in Liege on the stroke of half time, you felt that halving the deficit before the interval would be the elixir Arsenal needed to spring back into life. They could have been level before half time, Rosicky it was again who found space between Bolton`s midfield and defence and found Fabregas lurching on the left again, Cesc bent a shot towards the far corner which Jaaskelainen was equal to with a diving save. The feeling at half time was somewhat more relaxed owing to the goal; you felt that the second half wasn`t so much going to be the Alamo but the 'Charge of the Light Brigade.` "Cannon to right of them/ Cannon to left of them/ Cannon in front of them/ Volley'd and thunder'd/ Storm'd at with shot and shell/ Boldly they rode and well/ Into the jaws of Death/ Into the mouth of Hell/ Rode the six hundred." The coveted equaliser arrived in the 52nd minute and when it did, it was with some controversy. Gallas, possibly the only player in the Arsenal side that matches Fabregas` distaste for defeat, marched forwards and lost control of the ball, Mark Davies and Gallas competed for the 50-50, Davies putting his body on the line with a hard sliding tackle and Gallas standing his ground. Davies collapsed in agony but the referee waved play on. Two years ago, Arsenal would have been naļve and put the ball out. Not anymore. The ball muddled its way to Arshavin, he smuggled it through to Fabregas, who had a defender and a tight angel ahead of him, took his chance like a true striker, squeezing the ball between Jaaskelainen`s legs and into the bottom corner for an equaliser.

Much has been made of Gallas` challenge and my feeling is that it should have been pulled up for a foul by virtue of the fact that Davies nicked the ball away from Gallas before he got there. The furore around the malice of the challenge is misdirected. It was a 50-50 ball; Davies threw his body into a full blooded sliding challenge and Gallas merely stood his ground. Had Gallas nicked the ball a millisecond earlier, it`s just as feasible that he would have been leaving the pitch on a stretcher as Davies would have mowed him down. It was a 50-50 and Gallas stood his ground, like I say, a free kick as far as I`m concerned because Davies nicked the ball just before Gallas. But all of the force from the challenge comes from one place. Gallas` biggest crime was not getting out of the way. I feel for Mark Davies, I honestly do and I hope his injury is not too severe. I think Bolton can feel aggrieved that a foul wasn`t given. But aside from my sympathies for Davies, do I feel sympathy for Bolton? Not a jot. I`ve watched enough Arsenal players disappear down the tunnel on stretchers at the Reebok. This is a sword Bolton have lived by long enough. Remember April 2003 when three Arsenal players were stretchered off in fifteen minutes (two had to miss the F.A. Cup Final as a result). Did you hear a consolatory word from the press, the players, the staff or the fans of Bolton Wanderers? How many of your points were met with a breezy reply of "it`s a man`s game, son" and "Arsenal don`t like it up 'em!" As for Coyle`s assertion we should have put the ball out of play. Bollocks. That is a naivety Arsenal have frustratingly succumbed to time and again over the years. As Lord Tennyson said, "Forward, the Light Brigade!'/ Was there a man dismay'd? /Not tho' the soldier knew/ Someone had blunder'd/ Their's not to make reply/ Their's not to reason why/ Their's but to do and die/ Into the valley of Death." And to clarify, Arsenal fans were not cheering Davies` injury, but jeering at Jaaskelainen who was complaining bitterly to the Arsenal fans in the East Stand Lower Tier that the ball should have been kicked into touch. Every gesticulation and furrow browed expression was met with ironic cheers, we were not cheering the fact that a player was injured.

Bolton looked rattled and Arsenal nearly moved into an immediate lead, Fabregas it was again at the heart and soul of the move, nudging his side forward with iron will. He careered forward and played a deft one-two with Arshavin on the edge of the area, Fabregas unleashed a left foot shot which appeared to be sailing for the top corner but Jaaskelainen brilliantly flung out a left hand to divert the ball over the crossbar. (Small observation, does anyone have any idea as to the significance of our throw ins? In the last two games it`s notable that the full backs don`t take them anymore, but the wingers do, no matter how far down our pitch they are won). It didn`t take long for the Gunners to power their way into the lead. Fabregas` arcing corner hit the leaping Vermaelen on the shoulder, Diaby kept the ball alive, nudging it back to Vermaelen, who let the ball drift across his body before spanking it in off the post with that sweet left foot. The ground erupted in a swathe of relief and delight. I don`t think anybody would have expected us to have the game turned around before the 70th minute. With the energy expended on rescuing the game, Arsenal`s level understandably dropped and credit to Bolton, who came forward with belief that they could still score. The long ball to Kevin Davies causing visible panic in the Arsenal area. Davies won most of his headers and with Tamir Cohen drifting around the box largely undetected, the explosion of relief had been replaced by a cacophony of nerves inside the stadium. Though Arsenal were unlucky not to get a penalty when Fabregas was felled by Jaaskelainen in the area for the second time in a week. It matters not whether the ball was under Fabregas` control when the foul occurred, the rules make no reference to that. A foul is a foul. There again, given Gallas` foul in the build up to the equaliser, we are perhaps not in as much a position to complain on this occasion.

But Arsenal eventually grabbed the goal that simultaneously made the game safe and placed on the lofty perch of first place in the league standings. Once again, it was sheer force of will that guided the goal. Fabregas driving forwards and nicking the ball through a crowd of bodies into Eduardo, he buffeted the ball through a sea of Bolton legs to Arshavin and the Russian demonstrated great composure to shift the ball inside Cahill before belting the ball past Jaaskelainen for his first goal since his impressive winner at Anfield. The goal, much like the equaliser, was an example of Arsenal adding some steel to their passing game. Instead of brushing the ball around at 1mph in front of a packed defence, as they did for much of last season, they buffeted and muscled the ball into a goal scoring position, barging their way through opponents with a mixture of movement and determination. The Gunners might have added some frosting to the cake in injury time when Arshavin brilliantly turned Steinsson and raced towards goal with Walcott in space to his right. But Arshavin was in one of those situations where it`s the thinking that kills you, he had too much time to ponder and, seeing Muamba`s body was already veered to his left to attend to Walcott, Arshavin dummied his way past but the ball was too close to the keeper at that stage and Jaaskelainen was out sharply with a smothering save.

The final whistle was met with the welcome tones of Curtis Mayfield`s "Move On Up", a song usually reserved for great results at the stadium. The song`s prevailing refrain, "Move On Up/ Keep On Pushin`/ Your dreams are your only schemes/ so keep on wishing" seemed extra poignant. What this game has showed once and for all is that team`s talent is finally being married with a steel and desire to win. This is the second time this season Arsenal have won from a 0-2 deficit. We appear to have a Plan B, for though Bolton defended in numbers and were well organised, the Gunners, driven on by an increasingly influential captain as well as player, were able to bulldoze their way through the wall ahead. None of the goals were particularly artistic, save maybe for Rosicky`s drive, but they arrived via sheer power in the box, bullying Bolton into submission. Arsenal have faced Everton and Bolton twice in their last three games- two of the league`s toughest sides- and have found ways through in all of them, snatching seven points from games that might have left us with three or four a few years ago. Arsenal forced their way back into the game and have forced themselves into serious contention for the title just after the half way point of the season. Lord Tennyson perhaps put it best, "Half a league, half a league/ Half a league onward/ All in the Valley of Death rode the six hundred/ "Forward the light brigade!"/ "Charge for the guns" he said/ Into the valley of death/ Rode the six hundred."LD.

TEAM: 1.ALMUNIA, 3.SAGNA, 10.GALLAS, 5.VERMAELEN, 22.CLICHY, 15.DENILSON, 2.DIABY (37.Eastmond `82), 4.FABREGAS©, 7.ROSICKY (14.Walcott `89), 23.ARSHAVIN, 9.EDUARDO (12.Vela `86). Unused: 18.Silvestre, 21.Fabianski, 30.Traore, 38.Emmanuel Thomas.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 21 2010

Time: 12:33PM

Your Comments

I see the whippet breeders are still crying about Gallas tackle......
Curtis Mayfield and Alfred Tennyson quoted in the same football piece. Cut above the banal guff over at VitalBolton at the moment. Great colourful report Timbo.
Great comeback, and a solid performance, driven yet again by the captain. You do have to recognise and appreciate the positives from this game. This team is tough, is not afraid to give it back and these are good signs indeed. However, we should be careful not to get carried away as there are some really tough games coming up. The injuries are still worrying - now Diaby is out, and we have Ramsey, Nasri and Merida also out. So, lets hope for the best.
"snatching nine points from games that might have left us with three or four a few years ago" Err we only got 7 points from those 3 games against Everton and Bolton LD! lol
"Mark Davies and Gallas competed for the 50-50, Davies putting his body on the line with a hard sliding tackle and Gallas standing his ground. Davies collapsed in agony but the referee waved play on" "Had Gallas nicked the ball a millisecond earlier, it`s just as feasible that he would have been leaving the pitch on a stretcher as Davies would have mowed him down" Firstly Gallas didn't, Davis won the ball. Secondly it should've been a red card and thirdly "Had Gallas nicked the ball blah blah blah." He didn't. Your argument is invalid. He shoulda been sent off, the decision and the fair play from you lot to continue and score changed the game. Regardless of what team I follow, if that had've been one of your own out there who was injured and then a goal scored against you, we would be hearing about it for a long time. Either way, good win but I hope you lot drop some more points in these forthcoming fixtures. People will try harder to beat you up now that you sit at the summit. Lets see how you deal with it then!!
Davies could just as easily of uinjured Gallas Zbam, but the fact he didn't and it was your player going off on a stretcher is great, now we just need to see 6 or 7 more Bolt-on players get stretchered off to get pay back for all the Arsenal lads that have been carried off against your medicore team of red neck, s*** kickers. We lost 3 in one game against your mob a while back, 3 FFS and you're crying about 1, deal with it sunshine.
Latest injury news: Gibbs out for the rest of the season after operation on his foot.
@ Londongooner Classy Arsenal fan number one, I actually dont follow Bolton but your comment speaks volumes about you and your club. :)
LG, noted! I will fix that mathematical anomaly. Zbam, it isn't irrelevant at all. When issuing a red card you have to judge the intent of the foul. I've already said it was a foul, but not a red card. Davies wouldn't have known when he threw himself in that he was definitely getting the ball, he was just as likely to hit Gallas at the time the challenge was made. Ergo, a foul because Davies just won the ball, but no further action than that. Gallas had just as much to lose as Davies in the tackle and if we're judging intent, Davies was just as culpable and reckless as Gallas. As for continuing to play, the rules say the referee decides when the game stops. There in black and white. End of. With Tennyson, I believe that poem was about the Boer War, Vital Bolton is winning the bore war hands down.
Little Dutch
zbam, I smell a worried chav :) see you bleating on boltons board too like a startled tethered goat.
Tennyson's piece was about the Crimea but still appropriate for the many footballing/journalistic crimeas that Dick at VitalBolton is committing - as well as being boring.
UPDATE: davies does NOT have a fracture or ligament damage. And there you have it. Bolton are big fat LYING CHEATING cry-babies, as well as losers. Aplogize to Billy now please. FA agrees it's 50:50 too. Coyle needs to come out and apologize now. Ofcourse he won't because he's part of the Bolton Mafia of Allardyce, Brown and Coyle. Should be kicked out of football all of them!
@ Londongooner Classy Arsenal fan number one -Zbam. For someone not a Bolt-on fan, you sur epop up everywhere sticking up for them calling ALL arsenal fans scum on Vital Bolton. Whose the classy one now? I never claimed to be classy mate, fact is a crap team is crying like abunch of little girls about a bad, but unintentional tackle conviniently forgetting their own murky past in this area. Why should we give a toss abotu their players when we have 10 in the injured list and over the last few season we have had more players with broken bones due to tackles from limited cloggers like the Bolt-on team is full of. What's good for the goose.....
zbam, I smell a worried chav :) see you bleating on boltons board too like a startled tethered goat. nikolaijns - Hopefull to suffer the same fate as the one on Jurassic Park LOL
I see this game and it's incidents has brought some familar old names back to VA ... and it's great to see you guys too!
Brilliant article LD. Zbam what team do you follow exactly? For all your preaching you haven't got a soapbox to stand on. LD is absolutely right in regards to the ball out of play, also watch the match again (even if it is just to watch a class team like The Arsenal again) and you will see that the players all continued. Oh and whatever team you do follow we will stand on you for now, whilst you help prop us up at the top of English football - long may it be so.
Howsit Rocky? Been ages, but after being led here by Newsnow Arsenal to read that steaming pile of crap from DICK over @ VitalBolt-on I couldn't help myself. Now that DICK's article has been rightly lambasted by everyone except DICK's alter ego/alias we can happily enjoy the memories of an exciting game without bothering with the rubbish DICK passes for articles.
Not bad mucker. Exciting times at the Grove ..... and if we can get through the next four games reletively unscathed I'm gunna be nursing a semi for the rest of the season.
The chances of our team emerging yunscathed physically speaking is impossible. Draws away to Villa and Chelsea and home wins against Man Utd and Liverpool would be ideal, can we get those results? It's always exciting at the Grove mate, even when were crap!
Cracking report as ever LD. My fave line: "Fabregas, who had a defender and a tight angel ahead of him" There's nothing like a tight angel ;-) You got my vote for Soccerlens Football Writer of the year by the way. That Kevin McCarra fella can do one as far as i'm concerned!!
Londongooner, I pop up in vital sites because I like football. Yes I leave comments here and there because I have an opinion on things football related. I dont recall calling ALL Arsenal fans scum but if I have before then I apologise, I honestly don't mean to label them all in the same group as you. Your comment after my initial comment highlighted my point regarding your class. As for visiting your particular site, I do it as I have noticed the hatred between Bolton and yourselves (thoroughly enjoyed the postponed due to snow match 'banter' between yourselves and Bolton) and I find it amusing. I wouldn't say I'm worried about anything just cautious. My brother is actually a die hard Arsenal fan and he sings in my ear on every occasion about how you play the game the way its supposed to be played etc and all that jazz so from time to time I leave my opinion but all rivalry aside, I dont believe for a second that Arsenal fans wouldn't be going on about that tackle if it had been one of their own who was injured. As for the refs decision to stop or continue play, wasn't it Wenger who said recently when Denilson dropped in the middle of the park and a goal was almost scored against you, that he wants his players to grab the ball and stop play? Whys that?? Anyway, I also gave credit and said good win but you must've missed that point. Ergo, if you can comment elsewhere, so can I, regardless of what we agree or disagree on :)
Zbam if you love football enough enough to come on here but have NO allegiance to any one team then I would suggest that a) you are quite odd and b) you join us!!! :-)
Poor Biff Tanen had to put a 2nd coat of wax on George Mcflys motor, so what! When you've bullied people for years and then become bullied don't complain just get up, dust yourselves off and get on with it like the big tough northerners that you are :)
Wenger did say he should of knocked ity out, but t hat was to his own player. He didn't ask the Everton players to knock it out, so your point is what? I t was on VitalBolton where you called Arsenal fans scum amongst othert things, just to refresh your memory, still you don't get me calling you childish names and I'm the one accused of being classless. I think you should keep comments like that to yourself sunshine. Anything constructive is welcome, but the drivel & WUMing coming from your rediculous posts earlier (here and on vital Bolt-on) were deserving of more than the small amount of grief they recieved. Open your eye's see the bigger picture and the mass hypocrisy from Bolton whingers like DICK and his aliases.
like the big tough northerners that you are :) iceman10 What? Bolton and their fans? HA HA HA HA, yeah, righty-o mate!! Oh, you were being ironic, sorry.
iceman - classic Back to the Future reference there. Although remember there is always the chance that the future could be different - remember BTTF II !!
Ah yes back to th future 2, Imagine if Biff Tanen Allarydyce went back in time with the sports almanac..? The small fact that the thick orc wannabe cant read would have rendered it useless.
"Curtis Mayfield and Alfred Tennyson quoted in the same football piece" -- LD really got me recently when he quoted Malcolm X -- anyone who quotes Malcolm X (favorably) has my allegiance. // Zbam, your posts are stupid -- how's that for class? Did you call Everton scum when they played on and scored after Denilson fell to the ground injured? As to your stupid interpretation of AW's comments re Denilson - he was actually criticizing Denilson for not committing a foul so as to stop play. He SAID that we can't expect Everton to stop play and put the ball out. And as for our supposed hypocrisy re Gallas' bad tackle -- oh please! The REAL hypocrisy is from pundits, rival fans, Bolton and haters like you who smirk and laugh when Arsenal are repeatedly fouled. Would you even be here with your sanctimonious selective moral outrage if an Arsenal player had been on the receiving end of that tackle? Like hell you would! When we are repeatedly fouled with bad challenges, all we get are "it's a man's game," "committed English grit," "Arsenal don't like it up 'em," "he got the ball, so it was fair" yadayadayda. At the Reebok, Taylor went kamikaze on Cesc's back and neck, then tried to kick him in the head, and then pulled his hair. NO media outrage. Where were YOU in your sanctimonious pose as guardian of football morality? And if you're a Chelsea fan--it is absolutely HILARIOUS to see you come on here and scold us about morality and sportsmanship! That's a real joke! A couple of seasons ago at your ground, Joe Cole feigned injury and dived in the middle of the park to stop play. Eboue (of all people!) kicked the ball out of play, out of sportsmanship. Cole immediately got up. Terry had the throw in and moved several paces up toward your goal, which the referee should've disallowed--Terry deliberately took advantage of what was an obviously calculated trick from a bunch of serial cheaters. You then scored a goal from that cheap trick. Talk about hypocrisy! Try looking your own miserable cheating team instead of worrying about us and coming over here to lecture us on sportsmanship.
Hey 'sunshine' my point is, Wenger wants the game stopped when one of his players is injured but not for the opponent. Fair play n all, yeah? Classless isn't childish name calling as you put it big boy. Regarding my past comments, I will say again, just so you can read it again, and I quote my earlier comment "I dont recall calling ALL Arsenal fans scum but if I have before then I apologise, I honestly don't mean to label them all in the same group as you." I cant see myself keeping my comments to myself either 'sunshine' as I simply dont have to. If that were the case then I'd say the Bolton fans would've removed you from their site. Such is the joy of internet, comments and opinions but unfortunately for you, my opinion on this tackle differs from yours. thats all. I cant speak for Dick or his hypocrisy as you call it but I'm not trying to. So once again for all the Arsenal fans that visit here, Boltons page or elsewhere, APOLOGIES for once labelling you all in the same category as LondonGooner. That ok now 'sunshine'?
@jaelle, I actually was on Cit£h's page calling Adebayor and their fans scum for the support they gave him over the tackle he put in on Van Persies head so yes! Plus I was saying the same about Cesc getting kneed in the head the other day. :)
"Wenger wants the game stopped when one of his players is injured." No, not at all, That's why he spoke these exact words less than a fortnight ago, "We cannot expect Everton to put the ball out of play." Zbam, if you look at the article above, you'll see Kieran Gibbs is out for the season. That injury came as a result of a Standard Liege player putting a nasty challenge on him in the 93rd minute of a game Arsenal were winning comfortably. I don't recall you coming over here then and I don't recall Vital Arsenal writing a series of articles about the incident either. Ipso. Factso.
Little Dutch
Zbam - I generally make a point of not arguing with idiots as they brign you down to their level and beat you with experience so I refer you to Jaelle's post above yours (howsit going Jaelle?) to answer your naive questions and statement. You can post all you want and as I said somethign constructive is great, but the s*** you come out with is redficuluos and reinforces the opinion everyone here already has of you as being a complete bellend. I shall argue with you no more as I can feel my IQ dropping by the secind, pretty soon I'll start to post like you. "Her....har...he ho ho wind up.....silly comment....clenched fist pooter won't work.....arsenal are cheats her har he.....!" You get the idea.
Well LD if there was no article about it then I couldn't leave a comment on it could I? Guys or girls, I dont actually wish Arsenal players injured at all, I didn't come here and say kill em all or nothing like it. I just disagreed about the tackle. Ipso. Facto. :)
Wenge rdidn't want the game stopped by anyoen other than an A R S E N A L P L A Y E R. FFS how many times do people have to spell it out for you? Jees you're thicker than the offspring of a village idiot and a TV weather girl.
Londongooner, apologies for my "redficuluos" comments. This was good from an earlier post of yours, "still you don't get me calling you childish names and I'm the one accused of being classless". Then we get this "You can post all you want and as I said somethign constructive is great, but the s*** you come out with is redficuluos and reinforces the opinion everyone here already has of you as being a complete bellend" Hypocrisy is catchy eh? :)
For someone that supposedly takes an interest only in football you are spending an awful lot of time posting on anything but Zbam. LG is right you repeatedly referred to Arsenal supporters as Arsescum so your pious preaching about classlessness is a bit out of place - but your apologies and regrets are taken. To get back to the football the incident that Wenger referred to was that if Denilson had the foresight to handle the ball as he went down against Everton the game would have had to have been stopped. It's just pragmatism within the rules and nobody gets harmed. He also said that he didn't expect the Everton players when in possession to stop play themselves. So no hypocrisy from Wenger just from those whose partisanship prevents them employing any objectivity in their posts.
hey guys, I call Spurs Spuds. Doesn't mean they got loads of potatoes running around. Thats a play on your teams name like Manure, Chavski or Cesspool. Jeez its getting very touchy feely in here eh? Arsescum doesn't refer to its fans for christs sake!!
Zbam, ask youself a question. Why are you on here? Don't you have a deep and meaningful connection with another club or even traffic to go and play in? I'm not saying go away, I'm just saying arrive somewhere else instead, your a WUMer and your not very good at it.
Hi there, LG! Zbam, you STILL don't get what AW said about the Denilson-Everton incident. It's so obvious to anyone with limited education that what he said is perfectly reasonable and not hypocritical AT ALL.
Oh well that's alright then! I misunderstood your sycophantic post over at VB. You were obviously just trying to curry favour with their member and your post wasn't intentionally classless. I am sure that similarly LG is just using the term 'bellend' in a similarly benign way and not intending to upset your sensitivities.
Zbam, point is - you coming back to this board and commenting after a long time is no accident. As Niko said, you are one worried Chav. Your team is most pundit's favourites for the title. The pressure is on you to deliver now.
LG- I have no idea what a wumer even refers to. I'm not playing in the traffic today, I was grounded for terribly mean comments I posted on the internet. Jaelle- i wasn't talking about Wengers hypocrisy but Londongoons Amos - apology accepted.
No pressure on me Delta, I dont play football but the race for the title is exciting. reason for me being here is to reply to further comments regarding me or my posts. In a friendly banter type o way!
Amos how apt when you call Dick of Vital Bolton a member. Wonder what will happen when the focus of the media shifts from our last game on to our will Vital Bolton get any hits? How will Dick survive!
Hypocrisy is catchy eh? :) Zbam - Hypocrisy is great when in response to insults, like I did in that post you quoted, so once again, your rather late and totally irrelevent point is what? As Amos pointed out, it was in response to your continual insults and wind up osts (WUMing = Wind Up Merchant a WUMmer etc etc)
delta, you mean there are people who ACTUALLY visit VitalBolton???
Real, living, sane human beings who visit VitalBolton??? Are you SURE???
Dude, seriously, I wasn't trying to wind you up! I just disagreed with the overall opinion on the tackle then a barrage of comments came my way and then it got all sensitive and it turned to name calling and then, and then.... Look I dont hate your club, you or anything of the sort. I was just making an honest to god comment like I ALWAYS do, here there or anywhere. I aint lying when I say I have defended Arsenal (<- see, no scum) in posts just as I did Bolton here. I'm not saying I'm right or wrong just that that was my opinion. Cant we all just get along? Seriously though, I'm no wind up merchant. Hugs?
Anyone notice Rosicky making a gesture after Gallas did that tacke? Anyone have better images to tell me whether it's a "Kick it out of play" gesture or "Give the ball to me plz" gesture? You can see clearly that he doesn't take part in the following build up at all and does not celebrate the goal. Therefore I start doubting which one of the two it was. Not that important but still interesting.
Human beings from planet earth, I mean. Bipeds. Oxygen-breathers. Two genders. Those human beings.
jaelle, I have reliably learnt that Dick gets his alter ego's to visit VB from time to time. But then they dont count as human beings.
deltaforce - Sorry to correct you mate, but it's pronounced DICK not Dick ;o)
Ah, then *DICK* really needs to work hard on getting more alter egos. Maybe gooners can help? ;-)
I was sat directly behind the goal when Rosicky scored. Was convinced he'd taken a touch too many by the time he lashed it in the near post. What a finish that was and such an important goal... The (infamous) Gunnersaurus was out at half time shooting t-shirts in the crowd only for the gun to malfunction and cease firing! That would have been an undeniable omen given the chances we had created if Rosicky hadn't put his chance away. Great game and great write up LD.
Well we lost Diaby for Villa :(
Well we lost Diaby for Villa :( Fabby69 - fear not mate, Rosicky can tackle and close down much better than Diaby so we'll play him alongside denilson and Cesc, sure we'll lose some height & strength, but a forward line with an average height 5, 6" came out on top against a team of cloggers like Bolton proving that it's not always survival of the biggest.....that only counts in the world of porn....apparently.
hey guys - am new to the site, been a reader for a while due mainly to LD's excellent write-ups and generally some of the best gooner-related banter on the web, VA rules in my book. Not gonna speak too much on the tackle controversy for my first post but wanted to address the throw-in thing: it looked at though Sagna right arm was injured the whole game, hence why rosicky was taking free-throws on the right side (Clichy was still taking them on the left). Sagna was running so woefully off balance it made his erratic crossing even more cringe-worhty than usual. The injury is not mentioned anywhere in the press or by Wenger, does anyone know the deal with Banger?
Arsene_Wonder - Sangna was carrying a shoulder injury mate and is out for the match this weekend.
thanks LG
Welcome A_W good to have you on board! So we look shafted for RB too now huh? no banger, no booboo are we pulling Gilbert back from his loan?
Niko, hope Banger is back for the game against Villa. For the game against Stoke hope AW gives Coquelin a chance at right back.
I think you mean Eastmond at right back deltaforce.
Honestly, i wouldn't mind if Wenger rested some players for Stoke. We in a posistion we haven't seen for a while (a very good shot at the premier league) and i think we can handle stoke with a few of our higher class players rested and some of our young guns in. Maybe we'll even see Sol? But my PERSONAL opinion is we should be a lot more focussed the the PL now then the FA cup. Or we could just win both, and the CL aswell. Anyone for a triple? ;)
Completely agree with you FKk. We have enough strength in depth to cope with Stoke, hard as the match will be. I have been nursing thoughts about a triple myself, but must restrain myself, at this point. Any of Coquelin, Eastmond and Bartley can slot in at right back and hold their own.
I'd like to see every player we NEED against the hard 4 games we got coming up rested. I will be upset to see Cesc in the starting line up. Aa needs a break. Even Eddy (he's been a quiet achiever as of late) Verm and Gallas. Don't think we can afford to lose either of them for the next 4 fixture's. Rosicky maybe? We all know how prone to injuries he is and he could prove very useful to us.
I agree ith you Fkk that certain players in the team need a rest or dont need to be risked. For me Gallas, Vermalen, Cesc and Denilson should not be involved. Dont really think anyone else needs to be left out to be fair. Rosicky, Eduardo, Walcott, Clichy need games so they i would have them involved at some point.
I think one of TV5 or WG10 will pair either Sol or Silvestre, just to cover for the lack of pace in these CBs. Denilson also needs games to return to full sharpness, at the risk of injury. In the absence of Cesc, Nasri and Ramsey, Rosicky is the only other trusted creative force we have plus, he needs games; he should play. It will be a difficult game but if we score early and break this early goal jinx, there will be no way back for Stoke.
Denilson should play against Stoke in order to encourage injury!!! :-) He was so bad against Bolton it was embarassing. Hopefully Cameroon get knocked out by Egypt on Monday anyway so Song will be back for the United game...
Chipo-What a dumb ******** comment.

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