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Talk but don't say much

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture Elvis Costello once said. You could apply the same sentiment to football. It`s really all about what happens on the pitch surely? Except that there is a whole industry talking about football. Much of the fun is in talking about what has gone on, what will go on and what should have happened.

Every match has a preview of some sort and a post match analysis with comments from managers, assistant managers and all manner of pundits, ex-players, ex-referees, unemployed and unemployable managers and the like. Cyberspace is awash with fan sites and blogs linked to clubs, players, leagues from around the world all offering opinions on the game. The Sky match day programme starts with a 3 hour talk marathon involving a panel of 4 pundits each with the prejudices about the game that we all have. Sky even broadcasts a Sunday morning TV programme in which those who make a living writing about football talk about football for a match length 90 minutes. So it`s fair to say that talking about football is a pretty established part of the game.

Wenger is one of the few managers that will give his opinion to any question asked. Of course that opinion, though usually more balanced than most, invariably is one coloured by his perspective. Whose isn`t? Increasingly though, as other managers end press conferences early, censor certain media, avoid open forums or send out an assistant rather than risk having to answer questions, he is one of the few managers still willing to offer a genuine opinion.

The sports media love it of course. It`s easy to re-order quotes and emphasise selected sentences to suit the headline they want and few others will talk openly enough to allow the same headline opportunity Wenger provides. Yet you would imagine that as it`s so easy now to check what was said, to put it in its proper context, it shouldn`t spark the response Wengers openness seems to evoke from all manner of people who can take even the more malevolent sniping dished out by folk such as Adrian Durham of Talksport in a more sanguine manner. Yet the relatively benign comments from Arsene have had a plethora of PL managers this season, including McCarthy, Pulis, Brown, O`Neill and Ancelotti, responding in curmudgeonly fashion, whinging and moaning about imaginary whinging and moaning. In the case of Ancelotti, taking exception to the description of his team`s efficiency while himself describing his team play as more efficient than Wenger`s.

Most of those following football will of course be following a team other than Arsenal. There is a natural bias against anything anyone connected with a club says in support of his team. But there are a number of Arsenal supporters who feel that Wenger is too open - too definite with his opinions. If you look around the Arsenal sites you`ll find plenty of gooners also complaining that they dislike, or are annoyed or irritated by something Wenger has said. Yet you would expect gooners in particular would be more capable than most of joining up what was said with what has gone on before, establishing proper context.

We seem to crave opinion but aren`t able to absorb it. "If you want, we can have a press conference and I can say nothing" Wenger told reporters last week. Is it really better that we go back to a time when supporters were told that the post game review is one or other of 'sick as a parrot' or 'over the moon'? When team appraisals are confined to 'the boy done good'?

As politicians and others in the public eye are schooled in media training and develop the art of talking without saying anything it would be a shame if we didn`t encourage those with an opinion in football to do precisely the opposite. If stage managed press conferences with all the boxes ticked so that answers sit firmly on the fence become the norm then the debate will lose something. Surely we want more managers to emulate Wenger? To be confident enough to speak out without having their words distorted and then criticised for the distortions. Isn`t sincerely held considered and rational opinion preferable to bland PR pronouncements? Whether you agree with him or not Wenger is usually worth listening to.

Maybe other managers would be less reticent if they felt their words couldn`t be distorted too easily. It`s hard to imagine club websites allowing free access to media such as unedited press conferences so that all are free to check what was really said rather than what is reported. We could then even find that football folk are being schooled in the art of talking common sense. Sadly the concept of clubs passing up revenue just for the enlightenment of others is not the way the world of football is thinking even though the PR benefits might be great.

Fortunately Wenger remains happy in his own skin. "I am one of the few who says what he really thinks," he said. "I am not scared to get different opinions that have a go at me. I give my opinion without any aggression or any bad opinion about any individual. I just speak about what I think. That`s it. It makes common sense what I say but many people, because they don`t want aggravation, they don`t say a word. I can live with that."

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 15 2010

Time: 4:00PM

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"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture Elvis Costello once said. " Actually it was Martin Fry of ABC
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 16:25:00

OT, but people HAVE to see this - 'A Night at the Emirates' -
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 16:33:00

Actually didn't think Ancelotti took the remotest bit of exception to what Wenger said.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 16:42:00

"Whether you agree with him or not Wenger is usually worth listening to." This is basically the sentence that underscores the entire point of a very good article for me. I might disagree with him from time to time (not often though) but this is exactly it, I respect his knowledge of the game to the point that I would always listen to his opinion whether he managed my club or not. I hope Arsene doesn't become more taciturn in media terms, I don't think he will. One of the great thing about very opinionated people is that they usually couldn't give a monkey's arse what people think of their opinions. More power to our manager. The media wll keep asking him incendiary questions too because they value his opjnion as much as we do.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 16:46:00

Wenger's been found out. Nobody values his "opinions" any longer.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 18:14:00

No - hodfoundcrouchwithalongball - his are the only opinions anyone does value anymore. Waiting on his every word they are.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 18:17:00

I stand corrected. Nobody bar his blind disciples.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 18:50:00

Redknapps opinions are interesting too. Like the idea that IF you had beaten Wolves & Stoke etc you would be above us. Thats like me saying, if i studied harder i would be earning loads of cash. Reality is Spurs lost twice to Wolves and remain a laughing stock.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 18:51:00

Christ on a jetski, if my club was managed by a melty faced, tax cheating twitcher who sits with his fat jacksy glued to the bench, motionless save for the odd involuntary jowelly judder in the vain hope noone will notice how staggeringly out of his depth he is. The last place I'd be is on a rivals' board chatting sheisse about one of the most iconic managers of the modern game. You would cack your panties with unbridled joy if Wenger even so much as took a wrong turn and drove past that cesspit you bitters call a ground.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 19:19:00

Fantastic stuff Amos. Like you say, you'd imagine it to be easy for people to merely link to the full transcript of his post match interview/press conference to see what he really said in proper context. I don't know if this shows that people are more stupid than one gives them credit for, or if the media show too little journalistic integrity, or both. Regardless, I for one love listening to Arsenes thoughts on the game, he is a rare breed - one that has no fear in giving his opinion in an eloquent, insightful, and often witty manner.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 20:05:00

Quite simple really I really love this guy, he actually "says it as it is" most of the time. Good article I would have prefered the picture of AW when he was sent to the stands at Old Trafford, the expression on his face was just priceless.
Report Abuse
15/02/2010 20:21:00

We should be thankful for managers like Wenger who actually have interesting things to say. Imagine how boring it would be if he just recited the usual sporting cliches. "We're just taking it one game at a time, giving it 110%, blablabla..." Instead, Wenger has given us gems like "Everybody thinks they have the prettiest wife at home."
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 00:49:00

He also said, "At some clubs, success is accidental, at Arsenal it is compulsory." By success did he mean trophies, I wonder.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 01:11:00

The cult of Wenger still going strong
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 01:29:00

Yes, hence why he is the 2nd most decorated manager in the premier league ;) Keep going hod, you're way out of your league. Just like Spurs talking about a top 4 place.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 01:35:00

Remind me Fuikaka, when was he last decorated?
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 01:49:00

I think you know. Something i can't remember was the last time Spurs were? Why is it, that when you come over to Vital Arsenal with your comments. Arsenal fans reply in defense to our club, and we usually have a go at yours, but you never seem to reply in defense to Spurs? ...Not worth defending? Nothing too defend? Just wondering what's going on there?
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 01:56:00

April 25th, 2004..... oh what a brilliant day
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:02:00

Why would I want to join you in the gutter? 2008 last Spurs trophy.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:03:00

Join us in the gutter? Check your browser, you're at Vital ARSENAL. You're coming to OUR site. Dick. Carling Cup counts for nothing. Lets compare Arsenals achievments compared to Spurs since Wenger entered our club? Won't that be fun? ;) You've got no leg to stand on so i suggest you prance back to where you came from.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:07:00

In the gutter of insults, Einstein.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:12:00

Well, clearly you're an idiot because all you bring to us is gutter insults. I was questioning your ability to defend your club.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:16:00

See above.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:23:00

*shakes head* Go away fool
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 02:35:00

FuiKaka. Please dont send hodknows******all away, we need a clown jester.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 07:48:00

Good read Amos. If AW is both smart enough to have a considered opinion and at the same time is fearless to express it, it is to his credit. Following the herd and reading from a prepared statement is so fugging cowardly and boring.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 08:05:00

Clowns and jesters at least have the benefit of being amusing AG. hodfoundspudsplayhoofball is more of small barking dog. He just makes noise that's all. Just give him a kick and he scuttles off eventually.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 09:00:00

He reminds me of Herpes. You can never quite get rid of him
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 10:28:00

Can't he stay at vital bitter with the rest of the ****s? He's making the place smell funny.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 11:28:00

Wenger is never going to stop expressing his views to the media. That was more of a veiled warning to them. We know that they tend to exaggerate, but being the dumb *****s that they are, this would be a classic case of killing the goose with the golden egg, for the media. Wenger is one of the few who does give them candid / interesting quotes, and if they continue to misquote him, he will start using the cliches.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 11:30:00

How cr*p is the idea of having playoffs for champions league contested between teams 4-7? Yes it will make it more exciting for teams who will never be in the top 4 etc but makes a mockery of it being the best competition in the world. Potentialy you could have a team slipping out of the top 3 on the final day and some outsider like West Ham going on a run and reaching 7th. The teams could have 25 points seperating them yet West Ham could end up in the competition? Teams like Bolton, Blackburn & Fulham would of benefited from this in the last few years with others like Reading & Portsmouth almost having made it. Needless to say these teams would struggle in the league and champions league the following season.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 16:11:00

I would be more up for the idea of the FA cup winner taking the 4h place. It would make it a better competition with clubs fielding stronger sides. Possibly even a one of match between 4th place & FA cup winner to decide the CL place. In the event of one of the top 4 winning the cup then no match would be played. To reward a team finishing 7th with the chance to get in the CL seems ludicrous. Its possible even for that team to have had a relegation battle for months to then find themselves in the CL, a fairy tale maybe but ridiculous to reward mediocrity with the chance to play in the top competition. Rant over(and no its not because i fear not making the CL spuddies).
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 16:23:00

The sports media are a bunch of scabby c**** and deserve nothing but our hatred.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 16:34:00

agree paul_ownz, have said similar before, FA Cup winners, even league cup winners (to push that back up the pecking order) European Cup used to be for winners, now it is for what used to be considered also rans!
The Fear
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 17:06:00

Well written and balanced article Amos. Wish some members of the press would take some of that spirit on board.
Report Abuse
16/02/2010 17:07:00

I don't think anyone objects to Wenger having opinions on a wide range of subject. I think that people object when he can't say "we deserved to be beaten". Whinging about teams playing defensively or snapping into tackles (providing they're legal) is not reasonable. There is no reason that teams (small or big) should roll over and let Arsenal tickle their tummies just because Arsenal are very good at stroking the ball around. I think that the quote "Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat" is something many a manager could learn but none more so that Wenger.
Report Abuse
17/02/2010 13:43:00

I dont believe in being good losers. None of the top players are gracious after a loss. Terry, Fabregas, Drogba, Rooney all get moody after a loss and thats why they are the best, a burning desire to win. Making up excuses however is poor & Wenger has been guilty of this in the past.
Report Abuse
17/02/2010 15:03:00

Beware of them std's Ownzy.
Report Abuse
17/02/2010 15:56:00

It's very different getting moody and disappointed, even angry after a defeat. But real men can say "well played the opposition, we'll do them next time". Tossers say "that wasn't football" or the Drogba "it's a fcking disgrace".
Report Abuse
17/02/2010 17:01:00

I got my trojans just in case.
Report Abuse
17/02/2010 17:30:00

Paul_ownz- Interesting that you equate studying harder with earning more cash. You are the apotheosis (look it up) of contemporary Britain.
Report Abuse
18/02/2010 17:41:00


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