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Silly Mistakes Frustrating Cesc

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, like the Arsenal fans, seems to be becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed by amateurish and reckless errors that are threatening to ruin what has the potential to be a great season.

Our season so far has been riddled with individual mistakes that have cost us points, in games that, as a collective, we've been pretty good, we've come unstuck so many times by the most ridiculous errors, that it no longer comes as a surprise. Indeed, this is no new problem and one could probably trace is back as far as the last time we won a trophy .... probably much further than that too.

Cesc seems despondent with the situation. "The other top teams don't make these mistakes as often as we do,' Fabregas.

'Sometimes we make mistakes that at the top level you pay for and this is one of those nights. It happened against Chelsea and Man United and now again so I think we have to try to find the solution to these problems because it is costing us many, many things.'

Maybe it's just easier to recall glaring errors in the mind's eye, I don't know, but all to0 often these days it seems easier to remember a costly mistake than it does to remember a flash of genius.

Is it just a football fans mentality to focus on the negative or do we have a real problem?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 19 2010

Time: 11:20AM

Your Comments

I think Cesc is right, if we're measuring ourselves against the likes of United, Chelsea, Inter and Barca, we do make more gaffes than the others (though we don't have a monopoly on it- see Petr Cech's attempts at catching crosses) and we tend to make them in the big games. I saw Cesc's interview after the Porto game and he seemed as frustrated as I was, which was good to see. What he has to do now, as captain, is translate this to his players on the pitch, as well as through the press. Fabregas has a big game mentality and his performance doesn't drop nor does his brain stroke off at crucial moments. That's because he's a special player, mentally as well as ability wise. But he simply has to start communicating with his team mates more on the pitch. Tell Song and Denilson that we already play with 3 strikers and that their intervention isn't needed or welcomed in the opponent's 18 yard box ten minutes into a game, tell Rosicky and Nasri to track back and help their full backs, tell Thomas Vermaelen that if you can see your team mates aren't concentrating when the opposition have a free kick in your penalty area, that he should open his mouth- and not just to catch flies like a gourmless mong.
Little Dutch
Agreed LD! Though I thought Rosicky was brilliant against Porto until he went off. He worked really hard ... completely off topic I suppose but I thought I'd get that in there. I think the most infuriating thing is though that it's not like we have just one or two dodgy players making hugh profile mistakes, it's like they're all taking it in turns to ***** it up. I've said it before that we're technically superior to any team in the world ... we'just thick as pig****.
The only mistake fibreglass should be frustrated about is not joining barca when he had the chance. Another trohpyless season for you sonny
Errrr, he did join Barca, he joined their academy and left for us. I thought that was obvious? Then again, judging by your posts on here and your moniker, I reckon you'd probably have trouble finding water in the sea.
Little Dutch
Durr i meant last season when he should have gone back to join the full team. Sorry if that wasn't obvious enough for your tiny brain. Next time ill make to write my post in simple terms for you. Your right when i jumped in the sea all i found was lots of single oxygen atoms each with two hydrogen atoms bonded to them. Weird huh? Cretin
I just watched the replay of porto's second goal again... It's sickening. The chain of events is just stupidity upon stupidity. And falcao going off celebrating as if he's scored a stunner... lets teach porto a lesson at the emirates.. thats easily done if westop granting them free goals...
Another spud spending more time here than on his own site? What is with you ******** wind up merchants? Take the mick by all means but at least offer something constructive with it. Also, "ill make to write my post" makes no sense and it's "you're" not "your". Cretin. Jog on.
Unfortunately for IanWrightsUglyWife cave drawing are not permitted on the site - it's a shame the site lacks the facillity for such simple minds. Who writes "durr"? Honestly!
You'd think the word 'trophyless' would be ingrained enough by now into the pitiful sp*rs psyche to be able to spell it correctly too eh?
Gunnerman - Sorry i assumed none of you goons never took english anyway. My fault. Hahahaha stupid goons, hook, line and sinker, everytime. Bite bite bite. Let me change my bait. Hahahaha morons.
nikolaijns - not really, see we have only had 1 and half seasons of it. You have had 5. Thats the difference
Who uses a name like herobeard? Honestly?
Anyone else think hodfoundhmrcbreathingdownhisneck has got bored of himself and changed aliases. Yawn.
Little Dutch
Not my style.
Little dutch your wrong but whoever that is sounds more fun than you. Go to bed if your yawning i understand thats its probably nap time after your bottle feeding
Ok, as this is obvious trolling, can someone take the executive decision to forcibly remove this mug?
you're = you + are.... the irony of telling someone its their nap time will be lost on this spuddie for sure
*it's* ;-)
Wenger’s reaction to the second Porto goal is interesting and maybe reveals some clues as to why our players are making such basic errors. Sol clearly tapped the ball back to Fabianski and the referee was entirely correct to award an indirect free kick. The referee was entirely correct in trying to get the ball back to Porto and didn’t do much wrong in allowing Meireles to take it quickly bar getting too close to the action. The blame for such a childish goal was entirely our own as we simply did not respond accordingly. Why deny it? And this is where I think our silly errors are coming from - denial. I cannot believe that Wenger is unaware of this but something is oddly awry when professional players make such breathtaking stupid errors. Perhaps Wenger needs to accept the fact that we have a problem first before we can start to put it right. Maybe he needs to re-evaluate the emphasis of the team. Something has to explain the absurdidty of our defending.
Sir Henry
The fact that you all have to resort to punctuation and grammer rather than using fact to try and prove my post wrong just shows that i was right. I bet your (sorry you're) all sitting there with your dictionary's and thesaurus. Sad life of a goon.
By christ you're thick, how can you have had 1 and a half but us had 5??? If we've had 5 you've had 2 Einstein. Not wanting to belittle your magnificent decade defining little trophy but boasting about winning that is the equivalent of putting your swimming badges on your CV.
@Rocky, PLEASE do the network a favour and get rid of ballbag here for violating terms of use. Trolling does nothing but take articles off topic.
There's no apostrophe in dictionaries btw (yes that's how you spell it) To put an apostrophe there signals that it is something of the dictionary, something belonging to the dictionary and stupid as you are I think even you'll agree dictionaries don't have possessions.
Nah gunnerman these ballsacks have to learn something somewhere, it's blatant the little pikey never attended school, come on mate be a philanthropist, see it as helping the tragically underpriviliged and remorselessly thick.
Gunnerman - Yeah because you lot were doing were having such an in depth discussion before i came along. 2 posts! You all only starting posting when i started casting. You should take a look at our forum and see how its done.
We have won significantly more trophies than spuds have, that's a fact. To any non-spud, Arsenal have had far less 'trophyless' years, as you put it. I suppose pointing out that there is an element of irony in your mindless sentences is not enough, we clearly have to explain it to you as well...
Mind you given that he's been told like 15 times that it's 'you're' not 'your' and it still isn't getting through that low sloping brow, let's just laugh at the remedial :)
haha arsenal fans with an education haha that is a new one
Lol everytime I peer over the fence at your rabble all I see is snarling, abuse, insults, sack the manager, kill Jenas, and poorly thought out, badly spelt dribble from sub human effluent. Yeah that's how you do it, way to go. 400 comments of pain weekend after weekend lol. Joke club.
Well done, a sentence without any spelling errors! see we're getting there! Gold star *ruffles greasy hair, ughs and wipes on pupils' unwashed stinky blazer* Now let's start on beginning sentences with capital letters...
lol? Are you 12 or something? Haha what a loser
Wait a minute....touching hair? giving gold stars? use of the term 'lol'.....Oh god, your one of those people we try to keep our kids away from on the net!
Niko - Just thought the vital network had higher standards. The whole concept is for banter, intelligent debate, and cross - team chat, something I've been trying to take advantage of recently - definitely not for abuse, annoying other users or trolling. Or did I miss the memo that cocks are allowed to derail topics and repeatedly post utter ********* willy nilly now? Feck it.
Cesc aint the only one getting frustrated at our retarded attempts to actually defend. Someone, somewhere, needs a rollocking to get this team playing properly. Like Rocky says, all the talent and technique in the world seemingly wasted on players with the seeming inability to learn from past mistakes.
Gunnerman - If you actually learn to read you will see that it is your lot that went off topic. Banging on about spelling and what not. My first two posts were still relating to fibreglass. Sort it out
Right, so you claim that your posts aren't in any way deliberately inflammatory? give me a break.
Nope ugly, your first post was a weak arse taunt offering zilch and you rapidly slid down back into the primordial ooze that spat your simple mind out calling people cretins. You offer nothing, no banter, no humour or wit, just tragic drivel. Sort it out.
Gunnerman at what point did i claim it was not 'inflammatory'. Explain as that has nothing to do with what i said. Nikola - If it was a weak taunt why respond? It could not have been that weak to receive such pathetic responses such as 'you couldnt find water in the sea'
Do we love each other enough to start the mum jokes now?
So you admit your posts are purposefully inflammatory and thus designed to incite? Enjoy your time here before the banhammer hits you ;-) see ya
At no point did i say it was meant to incite either. Not very good at this are you.
Stop feeding the troll. Not all posts are worth responding to guys.
Ahhh come on GoonerLou, i've bagged a net full here and its much easier and warmer than sitting round a lake all day. Why spoil the fun haha.
Oh well thats work finished. Maybe see you next time there is nothing to do :)
Toilet attendants with a laptop?
LD where is your Porto match report? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!!
nikolaijns - No...Pimp with your mums iphone
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Honest question. How did you guys know IanWrightsUglyWife is a spud?
I'd just like to interject at this point in this fascinating little conversation to highlight a brilliant quote from Ugly... nikolaijns: "You'd think the word 'trophyless' would be ingrained enough by now into the pitiful sp*rs psyche to be able to spell it correctly too eh?" Ugly:"Sorry i assumed none of you goons never took english anyway". Priceless.
Sajit, because he sounds like a loser.
...and Sajit, because he sounds like he needs help. Plus, its in the smell.

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