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Ramsey Suffers Horror Injury

As Arsenal compete for the Premier League title for the first time since the 2008 season in which Arsenal capitulated towards the run in, the catalyst for which was a 2-2 draw at St Andrews after the Gunners fell to pieces following the breaking of Eduardo's leg, Aaron Ramsey was unfortunate enough to get a taste of just what happened on that fateful day.

In a cruel twist of scarily similar fate, on a day where Arsenal look to close the gap on the leaders to just 3 points, Aaron Ramsey has suffered an horrific injury (the extent of which is not yet known) in the second half of a crucial game at the Brittania Stadium against Stoke.

Rambo when down under a reckless challenge from Ryan Shawcross, and the reaction from the players and the refusal of Sky Sports to replay the incident told us all we needed (or wanted) to know.

I'm 100% sure that Shawcross mistimed his challenge and that no malice was intended (indeed he was crying as he left the field) but maybe in light of Ramsey's injury it might make players think twice before throwing themselves into tackles without thinking about the consequences.....but then again, we said that after Eddie's injury.

At this time the game is still going on, but I find myself with little interest in watching it, I hope the players can pull themselves together and have a better attitude than me and go on to win the title for Rambo.

Get well soon Aaron.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 27 2010

Time: 7:15PM

Your Comments

Best wishes from all at Vital Chelsea, hope the lad makes a speedy recovery
We can win the league for Ramsey
Horrible tackle. So sorry for the lad. I really hope he manages to make a full recovery.
get well soon rambo.. u'll be back soon with a long career ahead with THE ARSENAL
Ouch, I do not care if he is Arsenal ... I hope he recovers well and is back ASAP ... talent like him is needed in the PREM best wishes Ramsey
3 broken legs in four years at away games for us? Maybe now people should start taking it seriously that other teams have been allowed to use rough house tactics against ud for too long. Get Well soon Rambo, I hope it's not as bad as everyone thinks it is.
Get well soon Ramsey. Hopefully not as bad as feared.
We can win this for him.
Prayers & best wishes for Rambo. Hope he gets back to playing football sometime later this year.
Poor lad, absolutely gutted for him, Cesc and Vermaelen looked utterly distraught and we all feared the worse for our psyche. Cesc is being interviewed now and saying about the lack of protection offered and 3 broken legs in 5 years is unacceptable. Proud of our fight and the ability to mentally push past this groundhog day bull***** from talent bereft clogging cunntts.
i feel absolutely terrible for the kid... let's hope this doesn't derail his potential, because it is sky high
I'm probaly going to regret this but in the heat of the moment I have to say that I am sickened by yet another horrific injury against an Arsenal player. This results from the "get into 'em" approach as the best way to beat Arsenal. I have no sympathy for Shawcross nor Taylor, nor the Sunderland player who snapped Diaby's ankle. I hope there are serious repercussions from this.
Sir Henry
I wish Aaron all the best, and just hope it not as bad as it appears. And that he makes a full recovery!
Very upsetting sight to see the young man hit by such an awful injury. Hope the injury heals well and he's back strong as soon as is possible. Best wishes from Blackpool.
His right leg definitely had the bendy look just below his knee, the coverage here in Oz definitely had a good view of the damage. I am tired of these thug teams in the PL, but I am very proud of the guts the side showed today, especially at the end when cesc gathered the whole side in the centre circle at full time for a group hug ! We want this title now !
it surely was horrendous tackle .
but i don't think any malice was intended
Listening to 606 and a Stoke fan saying that the referee overreacted to tyhe Ramsey injury. Alan Green followed up by saying Shawcross was crying and there was no malice. Yet again the perpetrator is seen as a saint and the victim is forgotten.
Sir Henry
sir henry, it will be harder for the media to churn out their usual bile as the injured player is british
This is ******** rubbish. Wenger said this was no co-incidence, and I agree. There was no malice, but I dont ******** care. Thats what they said about Taylor's tackle also.
Well said Rocky. 3 breaks in 5 seasons - its simply unacceptable. ******** morons cant tackle.
Teams like Stoke and Bolton are a disgrace. They can't play real football and so insist on kicking lumps out of the teams that can. And then even boast about it in the media. I hope they're proud of themselves. Mentally, easily our best performance of the season. Two years ago, our heads went down after Eduardo's injury at Birmingham. Today, we stood up and fought. Well done lads and well done Cesc Fabregas. Today highlighted just how much he deserves that armband compared to Gallas two years ago at St Andrews. Get well soon Aaron. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!
But what I enjoyed was Cesc' tackle towards the end, and he made a shushing gesture as if to say - we can dish it out too. This has gone on for too long. It looks like this team is tough in that aspect.
Malice or no malice is not the question... we have seen it happening to arsenal players too often.. thank you big sam.. w@nker.
All the best Aaron for a speedy recovery from Western Australia. You're gonna be a superstar mate! This can't hold you back.
the referees have to clamp down on overphysical sides. Ramsey is young and british.. the stupid media won't know how to play this...
@ Prits - I saw that too. Cesc was an absolute warrior today. 22 years old? Be scared anyone who is facing him.
Yea prits I saw Cesc 'shush' someone,was it toward Pulis?
If teams take the "thuggish" approach against Arsenal then, please, stop the tears, take the consequences of your actions. A serious injury is always likely when you "get at Arsenal" so don't give us the teary eyes. I don't care if Shawcross is devastated, he should be.
Sir Henry
The pictures look awful, more ******** limbs at right angles, eduardo is your role model in this rambo lad, you'll be back.
Prits, Cesc was shushing Pulis who had the audacity to complain about Cesc's tackle from behind. Cesc was right to shush that little dare he whinge after what Shawcross did???
Cesc is finally becoming the vocal captain too, ordering the players together at the end shouting at them and giving them the captains spiel, we are finding our unity at a time when chelsea are losing theirs. Great to see Sol do the same in the game shouting orders to his defence telling them where to pick up and when to push up. We finally seem to be seeing our leaders marshall the team.
His knee is twisted at a terrible angle, and it looks truly truly horrible. This team has spirit, and you could see it in Cesc. Its tough to enjoy such a win, but I was so so proud of the team and its fighting spirit.
Why does the human pysche persuade you to look at horrible things? Damn. That's awful. It's very simialr to Eddie's. The good thing is that it's in the middle of the bone. It's always harder to heal when it's near joins and whatnot.
Aaron is strong and young; he will heal quicker than we know (at least, than Edu) and will come back better, in my view.
Sol and Verm were dominate after their goal.... god, I am emotionally drained... hopefully the lads are too and withdraw from their pointless friendlies this week ;-)
I like both players a lot. I think Ramsey is going to be a class act and I think Shawcross is becoming quite the player as well. Shame it happened.
Medically speaking, he's at the best age to recover from something as serious as this. If he was younger and still growing, then leg breaks can cause serious imbalances. Get well soon Rambo.
Aaron you'll get well soon, I'm sure of it! The lads will go on and win the title for you, as they did the game today! Despite this terrible terrible incident, there's lots of positives taken out of this game. (1) The entirely different reaction from 2 years ago means that we've come of age. Instead of letting the heads go down, the fight was there to win it for Rambo. (2) Cesc's a true leader, as you guys said. (3) We scored from a cross, a pen (finally!) and a tap-in through sheer force of will. Some of the pretty football was there but we did show some variation of our approaches to goal today, largely due to having Bendtner up front and Eboue runnning at defenders. Good signs there!
I'd also like to add that seeing 3 of his teammates' legs broken in the English league will have more to do with Cesc leaving than our 'lack of trophies'
Shawcross didn't mean it at all. As soon as I saw Verm's reaction I knew what had happend.
who cares if he meant it? the ref saw fit to give him a straight red, therefore there was something seriously wrong with the tackle
Too true TPowell, especially as Cesc knows he's the one always marked as the one to target to stop Arsenal. I thought the exact same.
Doctor Doctor
Best wishes to Aaron on behalf of Vital Spurs.
Doctor Doctor
Im utterly distraught
All this talk of Shawcross "not meaning to do it" is irrelevant. Wenger said something along the lines of "it takes one kill to be a murderer" after Eduardo's injury. I never drink alcohol, but if tomorrow I go on a drinking spree and I knock over and kill a pedestrian, I will be sent to prison, regardless of the fact that I "didn't mean to do it". Aaron Ramsey will not play football for at least 6 months. Ryan Shawcross will be suspended for 3 games. How f***ed up is that
Patresc Vieiragas
Watch this, see Cesc's anger and disgust, I dread what you said, TP, too. Cesc saw a lot of things wrong in this league and he's being very controlled and polite when he said that:,19528,11670_5988787,00.html
Patresc Vieiragas
Cheers to the well wishers from other clubs, it's appreciated chaps.
Indeed Niko. Whilst there are always going to arguments between football fans, we all seem to share the same will to not have the field littered with players with shattered limbs.
The main rule any manager or coach will tell their team is play to your strengths. That is what Arsenal and Stoke both do. It is a contrast in style's and neither is right or wrong becasue there is no right or wrong way to play the game. Shawcross is not a malicious player and no intent was there but to call for teams to stop playing like that against Arsenal is ridiculous. Why dont Arsenal change their approach? Because everyone plays to their strengths. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! That is football. Get well soon AAron Ramsey
It was an horrific injury and as much as I'm sure Shawcross meant no malice, it was a nasty, silly challenge. I'm sure he's feeling very distraught about it. All my best wishes to Aaron, I hope he has a speedy recovery.
Yid Singer
It's not much comfort but Ramsey will be playing top flight football again by the time he is 20. He is a really talented player but for him it is just paradise postponed rather than lost.
"Why dont Arsenal change their approach?" Our approach doesn't snap legs, also, its called football, not throwball.
Stoke are a *****inhg disgrace. Hope Ramsey recovers quickly and gets back to his best, he's got the makings of an awesome player Also hope this doesn't affect the rest of your team for the run in.
A very unfortunate incident and best wishes that Ramsey gets well soon. Of course there will be calls for tough action but what I saw was a heavy touch from Shawcross and then him over extend trying to recover that touch. Unfortunately in the split second that occurs, players (who are human after all) sometimes think they can make a legitimate tackle or unable to withdraw from a challenge without risk of causing a different type of injury. Very regretable but lets hope the authorities don't over react but cool heads prevail.
TPowell, there is no right or wrong way to play football. I am not sticking uop for Shawcross it was a horrible tackle and one that will stay for him for the rest of his career but my point is that although everyone is saying that teams bully Arsenal and kick them, the easiest solution is for Arsenal to change thjeir style in some matches and grind out results the old-fashioned way. 'Nice football' doesnt always win. You should know that
All the best Aaron, God's wishes son. We completely capitulated today but I do not wish that on any individual, or indeed team, rivals or not. Speedy recovery please. Interesting run-in gents, see you at the end....
That was uncalled for, His only 19 and his careers in jeopardy. Both players went for the ball 50/50 so it wasnt the Stokes players fault BUT i feel sorry for Arron Ramsey !!
we have 'grinded out' many results already this season. Also, why should we change our style if bullying and kicking is an illegal tactic? After all, it was your club that received a straight red today, not ours. Which implies that your tactic was illegal, whilst ours was not
Ryan Shawcross has tonight being called up for England to play Egypt
and he has also broken the leg of an equally promising young player, an eventful day for him indeed. Also Sol had a better game than him.
TPowell We have done plenty of grinding, I've got no problem with physical hassling, harrying, fast closing down and powerful play. I do have a problem with players that are too ***** to tackle properly.
Get well soon!! Thank you to all those at other clubs sending their support it is really well recieved! I too was very "happy" to see cesc get the team together at the end, this is the mark of a great captain. All the best Rambo
No 10
Our tactic was within the rules. Stoke played just the same as we always do but one freak accident has overshadowed that. If bullting is an illegal tactic then why havent Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn and even Chelsea been flagged up yet? They bully opponents weak in, weak out which implies that it is perfectly within the rules. No rule says otherwise. It wasnt so long agfo that you were playing physical football. Remember that
if it were within the rules, then why would you get a red card?
And on the thug tactics: people (pundits mainly) seem to ignor that tackling used to be a skill!! Sol at Porto...fantastic! If you don't have the skill to out play a team then you need the skill to tackle them, by all means you can then lump it to a big forward if you want, that's your choice. But if you don't have the skill to tackle get beat!! I remeber getting beat by Sheff United by them clsong down and tackling well, I had no issue with that. BUT KICKING PEOPLE IS NOT THIS SPORT!!!
No 10
The tackle was not part of the tactic's. It was a 50-50 coming together that could have happened anywhere this weekend. Just unfortunate it was Ramsey
Tonight summed up a great deal about what being a Gooner does for you. It gives you trauma, but fills you with pride.
redandwhitestripemad... you obviously ARE mad. That was no 50-50 it was an out and out lunge. Shawcross did exactly what that p**** Pulis told him to do - get out there and rough em up. Stoke are a disgrace to english football and Pulis is even worse..... All the best Aaron
horrific injury get well soon lad
Audere est Facere
Get well soon Aaron- we love ya kid!!! It just absolutely BEGGARS BELIEF that this could happen to one of our players again. I thought this sport was called footBALL. Shocking. It about time the FA looked into this disgraceful tactic doing the rounds of the footballing and media community: "Have a go at Arsenal, they don't like it up 'em!" well thank you very much Andy Gray, Sam Allardyce et al! How many other Arsenal players are you going to take out in this War of Attrition?! Why on Earth should anymore talented players want to come to this league in future to risk this happening to them? Once is unfortunate, twice gives pause for thought but THREE TIMES is not a coincidence!!! That said, I don't think Shawcross meant it. He was clearly distressed. I blame Pulis instead (among others).
I didn't see the Eduardo tackle properly in real time at the stadium and, as such, was relying on people to relay the severity of it to me. I saw this one clear as day, I could see the state of his leg straight after the tackle and I could see it hanging there for a long, long time. It's one of the most distressing injuries I've seen and on a purely human level I am absolutely gutted for the kid. He has been playing so well and was one of our better players today too, I wish him well. And it's worth pointing out that his ambulance hadn't even left the corner of the stadium today and a good majority of the Stoke fans to our right were singing "he's only got one leg." Wastes of oxygen the lot of them.
Little Dutch
All the best for ramsey. I may be a yid but u guys have had some horrific luck with injuries, I hope he bounces back in the same way eduardo did.
LD - That's sickening to hear... I wouldn't wish that on my most hated of players. Well Stoke fans can chant what they want because even breaking our players doesn't stop us being the better team, the team that came away from the game with 3 points and with millions of very proud fans all over the world.
Atrocious! Totally atrocious! I can't believe that it's happening again. First Diaby, then Eduardo and now Ramsey?? Get well soon Ramsey. We are all praying for you. Let's win the League for him lads!!!
as chelsea fan id like to say i hope ramsey gets better soon and if we dont win the league i hope u guys do
Lifeisagooner, you are the only person who belives it wasnt 50-50, that tell you something? People will always play like this against arsenal so just accept it
redandwhitestripemad, you sound like the type of supporter who would sing, "he's only got one leg". Were you?
Sir Henry
It wasn't a 50/50 ball at all. Not even close. And I haven't seen one comment on this site that suggested it was malicious. You're just making facts up to defend a player. And yes, people always play likes this against Arsenal .... it's the reason we've had three broken legs in 4 years. So playing like this against Arsenal has it's clear risks, and is completely irrespnsible and disrespectful of fellow professionals. If you can't beat us fairly, then accept the loss and try harder at playing actual football. I used to like Pulis, but the guy is a mirror image of Fat Sam. Both disgusting ****s.
redandwhitestripemad - You are a moron and should STFU straight away before you embaress yourself further. Now run along child.
Best wishes to Aaron from everyone connected to Hartlepool United. Horrific injury, get well soon mate.
No i wasnt one of those idiots singing and LondonGooner, it sounds like you are the only moron here mate
One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the actions of Glen Whelan. He was fatastic holding Ramsey throughout. Well done Glen. Get well Aaron
Bradys Chips
Cheers to Glen Whelan for helping Ramsey out when he needed it most.

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