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Deluded Collymore Completely Out Of Order. Period.

Every football fan in the country has had his say on the incident that culminated with a 19 year old Welsh kid laying on the football field with a shattered leg, and whilst there have been many differing opinions as to why this tragedy occurred, to a man (and woman) the unanimous opinion has been one for sorrow for Ramsey, and even when the most bitter rivals of the Gunners have conveyed their opinions, they have done so respectfully.

This this Monday morning I was fully prepared to try and move on to matters away from this horrible incident, however one article caught my eye.

I'm not usually one to read or listen to anything Stan Collymore has to say. He's a bitter old has-been, a wife beater and morally corrupt idiot, paired with the fact that despite playing football for many years, this scum bag knows absolutely nothing about the game.

But an article titled: Collymore: 'Deluded' Wenger completely out of order with his post-match comments changed my stance for a change. I wished it hadn't, for what I read made my blood boil.

Here's what the moron said. "My thoughts are with Aaron Ramsey but Arsene Wenger's bitter reaction to his injury makes me question how suited Arsenal's boss is to English football. I have my fingers crossed for him that he will come back stronger in future following the incident with Ryan Shawcross."

"But if Wenger, or any Arsenal fans, think there is a connection between Abou Diaby, Eduardo and now Ramsey all getting seriously injured, they are deluded. And I think Wenger was completely out of order with his post-match comments about Shawcross."

"Despite the belief that Wenger is the professor, he has a real bitter and nasty streak. It is blatantly obvious the Frenchman wants to buck the trend and traditions of English football. But if he doesn`t like English working conditions, whereby players are physical and try to win the ball, then maybe he should disappear to La Liga or Serie A."

"Shawcross was distraught after injuring Ramsey. He made an honest attempt to win the ball, but sadly, getting seriously injured is occasionally part of football. If Wenger wants to make football almost a non-contact that is up to him but it won`t happen in England."

"These injuries simply can happen to anyone and are purely bad luck'

First of all ..... what post match comments about Shawcross? He simply said that he thought the tackle was 'unacceptable', and if you think it was then you're a bigger idiot than I first thought. Wenger also asked to spare him the 'nice lad' articles, and he has a point. Whether Shawcross meant it or not, we shouldn't be hearing about how Shawcross wouldn't do this on purpose (despite this being his third offence), he did it, let's concentrate on getting Aaron back in to football.

Arsene Wenger also commented on how he doesn't belive in coincidences, and whilst each person can have their opinion on this (I happen to wholeheartedly agree with Arsene), to label Arsene bitter, and deluded and not suited to the English game based on a statement made only minutes after a game in which he witnessed another one of his players get a career threatening injury for the third time in four years is an absolute disgrace.

If Collymore is reading, and I know he will be, because he's just the type of ego-maniac who sits around all day typing his name into google ..... take your opinions and fuck off. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. You weren't even that good a footballer and your talent for sports journalism is even worse. If you think the league's second most successful manager isn't suited to the English game because he doesn't want to see any more players with broken limbs ... from Arsenal or any other team, then you're a bigger bell-end than anyone first thought.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 1 2010

Time: 11:16AM

Your Comments

his analysis are just as good as his playing career was. Rocky why have yu even given space here to this idiot? i wonder what the reaction of these idiots would be when a foreigner does this kind of tackle on Rooney or any other english player..
Just what I wanted, the "opinions" of a dogging wife beater whose career included being turfed out by Leicester City. Cheers Stan.
Little Dutch
Collymore is just another example of the media relying on controversy rather than objectivity. It is a positive benefit for such folk to have the ability to talk without ever needing to engage a brain.
Firstly Arsene has made a much larger contribution to English football than Collymore could have ever dreamed of, possibly more in the modern era than any manager. I know Ferguson has been more successful, that much is not worth even debating, but Wenger brought English football up to speed with the rest of Europe, and is largely responsible for the fact that it went from a second rate league in continental standards to the money spinning, entertainment giant it is today. Possibly Arsene's greatest contribution to English football is that now, first rate clubs like Liverpool have first rate players like Fernando Torres playing as their strikers, rather than second rate hacks like Stan, who would never have gotten so far in the modern Premier League. You'd think an IQ of above 60 and basic literacy would be a prerequisite of being employed as a journalist, i suppose when you dictate your retarded opinions to a ghost writer it doesn't matter if you know how to use a keyboard, or even spell the word.
Ozi Gooner
who's collymore ?!
Gooner SA
Well said all. I could get worked up about these idiots on TALKCRAP but can't be bothered frankly. With Collymore's past behaviour it doesn't surprise me that he would have such a skewed sense of morality. This woman beater shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as a giant of the game such as Wenger. He should crawl back into the hole he came out of. Thug.
Colleymore's a f******g idiot and the sooner his wife beating opinions are off the air the better. The useless, washed up hasbeen.
Complete tosser ...nothing else too it.
Well it's hardly surprising he would think that. Ask Ulrika Jonsson. He probably sees it as okay to break legs, am I correct in recalling he once clobbered her when they were a couple?
»»Arsene Knows««
and on a separate note, as highlighted in Amos' article, this guy has previous. Bad tackles appear to follow him around like flies round $h1t.any of you who go to arseblog this morning can find a link to download a pdf from the stoke sentinel of a report on shawcross and one of his escapades. These idiots who defend him miss the point, its not about whether he meant it or not, it was a reckless tackle and should be punished severely. He has previous, he hasn't learned, or, to view it another way, he hasn;t improved sufficiently to be able to play at this level. Should shawcross even be playing in the premiership? It appears he is not of the required talent to do so. As for Tony Pulis and his utterly moronic comments about wenger, the guy is a cretin and a full-on arse. I hope the tit gets his. next time one of his players get their leg broken, let's see what his thought son the subject are...
»»Arsene Knows««
Why is there such a need to defend the players integerity? I never understood that part of it. The first thing they all say is 'He's not that kind of player' well duh....
Collymore is an idiot, he says anything to garner controversy and will change tack in a heartbeat. Expect to see him 'writing' an article bemoaning dangerous fouls in a week or two. Liverpool fan here and hope Ramsey makes a speedy recovery.
Colly***** is just a greedy fool. I'm sure all that happened here was his shadow writer listened to Talksport and put it into writing. I listened to it for five minutes and then turned it off. The problem is, these so-called journalists are so biased towards clubs with English managers because they want them on their shows. You wouldn't hear Wenger on their show on next to Kammy on a sofa so they feel they should take the opposite side. I heard one 'so called' journalist on talk sport this morning (the Moose) that he didn't even think it was a foul!?!
I'm sure Ryan Shawcross didn't mean to break Aaron's leg but he has to take responsibility for his actions. He wasn't in control of his body and as a result badly injured a fellow pro. It's the same as being done for dangerous driving.
Exactly Tom - nobody raised the issue of the player's integrity. Which brings us to one of the main problems in the English football media - their coverage and build up is more about pitting one individual against the other and not the underlying issues. So now we have 'AW Vs Pulis and Team Shawcross' playing out in the media instead of more articles on the wide disparity between the definition of the physical side of football in England vs the rest of Europe. The EPL may be the most watched football league in the world but it begs the question - why are EPL's non top 4 teams so unsuccessful in European competition? Would our mid table and lower table sides compete favourably with their counterparts in Spain or Germany or Italy? Why doesn't England produce as many technically brialliant players as it should being the arena of the world's biggest league competition? But trust the media to side step the hard questions and instead focus on soap opera style issues of drama, revenge and victory of traditional "english values."
@ DeltaForce, you raise a good point. The fact the EPL is the most watched league in the world is as much down to the marketing of it by Murdoch as it is that it's more entertaining. Some would say, that like 20/20 cricket, the fast pace makes it more appealing to the non-traditional football audiences and that leagues like your Serie A are more similar to test-cricket, and I think there's something to that. Personally, I prefer to watch Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga to most EPL games that don't involve Arsenal, it is of a higher standard and the depth of quality goes further in those leagues than in the EPL where there is a massive gap between the top 8 and the rest.
Ozi Gooner
Good points made by Bob Wilson on BBC What a contrast it is to tens of articles on Wenger being the villain of the piece and a poll on the mirror website which asks 'should Arsene Wenger stop whining about teams bullying Arsenal.' Wow.
How can this **** even begin to comment on other people's morales and opinions is beyond me. "you should've been in squad Stan?" "oh yeah? why's that?" "cos you were always good at beating Swedes"
LOL - Nice SW!!
Oh come on Rocky, don't give any online column inches to this b@st@rd!
I disagree Lou .... sometimes you just have to speak out against the disgracefulness of some people. Normally his comments should be ignore, but this latest "article" is just too disgusting to let pass by without comment.
Rocky7 - If you thought Stan's was bad...
I just read the article title and closed the window down, I'm not sure my blood pressure can take it. Hopefully Parker and Collymore will be laid to rest on the same day in the not too distant future.
Parker has manager to come across as an even bigger ***t than Colleymore, suggesting Wenge rshould apologise to Shawcross!! What a complete moron. Wenger never once spoke about Shawcross for starters and secondly who made the tackle? F*****g idiotic w****r.
Even ****s and *****heads get to voice their opinion. At least in doing so, they let us know who they are. Collymore is clearly one.
Anyone with a little decency would never have written this DROSS that Parker did. We should feel sorry for a talentless, limited and brainless THUG like Shawcross and Wenger should appologize to a player who (so far) has put 3 (three that is) players in hospital with broken/damaged limbs? Did a mental hospital in England suddenly lose a great number of its patients who happen to be average (at best) ex-footballers? Jeffers, Adebayor and now Ramsey are all crossed out from 'poor' Shawcross' 'to-do list', and who knows how many are on it? If he had been trained on his technique and first touch for 3 years since his first criminal attack on Jeffers, rather than continuously being told 'to get stuck in' and jump at long throw-ins (let's face it, his footballing knowledge stops there), this would have never happened.
oh and F-U-C-K the lot of them. Miserable bas tar ds
Maybe is wenger realised that what happened was an unfortunate accident and didnt make the comments he did then numptys like collymore would have nothing to say. Anyone can see that it was in not intentional! Or maybe he 'didnt see it' again and was just relying on what others told him?
Comments like what? That the tackle was "unacceptable." Or perhaps when he said, "I prefer not to be the judge and just wish Ramsey well." You utter bufoon, why not actually read what the manager has said before commenting on what you think he might have said based on a stereotype. r do you think he should have branded a challenge that snapped his player's leg in two as "perfectly acceptable." Perhaps if you were knocked dwn by a drunk driver who skipped the lights you'd doubtless get up, dust yourself off and shrug, "Meh, accidents happen in life, comme ci comme ca." I am utterly at the end of my tether with these morons trying to make Wenger the bad guy, utterly unbelievable.
Little Dutch
IanWrightsUglyWife - You don't even know what Wenger said, not once did he comment on Shawcross as a person or a player, so why not stfu stop acting like a WUM-ing dick head and crawl off back under the stone you scuttled out from.
As an Arsenal supporter, I seem to be going through a transition with regard to my national footballing identity. This odious desire for the hard, gritty physical “Shawcross” type player as being the way English football is, and should continue to be played, makes me want to defect. I think this approach explains why England are always the “also rans” at International tournaments as our more technically gifted young players are discouraged at the grass roots by being told to “boot it long”. Watching England play is a frustrating business, as we laud the English grit and I must prefer to watch the silky skills of Wengerball. Apart from the quality of football and the encouragement of the Neanderthal type player, the English seem to have the brainless, morally corrupt personalities littering the national squad. Stan played for England as well didn’t he?
Sir Henry
Laughed out loud at Benitez's comments about Blackburn & Sam Allardyce. The sarcasm will be lost on a yokel like Allardyce though. Sometimes wish Wenger put the boot into guys like Pulis & Allardyce as well.
It's got to the stage where I can't listen to sport on radio or watch Sky Sports News anymore. One thing that really bothers me is if all these ex-pros recieved a tackle like that would they feel sorry for the offender. What about Elliot on Saunders, he's tried to sue him in court. Maybe if someone had done it to Collymore/Parker/Townsend/*put your foot-in-mouth ex pro here* they would not make such ridiculous comments.
Lmao, love that article, when you have something to say just say it.. keep up the good work.
Contrast the media reaction to the Gallas tackle on the Bolton player a few weeks ago at the home game. They completely went to town on Gallas, even though that player was back playing a week or so later.
Why even bother responding to IanWrightsUglyWife? If a homeless man calls you a **** you don't get in the gutter and fight with him.
Ozi Gooner
Stan Collymores opinions are about as welcome as a kick in the balls. The man has the intelligence of your average haddock. Dickhead. The man needs a slap.
Little Dutch - Yes comments like it was unacceptable. It was not an unacceptable challenge, there was no intent, studs were down, and it was not two footed. Its just unfortunate how he his ramsay and that ramsay foot/studs were firmly planted in the ground. If you watch how wenger said what he said then you see what he was saying underneath and that was discussed on MOTD so yes i heard what he said. To compare that to a drunk driver knocking someone over is just plain ridiculous, that is their fault because they drank and got behind the wheel you moron
It's not unfortunate that Ramseys studs are planted in the ground - thats what the studs are there for - their primary function in fact. The fact that Shawcross's studs were down has no relevance any more than if he had been wearing carpet slippers. The 'crime' was one of recklessness and the use of excessive force. Getting behind the wheel of a car when you are not in condition to do so is also reckless at the very least. It's ceratinly a crime to drive a car carelessly and recklessly. Shawcross had no need to make that tackle with such force, without proper control and without regard to the consequences for doing so. He wasn't trying to win the ball he was trying to launch it and anyone in possession of it into the stands. Under the laws of the game he is obliged to play 'in a manner that cannot be considered careless, reckless or uses excessive force'. He was guilty of all three against Ramsey.
IWUF, do we come to your job and knock the broom out of your hand?
Ozi Gooner
Right? But Shawcross clattering into a challenge at 100mph when he could just as easily have won the ball at 20mph isn't reckless or dangerous? Do one mate. Nobody's saying he emant the snap the boy in two, but it's a bit irresponsible to exert that kind of force when you know you're not under control. If Shawcorss had gone in at a sensible speed, he could have stopped himself when he saw Ramsey was winning the ball. He wanted to level him, I've no doubt not that badly, but he did nonetheless. Do you ever get on London Underground? Pretty busy, if someone brushes your shoulder slightly when you're walking past you don't get too annoyed. If someone careers into you with speed and force you give a mite ticked off because you know how unnecessary it was.
Little Dutch
How pathetic is it to base your argument on the premise that it isn't what Wenger said but 'how' he said it and what some TV pundits thought he might have meant rather than what he did say. On that basis I think IWUF meant to say that he is really sorry for acting like a total tosspot and really has no idea what on earth he is talking about himself. Apology accepted IWUF.
A manager, despite repeated warnings of the consequences for ALL players from wild, feet-in-the-air tackles, has to stand on the touchline and for THIRD tine just 4 seasons, watch one of his own players getting his leg cut in two like that? He is bloody "ENTITLED" to call the tackle unacceptable. Any other manager would've said the same. Owen Coyle said Billy was gulity of assault. NOBODY baulked at that. Even though his player was completely undamaged and back the next week. I didn't condemn Coyle for that because I know he was speaking emotionally. Where is it all going to end? And the driving ANALOGY is a good one. Take the "drink" aspect out of it. Many a person has been run down by a careless driver who was speeding or who took their eyes off the ball. Standing up crying, and saying, I'm a good person, I didn't mean it, doesn't alter the consequences does it? That's what's gone wrong in society today- nobody is held responsible for things that they do. Tell Wayne Bridge to "man-up?" Tell Ryan Shawcross to "man-up", morelike.
*ball*, meant *road."
God its like talking to a bunch of retards. You need to take the rose tinted glasses off. Basically as long as your manager keeps making silly comments he is going to get a slap in the face for it. He does it all the time and never learns and then you lot moan about the people who moaning at him. Funny how everyone can see he is a goon (no pun intended) except you lot. HR makes the same mistakes but atleast i can admit it.
And I'm sure lots with agree with me on this, growing up in my house, saying "Didn't mean" didn't cut any ice with my parents. I still got the punishment because a lesson had to be learned.
What silly comments though? That the player having his leg snapped is "unacceptable" if you're that sensitive mate, football ain't the game for you.
Little Dutch
You need to take your Arsenal-bashing, anti-foreigner glasses off. Arsene Wenger is trying to protect ALL players in the sport by having a look at the tackles. How can you side with a woman-beating, dogging low-life over a man of integrity? There have been plenty of other TH fans actually who have come on this side and agreed with us. You'll be the first to "whinge" if your player gets cut in two! We've lost 3 players to the same tackle in 4 years. We have PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to support our argument. What have you got? Blind bitterness against the man who single-handedly revolutionized football in this country. Don't you DARE criticize us. It's our players that are getting mown down.
Doesn't seem as though any kind of specs, rosetinted or not, are much use to you IWUF - you are firmly in white stick territory - unable to see anything clearly. Your hearing is none to good either if hearing the word 'unacceptable' as anything other than the mildest observation given the circumstances.
Of course HR makes silly comments "I declare that the information given in this tax return is full and complete" being one of them.
julieloveshenry4ever - Err read my posts properly! I never sided with collymore! I called him a numpty in my first post! All im saying is if wenger is going to come out with those comments then expect a reply. You seem to be forgetting we had our own leg break to contend with this season! Do you actually think players going out with the intention of hurting arsenal players every weekend or something? Paranoid delusions springs to mind!
ulieloveshenry4ever - "man who single-handedly revolutionized football in this country"??? We are talking about wenger not fergie
Even whats-his-name from the Independent said he thought AW had been restrained on Saturday evening. He most certainly was. I on the other hand was charging round my livingroom like a bull in a china shop, raging about law suits and all sorts!
IWUW - Yes opposition players do go out on a weekly basis to hurt our players, and thats not difficult to prove, the morons say it in the press before they play us. Eg, Fuller saying Arsenal won't be able to cope with Stoke's aggressive play. No doubt you'll have a different explanation for that comment but every right minded fan knows exactly what he meant & it wasn't about fair challenges.
Ashburton Gooner
You still haven't managed to explain what it was about 'those comments' which consisted of the opinion that the tackle was 'unacceptable' that should warrant anything other than agreement IWUW. It seems that it is only your own paranoid delusion that obliges you to see any fault in it all.
Ashburton Gooner - Wow you should see a doctor! That is definitly an all time classic comment! Everyone knows teams like stoke, sunderland, wigan etc etc play a physical game. If you think he actually meant "we are going to go out there to intentionally hurt their players" then you seriously need some time out. Or maybe follow a different sport? Maybe speed knitting? Just remember Ashburton Gooner they are all against you, burn them, burn them all haha tool
Amos. - How about you explain why is should be agreed with? Not everyone is going to have the same as much as i cant stand collymore why is he any more wrong to voice his opinions than wenger? He doesnt see that tackle as unnacceptable so he has said so....wenger did so he has said so....what i am saying is if your going to voice and opinion expect someone else to voice theirs.....i am not sure what part of this you are not getting
Well I am not getting the first sentence for a start. Is English your first language? Collymore isn't wrong to voice his opinions but his opinions are wrong and the article explains why the author thinks so. You have countered that Wenger's comments are 'silly' but haven't yet been able to explain why other than that someone on the telly thought he might have meant something different. It's you thats struggling with this concept of opinion and counter opinion. But then your opinion, as far as you've been able to express one, is only based on a prejudiced and clearly closed mind.
TBH I never heard the full extent of what wenger said, so i cant comment on that, but......................."He's a bitter old has-been, a wife beater and morally corrupt idiot", is all you needed to put in this article because i think idiots like collymore have no business in football..on or of the field
IWUW - Thats right come back with an insult, that says it all about you. As for actual point, do you understand the meaning of the word aggressive?? It's also strange how these comments are never made before they play other teams. Arsenal can & always have been able to cope with physical games, but under no circumstances should they need to cope with illegal challenges, which are designed to hurt. We've played two league games at the Britannia stadium since Stoke have been back in this league & we've ended up with 3 injuries. Strangely enough the worst tackle out the 3, (Shawcross on Adebayor), actually resulted in the least amount of damage & he only missed 3 weeks. Theo ended up out for months & as for Ramsey....who knows!!
Ashburton Gooner
Hahahaha, a fecking Spuddie calling people paranoid and delusional. Would you like to try some of this lasagna?
Ok can't be bothered to argue about it anymore but regarding the tackle itself i trust you have seen the picture that suggests ramsay's leg broke before he collided with shawcross? Its being looked into to see if it has been photo shopped.
Posting that is really pretty desperate stuff. That picture has been around for a couple of days and you'd have to be a complete mug to fall for that one IWUW. It is a frame after contact not before. The tackle has been viewed frame by frame and there is no doubt that what broke Ramsey's leg was Shawcross's boot.
Amos. - Why is that desperate? it has nothing to do with what i was saying....that to me concludes that you had no idea what i was talking about in the first place. I was talking about wengers comments i never said shawcross did not break his leg. My last post was just something i came across that was interesting. Where i found it, it is posted as a before tackle shot. No need to be so defensive.
I have explained why your picture comes across as a desperate attempt to defend the indefensible. I don't have much idea what you are talking about but then that's no great surprise because you are pretty confused yourself. Let me walk you through it. The article refers to a piece by Collymore which complains about Wenger daring to have a pretty mild opinion about the Ramsey tackle and telling him that he should leave the country if he wants to express his opinion about the game. The article takes exception to that sentiment and explains why. You then come along and bleat that we shouldn't complain about someone else having an opinion because Wenger has one, without you seeing the irony in you criticising the idea that we should express an opinion about Collymore's opinion that Wenger shouldn't express his. When you were asked what it was about Wengers comments that you considered silly and worthy of Collymore's ire you rather sillily came up with the explanation that it wasn't what he said but what he might have meant. You're right I've no idea what you are talking about because you aren't really talking about anything.
I am rathercsurprised there are so many comments to this guys deluded opinion.

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