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Arsenal Face Barcelona In Champions League

Arsenal have drawn Barcelona in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

The Gunners entered the quarter-final draw after overcoming a 2-1 deficit in the first knockout round against Porto to triumph 6-2 on aggregate.

Arsenal will face Barca in the quarters. The last time the sides met in the Champions league the Spanish giants came from a goal down to triumph 2-1 after Sol Campbell had given 10-man Arsenal the lead.

The Gunners will play the first leg at home on the 30th/31st of March.

If Arsenal can get past Barca they will face the winner of Inter Milan and CSKA Moscow.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 19 2010

Time: 11:21AM

Your Comments

I don't get it. Surely the first team drawn should play home leg second? Anyways- I think we will do this. But we are up against Thierry Henry- sob!
er.......we might win if they all get a horrible disease and we go through by default? Nice while it lasted eh chap? I know you gotta be positive but jeez......crap draw for us.
I was trying to surpress my want for this to happen, but now it has, I'm extatic! I know we'll probably loose, but we DO have the quality to win. As long as we get Gallas back in time, and we turn up with the right attitude, we can do it. I'd love to see them at the Grove, and what a tie it will be for Cesc! If he can inspire us from the middle up against the Toure-Iniesta-Xavi axis it would really propel him into another level (yes, it is possible). Plus, if we loose with dignity, there's no shame, and it might help us focus on the league. I can't wait. And after all that, can I hust mention THIERRY!!!
This is where the CL gets REALLY interesting, and what a draw! I mean that in a positive way... bring on Barca!
hey it's two team with the same style of play!would you want bayern munich or even inter now?
I really hope Titi get's to play at our gaff. With regards to the draw, it could have been worse. Barca, much like ourselves don't know how to deviate from our style of play. So we'll be able to play our football, if we play better, we'll win, plain and simple, how football should be played. It's going to be a spectacle that's for sure. I'm also glad we get to play at home first, away in the second leg is an advantage if you ask me.
Don't agree at all Gunnerman- we got unlucky against Barca in that final. I feel hope- we'll get to play the game we want. If we can stop them getting an away goal at the Grove, I fancy us.
yeah i agree with rocky.rather being bullied physically by other team
Ok, so there were at least 3 teams that we could have got that would have been much better and given us a better chance of going through that the REIGNING CHAMPIONS, but you don't agree that it's a crap draw? Okaaaaay. I can't wait for the game but I ain't hopeful.
This is a better draw than United, Barca won't stop us playing our football like United do, the question will be whether we can stop them better than they can stop us. If we were to knock Barca out, the boost it would give us would see us take the trophy I think, we were always going to have to beat them to win it so let's approach it with no fear! Plus, the Nou Camp and Barcelona are two destinations I've not visited before, needless to say I am bang up for this one!
Little Dutch
What a spectacle of football this will be. Can't wait. Two best footballing sides in Europe. Come on Arsenal!
we've been waitint four years for this to happen. we want our revenge, now we have a chance to get it. lets go for it!!
fingers crossed Gallas can get fit for this one. the prospect of Messi vs Sol is scary!!
This is why we watch football isn't it? For games like this. Imagine the hairs on the backs of our arms when we hear that famous CL music as the players walk out at the Grove. Cesc striding out with the captains armband on, Henry in a Barcelona shirt .... ******** bring it on!!!!
But Thierry playing AGAINST us. Ouch! Dopey bookmaker calling it a nightmare for Arsenal. Git knows NOTHING about football.
Best of luck to you guys - will be an AMAZING game for the neutral.
I've never heard us be so completly written off before. It plays into our hands, we never do well as favorites.
i'm only worried about our defence. attacking wise we won't have a problem, but we need Gallas available for this one if we are to have any chance in this one..
also we have a tough away fixture in the league before this one. it will be interesting to see what team Wenger picks for Birmingham. and oh is the first leg on tuesday or wednesday?
The energy we will use during these 2 games is the only problem for me, it could seriously affect our premiership chances. We are super underdogs but if we play at premiership pace we have a chance.
I THINK we will play wednesday, along with Inter vs. CSKA, as we are listed as the 3rd quarter final.
Thanks Tuscan, it'll be a thing of beauty! C'mon guys this will suit us perfectly, especially if we are not billed as favourites. This is set up for Cesc to shine, come on!! (special request to Titi, if you're going to score make it an own goal, ta ;-)
yes, this is better draw than united or inter or even bayern! bareclone let you play and if we contain their attack and play counter football (arshavin will be major in counter attack and covering back as well) i think we will go through! the main thing is not to let 'em score at the grove! if we achaive that we will go through! cesc to master this tie (how would i pay to see him score at the nou camp and kiss the badge!!) .. the worry is cesc and vermalen is one yellow card away from suspenision!
Gooner SA
That's a good point about the cards-gulp! But I remember us being written off against AC Milan 2 years ago and looked what happened there! If they have an off-game, we'll make them pay for it I know it.
I shudder at the thought of Messi anywhere near Campbell.
Bewre the team that has nothing to lose.
bareclone has disrespected our club of late! thinking they can unsettle every player in arsenal. this game is not important for the team in its own. it is club statment. we should go into the tie. and the players must take this into their minds. people might laugh at this. but i really fancy our chances.
Gooner SA
That said, if Titi scores the goal that sends us out, I reserve the right to weep inconsolably.
Rocky nails it for me, bread and butter is all very well, but which football fan in the world doesn't want to see their team go to the Nou Camp in a massive game like this?
Little Dutch
How can the current european champs be a better draw for you?? That said, this is gonna be an epic game. Its usually us who have to face them every bloody season but it'll be nice to watch this game without the nerves being shot straight from the whistle. In Messi they have the best player in the world so it'll be interesting to see how you lot defend against them. Looks like UTD have a fairly safe passage to the final imo. Obviously Bayern are tough but UTD are tougher. Being able to watch these matches as a neutral is the only good thing about my team being out. Ba, lol
As long as Tom Overbo isnt the ref we have a chance!
iceman10 - you said it man!
BECAUSE they'll give us the exact game we want to play! Suits us down to the ground IMO.
Hear hear about the ref.
zbam, aresenal find it easier with teams that let you play! manchester, inter , bayern let you have the ball and hurt you at the counter attack. where barcelone have the ball and leave spaces behind them (at least more often than the united, inter, bayern) if we master the counter attach in this game. i trust the players to be really up for this. i am not saying barcelona is easy team but their style suits us more than the others.
Gooner SA
Poor Arsene is going to get MOBBED about this draw in the press conference today. There'll be hardly any talk of West Ham now- LOL!
Be careful what you ask for Gooner SA. They won every trophy they went for last year. I really think this match is gonna be a lot tougher than you think. It will be nice to watch the similar styles battle each other though!
End of the road for you guys...See you in the CL next season where hopefully we meet..
Daz Hotspurs
did they?!! we should give them the trophy from now, why bother?! THIS IS FOOTBALL ! if you dont believe you can do it, you have no chance at all (quoting certain manager!)
Gooner SA
What a game this should be,im looking foward to it....We've got Cesc Fabregas
Gooner SA, I never said you couldn't beat them. I said it will be tougher than you think. Easy now!!
This will be awesome. We will win!
Dream on DazSpuds, in BOTH respects!
Agree with julie re playing against Thierry! *sob* But it's an exciting tie, much prefer Barca to Utd or Inter. Should be great football. Unfortunately, the team that eliminates the holder never goes on to win the competition (like we knocked out the holders Milan in 08). Yes I know there's always a first time but I doubt think that pattern will change. Still, it would be great to eliminate Barca.
Haha, see you in the champions league?! Didnt Levy say that when Sol left in 2001? Its like when you ring up a call centre and they tell you you're next in line.
I am delighted, this is what the champions league is all about. Ideally I would of wanted the away leg first, but its a brilliant draw. My only worry is Sol Campbell at the back, I really hope Gallas can be back for this one. No offence to Campbell but they will run rings around him.
Oh Thierry how you break my heart. Can't wait to applaud the man! Oh and our victorious side! ;) Verminator to rape Messi all game.
This has been mentioned here before, but someone MUST run onto the field and hand Messi an Arsenal shirt with his name on it.
i think i'd be happy with a 5-0 aggregate score for the arsenal.. nothing I expect a Cesc on fire for this one. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.. Come on you gunners..
I don't buy into us having a home second leg is an advantage, i think in this case it'll work to our strengths, as long as we're within a goal after the grove i'll fancy our chances out there.
Shame Van Persie cant be involved.
What a monster draw, hot sauce! Real shame we have the home leg first with this one not that it's helped us much the last couple of years though. Wenger has described it as a 50 50 game but he did say it with a wry smile. The absence of RVP will never be more keenly felt, gutted he'll miss this. Do us proud gunners!
Gael-Force, in the words of Kings of Leon 'this Cesc is on fire' least i think thats what he is saying......
Agree with shewore about the second leg advantage thing. Home sides can get jittery about the away goal rule IF it's tight.
It's a headline writers dream. Arse gets messi, who will clean up?
Barcelona are cheaters! they kicked and pulled and generally acted like assholes the last time we met. I dont know whether to laugh or cry. but as someone said might as well lose to Barca than United
Wow, this is a really tough draw for us. I'm looking forward to the game, lets see what the players are made out of, whether they are up for the challenge or not. We're definitely the under dogs and that is good, as this team doesnt handle things otherwise.
We MUST keep a clean sheet at home if we are to have any chance of going through. I really believe that we will win 2-0 at the Grove and lose 2-1 in the Camp Nou. Believe.
The pressure is all on Barca, not on us. We can just go out and enjoy ourselves. I only hope that if we lose, we don't get a footballing lesson. I really can't see us not conceding at home to anyone, least of all Barca (although ironically that's what we'll probably end up doing!). I'd be happy with a 0-0 at home. In my heart of heart though, I can't see us getting past a side with the quality of Barca. Messi is the key though. If we can nullify him, we have a chance. Just hope that both Song and Diaby are fit for this one.
We just don't do nullify though do we vin!
Wow, I have the feeling that my heartrate won't slow down until this is all over. I think we have a chance, it's a knockout competition and anything can happen. Last time we met we couldn't really judge how the teams play against each other because of Lehman's "heroics". So let's see what happens over 180 minutes. They are good, but it's not as if they win 5-0 all the time. Rubin Kazan gave them a hard time in the group stages, for heaven's sake!
Gallas is "80% out of the first leg." NO FEAR GUYS!!!!
heh check out 'holics comment @ 7.51 :)
I love the idea of presenting Messi with an Arsenal shirt before kick-off – excellent! I can believe us getting past Barca but it will take so much energy that I think we’ll go on to get beaten in the semis because it will be such a huge anti-climax. I don’t want any of this to deflect us from the league though, so forget Barca now and think – West Ham.
Sir Henry
They may have Messi but we have Eboue. As long as Emperor Emmanuel stays fit there is no doubt we are through to the semis
Niko - no we don't, but can't help thinking that if Arsene took a leaf out of Mourinho's book and tried to tactically outwit the like of ManU, Chelsea and Barca, we might stand a chance. When we got to the final last time, we didn't do it by playing gung-ho football I recall. Even last season's 2-1 home win in the league against Man Utd was achieved with a disciplined performance.
A Man U supporter I work with has just said that at least we've got two opportunities to beat Barcelona whereas they're only going to get the one chance in the final. Sod.
Sir Henry
Ha ha! We have a secret weapon and it's called EBOUE! That comment on barcelonablog was hilarious!
Gotta admit that's pretty funny Sir Henry :)
If you know him quite well you could always mention their track record in Munich ain't so great.... Or not.
great game to look forward too the 2 best footballing teams in the world as far as im concerned. i hope u get through and im a yid. i just hope cesc dont get too comfy in the nou camp
Ouch. Cruel draw. United have been given a cake walk to the final (per usual). Of course, if you win, think of the confidence you'll have moving forward. If you can beat Barca, you can beat United!
What a draw for our young lads. I feel they will be up for it (especially the spanish contingent) and will hold no fear for Barca, at this stage; this is a Knock out game! 1st Leg at the Grove is good as Barca has not shown good Away form, coming to this stage. I agree that if we prevent the away goal and get, even one goal, we can get a draw at the Nou Camp. They should be equally concerned about us. My worry is how this fixture will distract the players from the League, in the next 3 weeks; it gets to the head and you just can't think of anything else till it's over and the EPL cannot wait for us. So, it is all about focus: one game at a time. Easier said than done. Aargghhh!!
I don't fear United at all. I personally don't think they're that great this season, as their 6 defeats in the PL would attest. I think Bayern will give them a far harder time than people would think. I was very impressed with Inter, I reckon they're super-determined to win this year and they have the Mourinho factor. I just fear Messi. The guy is the best player in the world and he's only 22. He's been frighteningly good recently.
black-messi are you for real? A Spud thinking Arsenal one of the two best teams in the World!
Sir Henry
Blackmessi clearly has class.
Naijagunner makes a good point. This Barca draw has driven the west ham game right out of my head. There are 2 PL games to try and focus on before the first leg kicks off. Have to watch this...
Almunia to make amends for 06!
Wow, what a Draw, can't wait to see if we can beat them. But like Naijagunner says we must focus on our next games as the Prem is still "up for Grabs"
Just realised we'll have to play in not-very-nice white kit for the second leg... oh well.
the main thing is to keep clean sheet at home. getting 0-0 is not bad at home! i really believe we can score in bareclona. Having said we need to be on the top of our game. arshavin is key key player for our counter attach(e.g. 4th goal vs porto) i really cant wait for this tie. Having said that we must get 6 points before playing them
Gooner SA
sir henry not one of the two best teams but best footballing teams as in who play the beautiful game and make watching a match a pleasure and this one will hopefully be a real treat
As a Spurs fan i hope you lose, cant help feeling that way. But as a football fan really looking forward to this contest. Barcelona are arguably the best club side since Milan of the late 80s early 90s. Amazing all over the pitch (Even their defence is quality now) and if you beat them then it would be some achievement.
Fair enuff HY Noone here would expect anything less, you only have a couple of weeks to get in shape before you dust down and attempt to squeeze into your Barca shirt though.
The return of the king ... To crown his new successor :)
The eyes of the entire footballing world will be on us on March 31. While Barcelona are marginally superior passers of the ball than us we have the higher tempo and work rate. Rosicky and Emperor Eboue have very important roles to play in midfield as they bring excellent work rate and defensive ability in midfield. Considering there will be no Gallas, the whole team will have to defend as one at home - we just cant afford to let them score at the Grove.
Oh niko ive got no chance
I am supporting u guyz in CL,u guyz play great football and since my team is out I want u to win it,just pray OVERBO is not ur ref
I would like your lot to pass farca because I despise them more than our London rivals. Just hope their real #10 Ovr*bo is not there.
This will be, one hell of a game
Thanks for the good wishes KNB and ACL.
You cant honestly tell me this draw is random?! Uefa think of the best revue schemes.Come on,Chelsea's reunion with Jose,The mancs with becks now this whole Cesc/Henry thing.They put the whole backroom soapie/drama before the football,its fixed!
Delta: "we have the higher tempo and work rate" -- *shakes head* No no no no. Higher tempo yes, NOT higher work rate. What Barca have and what makes them more effective than us is exactly their consistent and collective work rate OFF THE BALL. We simply don't have it -- not at their level, tho we've shown it on occasion, just not consistently. Still, I do think we have a good chance of eliminating them.
Jaelle, from what I have seen their work rate this season in the CL has been sloppy at best!

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