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I'm Almost Relieved ...... Almost

Whilst I'm absolutely devastated about the manner in which we ballsed up our title challenge, not to mention the fact that we lost to Spurs for the first time in 3 million years, I have to say I'm somewhat relieved.

Game after game, year after year, the longer the unbeaten run went on the harder these derby days became to stomach, to the point at which I no longer enjoy the matches, the mere thought of them make me feel physically sick.

I thought Tottenham were there for the taking tonight, they looked absolutely knackered after a punishing 120 minutes on a shitty Wembley pitch, we ran them ragged for a majority of the game, yet thanks to a wonder goal, brilliant defensive display and some epic stamina to battle through another 90 minutes they emerged victorious. They were more than deserving of their victory.

It's something akin to watching your beloved pet die, you know it's coming, and you know it's going to be painful, but part of you is just thankful that it's over.

So through gritted teeth and with a heavy heart, congratulations to Spurs for finally getting the win, we'll see you again next season.

Now I'm off to bury my head under a pillow and wait for it all to blow over.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 14 2010

Time: 9:54PM

Your Comments

Definitely a deserved win. We all knew this day would come. Unbeaten in 11 years is still quite an accomplishment.
The Champagne's on ice, It's nearly St L'Arsewinfeckallagain day.
Well done Rocky. good lad
Tony Rocky Horror
Well Done Spurs fans, you've paid your dues and now you got the win. Enjoy it .... though I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. I'm off to stick pins in my Manuel Almunia voodoo doll.
and then there were just TWO :-)
Fair enough well take the kudos we were the better team thank you frogophiles.
Brace yourselves Gooners .... here they come. lol
Yep they deserved it for the 2nd half performance. The 2nd goal killed us, id rather play a kid in their next year than see Silvestre anywhere near our club. Goal of the season and save of the season in the same game, RVP was unbeliveable given he's been out almost 6 months...without that injury we could still have lost this and been clear.
Well played to Sp*rs. The statistics later today will reveal Arsenal had greater possession, shots on goal as well as corners but it means nothing without conversion. Spurs showed greater desire and deserve the victory. It helped that Gomes had an outstanding day.
Well what can i say.......... over 10 years and they finally manage to beat us when half of our 1st team are out injured. I know,,, they are still ****e and next time its gonna take 15 years and more if we can keep a team for more than half the season. Enjoy it scum bags cos the next one is a long time in the waiting
gratz to spurs, we were impotent....persie looked good tho! however, it was too late, she was no longer in the mood...
Bragging rights go the way of the Spuds for once. They defended well enough to earn the win. Fair do's - we didn't have quite enough to get anything from the game tonight.
Wave goodbye to the title, choke choke choke. Hahahahahaha
awesome game thanks to both sides ,but gomes ,HOW? good game guys & another season no trophy oh what a night ,sleep well ,2-1 to the mighty spurs ,oh come on it`s been 10 years let us have our moment ,boom boom boom everybody say bale !!bale!!!!!!!!
big cockeral
van Persie and Big Sol were the only two players who can hold their heads high. Man, I wish Rob would have stayed fit. Same old story with us though ... always wondering what could have been.
league title bid ended at white hart lane 14/04/10, but seriouslly we were more troubled in first then second until rvp came on, an its seemed we wanted it more, an got the result for a change
I won't hold it against you to rub it in a bit BC, you've been one of the good Spurs fans round here. Enjoy yourself mate, you've earned it.
Hi Gooners! Been a long time on vital without registering but today I just couldn't help it. Congratulations to the scum, see u next yr. Have to say RVP was MASSIVE and you heve to wonder if we had our top gun and Cesc most of the season, this could have definitely panned out different. Kudos to the lads though, and to repeat LD's words, they have made me proud no matter what happens the rest of the season: They have proved that Arsene's youth project is not far from fruition.
Campbell had one shot cleared on the line from Assou Ekotto, One bullet header from him hit the bar, Van Persie alone had 3 shots well saved by Gomes. What can one say. If we had only put in the effort of the last 10 mins throughout the game. Its almost as if it takes 80 mins to wind our team up to play some football.
Yeah Spurs deserved the win with their defensive performance and taking the chances well. The opposite can be said about ourselves. It's already amazing that we only dropped off the title race with 4 games left and I'm a very proud Gooner for what the lads have achieved this season against all odds.
Rocky, I told you mate!
Sagna wasnt injured... he came off for walcott because eboue and walcott have linked up well of late so sagna off, eboue drops back and feeds walcott... i'm guessing that was wengers plan
Glad you feel relieved Rocky- you've been predicting a loss before every NLD for all the years I've been here, now you can relax. Of course it was bound to hapen- as the saying goes, even a broken watch is correct twice a day (just like Spuds have beaten us twice in the last 24 league meetings, or is it twice n the last 26 or 27?
Does it mean that Spurs showed more determination to stop us winning the league than trying to get to the cup final? lol They're an entirely different team in terms of motivation..
I couldn't watch the game because I was visiting a friend in hospital, and, like Rocky, I feel strangely relieved. I always knew the day would come, but I'm thrilled to say in my best Arsene impression: "I didn't see it". Hopefully Chelsea will win all their remaining games so we don't feel so regretful.
St L'Arsewinfeckallagain day hmm has a nice ring to it does that! Must admit i got scared when RVP was on but we deserved that! Ledley King take a bow! Kneel before him! The guy hasnt trained in months and was airlifted on to the pitch. We had even more injurys than you so you cant use that excuse either! Oh great joy.
Well Done to Spurs! After 11 years, our unbeaten run had to end sometime. But those last few minutes you Spuds fans miust have been ****ing themselves! Gomes saved your team, not once, not twice but three times! RvP was just great, him had 3 shots on target in the 20mins he was on the pitch. Prior to that We had 1, Yes 1 shot on target!!!
can i ask debatably question, may happen in any game but bentnars goal was offside just before ball was played for the cross,
Well yeah Vin, when I kissed the title goodbye, I thought at least it made us tremendously proud that we fought till the end. If someone told me we'd only drop off with RvP, Cesc, Gallas, Arshavin and Song out with 4 games left, I would've taken it with my head held high. So yeah we should be proud of the lads and look forward to the next season with a lot of hope.
Vermaelen going off was the straw that broke the camels back in terms of our injury list. The fact we then put the broken backed camel on the pitch and asked him to play centre back finally did for
Vermaelen going off was the straw that broke the camels back in terms of our injury list. The fact we then put the broken backed camel on the pitch and asked him to play centre back finally did for our NLD dominance.
Fabregas is clearly on another level. But id have Lennon over Arshavin every single day of the week, 100% more consistant and electric. Woodgate when fit (And King for that matter) are top drawer defenders King when fit is certainly a match for Gallas. How can you say he isnt, even Henry said King was the best defender hed ever played against. And theres not much between Song and Palacios at all. So all i can say, is didums!
damn, the game ended an hr ago. it is 5:45am in Hong Kong now. the result is giving me a sleepless night.
HY, the fact that you prefer Lennon to Arshavin shows blatant bias. What has Lennon produced for all his 'consistence and electric play'. Arshavin has a goal or assist almost every 2 games. Lennon has a long long way to go to even hope to be mentioned in the same breadth as Arshavin.
All things considered, I'd be fairly happy with a second place finish. It'd be a substantial improvement over recent years. Especially when you remember that for the past 4 years we've been told Arsenal was going to suffer the fate Liverpool is currently suffering.
its not over for you yet, we still have to beat Chavski and Manure
Arsenal were the better side, but Spurs took their chances with clinical precission. Arsenal were guilty of trying to walk the ball into the net - a tactic that only seems to work when you have a masterr "lock picker" like Fabregas to supply the strikers. Still, l'arse might have won it if Van Persie and Walcott had come on 10-15 minutes early. Impressed with the way most gooners are taking the defeat, you'd certainly never catch a manure fan reacting so magnanimously. Looks as though the title is now out of Arsenals reach, but the one thing this result does do is make the chase for 4th spot wide open! In a way that might do City a favour - our players will know there is no room to relax now. Still reckon the Arse will finish above manure though!
haha ***** off, useless ****s best team won
now if only they could repeat this on saturday and next week at united, i doubt that will happen, but well done today, yu deserved it in the end. cannot expect to win if we only turn up for 15 mins every game. title is gone, but second place is still very much up for grabs. gonna be another big weekend this one..
Id argue the fact you think, quite clearly that you think Arshavins better than Lennon shows bias also. More natural talent maybe, but almost as hit and miss at Theo (almost) But there you go. Opinions. Anyways both are £25m+ quality players (although unlike Arshavin Lennons yet to hit his peak) and the point im making is that its tit for tat. Sure some of your injured players are better than ours like Cesc for example. But so what youre a better team. King Woody Lennon and Palacios are your Gallas Vermalen Song Arshavin. Hardlines pal.
Well as Barcelona don't want him Man City will give Fabregas a job next year - he's much more likely to win something there.
fifthcolumnblue im impressed aswell, they have been very gracious in defeat. Maybe the mindset has changed, i think they expected to miss out again this year as previous years. Whatever happens they deserve credit, ive waited years to pop over here and give stick after a win in the league and yet i feel abit guilty.
HY, this hasnt been the best season Palacios has had, i'd still rate Song just ahead of him at the moment. Lenon is still too young to be compared to Arshavin, Arsha has performed both at club and international level. Lenon could go on and be an awesome player, but right now he is no where close to Arshavin both in terms of technical ability and the football brain. and today if yu had players of the quality of Arshavin, Fabregas, Gallas, Song, Van Persie and even Vermaelen missing, yu would have struggled even more than us today. and dun even talk about Woodgate, the guy hasnt even played 50 games in the last 5 years to even be considered quality anymore. in the end today, Gomes was the difference today. 3 saves of the highest order, easily won the game for yu. Shows the difference between a really good keeper no matter how inconsistent and Almunia..
lol used the word today too often there. well today is a day id never forget anyway..
What's the world coming to - the game finished 2 hours ago and I've not found one image of a newly-released "2-1" celebration mug anywhere on the net. They defended very well but and showed up all our weak points in the final third as well as at the back. this was the best I've seen Rosicky play for ages, and Clichy and Sol were hungry. I dont think we learnt much from this game - we just need to get on and reinforce our squad.
Fair play luckys_10 - Ive said all along you have a better team, but our first XI vs your first XI at the Lane, id still fancy our chances in a single match. RVP though how good is he? When he came on i had that horrible feeling i used to have whenever Henry played against us, he's fantastic
luckys_10 Lennon burst onto the scene in 2004, had a couple of slower seasons and has been gradually improving for about two years. He's been scintillating at times this season. You bought this Russian dude Arshavin and, apart from the odd wonder show, he's looked out of tune and a bit of a waste of cash. And yet, according to you, lennon is way behind!! lennon knows the premier league inside out and believe me, you would have been in trouble tonight if he'd been playing against your centrehalves on the counter attack. Even your own fans have been grumbling about him. (We've got our won useless Ruski, Roman pavlova)
Tony Rocky Horror
Tottenham are not gonna beat Chelsea, the players will receive a boost from this victory but they played 120 minutes in the cup and 94 minutes of chasing the ball and breaking on the counter today is going to sap a lot of energy out of the players. But I'll still be cheering for the spuds.
Lennon is a premier league firebrand and, for all Arshavin's talent, at the end of the day he often looks like a tourist with a camera.
Tony Rocky Horror
We can beat Chelsea, particularily on a tub thumping night at the lane, anything's possible.
Tony Rocky Horror
Are these guys seriously comparing Arshavin to Lennon?
Fair play to you Rocky, great derby and great advert for the game. I wont gloat, just great to see two teams knowing what this game means, especially to the fans, and making an electric atmosphere. And lifeisagooner we have our fair share of injuries too so come on. You've had many a day over us, finally this day is ours. Good luck for the rest of the season and please thump Man City!
North Upper
Tony Rocky Horror
Man, getting out of your gaff is much easier when you've won! You're so much less hostile! Fair play, I never thought we were gonna win this game though I felt we played well and battled. Spurs defended incredibly well and no complaints with the result. Glad it wasn't due to a refereeing balls up. But Spurs fans on here will have to admit, however much you dislike him, Sol showed some balls today, that was a hell of a performance. If only Diaby could have replicated half of that desire!
Little Dutch
season's turning into a bit of an anticlimax TBH
shady gunna
Tony - If Ledley had a perfect knee hed be the best in the country. He needs to go on the plane anyways as backup i dont care how many games Upsons played, King is King
as much as wenger's very good in the transfer market, i'd rate silvestre as one of his major transfer gaffes.. WTF, is silvestre a man u spy in disguise??
shady gunna
LD good luck getting us to agree to anything positive about "that player". Here's hoping you have many hassle free journeys home in the future! Still as I said before fair play for the comments.
North Upper
we rily fecked it up cos chelsea will drop points
shady gunna
King and Campbell as a pairing on their day would be easily as good as T.W.A.T Terry and Ferdinand. Shame really. Dawson has to go to World cup and Campbell has played himself into contention tonight, especially given all the injuries. Not Upson, though, he's crap.
Tony Rocky Horror
Surprised to see people here take the loss so fairly. I do feel little guilty but you have to understand that it did take us a long time to achieve this. I think you can be up with the best only if Wenger changes his opinion and splashes some cash. Everyone agrees that Arsenal is a great place that develops great players, but you still need 3 world class players to hit the top. Glad we won and now that i see this i want to say very fair of you chaps. COYS
Come on people, I'm all for some friendly banter after the game but Campbell and Dawson for the world cup. Sorry but no. Both great today and good in the PL but against the worlds best... Out of their depth. Both will concede far too many free kick around the box because of the way they play and you get punished at that level. As for King oh what could've been... Even Terry Henry said he was the bst he played against.
North Upper
If I was Capello I would take neither Sol or Ledley for the simple fact that neither can play twice a week. Before the game Huddersfieldyiddo was bemoaning the fact sp*rs would have to 'wheel King out' for the game, this says it all. He aint known as the tampon for nowt (in one week out for three) You just can't have passengers in a limited squad and a constant CB pairing is pretty crucial in intensive WC fixtures. Both are great defenders and this 4/5 months have been a glorious swansong for Sol who has been given his redemption to leave the club he has loved and won so much with with his head held high as opposed to sneaking out of Upton parp, but a WC call up for either is sheer rose tinted romanticism on both sides of the North London divide.
Hear hear nikolaijns. Don't let tonight or memories cloud your judgement.
North Upper
Bonjour Gooners! Felt compelled to post here after this win especially since the last one happened when I was 11 LOL. Just here to echo the sentiments of some other Spurs fans and say unlucky and also to hope the next NLD will be as classic but hopefully with a Spurs win. New decade = change in fortune vs you lot...........Imagine though if RVP didn't get injured. This game might have been Arse winning the league at our place again. Doesn't bear thinking about
BlackStar Spur
We've all been talking about where we would be if van Persie had been fit ... but just imagine where we'd be if Wenger hadn't signed Campbell ..... the dude has been unbelivable .... tonight was one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt. If it weren't for him tonights game could have been vital for 4th place .... for both teams.
Of course i knew King and Campbell was totally impractical niko, i was just struck by the confirmation of how good they were tonight. Infact, i would go so far as to say that if King is fit we have a genuine chance of at least a point against Chelsea. If not....well....
Tony Rocky Horror
huge result, thanks for being classy loser gooners. but, do you really want man ****ty in the champs league? really?
Miami Spur
Gooner football is flowing and with a real striker or RVP fit this could have been a good year for you. Spurs are getting closer and they worked their butts off for that win tonight and thoroughly deserved it. We beat Chelski on Saturday and you're back in the race!!!
Can you imaging the difference in class btw the intellectually impared folks that played last night and the missing players? Imaging ----Almunia, Sagna,Silvestre,Nasri, Diaby,Denilson, Bendtner were never scouted by some idiots (Grimandi and the Brazillian Scouts, we would not have associated them with ------A Better GK, New RB, Gallas, Vermelen,Clichy, Song, Cesc, Better MF, Eboue, RVP, Chamakh, with Sol,Arshavin,Szczesny,Gibbs, Ramsey a few better find on the bench
I cannot understand how a player like Diaby who was consistently good for major part of the season has become
so ***** now.. its unbelievable
Thanks Rocky7, for being so gracious in defeat. about time we win one , I guess. And yes, we deserved it too. RVP is a very good player. If it weren't for Gomes heroics, may have been at least a draw. COYS!!!!! CL here we come ..........I hope.
HY, one last point about the Arshavin - Lennon debate. I guess gooners and yids are going to be sharply divided about this comparison. But it is 100% clear that if a poll was taken among all other opposition fans/ pundits/ managers who would come out on top. Arshavin has demolished teams like Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Porto, CSKA Moscow and many others on his own. On the international side, Arshavin has blitzed countries like Holland, Sweden, Romania and Finland. HY, please talk to other fans and other people who know their football and you would understand that this comparison you make is premature. Its like comparing Man United's Anderson with Fabregas. Yes, Anderson has talent but does he perform at the level of Cesc - no.
Arsenal haven't beaten Spurs in the league since 2009. I wouldn't worry too much about it affecting the league though cause we are gonna punish Chelsea and Man U as well.
I wouldn't have said this even a few weeks ago, but England could do a lot worse than to take Sol to the World Cup. Not as a first choice of course but to serve the role he has served for us so excellently- experienced back up, someone who knits the squad together with his experience and desire, someone who knows what it takes. For Arsenal, Almunia may be wearing the decorative armband in Cesc's absence, but make no mistake, Sol is captaining the side.
Little Dutch
You would have beaten us if you'd had Van Persie and Fabgregas on the pitch. As it was, you were undone because your system relies on them to make it work. With them it's incisive and devastating: without them it's tippy-tappy bollox infront of the back four which is essentially going nowhere, but with the added disadvantage of being vulnerable to the counter- attack.
Tony Rocky Horror
Well said Rocky and well done do the other gooners who are gracious in defeat! Of course im going to say it was a good game but at least it was the football that caused the result and not ***** reffing or goals that never where!! Well done mr clattenburg you had a good game!! Dont know what else to say as im not used to us beating you lot!!! COYS lets push on and do chelsea now!!
RvP and Cesc are our most creative players and Arshavin is capable of contributing to that as well. Rosicky and Nasri are similar players very busy pass and move probing types but don't really have the same subtlety of thought that RvP & Cesc has and Arshavin is sometimes capable of. We're only really vulnerable to the counter attack when a goal down in a game that we have to win. Why we go a goal down in big games that we need a positive result from is down to individual defensive lapses - or simply misfortune.
COYS COYS COYS........... IM just messing with you guys i have to say no matter how happy i am what a game and what saves but most of all i heard a debate yesterday about is RVP world class i have to say after last nite bloody right he is i thought he was awesome but hey ho GET IN. not gonna rub it in too much as yesterday there were some good posts on here from proper footballl fans on both sides.
When we got knocked out of the Champions League I woke up the next day and thought "oh well, I'm devastated, but what can you do?" this morning I wake up and it's just very very painful. Football can be cruel sometimes, and I guess it's just our turn to take our lumps .... I don't bloody like it though.
What a depressing end to the season. We need to regroup and acknowledge where the squad is failing. Almunia could have caught that ball under no pressure. He's a no 2 goalkeeper not a no 1. Sol had a good game but that Arsenal is reduced to play a centreback pairing of Campbell and Silvestre is pathetic and unworthy of a big club. Silvestre was let go by MU after 9 years. I still don't understand why we are being so cheap. Up front it was pass after pass after pass with noone breaking from midfield to cause danger in the box a la Barcelona. RvP introduced the directness and threat we needed but everyone knows that RvP will never give you 40 games a season. Its also time that Theo added another trick to his book and cut inside and shoot with his left foot. Everyone knows that when he gets the ball, he'll make a run to the byline. Besides when he crosses there is only ever one player attempting to turn it in. Our shooting from distance was pathetic. Rosicky and Eboue are even bothered to put it anywhere near the goal. Pathetic. We need at least 5 mature players to sustain a challenge next year.. and where the hell is Vela? Has he retired from the game or is he really making no progress?
Spurs were the better team. My local football Sunday Park would have been better, we were apart from a few the worse team i have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. And I have seen some howlers over the past sixty odd years but we were dreadful. Our left side in defense all collected in the middle of the box and even after the ball had passed through seem to stand still and watch. Silvestra call Almunia on to collect the ball and he just stood still. He watched as the ball ran passed him to Bale what a bloody useless lot. Diaby seemed to get upset that Theo wanted the ball early and just after we had scored left the Theo who had acres and acres of space to pass to a player surrounded by Spuds. I have never in my life run down our team but that display leaves me lost for words. Apart from a few they should all pay their wages back. I truly am depressed because that display was in short rubbish.
We replaced a moody player but starter in most PL games in Adebayor with Bendtner, a talented squad player who has made strides this season but will always be played on the right of our three pronged attack when RvP is fit to start. I guess AW thought that both Eduardo and Vela would come to the party but we are now realising that a Robbie Fowler type of slightly built but clinical and balanced forward is no longer surviving in the increasingly physical PL. Other short forwards in the PL like Tevez and Defoe are powerfully built despite their short frame and either possess pace or astonishing stamina and work rate. Eduardo and Vela are in no mans land in the PL am afraid though Vela still has time to develop his physique and pace. Chamakh will definitely improve our team next year.

Djourou's injury was unforseen but replacing him with a combination of Campbell and Silvestre has been a 50-50 decision. One half in Campbell has proved brilliant while the other in Silvestre has been a disaster. Another CB good enough to start is needed irrespective of whether Gallas stays.
Totally agree LD about Sol. Watching on the box last night, even when we went two down, the camera was on Sol when we were defending a corner and he was looking around the whole team, shouting and geeing them up. He was the true captain. It doesn't make that much of a difference, but Almunia being captain is a joke when you've got Sol and Vermaelen. More things have probably cost us the league this year, but Almunia's blunders at Birmingham and last night may have proved decisive. That said, if we'd had one of Cesc or Song last night, I don't think we would have lost that game.
Amos, I haven't been able to get my hands on the stats of last night's game. Would you know where I could find them? Have a feeling we were the statistically dominant team last night to no avail.
The thing that always frustrates more than most, is our continued propensity to give cheap goals away. We consistently let in goals against even the lower sides so we have no chance against any decent team. When we face the truly top class sides, we get duly thrashed. For that, you have to look at Wenger and the coaching of this team.
AG - That was far far from the worse Arsenal display I've ever seen, infact I'd go as far as to say we played quite well, all things considered. I've been watch Arsenal for 23 years and I've never seen one team have so much dominance in one half before. We just did quiet have the experience to make it count. Spurs were much better in the second half, but after RvP came on we gave them a real fright. Very disapointing? yes, but the worst performance ever? Not even close. In fact we've had three or four performances this season alone that were much worse.
That should say *One team in a NLD
Completely agree with Rocky7.
It's an absurd over reaction to claim that this is anything like the worse Arsenal team ever to play in an Arsenal shirt. We played pretty well apart from one defensive mistake for which, though a popular enough target Silvestre wasn't the only one responsible. Look to Sagna for not following the defensive line, Denilson for allowing a massive gap through which Defoe could play the ball and Clichy for standing with his arm in the air instead of tracking Bale. It was a good performance - not good enough to win this game on this particular night but we have played far worse against the Spuds and won and likewise they have played better against us and lost. You can't begrudge Spuds the win on the basis that we were poor. They scored two good goals and defended very well - they beat a good team - just not quite good enough on the night.
Have a word boys. Gael Force, when United have Ferdinand and Vidic missing who do they play at centre half? Jonny Evans and Ritchie da Laet. If Chelsea lose Carvalho and Terry, it's Alex and..... I'm not sure I even know. United went to Craven Cottage with a centre half pairing of Fletcher and Carrick this season. We had the entire spine of the team missing against a Spurs side who have conceded ten goals at home all season. I warned some of you earlier in the week, I simply can't see why this defeat was such a surprise, probably because so many of us got so cocky when Pompey beat Spurs and it's hurt our pride. Chelsea go to WHL on Saturday, if they were going without Terry, Carvalho, Essien, Lampard, Anelka and Drogba I doubt you'd see a much better performance than you got from Arsenal last night.
Little Dutch
"Well what can i say.......... over 10 years and they finally manage to beat us when half of our 1st team are out injured." Did you see our team last night? Don't look for excuses, one team shafted by injuries beat another team shafted by injuries.
I see the doom and gloom crew has arrived! " We were terrible, This team will never win anything, another season trophyless, We need 2,3,4,5 players to really challenge, almunia this almunia that, Denilson is *****, blah blah blah... etc " I have tried to remain civil with you guys but F U, you spineless****s, go and support Man City you ******** glory-hunting ****s! Stop feeling so ******** butthurt and try for once in your life not to buy all the bull***** you hear on talksport radio. No wonder the football world was shocked when eboue was booed we have some of the *****test fans in the country. Sorry bout the rant for you true gooners out there but I just hate these ******** gloom&doomers. At the start of the season these same****s predicted us to be in Liverpools position and they have the balls to complain after the team did so well with so many key injuries. Once again I'm sorry but if I don't release this anger my head will explode.
Well said gronedrone and fair play to you. I'm afraid to say,that over the last few years, there are a growing number of Arsenal 'fans' that expect us to win EVERY game, EVERY week, in EVERY competition. They need to get real and enjoy what we have, and what we have achieved.
Cockney Rich
Bla bla bla fishpaste!!!! COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!
Arsenal need a class keeper and need to stop trying to walk the ball into the net. We defended well last night but there were plenty of chances for your lot to test gomes from outside the box and we all know you have the players to hit a ball from there. You can moan about your injuries all you want but we also had players missing, palacios, lennon, krancjar, corluka plus rose making his debut in the prem, plus Kaboul who can be a liability at the best of times. We came out with a plan to let you play keep ball as much you like and block your runs and passing opportunities and it worked a treat. Possesion means nothing on the half way line. Brilliant match though as it always is. Is it too early to say arsenal havent beaten us this decade? :)
ye are cl team should have cl sqaud, we had player out of position moddy in cm thudd as dm kaboul as RB ye missing yer best players an we were missing ours deal with it injuries is part of game , dont be sour as we cost ye yer last chacee of a trohpy, felt great
stats dont matter delta just look at stats against pompy an who lost that game
I know that very well 123, which is why I used the words - "to no avail" in my sentence. However, I'd like to know the stats for my own interest nevertheless if you dont mind!
Nice to see some rational comments, reasoned arguments and congratulations from the Gooners......some of our lot are a bit volatile when we lose, especially to you guys. You shouldn't knock your team too much as you play at a different level to us at the moment, and if RVP, Arshavin and Cesc had been playing I dread to think. But on the day our lads fought hard and won and that's great. Now we need to show the same spirit against Chelsea and Utd (some hope) and learn how to play the game like Barcelona....not much to ask!
It has been coming for some time, and in all those years there were a few occasions where you know you were lucky to win or draw. Times are changing now and in a few years we may just overtake you. Still 10 pts between us (potentially 7) but proper performances against Wolves and Sunderland would have seen us above you at this point, the gap is certainly smaller. All that aside it is time for you to start repaying the points you've taken from us for 11 yrs by BEATING MAN CITY FOR US then I'll hate you just a little less!!!!!! COYS
Arsson Finga
Arsson Finga, congrats on last night but please understand that there is 10 odd points between us only because of our own injuries. You cant say that IF you had won against Wolves and Sunderland you would be closer to us. If I were to use the same argument and say, where would Arsenal be if RvP was fit for the season, if Cesc was not missing in a third of our games, if Gallas was not injured...etc etc. Lets not get into the IF game. Modric is a good player and you need more like him if you are to dream about overtaking us in the future because with 1-2 additions in the summer, we will return a stronger side.
Points dropped are points dropped because you deserved to drop them, anyone can harp back about what they deserved but the league table doesnt lie (except in the case of Pompey). Wolves and Sunderland deserved those victories the same way Sunderland deserved to beat us and West Ham managed a draw at upton park. The gap has closed simply because it couldnt have got any bigger. You deserved your win last night but until you actually achieve Champions league football on a regular basis or we fail to qualify there will always be a gap in our favour.
You Gooners play a very attractive passing game, but the major failing of your coach Arsene Wenger for many years now has been that he really believes he can win the Premiership and the Champions League with virtually no English players in his squad! The two clubs who have dominated you in the past half decade Chelsea and Man United have a healthy balance of foreign and English players in their teams! Wenger is living in a foreign country and has built a team of foreign players who know nothing about English culture. He has built a tourist team!!! He is a disgrace to the English game!!! Little Danny Rose last night, a player who would never be given a chance at Arsenal scored a wonder goal! And a young wing back from Wales ended your title dreams for yet another year… My god you guys need a new coach!!!
geoff stern
The fact is that we'll finish above them even if they scrape that 4th spot. One win against us in years and that in a season when we've beaten them 3-0 already. Harry reckons progress - i say same old spurs with aspirations above their ability. Enjoy this one Sp*rs, it's about as good as it gets for you.
knighton gooner
I have to say that derby games that are competetive is surely what we want as fans. the idea of totally one sided games season after season. I certainly wont come on here and gloat, but fore me games between our teams are much better when there is a real competition.
@ Delataforce - 1 or 2 additions in the summer and we will also return as a better team. The fact is we are improving whilst you are not at present. The gap is closing but has not closed yet. Forget all the ifs buts and maybes. It can only be good for the NLD.
It was all going so well then Geoffrey came along. We have plenty of young English talent coming through and our own Welsh youngster is otherwise engaged at the moment. John Terry an Englishman nearly dismantled Chelseas whole season the presence of Didier Drogba an irrelevance I guess?
Darbinho, it was not me who raised the ifs and buts but your fellow fan Arsson Finga. Btw, you have not finished 4th. Its only when you finish 4th can you attract a better breed of footballer than you currently can. Till then, the 1 or 2 players we buy a summer will be players like Arshavin, Vermaelen or Nasri and you will buy a Crouch or Pavlyuchenko. They are not bad players bu just not in the same class as the players we can attract. And that does not even consider the incredible skill of our manager to pull the talent in.
Listen GS - your comments are bordering on right wing at best. If players are good enough they get in top teams regardless of nationality. To pick someone who isn't good enough based on race or nationality - is pathetic and not English!! Wenger builds a team of young talents who play the sort of football we all love to watch. If Rose is good enough he'd get into the team - have a look at Jack Wilshire, Gibbs. In contrast, Harry has spent hard and experimented - people like Bentley has hardly flourished at white ****e lane.
knighton gooner
Geoff Stern, how are your BNP campaigns going? Thanks for your valuable input but our club is quite well run without your input thanks very much.
If you desperate gooners re read my post you will see that I wrote "The two clubs who have dominated you in the past half decade Chelsea and Man United have a HEALTHY BALANCE OF FOREIGHN AND ENGLISH PLAYERS in their teams! There is nothing-right wing about that! I love the many foreign players we have in our squad at Tottenham and Ossie and Ricky Villa were around along time before you started playing passing football on the floor. If you want to talk about being right wing, I was brought hearing Arsenal fans making gas chamber noises and singing songs like “He’s only a poor little yido”… Barcelona, Man United, and Chelsea all have a healthy balance of home grown and foreign players!!!
geoff stern
Fine Geoff, but we just dont subscribe to your mode of thinking. To each his own.
Thank god for Barca what would Spain do without the homegrown youngsters Messi and Bojan. We have Wilshere coming through Nicely, with Theo and Ramsey intergral players in our 1st team squad, Craig Eastmond has made his premier league debut this season aswell.
iceman10 - Wow naming two players in the Barca team that are not spanish now thats what i call footballing knowledge :)
IWUW, as ever you fail to grasp the main point or argument behind a statement.
Erm no ugly to home grown players that arent Spanish, we have many home grown players that arent English like Fabregas, Clichy, Denilson etc. Geoffrey seems to think home grown means they are born in bred in the country they play in.
Either way you still missed the sarcasm as you actually only got one right anyway. Bojan plays for spain.
Delta, you too are guilty of failure to grasp points!!!! lol
Arsson Finga
And yet we are ahead of you by 10 points AF! Lol, Considering that this season is your best finish in the league in a while it just underscores what laggards you are. :-)
that fact that you are and have been better than us since Wenger is written in stone. At the same time, you have gone from 1st/2nd best in the league to 3rd/4th, while we have gone from 8th - 13th to 4th - 6th. The fact that we beat you when you played well and when BOTH sides had key players out of action (which should affect your 'world class' squad less) means we have improved. I was very nervous prior to the fixture regardless of your injuries. In fact, poor power supply and a faulty generator meant I couldn't watch at home. I called my son in UK to give me commentary rather than go to a bar and face all these fake Nigerian gooners (I am FROM Tottenham) cos I half expected to lose. With that admission made, perhaps you should re-read my posts and you may actually understand my point
Arsson Finga
Fair enough Arsson Finga. I have not denied that Spurs have improved. Have also congratulated many spurs fans on the win. Its just that while you are qualified to speak about the prospects of your team, you may not be welcomed if you make adverse comments about our team. Its not as if I come on to your forums and slam your team do I?

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