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Arsenal-Fulham Team Line-ups

Here are the full squads playing at the Grove today:

Arsenal Starting Line-up
Fabianski, Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy, Eboue, Diaby, Nasri, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie

Arsenl Substitutes
Mannone, Djourou, Gibbs, Merida, Eastmond, Lansbury, Vela

Fulham Starting Line-up
Schwarzer, Pantsil, Baird, Shorey, Smalling, Riise, Dempsey, Greening, Dikgacoi, Okaka Chuka, Nevland

Fulham Substitutes
Zuberbuhler, Kelly, Stoor, Gera, Murphy, Davies, Elm

Come on you Gunners!

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The Journalist

Writer: Gooner Lou Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 9 2010

Time: 4:32PM

Your Comments

Sorry guys, couldn't post until now. Great game and great goals so far. Chat away!
Lou - do you know where I can watch it? you can send to my email address!
Oh dear, Baird just got Eboue'd! Vin, check your PM inbox in a minute! ;)
Thanks Lou, appreciate it!
Just saw the start of season predictions by the BBC pundits. What a bunch of****s both Garth Crooks and Les Ferdinand put us at 5th. I remember a lot worse predictions at the start of the season and even Arsenal fans (pathetic) saw things this way.
So they're putting both Man City and Spurs above us in the prediction? Cos Liverpool can't get better than us surely?
ironically the last you'll see of Silvestre in an Arsenal shirt is the Frenchman limping off the field
Lou, I think gonedrone is referring to the predictions from earlier this year.
good to see Djourou, I thought he was really good for us last year... also, what the ***** is Arshavin doing with his hair? haha
They crowd have been fantastic today. I wonder if they were being kind to Silvestre with their big round of applause or were they just showing how happy they were to see Johan back. :) Hehe love to hear 'He's six foot four...' again!
Eboue just Eboue'd himself. Get up
now the ref has been Eboue'd!!
holy *****! what is fabianski doing?!?! haha thankfully we're up 3, otherwise these last couple of minutes would have been really infuriating!
Fabianski cant do anything right atm.I bet he's glad the seaon is over
Yeah TP, I wasn't reading it properly. :P I thought they got Eboue'd again but it turned out the ref was blind to that foul on Eboue! How dared he!
tottenham are losing haha
the linesman has just been Eboue'd!! what a match from the Ivorian
Yep, and his flag got Eboue'd too! lol
Burnley 3 Tottenham 2.Good luck in the CL
Lou - haven't got your mail, not sure why, should have come in by now.
Indeed Gkid haha! And remember how Crouch said they wanted to finish 3rd (when it's not even in their hands)?
Vela? Where did he come from? wait until the last game off the season.thanks
is it weird that Vela already has a trademark finish? I've seen a lot of people here say he's not good enough for us, I still think we should give him another couple of seasons to develop
Oh sorry, I meant I sent to your VA inbox Vin. And you knew Carlos would just chip it didn't you!!
Lou - do i have a VA Inbox? Where?
Lansbury is looking excellent, reminds me of Ramsey.
hahaha Burnley 4-2 Spurs!! hahaa
burnley 4 spurs 2
Oh dear, Vin, you go to the Forums page. There's a line that says how many new messages in your inbox. I don't have your email address, sorry I thought you knew what I meant! :P
A bit too late Vin!
lol spurs
christ, chelski win 8-0 and that **** got their final goal of the season... ***** 'em
Yes, just a little too late! Anyhow, I can use next season. How pathetic is that, Wigan losing 8-0 in the so-called best league in the world
For some strange reason we are not being flooded by spurs fans as we usually are. Hmm... Strange.
9 goal in 14 starts for VP. hope he stays fit next season
St Totteringham's day at last-certainly better late than never!
RvP, Cesc and TV are our key players. We need to add a top-quality GK, another quality CB and CM and we'll be able to challenge. Anything less than that, and it next season will be deja vu.
Happy St Totteringham's day people!!!! Bit later than we would have liked this year but may this tradition long continue. Didnt watch the game unfortunately had to go into Uni ugh! But happy that we finished on a positive note. Lol at Spurs, so much for 3rd place. I hope its summer of strengthening and we have a real crack at both the P/L and C/L next season.
Yes indeed GG, Happy St Tott's Day to all Gooners!! :D
Well looking back, at least we started off and signed off in style. Apart from a few games in April, I can say we're largely proud of the team's effort given the sheer number of injuries and the lengths of them this season. Well done you Gunners!! :)
I really wanna watch the highlights on MOTD later but I think I will pass. Seeing John Terry lifting the P/L trophy will probably make me go into a state of projectile vomiting.
Yeah TGB I know what you're saying. I hate the commentary and broadcast editing here. But I was for once glad to see them cut it short soon after the Chelsea game so I didn't have to see the chavs jump up and down with the cup. :)
Wishing each other happy St Totteringham's Day!!!!! Sooooooo desperate. Who gives a ****e about today anyway, we're the team of the season,with the manager of the season, and it's happy days ahead at the lane of dreams. You should enjoy your brief repreve: you've had a disasterous season and you know it. My favourite moment? There have been so many: Beating your lot at the lane was rather special as always, but for me the moment when we beat City at the council house to secure our place at the top table and you lot downed tools and walked straight off YOUR OWN WEBSITE!!!! was beyond hilarious. Ah well, i can't stay, all i really want to so is thankyou on behalf of Spurs fans everywhere for keeping us laughing, especially in those last few weeks. In the words of Nikoijns, "So long, Panty- fillers"!!!!!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Whereas if it was ManUre, no doubt they would probably still be showing them parading and jumping around with the trophy such is the bias towards them. But anyway screw them and the Chavs, lets just laugh at the Spuds. Its much more fun!!
Oh and true gooner blub, you should take the time out to watch Terry celebrate. The guy's a confirmed winner, unlike yourselves. You might learn a thing or two.
Tony Rocky Horror
Hey TRH, dont forget the ass kicking you got from us at the Emirates :-)
So TRH doesn't know being a troll is way more pathetic than celebrating St Tott's Day. Can't blame him, he doesn't what it's like celebrating it more than a decade in a row.
You're the only one who took the ass-kicking loud-Gooner-Moan, from the true pride of North London and guess what: next season, we'll do it again!!!!!!! TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FOREVER.
Tony Rocky Horror
More like another 11 years will pass before you lot beat us again eh TRH??
As always despite his weak protestations to the contrary the desperation is oozing from Burnley horror show, "Beating your lot at the lane was rather special as always" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha as always, yeah it's a real regular occurance huh?? Only had to wait 11 fuggin years you muppet. Yeah we've had a sh11te season a real load of bollix of a season, yet still we finish above your scummy rabble despite you having your best EVER prem finish. You've had a laugh at us the last month, we've been laughing at the lane of nightmares for decades, generations, aeons. You're *****, you always have been, and you always will, forever in our shadow, don't stop taking the pills Burnley horror show, your illness ain't cured yet.
Btw guys, speaking of team of the season, no bias or anything at all, I just honestly think it's Fulham. They got to a European final knocking out the likes of Roma, Juve, holders Shaktar, Wolfsburg and Hamburg. They didn't rely on their rivals being 5h!te without even knowing it. Manager of the Season, same thing, for me Woy won it hands down, really enabling a team to over-achieve given their financial and human resources. Shame the vote was cast way back.
Congrats on not letting Spurs get the 3rd..Without as many injuries and with some more investment in transfer market, U guys can easily displace United.
Spot on Lou. What Hodgson has done with that team is nothing short of brilliant. I really hope they dont do what Boro did and just capitulate in the final, I really hope they go the extra mile and win it. They deserve it considering all the scalps they took along the way. If the vote had been cast a bit later then they should have got both team of the season and manager of the season.
To get into the CL is one thing, to put together a meaningful campaign is an entirely different matter. Just ask Everton. 'Arry's challenge has only started now. Who knows what kind of chalice this is, especially with a potentially tricky qualifying round to deal with on the back of the World Cup in summer. It's a different competition that requires a lot of know-how in dealing with teams of very different styles. If Spurs couldn't put together any sort of good run in the UEFA Cup or Europa League, you'd just hope they have fun in the CL. I honestly don't care who gets into Europe below us. Just a shame that Everton aren't one of them, I think they deserved it more than Liverpool.
Agreed about Everton. Liverpool were fortunate to even get Europa League IMO. Lets see the Spud mentality come December time when they have had a real baptism of fire in the C/L (assuming they make it past the qualifiers). I think they will get a major reality check and I daresay next season will not be as productive for them.
Agreed TGB, the spuds will get destroyed by the best of europe and definitely wont make it past the group stages.
Predictable that you should be bigging up Hodgson instead o
Tony Rocky Horror
Predictable that you should be bigging up Hodgson instead of paying due homage to 'Harry Hotspur' and Chelsea's double winners. Eases the pain i guess.
Tony Rocky Horror
No TRH, you're wrong if you think we hate Spurs enough to be biased. But then I guess it's even more predictable that you should think we're biased. Shrug.
'Homage' is not my idea of what Redknapp deserves. But I did hop over to VS to congratulate Spurs, twice actually. Did anyone say Chelsea didn't deserve to win the title? Don't be blind to what we said or didn't say just because you're on VA, unless you enjoy embarrassing yourself TRH. Last time I checked, Chelsea haven't won the double.
TRH somehow I doubt that old Arry's managerial exploits will be regarded with the same degree of plaudits this time next season. And we are paying homage to Hodgson because what he has accomplished with such a meagre transfer budget and limited resources is truly exceptional. Much less transfer funds and resources than Arry thats for sure..
We should pay homage to Arry, its quite some feat to lick so many hacks Arses in 1 season and match Arsene Wengers worst ever premiership finish at the same time, all hail Bernard twitchy Madoff.
Happy St Tott's day everybody. Now for a good pre season and squad strengthening. Its funny how TRH needs our approval and praise for his team as badly as he does...
In the post-match comments, AW more or less confirmed the signing of Chamakh: "He could be the first one, yes," Wenger told Sky Sports. "We have to finalise some papers and some of the medical. It's not done yet, but it is very close."
I think the Chamakh deal was done and dusted last year. Consider it we loaned him out to Bordeaux for one season.
Nice to see AW saying that Chamakh will be "the first one" which would imply three signing at least. Good as the present squad is, with their injury record over the last three seasons we have to accept that the same is likely to happen again next season and when it comes to crunch time in March and April we are going to need that extra squad strength.
Just watching the match on Sky, have to say I'm disappointed with the treatment Fabianski is getting from the crowd, you would think they have learnt from last season (eboue/bendtner) but clearly not
Ah right we're laughing at scorelines are we gunnerkid? ok heres my 3. Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Arsenal. Chelsea 8 - 0 Wigan Athletic. Tottenham 9 - 1 Wigan Athletic.
What about Wigan Athletic 3 - 1 Chelsea? What about Burnley 4 - 2 Tottenham?
How about Wolves 1-0 Spurs.... twice?
The crowd were very poor to Fabianski, how exactly do they think that's gonna help? Morons. There was also an incident that I'm not sure the TV picke dup on. Somebody had unfurled a banner off the North Upper saying "Sign- Ins or Sign Off" aimed at the manager. The stewards came and removed it at half time and the people responsible were taken outside and wrned but allowed back in the stadium. On one hand, I'm glad the banner went because it was an idiotic statement, incredibly simplistic (sign who? It didn't even say that we should sign anyone good, just a pathetic, desperate, ignorant plea of "sign anyone, please, my United and Chelsea mates take the ***** out of me"), and I was upset because that sort of statement doesn't respresent me or my views and the person who made the banner was trying to broadcast it as the view of Arsenal fans in general. However, given the banner was not offensive in language or particularly inflammatory and the people had paid money for their seat and are entitled to their opinion, stewards taking it down and verbally warning the perpetrators is all a bit Orwellian.
Little Dutch
I thought they were taken outside to be hung at dawn. It's standard though of our pedantic PR & money obsessed club. It was a ridiculous banner in more ways than one but what the stewards done will make more noise now than if they'd just taken it down. The thought police & board obviously didn't want to distract Wenger from his bubble of top 4 achievements.
We seen the banner and just shook our heads and laughed. I commented to my Dad that the banner was like Silvestre, it will upset alot of people, won't last the whole game and will never be seen again ! The stewards removed the banner rightly or wrongly, but were only acting on orders issues from people ' above '. It would be nice if someone from the Club came out and explained why it was removed. As it was not offensive in ANYWAY, and was not directed at an INDIVIDUAL, it is no different to the banner that reads " In Arsene We Trust ". Stewards get a hard time at football as it is, and this makes them a scapegoat. Yes, they could have handled the situation better, but ultimately, they were simply following orders.
Cockney Rich
I think it differs ever so slightly from the "In Arsene We Trust" banner in that you would expect to find things encouraging to the team in a side's own stadium, the same as you see red and white seats, all of our trophy wins spread out amongst the upper tier and the pictures of past players on the outside. A statement of mutiny or protest is a slightly different thing and not so much part of the furniture of the stadium. It also shows how much the new ground has turned out to be wantonly hostile to our own players (see the treatment of Fabianski). However, I see what you're saying Rich and don't think the banner should have been removed. Though my friends and I were discussing our approach had someone sitting next to us unfurled the banner next to our seats (we are front row of the upper tier) and personally, I would have taken it down myself and asked the person to move it if the banner was positioned directly in front of my seat. That might be what happened, perhaps the people sitting near it complained about it?
Little Dutch
Agreed Tim. I hope the banner was nothing more than a couple of people expressing their dissatisfaction at a largely disappointing season, in their eyes.
Cockney Rich
The stewards were right to remove any banner inside the stadium that is hostile to the club. Outside the ground they can do what they like but any enterprise is entitled to ask those displaying a malevolent attitude towards it to desist or leave the premises. If you marched into M&S announcing their socks were crap I'm pretty sure the security guards would ask you to leave.
I hear what you are saying Amos and you are correct. I just think that there is no harm in expressing a differing opinion. The banner did not use profanity, was not racial and was not directed at a particular individual. As you say it shows a ' malevolent attitude ', but thats all, and to me that's ok, within reason. If a Steward had of approached me yesterday as I was taking my seat and said " Do you think Silvestre should be in the team today ? ", I would not expect to be ejected from the ground when I answered "No." Thankfully, we are a million miles away from the smoke bombs, whistles and scarves at Old Trafford yesterday.
Cockney Rich
I personally found the banner telling me to vote for Eboue offensive seeing as when i went to the polling booth their was no option for Eboue and i felt distraught that Arsenal had let me believe in this fantasy. Robbed
I personally spoiled the ballot paper in protest.
Little Dutch
Without wishing to lower the tone, Eboue would presumably take his place in a ' well hung ' parliament.
Cockney Rich
The stewards were right to remove any banner inside the stadium that is hostile to the club - Amos - Hostile? LOL That's a bit precious isn't it?

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