Arsenal - Lee Dixon's Mistimed Tackle
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Lee Dixon's Mistimed Tackle

Lee Dixon used to make his money playing football and now he makes it talking about football. As with playing the game, in order to profit from talking about it he has to be doing something special for there to be any value to his paymasters. His specialist subject will not just be football it will be in talking about Arsenal`s football so anything that he might say that could be presented controversially is a result for him. It then becomes tempting as other former players intent on becoming media personalities, Ian Wright for example, have discovered to try to find something to say worthy of a headline.

The headlines given to Lee`s recent musings don`t really reveal anything too controversial. Who would disagree with the contention that Arsene Wenger is responsible for us not winning silverware this season? Every manager of every professional football club in the world is responsible for their failure to win trophies. Rarely ever exclusively though.

He isn`t entirely wrong in claiming that Le Boss is changing his policy towards youth players either:

"Arsene has given the youngsters a period of time but I`ve heard signs from him that it hasn`t worked. So he`s going to do things differently this summer" the famous back four full back claims "Wenger has moved forward in his attitudes towards his team. You can`t turn a bunch of kids into champions and he realises that now.

"Any Arsenal fan should be happy with that - he's finally accepted what's wrong with the team and has plans to change it."

Where he is wrong is in implying that this is some sudden Damascene conversion some point of epiphany that Wenger has arrived at. The so called youth project was just that, a project, and like all projects they have starting and finishing points. Such a project that never ends could probably more fairly be described as an ideology. This was never that. It was a means to an end that had to be allowed to reach a point of maturity. Whenever that might have been it was a point some time before now.

You would need to go back to the summer of 2008 to find a teenager, Aaron Ramsey, signed as a first team squad player. Even then he made relatively few starts other than in the domestic cups until this season. Before that you need to look at summer 2006 when the then 18 year old Brazilian Denilson joined the squad. Just two teenagers in 4 years then. In the same period we have tended to go for senior players Rosicky, Gallas, Eduardo, Sagna, Diarra, Nasri, Silvestre, Arshavin, Vermaelen, Campbell, the youngest of which still came with plenty of experience. When you look at the two that got away over the last two summers Alonso and Melo its clear the focus hasn`t been on youth for some time. If the project did have an end, at least in its future commitment to the strategy, it was in the summer of 2006. The summer in which we moved into the Emirates and our revenues were set to increase.

You can look at the decisions that have been made over the last season or so to see that things have changed. No concerns about Silvestre, Vermaelen or Campbell 'killing` the development of central defenders over the last couple of seasons for example. Arshavin may well have 'killed` Vela`s prospects for a time at least. The emphasis has changed to such an extent that Merida is reportedly bound for Atletico Madrid as his path to the first team seems to be such an opaque one. Jack Wilshere hasn`t been allowed the room to develop in the first team to the extent that Fabregas, who had made 34 starts as a 17 year old in 2004/2005, was permitted. In that one season Cesc started more games than Ramsey, Wilshere and Merida combined have made over the last two. The talk is that 18 year old Wilshere will be allowed to continue his development next season away from the club. Other than those former youngsters that have been a regular part of the first team squad over the last few seasons many such players are likely to find that their route to the first team is much harder than it might have been 4 seasons or so ago.

The decision to embark on the youth project probably started in 2002 or 2003 and the decision to unwind it by 2006. The project may well have reached its maturity by last summer and the average age of the team now being allowed to reach a more familiar level. Lee Dixon wasn`t wrong in saying that Wenger has changed tack (though it was always his policy to do so) - he was just 4 years too late in saying it.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 14 2010

Time: 9:00AM

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The Amos propaganda machine has been in full swing this week :)
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 04:43:00

We'll need an anti-propaganda piece from you then Ozi! Get writing and send it over :)
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 08:31:00

Just a quick point on Jack Wilshere. Surely Jack must come back to us in the summer. What better way to develop and learn to play the ' Arsenal way ' than under the guidance of AW. Working on the training ground every day with AW and the squad MUST be more beneficial than being at Bolton. These are Jacks formative years in the football world and his time must be spent with AW and being in and around the first team. As an attacking midfielder, would you learn more from playing with Ricardo Gardener and Johan Elmander with Owen Coyle looking on, or AA23 and RVP under the watchful eye of AW ? Nice read Amos, cheers mate.
Cockney Rich
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 09:23:00

I had the same reaction when I read what Dixon said. He's talking as if Wenger is to buy a lot of players. Apart from Chamakh, I think we will only see replacements for players leaving coming in. I have lot of respect for Dixon but what he says just isn't true.
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 10:03:00

Rich - I think another year learning the physicality of the game may not go amiss, he'll have to grow up fast at clubs like that but on early impressions i think he's a real talent, He was motm against Chelsea at the Bridge for example playing just off Davies.
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 14:59:00

Fair comment shewore, he was brilliant against Chelsea. I just want him to be brilliant against Chelsea for us. By all accounts AW is prepared to let him stay at Bolton for another season, but surely he can learn the ' physicality ' of the game with us.
Cockney Rich
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 15:12:00

"but surely he can learn the ' physicality ' of the game with us." -- you really think that? I don't. A lot of players haven't learned how to deal with the PL's physicality at all. Bolton's a good place for Jack - he'll toughen up, something he wouldn't learn with us.
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 15:44:00

jaelle " he'll toughen up " at Bolton fair enough. I am FAR more interested in his movement, his passing, his awareness of others around him, his finishing and his ability to fit into our team. If AW is ONE of the best coaches in the game, and Wilshere is ONE of the best young talents, then why not put them together ?
Cockney Rich
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 15:50:00

CR, I'm frankly tired of seeing our technically gifted players getting all that great coaching from a manager who neglects the pragmatic, physical side of the game. We've got a team of great technical players who have no training in how to deal with the physical side of the game, who get easily bullied. I'm sick to death of watching our wonderful team of artists look totally clueless in how to deal with that side of the game. Wilshere will come back better able to deal with it.
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 16:00:00

Amos, you work for the club, right? There can be no other feasible explanation.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 16:51:00

I'm trying to understand the point of this article, and trying to fit everything I've heard AW say in the last few seasons into Amos' point. I don't see anything wrong with Lee Dixon's comments and I don't see anything in Amos' reply that disproves anything he said. (Amos, sometimes you write as if you KNOW intimately what's going on in AW's mind whereas people who actually know the man personally do not possess your authoritative knowledge). AW has said repeatedly that because of the financial constraints due to the new stadium, he could not compete in the transfer market and that we had to go thru a period of spending little on players. He had the idea of developing young players who'd been trained at the club with the club's values, instilling in them an attachment and loyalty to the club, and have them grow up together and bond as a team. That was his intention, that was his vision. As he said numerous times, the primary aim was to KEEP THE TEAM TOGETHER. Along the way, he found that that project could not be sustained and he's realized the limitations of that vision and has adapted accordingly. Witness his comments about Sol this season, where he implicitly criticized his young players by pointing to Sol's commitment and fighting spirit. Just because the last time he brought in a teenager was in 2008 does not in any way disprove Dixon's comments, I don't understand how it's supposed to disprove anything.
Report Abuse
14/05/2010 19:05:00

haha fu(k off amos
Report Abuse
15/05/2010 00:18:00

I appreciate your passion jaelle but there isn't a lot of reasoning in your post. The claim that I write as though I know what Wenger is thinking seems to me to be an attempt to reinforce whatever your argument is by personalising it. I can't see anything in the article that suggests I have any special insight. The points that I make are illustrated by events that are in the public domain not really on anyones thought processes. Your post in which you assert "That was his intention, that was his vision" is far more reliant on a personal interpretation of a perceived ideology than my article. Wenger has kept the team together the 'project' is intact it's just maturing naturally. How many of the members of the 'youth' project are set to leave or be replaced? You aren't able to see that the article is supposed to disprove anything because it doesn't attempt to disprove anything other than the idea that there is a sudden change of policy. All that is happening is that the policy is evolving naturally, as it inevitably must, along with the clubs developing circumstances.
Report Abuse
15/05/2010 13:40:00

As a matter of fact Amos, i get the sense that most Ars*nal fans are sick and tired of 'projects' that need to keep on 'evolving'. They'd really rather see a team set out in the right way with a blend of experience and youth that can actually win something. All this talk of 'projects' and 'ideologies'. Pooh!
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
16/05/2010 02:21:00

Like you should know, TRH, from your team's years of winning........erm; nothing.
Report Abuse
16/05/2010 03:38:00

Won more than yours in the last five years.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
16/05/2010 10:50:00

Won loads more than yours in the last 10/20/50/100 years......if you want to get into a pi**ing contest?
Report Abuse
17/05/2010 15:16:00

Amos, apparently you are accusing me of being unable to view anything that does not fit into my predisposed prejudices when in fact that is accusation that I am levelling at you. You apparently believe that you're above the rest of us by seeing things objectively and factually--that your view is far more authoritative than mine by virtue of your superior thought processes--while the rest of us poor idiots can't get beyond our predisposed inclinations to view things a certain way. I suggest you look in the mirror.
Report Abuse
17/05/2010 15:32:00

I don't see the need or benefit in personalising this jaelle. I'm certainly not accusing you of being unable to take a dispassionate view. Generally your posts are very readable, objective, intelligent and yet still made with great conviction and passion - all very welcome qualities. My post simply pointed out that the accusation that I'm adopting a superior attitude by speaking as though I know Wengers mind levelled against me isn't justified by anything in my article whereas your post makes an issue of doing just that. I just pointed out the paradox that's all. In the end the points or opinions are either valid or not. You are free to agree or disagree with them or rip them to shreds if thats your view, thats what the comments section is for, but personalising your disagreement is an unnecessary and bogus action.
Report Abuse
17/05/2010 16:07:00

Amos, you said in your post: "I can't see anything in the article that suggests I have any special insight" - yet your article implicitly claims that your insight is better than Dixon's. You said " Your post in which you assert "That was his intention, that was his vision" is far more reliant on a personal interpretation of a perceived ideology than my article" - and there you go, seeing your argument as more objective and factual whereas mine is not. I based my argument on AW's ACTUAL QUOTES, his own comments as to why he's done what he's had to do since 2005. You say I shouldn't personalize this discussion. Normally I wouldn't but your posts always take some kind of swipe at the support - you see your posts as coming from an impersonal objective stance with nothing personal in mind yet you repeatedly set yourself up for a reaction like mine when you write blogs in a condescending manner, writing as if you're above it all and can see the truth better than the rest of us. It's a passive-aggressive tactic or behavior, posing as innocent and reasonable while taking swipes in a backhanded manner.
Report Abuse
17/05/2010 16:25:00

It doesn't disagree with Dixon at all just questions whether he is right to make the conclusion he does at the time he does. I try to set out why I think his timing is out with examples of events that suggest the decision to change tack was taken some time ago. You'll note that one other poster - just one mind - had the same reaction on reading Dixon's comments so I'm not living entirely in my own world. Nowhere does it suggest I'm writing as though I know Wengers mind which is what you originally took exception to. I'm naturally disappointed you don't see any merit in my article(s) but maybe the best way to avoid any disatisfaction in the future is that if you find my name at the bottom of a piece then simply ignore it.
Report Abuse
17/05/2010 16:36:00

"but maybe the best way to avoid any disatisfaction in the future is that if you find my name at the bottom of a piece then simply ignore it." - I don't need to do that, Amos, as I don't find everything you write objectionable.
Report Abuse
17/05/2010 20:33:00


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