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Arsenal Sign Unpronounceable Defender

Arsenal have signed Laurent Koscielny on a long term contract from French Ligue 1 side Lorient. HURRAH!

This is great news for two reasons. To sure up a central defensive line that is looking decidedly thin after the departures of Mikel Sylvestre, Sol Campbell and William Gallas, but more importantly because it gives me something to write about and we begin to get that feeling that some real football is just around the corner.


Back to our new defender.

I won't pretend to know anything about him other than what's been reported on

He's 24, a central defender by trade, he's French but could play for Poland, and he likes tickling the back of his knees with ostrich feathers. Ok I made that last one up but the rest is true, I swear.

Mr Arsene of Wenger highlight the reasons for the transfer. 'Koscielny is a central defender with great ability who performed extremely well last season for Lorient. We identified him as a very strong centre half, who has made big progress very quickly. He has shown he is mentally strong, he's a fighter and a very strong competitor. Koscielny is a great addition to our squad.'

Sounds flipping marvelous doesn't it.

Let's hope this player who's name I have no hopes of ever being able to pronounce has a good a first season as the last centre back we signed whose name I couldn't pronounce.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 7 2010

Time: 5:55PM

Your Comments

Some real Arsenal news...? I don't believe it.
Yay...I hope he is a fighter, hustler, hangs around TV and not Diaby and Nasri (if you know what i mean) softies.
and to addd to that, he is called Kos by his former teammates.
Now THAT, I can pronounce! ....... I think.
Brilliant news!! I'm happy with any DEFENDER the boss decides to sign, whether I've seen him play or am able to pronounce his name, or not, no problem at all!!
Another spelling nightmare.. where are the Adams' Dixons and Boulds?
Is it definetely confirmed that Sol has left and his contract wont be renewed?? On the subject of this signing, I am chuffed but still reckon that AW should sign another CB to give us a bit more depth.
Sol's contract has finished so if we haven't renewed it by now it's highly unlikely it would be done in the future. Of course I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
Well that being the case hopefully Koscielny will be one of two CB's that AW brings in this summer to shore up the defence.
So he's given the famous Arsenal no. 6 shirt... I wonder if it was offered to anyone else, specifically I think Song deserves a single digit number as our first choice DM
it's actually not that difficult to pronounce his name :p
Good start, another CB and a good GK (not Schwarzer) and we should be good. No Joe Cole though please. Ta.
Little Dutch
Arsenal in french player signing shocker! Another Wenger Gem perhaps? Or another Senderos?
you obviously had to go to the piggy bank for him - costliest signing of the season for Arsene.
The only shock is Kevin Prince Boateng has'nt been resigned by Arry yet :P
Nice to see Wenger showing faith in English talent by signing yet another (YET ANOTHER!!!) of his compatriots on the cheap. What a joke. Someone ought to remind him he's managing an ENGLISH club.
Tony Rocky Horror
For the love of crimony please nobody feed the troll.
Little Dutch
What sort of toilets did they build at The Emirates - those French type where you stand and aim your dump down a hole?
To be honest his name is pretty easy to pronounce. £10 million seems very high but in some ways that encourages me somewhat. You guys reckon Wenger will bring in another CB or will he settle for Djorou, Vermaelen, Koscielny and Song. All under the age of 25. (Provided Silvestre, Campbell and Gallas all leave)
I still think that defensive line is too thin. I would prefer if AW were to bring in another CB just to give us a bit more cover and more variation. Couple of injuries and we could be buggered and face a similar problem that we did last season.
It is imperative that we get one more CB if Sol leaves. I think in Lk6's case it is tougher to spell his name than pronounce it. :) Btw heard that he has a nickname K-os, (chaos) . Good enough for me :)
From the new video comp thats just hit the blogs he looks f****** fantastic. Finally a vid of his defensive qualities and not his goal scoring ability only. He is defintely aggressive & strong in the tackle and air which our defense and team need. Dare i say he reminds me, and looks to have the better qualities of Ferdinand and Terry in their prime. Yes, i know that sounds disgusting but im talking footballistically here. He hangs back, liking to be the last man, reading the play infront and cutting out the danger or making the last crucial tackle like Ferdi. He was rumored to be damn near perfect in the tackle and i got to say he looks good in the vid. His crisp and intelligent passing stood out too and he's even capable of hitting some through balls and 40 yrders. So long as he adapts okay to the pressures he will command this league and be a great foil to our Vermaelen. Of that i feel confident. But he's risen a huge way in only 1 year so he won't be first choice straight away, but when he is i don't think we'll be disappointed.
insider says
i'd like to scrap my comparisons to those wasters if i may? I feel dirty, and i apologize! I should have said Keown & Adams ; ) what was i thinking?
insider says
"Nice to see Wenger showing faith in English talent by signing yet another (YET ANOTHER!!!) of his compatriots on the cheap. What a joke. Someone ought to remind him he's managing an ENGLISH club." - ***** me! Didn't know Arsene was Polish
Ozi Gooner
A mixture of Ferdinand and Terry in their prime.....Wayne Bridge bursts in on Terry Boning his ex and is greeted with "You've been merked blud!" Keown and Adams comparison will do for me :)
yet another non-English player...yep your team should go to france and be called lé arsénál
Avfc94 we do
We definitely need another CB, no more of this mend and make do *****, we get roughly 33,986 injuries a season, we need four CBs, all of whom are equipped to start when called upon. If Song is going to be considered a CB, then we have to buy another DM. We can't keep going on with this, "well so and so can play eight positions, so really we're covered." As we've seen in the past, when so and so gets injured for three months after snapping his hamstring stretching in bed, it leaves us short in more than one position.
Little Dutch
VAFC, there's every chance we'll go to France this year, depends what the Champions League draw throws up. Not that Villa would be familiar with the Champions League.........
Little Dutch
Don't care what nationality he is - just what he does on the pitch. Shame some people continue to have a poke at nationality - I thought we'd moved on from that - if only one thing the world cup has shown... buying English is no guarantee of footballing quality. Insider - i forgive you for your comparisons to JT. I hope Koscielny shows more steel and fight of a TA or MK for England that JT did in the World Cup.
knighton gooner
Regarding the unpronounceable name: Not so., and a bit of contact with Eastern Europe languages might sort out all such issues in the future. The word Koscielny shall be easiest pronounced KOS-TIEL-NE for anyone not in the know around Polish pronounciation rules. Koscielny by the way is an adjective with the meaning "church", as in "church-wall". For the record, Tomas Rosicky's surname is pronounced RO-SIT-SKI, as a C with no I after very much resembles a TS sound. These are Polish language rules, and albeit Rosicky is Czech, I am pretty sure the same rules apply; I think it will take a Czech to prove me wrong.
Funny to see Tony The Troll having a sly dig about Wenger not trusting England's centre backs when you consider we've just watched England's finest get torn apart by all an sundry. If Terry, Ferdinand, Upson, Carragher and Dawson are the best five centre backs in England, then Wenger is bang on to sign from elsewhere, because quite frankly, they are ****ing crap.
If he's anything like Vermaelen then wenger pulled another rabbit out the hat.Dont bother making song a CB he isnt one.
According to Wenger we are still on the lookout for another defender. He didn't say CB but we all know we got enough cover in the LB and RB positions so this pretty much confirms the departure of Gallas, Silvestre and Campbell.
Dawson is outstanding and, funnily enough, left the WC with his reputation intact because he didn't play. His reputation has been sullied by association. Who does he play for again Wenger'sRocky7yearswithoutatrophy?
Tony Rocky Horror
"What sort of toilets did they build at The Emirates - those French type where you stand and aim your dump down a hole?" -- I come back from a wonderful tho bittersweet vacation in Brazil and I log on and am greeted by this typical demonstration of what passes for spud brain matter. Oh, and given what the world has just seen of the quality of English players in South Africa, WHY WOULD AN INTELLIGENT MANAGER LIKE WENGER CHOOSE TO BUY ENGLISH, ffs!
Outstanding? Lol, yeah alright, whatever you say sweetcheeks.
Why would ANY intelligent manager buy an English defender, ffs! The generation of Adams and Keown is a thing of the past. Dawson? Spare me the delusional glorification of completely AVERAGE players. If Dawson had played every England game for a full 90 mins at the wc, England would STILL have been eliminated. And why do the spuds care so much about our squad? // Anyway, I watch a lot of Ligue 1 and saw a few Lorient games last season. The few times I did see them, this guy Kos was a big pain in the butt to the opposition - but he never made a reckless tackle, his timing was brilliant every time, everything was precise and clean. And he never ever stopped working.
What did you expect from the spuds? The general view on vital deluded is Aaron Lemon wasn't s'*t at the world cup and it was johnsons fault for not passing to him?!
No, maybe you're right, you're not to're just a symptom of the disease...
Tony Rocky Horror
The disease is that England refuses to do what Germany did: . That article is an excellent summary of what Germany did to confront the decline of quality players and quality football they faced starting at the end of the 90s. Their national team was in serious decline. And--unlike a lot of clueless idiots in England who claim the solution is to enact restrictions against foreign players, the Germans went to the ROOTS of the problem (instead of the SYMPTOMS, the way so moron pundits do in England) and the reliance on foreign players went into decline NATURALLY, ORGANICALLY. No anti-foreigner FA laws were needed. But that would require some comprehensive, far-reaching vision and patience, a refusal to look for easy scapegoats and courage on the part of the FA.
What I find funny, is that when Arsenal and the other big clubs were regularly purchasing English players, the national team was still crap. There appears to be no correlation between the nationality of Arsenal players and the performance of the national team. The influx of foreign players is a recent phenomenon, the failure of the England team is going on 40+ years now...
Like i said, the cause of the underlying malaise has deep roots and the practices of your club are a symptom of that problem. What i and many others (your own supporters even) find offensive is the way that your manager, and many others, couldn't give a toss about this and merely looks out for himself without giving a damn about the bigger picture. Seriously, Wenger manages Arsenal as if it were a club anywhere in the world, and yet he's in London at an English club!! This is wrong and no-one else would accept that: can you imagine it happening at Boca, or Barca, or Bayern, or anywhere in Brazil, jaelle? I do hate to say this, but i also have fairly extensive contacts within the French community, and although individually they are lovely people, it's a fact that they have a total disrespect for England because they don't like our ways...fine. What i and many others find totally frustrating is the way that Wenger has turned a profoundly English club into the united nations, and if anybody questions that you get labelled a xenophobe or whatever. Things must change. If Wenger must turn Arsenal into Ajax, why can't he do it with ENGLISH players? It's all wrong.
Tony Rocky Horror
TRH..because english player are born not to be skillful. They are born to get in your face like Ryan Showcross. Tony Pulis would rather be 10th on the table than teach good football. Any rememeber what Francis jeffers did to Wenger? Ashley Cole, the pretty boy@spurs now? David Bently, the guy that is now in spain?.
If Kjaer of palemo is worth (Transfer to bundesliga) 10M euro how come Cahill is worth 15M pounds?
TRH, there's so much ignorance in your diatribe, it's breathtaking. Let's start with this: "This is wrong and no-one else would accept that: can you imagine it happening at Boca, or Barca, or Bayern, or anywhere in Brazil, jaelle?" -- you don't see the distinction between those clubs and Eng clubs, do you? There happen to be many foreign players in Brazil and Argentina, but not as many as in the PL. Reason? Because there's a MUCH LARGER POOL OF TALENT TO CHOOSE FROM! Brazilian managers don't have to go begging outside Brazilian borders lkg for talent. Why can't you see that the POOL OF TALENT is pathetically limited in England to choose from??? As for Bayern, you didn't read the article did you? Of course not. If you had, you would've learned that German clubs had reached a point at which there were TOO MANY FOREIGN PLAYERS -- as much as 60% of the entire Bundesliga were foreign. That, for a time, included Bayern! Why? BECAUSE THE POOL OF YOUNG GERMAN TALENT WASN'T THERE! Read the fkg article to see how the Germans handled that situation, twit. They confronted the problem, while England refuses to. Then there's this bit of hypocrisy (a particular specialty of yours, TRH) and bigotry: "I do hate to say this, but i also have fairly extensive contacts within the French community, and although individually they are lovely people, it's a fact that they have a total disrespect for England because they don't like our ways...fine." -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! An Englishman trashing the French for not respecting English ways, you can't make it up! POT-KETTLE-BLACK, TRH. Look in the fkg mirror! Having lived in England and having listened for yrs to English pundits, writers, ordinary people, the French can say the exact same thing about the English, you massive chauvinistic hypocrite. Francophobia is rampant in English culture, hypocrite. You and your spud tribe come over here all the time making disgusting, insulting francophobic remarks. You spuds are rampant with disrespect for the French.
And then there's this bit of total absolute IGNORANCE about Arsenal, TRH: "If Wenger must turn Arsenal into Ajax, why can't he do it with ENGLISH players?" Just exactly where the hell have you been all this time? I thought you knew all about Arsenal, you pose as some kind of expert about our club! All of Arsenal's 14 scholarships goes to English players--you didn't know that, did you? No, of course not. Neither do you know that nearly all of the kids in our academy are English or that 2 seasons ago an almost entirely English Arsenal youth team won the double, league and cup. No, of course you don't know that. You are so fkg obsessed with your petty cliches about Wenger and Arsenal that your refuse to acknowledge BASIC FACTS that totally disprove those cliches and stereotypes. You prefer to cling to them because it's one of those straws you spuddies desperately grab to feel superior to us. You refuse to understand that for the last 10-12 yrs, Wenger has been building an academy at Arsenal in which he trains ENGLISH KIDS in continental football. These kids come to our academy already damaged with the crap they've learned as children and that has to be undone. And he's limited only to the pool of kids he can get within the 90 minute catchment restriction (competing with you guys, Chelsea and other London clubs). Only Arsenal and West Ham have genuine youth academies training ENGLISH kids in football that emphasizes skill on the ball. But it's a project THAT TAKES TIME. It took the Germans over a decade to come up with this team of young players playing good continental-style football. That's what Wenger has been trying to do, and he's had a lot more obstacles than the Germans did. Twit.
The funny thing is with the troll is that, though he doesn't realise it, people with his sorts of views are exactly the sorts of view impeding the very problem he's whingeing about. Confront the problem and do something about it, or just whinge and point at the foreigners. Most of the people in the F.A and the media have been doing the latter for eons. The problem has persisted. Comme ci comme ca.
Little Dutch
You're a complete lunatic who makes up different pseudonyms about who you are and lies. You haven't the foggiest clue about English football, and yet you come on here proclaiming to be an expert. But you trade in weasel words. It's totally untrue to say that the pool of talent isn't there; were you watching the NLD at WHL this year? Notice that the lad who scored the wonder goal was ENGLISH?? What the ***** are you on? The academies of English football clubs are bursting with English talent.Why don't you take an afternoon off next time you're here and spend soem time watching Derby's academy of Leeds etc. You haven't got a fcking clue, you're just so detached from reality. THEY ARE SIMPLY NEVER GIVEN A CHANCE AT CLUBS LIKE ARSENAL BECAUSE THERE'S ALWAYS ANOTHER FOREIGN PLAYER BOUGHT IN-IT'S NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM.
Tony Rocky Horror
English players are getting a rum deal because they are being pushed aside for some fcking starlet from whereveristan and that is totally WRONG. THERE ARE ENGLISH LADS CAPABLE OF DOING THE JOB AND THEY GET OVERLOOKED TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME, AND I'M FCKING SICK OF IT. IF THEY'RE CRAP, IS IT ANY WONDER? THEY GET ***** ALL INPUT AFTER A CERTAIN AGE, THEY JUST GET DUMPED. Glenn Hoddle has rescued many of these boys and given them a fresh start and new hope. You simply don't know what you're talking about.
Tony Rocky Horror
You say all this about Arsenal but the fact remains that you couldn't put together a first eleven of English players if your life depended on it. What a joke.
Tony Rocky Horror
Wow, who knew Richard Littlejohn had a Vital account. It's amusing that you come here trolling on the wind up, because your life is obviously that interesting, then it's you who gets all wound up. It's like watching a little Jack Russell gnawing its tail. Here, fetch boy.
Little Dutch
It's you who stereotype English football. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF SLAGGING OFF ENGLISH FOOTBALL ANYWAY? I love the way you arrogently assume that English players have all fallen into bad habits, and that your cultish leader is the only one who can right these wrongs. What sanctimonious BS! How disgusting and disrespectful to the hundreds of men and women who work with kids in this country and who are always encouraging them to pass the ball and work on their skills etc. Idiot.
Tony Rocky Horror
P.S I bet you haven't got eleven posts on Vital Spurs.
Little Dutch
Is Xenophobia accepted on here?? English clubs were packed with British players in the 70s. The national team failed to qualify for major competitions. Arsenal have won major competition with and without foreigners. At the moment the vast majority of English players aren't up to scratch - that has to do with the grass roots of English football - how kids enter football at an early age, are trained etc.
knighton gooner
On the issue of Wenger it's time to debunk a few other myths, particularily the one about Arsenal playing 'good football', blah, blah, etc etc. OK, HAVE YOU GOT YOUR SEAT- BELT ON? THEY DON'T!!! THEY TEACH KIDS TO PASS THE BALL AROUND IN TRIANGLES, THAT'S ALL. GOOD FOOTBALL IS WINNING FOOTBALL AND SINCE WENGER CHANGED THE STYLE AFTER THEIR FA CUP WIN 2005 THEY HAVE WON ***** ALL!!!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
the article jaelle provided is highly recommended, the parallels between the German league then and the PL now is quite interesting.
TRH, if you want to talk about that subject, go to the forum and start a thread and people that want to talk about it can engage with you. But your point has nothing to do with the article at hand and serves only to detract from the people that DO want to discuss Koscielny as our new signing. Any further posts from you that aren't on the topic of the article will be deleted. Go to the forum and start a discussion there, here you're just ruining this thread.
Little Dutch
Thx TPowell, and of course, TRH the fool won't read it. England brimming with football talent, hilarious! Only a delusional spuddie would think that. Some kid comes on the NLD and scores against us (a very nice goal) and that is somehow proof solid that England is brimming with football talent. Honestly, I really feel sorry for English football fans like TRH, I really do. They're living in a dream world. Esp. because I'd like nothing better than to see England become a serious team in int'l competitions. I remember a spud coming on here before the wc trashing Germany, Argentina, Brazil, etc. and touting the English NT as a head above all of them. I said at the time no team in SA has much to fear from England, tho I did think Capello was good enuf to take the team farther than it went. TRH, your own football authorities (like Trevor Brooking, a good man) says all the time that England has very little talent to work with. I also fail to remember all those trophies England won before Wenger arrived.
LD, my apologies for responding to TRH. It really is a futile exercise.
Jaelle- I've got to say this. Do you really know the provenance of your own club? I admire the johnnie-come-lately pursuance of beautiful football from you lot, but please don't lecture followers of a club that HAVE ALWAYS adhered to attractive football, often to their detriment, and lack of trophies, for sticking to their principles.
"Do you really know the provenance of your own club?" -- do you really know who the hell you're talking to? I do in fact know the provenance about Arsenal, I started following the club during the GG era. I was very well taught by gooners about our history. And who's lecturing you about your principles? What a hilarious, total nonsequitur! Touchy, aren't we? One of your lot comes on here lecturing and scolding US and we don't have the right to respond? Why do you guys never expect us to respond when you insist on coming over here to insult us? Grow up. No one here's lecturing you spuddies, it's you spuddies forever lecturing US. In fact, I was criticizing the FA for not confronting the very serious and REAL issue of lack of football talent in England -- talent that's good enuf to form a viable national team. I used the German analogy as an example of a country that did have the vision and determination to confront the decline of German talent in the late 90s and into the 2000s. (that's a problem Brazil is confronting right now, with our lack of top class midfielders and forwards). The Germans attacked the root of the problem. England refuses to do so.
You've got to admit jonnyboy, she's got you bang to rights there. Coming onto an Arsenal thread every single day and then complaining about being lectured to by Arsenal fans is a bit....well, you seem like an intelligent guy you get the point. You know, I'm an atheist. That's why I don't go to church every single day, get my meaning?
Little Dutch
If you know the provenance OF your club, and started following them despite GG, then you are the ultimate pragmatist. As a brazilian, going to Highbury must have been like attending an AA meeting with a bottle of absinthe in your coat pocket. I do realise like most freemason based enterprises, an A**e site should be a closed shop, for admirers only, but I scour all sites for nonsense, so it is only natural that I respond to yours, although not exclusively. 'Good enuf' Oh look, I'm down with the kiddies.
lordjohnny, psychiatric help is not too far in this country and its not too late. Maybe.
Deltafarce- And I thought there was no humour on this site. That was ersatz Beckett.
We need to outsource humour on this site hence the justification for your existence lordjohnson.
Now you're talking Ionesco...bravo!
Oh really, LJ you really are a bald primadona.
Tony Rocky Horror
English players can do the job can they TRH. English players got bored between games at at the world cup and cried themselves a river. 2 goals scored against USA, Algergia & Slovenia. If you want to point a finger at someone point it at the FA who dont put any money in grass roots football but rather waste it on huge wages on managers and then pay them huge amounts to quit. What a gimp you are
The empty can rattles the loudest.
Little Dutch
Anyway, I'm pleased with the signing.
Sir Henry
******** ****
Tony Rocky Horror
lordjohnny, you are quite right, my first exposure to Arsenal wasn't great, I did think they were quite dull. But over time, I became immersed in the club's culture thru my friends and I grew fond of the players--and I adored Highbury (big art deco fan). And over time I learned to admire the sheer bloodymindedness in not letting the Arsenal goal be penetrated, it was something I had not quite witnessed before--it was like a wall of steel in front of that goal. It was extraordinary how I never had to turn away every time they conceded a corner. That's what I miss the most. :-)
Ah, Jaelle! Really missed your posts; and especially your swash buckling, shoot- from-the-hips, no nonsense Gringo style. Lol!

Welcome back.
LOL, naija! Thx.
its good hes a fighter hopefully you will avoid relegation with captain kirk wenger
So is it, Verm-AY-len, or Verm-AR-len?
Right after we signed the Verminator most people pronounced it VermAYlen but Arsene set the record straight and its pronounced VermARlen. I suspect we will see the same Koscielny.

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