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Don't Believe The Hype

You will doubtless be aware by now that Barcelona`s scummy tactics to regarding their public masturbation over Cesc Fabregas reached DEFCON 5 last night. Like a vacuous bronzed little skank throwing her knickers at a rock star, Barcelona will plum the lowest depths imaginable in this public charade. Last night`s latest instalment in their creepy, curtain twitching, stalkerish behaviour was for Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol to try and plant a Barcelona shirt on an unsuspecting Fabregas as Spain (yes, that`s Spain, the national side, not Barcelona, the club) celebrated their World Cup triumph. It said everything about Barcelona`s sickening vanity as a football club that they would choose an occasion of national celebration to make their little esoteric gesture and it also says everything about their desperation. The complete lack of regard for Fabregas himself in the whole affair, as he squirmed uncomfortably- patently not wanting to damage relations with Arsenal or his "friends" and Barcelona, aware as he is that the move would invite forensic public scrutiny.

It`s amusing to think that for the days and days and weeks and weeks of Barcelona soliloquies, lovelorn asides and coveting of Cesc`s DNA (anyone else find Xavi`s obsession with Cesc`s DNA a bit creepy?) that they have only taken one course of concrete action with a derisory bid of £29m, nearly two months ago. It seems almost laughable now that in Arsenal`s flat and public rejection of the bid, they said, "Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word." What Barca`s incredibly base actions since that missive show is that, in the absence of further concrete action in the form of an improved bid, they do not have the fiduciary means to improve their offer. Lest we forget that Barcelona had to go cap in hand to the banks for an emergency loan just to pay their players. The pre meditated actions of their players last night show that they have scant regard for Cesc as a person, he is simply a trophy for them, a vehicle for their own vanity.

But there are more Machiavellian machinations too. The stunt was part of a very public attempt to make Cesc`s position at our club untenable. It was an attempt to drive a wedge between Fabregas and the Arsenal fans. They knew full well that seeing Fabregas snapped in a Barcelona shirt, even if only fleetingly, would have Arsenal fans crying, "Traitor" up and down the Marble Halls. I implore you not to fall for these tactics. The worst thing we can do as Arsenal fans is yelp like Pavlov`s dogs and have our bellies tickled by the Barca hierarchy and turn on Cesc in the way they want us to. Be smarter than that. Recognise Cesc`s distinct discomfort as he took the shirt off and be intelligent enough to appreciate Barca`s gutter tactics for what they are. That Cesc would like to go to Barcelona is beyond doubt but his behaviour has been dignified this summer, do not associate him with Barca`s knickers around the ankles act. The fact is, short of Cesc making a transfer request, Barca haven`t got the readies to pay for him, so a move, this summer at least, looks unlikely. That means Cesc will probably line up as our captain at Anfield and the Catalonian objective is for our affection for him to distinctly cool. Don`t fall for it.

For Arsenal`s part, I realise that the club only comment on concrete action, but I really think it`s time they prepared some more communications towards Barca. Publicly. Barca`s behaviour has been unseemly for some time, they have flagrantly ignored the request for respect from Arsenal, but until now, it`s all been a bit desperate. Last night was an act of war by Barcelona and its players. To borrow a phrase from David Dein, they parked their tanks on the lawn last night. They might just as well as urinated on the bust of Herbert Chapman so disgusting and disrespectful were their actions. Our pre season training has already begun and I think it important that Arsenal denounce the behaviour and make it clear once and for all that the player is not for sale and the actions of the Spanish club are reprehensible. Football fans, collectively at least, are not intelligent people and they will fall for Barca`s tricks the longer we allow them to go unanswered. Pandering to the mouth breathing masses is not something I`d usually advocate but I think refusal to respond will see the tactics work eventually. As for Barca themselves, I think they`ve managed the previously unimagined. They`ve made want Mourinho to succeed.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 13 2010

Time: 10:32AM

Your Comments

I've seen right through it to be honest. I'm NOT annoyed at Cesc, I am annoyed at Barcelona for clearly telling their players to pull this 'innocent prank' to drive a wedge between Cesc and the Arsenal fans and particularly short sighted blogs such as Le Grove will/have fallen for this. All they are doing is creating more bad vibes between Arsenal and themselves and meaning we will be even less likely to do a deal with them, yet they seem to be oblivious to this!
Great write-up. I used to support Barca as my team in Spain but I really can't stand them. And I thought Man Utd were arrogant. I can even sympathise with Fergie about how Real went about signing Ronaldo. I used to want Chelsea and Man Utd to lose when they played Real or Barca, but now I will always want those clubs to lose. And for next season, I will definitely support Mourinho.
Look on the bright side - this little stunt will probably have *****ed off Fabregas as much as it has *****ed of the Arsenal fans, so increases the likelihood of him staying. Job done.
'football fans......are not intelligent people....' Especially when they believe their player to be entirely innocent in this instance, and write a long-winded, off-colour treatise blaming his pursuers. Of course he could kill all the speculation by saying he has a contract and is staying. But... er.... I think he wants to go.
If you'd read the article, I think you'll see I acknowledge that fact at least twice. The article is about their prusuit, not his motivations, which is really quite clear. But then again comprehension doesn't appear to be your strong suit......
Little Dutch
I would like to see what Fifa/Uefa etc define as tapping up.
Cesc should only be allowed to join Barcelona when his contract is up. Such reprehensible tactics should be met with a flat out refusal to ever do busniess with them again. I've seen some c**** tricks in my time but this takes the absolute biscuit. If refusing to ever sell to Barcelona *****ies Cesc off a tad, then so be it, I feel bad for him because he is having his love for his home town used against in this pathetic little shake down, but we need to think about Arsenal Football Club.
I'm just waiting for the confirmation that Xavi has tied Cesc up and locked him in his cupboard.
Little Dutch
I think this is the last straw.... Cesc to barca in a price-cut deal??? No way Jose.. This little stunt adds at least another £30m to the price for me..
Its a shame that they are such **** because i used to like everything about Barcelona. The players, playing style, the club, the stadium, the shirt, city etc now the thought of them leaves a foul taste in my mouth. I would love to punch Puyol & Xavi although im sure its their hierachy which encourages them to come out with their admiration for Cesc
Barcelona are playing Arsenal like a piano. For Spurs' sake I hope he goes, but won't be too upset if he stays another season or two because his heart is already in Spain. If he does stay, I can only see his value decreasing.
Clive 49
Agree with you LD- I fully blame scummy barca. We should pull up the "drawbridge" and refuse to deal with that despicable club ever again. And you've just added another 20 million onto Fab's pricetag with this latest piece of loutish, chavvy behaviour, you thickos. I'll be supporting Mourinho and Madrid next season, that's for sure. Barcelona - Mes Que Un C-*-*-t.
Yeah, great article LD, nice one!
I don't think the club has to say anything about this... we cant respond to the scummy antics of these idiots and lend them any credence... anyway, I cant see how their little party trick is going to have anything but a negative effect on their campaign to own Cesc's DNA... I'm sure that it wasnt just Cesc who was uncomfortable with this, as the some of the faces of his Sapin team-mates are not quite amused either... I have to agree with you LD, I hope Mourinho kicks their arses too
but won't be too upset if he stays another season or two because his heart is already in Spain. If he does stay, I can only see his value decreasing. Clive 49 - Some clown said that to me last season, where Cesc ended up having his most productive season EVER!
I am not surprised anymore about the conduct of these classless bellends and its clear they will stoop as low as they need to to smear Cesc's reputation in our eyes so that he is forced out of the club. What a poor excuse for a football club Barcelona are and yet UEFA and FIFA continue to twiddle their thumbs whilst the most obvious tapping up in football history continues.
And hijacking the historic win for the country's first World Cup. Very classy- not. If any English players had done such a thing during an England WC victory celebration by throwing a United or Chelsea shirt on a team mate to make a statement, they'd be roundly condemned for it
Pepe Reina declared that Cesc is the “future of Barcelona”. Is that to help Liverpool’s cause or to try and get a move to Barcelona himself? And how does the rest of Spain react to the petty flirtations of a Catalan club during a national celebration. How many of them see this as a Barcelona victory rather as a national one, particularly as there were seven Barca players in the team? I have completely lost any sort of respect for them as a club, not just for this but for the way they reacted to the CL defeat to Inter by turning on the pitch sprinklers in the very quarter that the Inter players were celebrating. And one more thing, does anyone else get annoyed when Iniesta tries to win a free kick every time he loses the ball in a tackle? Generally the Spanish have mastered the technique and seems to be an integral part of football now especially as they are world champions now. I guess this is one of the many reasons why England will never win the WC anytime soon as we don’t have much sense of gamesmanship yet (as well as being light years behind technically).
Sir Henry
Man Utd are just as bad, they kidknapped Berbatov FFS! Levy hadnt even accepted their bid, yet there he is having a medical at OT!
Sure London Gooner, he now has a World Cup winners medal. For Arsenal he got a broken leg and another potless campaign for his efforts. He is a great player and deserves his move.
Clive 49
HuddersfieldYiddo, no one here cares. Yes, Clive 49, I'm sure you were happy when ManU came sniffing around Berbatov and Carrick because they deserved more, you whipped little man.
Hmm...I must have missed those two examples of balance highlighting a 'lack of innocence' on Fabregas' part. Maybe your computer's crap-checker deleted them, but then again....
paul: "I would like to see what Fifa/Uefa etc define as tapping up" -- obviously they define it as something Barca and Madrid don't do, even when they do it. I share your sentiments, paul, there's so much about Barca that I've admired over the yrs and I totally supported Spain over Holland in the wc final but this is a new low for them. While I share the anger at Puyol/Pique, I find myself even more furious with Reina for some reason. Here they're celebrating a glorious national triumph and they do something so classless like this, something that has absolutely nothing to do with Spain winning the world cup. Of course I'm not upset with Cesc, what was he going to do? He was ambushed.
It's quite simple lordjohnny, he wants to go (as alluded to in the article), so why would he come out and say he's staying if he wants to go? But no I don't think he's complicit in the dirty tricks campaign and he didn't look complicit in teh shirt stunt either. Not that hard to digest. Then again, I can imagine how you would relate to someone being irritating towards someone from Arsenal with endless, persistent, curtain twitching, stalkerish behaviour.........
Little Dutch
It's true about Reina too, wtf is he getting involved for? How would he like if Barca players had done the same to say Torres. I hope we stick 4 past him on the opener at Anfield and the Arsenal fans give him a good pasting!
Me too Jaelle me too! Don't know why, but I thought wth had it got to do with Reina, albeit a Barcelona reject? Completely classless the whole lot of them. Seriously, this is good for us in a way because it makes it impossible - virtually no matter what the price, because Barcelona can't even afford to pay their people's wages - for Wenger to sell Cesc at all this season. If Cesc sulks (which I don't think he will, knowing him), we just hang him out to dry (easier said than done, I know) and let the hungry Nasri take the CM place. Regardless, we shouldn't have any business to do with that club at least for a while. And now can someone Photoshop Xavi, Puyol and Pique into a Real shirt and spread it all over the internet please?
Hey "tough guy" BMF, Fabregas has done his time with a smaller club, he has earned his move. Berbatov and Carrick didn't.
Clive 49
Clive, atleast Arsenal is not irrelevant like the club you support. The moment a world class player is linked to Spuds they issue a statement confirming their utter disregard for the Spuds before their transfer value falls. Several players and managers have been on record calling your club "small". Harry Taxpayer's latest target Fabiano used the same word not too long back.
Everybody knows Fabregas hates Wenger for lying to him the summer before last about bringing in quality players. He is desperate to get away and start winning trophies with his compatriots. Its not Barca, it's not him, it's YOU, YOU FAILED HIM. Stop blaming Barca for being the club you can't be because you're riddled with jealousy. He's outgrown you and needs to fly. Your hurt feelings are totally irrelevent. It takes two to do the 'old tango'. Arsenal have let him down badly and this could be his last chance to save his club career and win something. You should wish him well instead of making trouble for him and trying to sabotage his move. He'll only end up hating you even more than he so clearly does already. Oh and thanks Lou for the suggestion regarding Nasri...made my day that one.
Tony Rocky Horror
Stop feeding the trolls guys, let's stay on topic. Don't respond to anything smelly of inferiority complex.
Tony Rocky Horror - you really are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. Go back there and foxtrot oscar yourself.
And everybody knows, TRH, that you're a clueless know-nothing loser clown who hangs onto every single thing written about Arsenal, whose definition of happiness is totally dependent on Arsenal's failures.
I had a Crufts entry once called 'smelly of inferiority complex' because it had an irritating bark, a huge A**e, and didn't like the Ajax we used on it. (P. Cook)
For a player who hates Wenger and Arsenal so much, it's a pretty strange thing to dedicate his world cup medal to Arsenal: "This is for the Arsenal players, the Arsenal fans, for the manager and all his staff," said Fabregas. I had a text message of congratulations from Arsene Wenger. He said I deserve it. I just think this is for everyone at Arsenal who helped me get to where I am now." Cesc re Wenger (quoted in late June on various newswires): "He means everything to me. He is the person who put his trust in me," he said. Wow, such hatred! "Without him, I don't know if I would be a professional footballer today. I owe him a lot and I have a special affection for him." "I am really proud to be an Arsenal player."
Not really worth conversing with tweedle dee or tweedle dum, it's not like they're here for rational conversation. Much like Barcelona, they're only here to make noise and irritate in the absence of anything more concrete to contribute. Ignore.
Little Dutch
A goodbye and thank you gift from Cesc?
Clive 49
It's just the Mirror but John Cross supposedly has access to some Arsenal people. He reports that Wenger and Gazidis refused to even meet with Rosell before the WCF. Now this, I just can't see the boss changing his mind at all - this summer at least. It's good in a sense that it helps the club make an easy decision to keep Cesc at all costs. It truly is about the pride of our club and Barcelona only have their players to thank for failing to get Cesc.
Persoanlly whilst I agree that this reflects more on Barca than it does on Cesc it would have been nice to see him be a bit more forceful in the matter. He didn't need to punch Puyol or anything (although I'd rather enjoy that), but if he'd just taken off the shirt and handed it back a bit faster and with more purpose he would've gone someway to upholding his and our club's dignity. Seeing their captain messed around with so easily by the players of a more successful club will not really add to the pride that the players feel when wearing the Arsenal shirt. The strength with which someone like Vieira handled himself would really make his clubmates want step up and be proud to play in the team alongside him. Having said all that it must have been hard to think straight amidst all the euphoria and general confusion that he would have felt at the time, so his slight timidness is understandable.
Like i said, if Fabregas won it for Arsenal, did Van Persie lose it for them too? I saw the moment when Fabregas decided he had had enough of you: it was after the Campbell cock-up in your CL match against Porto. "This can't go on", he said, or something to that effect. And who can blame him? Your accusations of dirty tricks are rank and unmanly. Barcelona are a great, great club. Only you could try to publicly discredit them after they provided us (more or less with all their players) with a breathtaking exhibition of modern total football to win the WC!!! What a bunch of pathetic little moaning ****s you are.
Tony Rocky Horror
I think it was fairly innocous gesture by the Barca****s.
When is someone other than me gonna tell the truth about all this? This all stems from your manger's failure to win trophies. What the hell is fabregas supposed to do? ***** his career down the drain, win nothing, and then get flogged by Arsene at a profit when the old man's done with him? I'm glad that people are starting to wake -up to Wenger's ploy. Also, all this stuff about Wenger being like a father to these players is just plain- out creepy; and the way he tries to get into their heads as well with his comments about what we'll happen if you leave him. Urgghhh!!
Tony Rocky Horror
It's alright Tony... We understand, we understand.
Sp*ddies are just bitter that Cesc is staying with our captain.. We love you Cesc!
Everybody knows Sol hates Hoddle/Pleat any F*@ker you have employed for lying to him the summer before last about bringing in quality players. He is desperate to get away and start winning trophies with his compatriots. Its not Arsenal, it's not him, it's YOU, YOU FAILED HIM. Stop blaming Arsenal for being the club you can't be because you're riddled with jealousy. He's outgrown you and needs to fly. Your hurt feelings are totally irrelevent. It takes two to do the 'old tango'. Spurs have let him down badly and this could be his last chance to save his club career and win something. You should wish him well instead of making trouble for him and trying to sabotage his move. He'll only end up hating you even more than he so clearly does already.
Oh, hi icepopsfor10p, admiring my writing again? Good lad. And as for really should change that tune. That one flew over years a Bentley smash sailing over a daft, highlighted, Spanish bonce and into the back of the net infront of a load of 'are-sols'.
Tony Rocky Horror
I'm quite sure iceman wasn't admiring your writing TRH - just taking the p1ss - and pretty successfully too ! Cesc has a contract until summer 2014. He goes only if it suits us to let him. It's pretty clear now that he isn't going to agitate for a an immediate move so everything else is just froth and bubble. We'll use him for as long as it suits us to do so.
Why am i not suprised that at the moment when the rest of the world is roundly applauding this great team, you are grinding the axe against them. Fcking so typical, in much the same way as the vital network who are now censoring words that look 'a bit like' swearing. He, he LOL!!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Bentley Smash? Sounds Like young Davids career.
'We'll use him for as long as it suits us to do so' LOL, PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING ME LAUGH!!!!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Or the daft *****'s driving escapades.
Tony Rocky Horror
Any way the mods can get this worthless basement-parasite thrown out of here for good? Because I come here to read and debate Arsenal - a few spuds here every now and then is one thing but to have one of them come here every single day and post a zillion comments on every single article throwing cheap insults and trailer trash idiocy is not what I come here for.
The caps just make you seem ever more amusingly desperate TRH. Cesc will go eventually. Unless Barca can come up with the money that makes it worth parting with him sooner rather than later then it will be later.
Who cares what you come on here for you total loser. Why don't you make up a few more lies about who you are and where you've been, you fraud. Use a few more different user names while you're at it. Cheap and nasty thug.
Tony Rocky Horror
Redknapp has just signed a contract but I'm glad to know that Arsenal matters are more important to you Tony. Keep going, we really appreciate your fascination with our club.
TRH stop it, you've crossed the line with Jaelle, who I see no reason for you to call 'fraud'. If you can't explain why you accused her of telling 'lies' you should be decent enough to apologise. Not that I care what your 'rationale' was but you owe Jaelle some explanation - or an apology. Or just get lost.
I'm with jaelle here, not really my call cos it's not my role, but we have to ban this idiot now surely?
Little Dutch
I'm with you both Jaelle and LD. Rocky, if you please. // Arsenal Action encourages Gooners to express their outrage by posting comments with them, which they'll send to Barcelona. No use in the grand scheme of things, I know. But at least we can't stay quiet this time.
Papa Fabregas has come out to say it's just part of the celebration. Expected. But the other part of his quote is more revealing - that Cesc told Wenger he wanted to leave just after the season ended bcos he wanted the boss to have time to do his thing in summer. Haha Senor Fabregas, do you really think this would help your case? What do you expect us to think, that your son was oh so thoughtful to the club? Don't know if it's a cultural difference or if something's lost in translation, but sometimes it makes you wonder why the Spaniards said what they said:
I think we are overreacting a bit here. Barcelona's action in the past have been despicable but this was two idiots doing something which lacked respect and thats it. I think we should just ignore their stupidity as I think we should with TRH, a ban may a little over the top.
Gronedrone I know what you mean. But there's idiocy and there's disrespect. Would Barcelona and their fans accept it as an idiotic joke if Ramos and Alonso pulled a white shirt over Xavi with Casillas grabbing him tight and saying he's the future of Real Madrid? That blog piece I posted above uses a similar analogy: Would Bayern fans not cry foul if Sagna and Clichy wrap Ribery in red and white in the midst of a transfer rumour linking him to us, and then Diaby grabbing him saying he's the future of Arsenal? Simples really.
I whole heartedly agree that it was disrespectful but what will sending messages to the club achieve. And if Sagna and Clichy did do that in a euphoric celebratory atmosphere and maybe the players have had a few drinks would you expect the club to apologise or the very worst fine the players. I just think we should ignore their highschool quarterback behaviour and let them continue to 'improve' relations with our club.
Nobody's expecting Barcelona to do anything other than tapping-up gronedrone, let alone apologise. But between staying quiet yet again and voicing our anger so that that club know we're not to be pushed around I know what I'd rather see.
The Swiss Ramble has another great piece on football finances, this one involving the old twitchy one:
Jaelle - very interesting article; essential reading for all Spuddies as they celebrate Harry's new contract. I can't wait to see it all fall to bits.
The Barca players that did that showed a lack of class and respect for you Arsenal fans, completely out of order.
Love him to stay, but if he wants to go, he needs to go and not dance around it like he is. Not sure of the source here but all it takes is a flat denial - or confirmation that he is staying at Arsenal. Not "what will be will be" - that is a pretty fence sitting statement (to be polite about it) Barcelona is tapping up a player - FIFA/UEFA will never do anything about it. Cesc could actually put this to bed in a minute by saying he wants to stay. It's pretty simple.
the yza
I too saw the clip & thought they went too far.Kudos to cesc for not getting drawn into it.If anyone who wants to see what dire strain barca's in & the whole of Spanish football for that matter should read this-----
Great article, Chelsea24/7!
jaelle, gooner_vin. All that article talks about is West Ham and Pompy. We are very financially sound as a club. We still maintain a wage structure (unlike yourselves who spend more than double what we spend on wages) and the only debt we hold as a club (A modest £70m, the smallest amount of the entire G20 clubs) was almost entirely spent on our training complex. And those figure dont include our newly found Champs League status/money. Sure we are in tough times football in general is but i'd keep waiting for it all to fall to bits if i were you, and i'd worry about your own debt & your Yankie/Russian suitors doing a "Glazer" on you.
HY, the article talks about REDKNAPP's penchant to leave his employers in poorer financial straits than when he arrived, as well as his penchant to promise loyalty to his employer only to turn around and go to the next big money challenge. You are in much better financial shape than Southampton, WHam or Pompey and can thus take Redknapp's financial irresponsibility better than the other clubs. But the fact remains, you have an irresponsible manager with a history of disloyalty and deception, as well as seriously damaging use of club funds.
Not to speak of the twitch. Arrggh!
I would rather have us sell him to Real for 10 million
"Five barren years at Arsenal but now luckily they can place a photo of Cesc holding the World Cup in their trophy cabinet. At least he put up some resistance when his Spanish team mates forced a Barcelona shirt on him. His chief fear was that they might pull off the shirt and reveal another Barca shirt beneath." Derek McGovern :))
Clive 49
That photo would be far more precious than anything Spurs have put in their trophy cabinet in the last 50 years.
Little Dutch
HY, wages at any club are typically measured in their magnitude by dividing the wages with the total revenues of the club and coming to a percentage. Going by that ratio we spend less than 50% of turnover on wages. It ofcourse goes without saying that our turnover dwarfs yours and so does our profit after tax. Our debt is miniscule now with most of our debts already paid off and our property ventures set to make a profit this year and the next. As on the field as off it, your club remains in our shadow. Good luck trying to get financial closure on your new stadium, its not going to happen till atleast 2012.
Fab may have a footballing brain but he doesn't have much for common sense. Who the hell signs a 5 years contract and then a year after that wants to leave. Not only is he bound but has raised his transfer fee substantially what a idiot! lol
He signed the contract in 2006, there has only been a "golden handcuff" agreement since then. He signed for eight years bfour years ago.
Little Dutch
Xavi,like Fabregas,is a Catalan,Xavi has never stated a desire to play for Madrid,and i imagine never would.Fabregas wants to return to his home club,seriously there is no comparison between the fictitious event described above and what is currently going on with Fabregas.Its not like Barca poached a teenage Xavi from Madrids academy,is it?Anyway,if the move doesnt come to pass Fabregas only has himself to blame,he shouldnt have signed a 5 year deal.
as a football fan i'm actually sad to see cesc leave the premiership but as a spurs fan i would love to see u lot lose your captain and end another season without a trophy. Ps. I heard arsenal have renamed their "trophy room" at the emirates to simply calling it "the room."
Too right Gooner club line number 0800 won nothing, won nothing, won nothing, won nothing.....
Tony Rocky Horror
If Cesc wont be our captain for the next 5 years, let him go. Dont act like a winding wife when the husband's mind already left the house.
Cesc just wants to get off the road to nowhere hes sick of empty promises.Good on you Cesc.

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