Arsenal - Is The Peseta Finally Dropping At Barca?
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Is The Peseta Finally Dropping At Barca?

Could it finally be dawning on the morons over at Camp Nou that Arsene Wenger will not be bullied into selling Cesc Fabregas, cut-price or otherwise?

The past few days have seen both horse faced midfielder, Sergio Busquets, and newly appointed village idiot Sandra Rossell admit that it may prove more difficult than first thought to get Arsenal to sell their best player and captain, Cesc Fabregas.

Sandra said "They don't want to listen to offers and they are not putting the player on the market. One thing that is certain is that we will not go mad trying to sign him."

Now the Barca manager (who seems to have been the only member of the Barca staff to have kept schtum during the last 12 months) has also conceded that it's unlikely we'll be willing to budge on our current Fabregas stance.

Pep Guardiola said "I think signing Cesc will cost a lot. We want him to come but if Arsenal don't want to negotiate, he won't come."

So it seems as though they're finally getting the message. Of course we're still going to have to listen to endless drivel from Xavi, who is far too interested in DNA to understand anything else on planet earth, and Puyol, whose 6 feet of solid perm prevents any information getting in or out of his Brian May-like head.

However with both players into their 30s and the average male life expectancy in Spain currently standing at 76 years, we only have to wait another 40 years or so before they both die. Hurrah!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 19 2010

Time: 1:29PM

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Pre season friendly between Barcelona and Stoke anyone? Perhaps we should invite both teams to the Emirates Cup next year?
Little Dutch
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19/07/2010 13:38:00

Tbh, if they offered 50 mil. GBP now, I'd sell him in a heartbeat.
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19/07/2010 13:42:00

Yes LD! "Hey Richard, Xavi said you're a soft c*** who can't tackle"
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19/07/2010 13:46:00

I wouldn't bet on the peseta finally dropping with this mob. I so wish Mourinho sticks it up em this season and they win absolutely zilch.
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19/07/2010 13:59:00

Barca are going about this all wrong, they're showing no respect or class and are really embarassing themselves with all this DNA and Barca blood talk. Well done in bringing them down to earth, i'm so glad Inter knocked some sense into them, some really big ego's were bruised that day.
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19/07/2010 14:17:00

I would also love to see Barca playing a real physical team like Stoke, that would be a right laugh watching those little ****e5 being torn to shreds.
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19/07/2010 14:20:00

Am I being naive here? Do you think it is official policy at Barcelona to get their players to publicly court targets such as Henry and Cesc so that the players become unsettled? Do they actually sit down at a meeting and say, right, our current target is Cesc Fabregas so Xavi, you start by giving some stuff about DNA, Iniesta, you follow up shortly with some more crap and Puyol, say something about Arsenal having to show some respect to Fabregas by allowing him to follow his heart home to good old Barca. We’ll do it like rotational fouling so no one gets into too much trouble. It will also confuse the hell out of FIFA/UEFA because they can’t see it as tapping up so they just conveniently ignore it. Don’t worry about our reputation either because we have UNICEF on our shirts.
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 14:20:00

Barca has this process down to a fine art. I've been looking at some of the reports of their courtship of Henry a year or two before he finally joined them. The similarities are clear with Laporta's modus operandi obvious. The process involves first getting the player to say that he would like to play for the club which they feel, with some justification, closes any potential claims of inducement. I'm pretty sure that Cesc was advised by someone close to him that if he were to announce prior to the Wold Cup that he would like to join Barca then they'd be able make it happen. Cesc must also be a little wiser now.
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 14:41:00

For the love of God, more.
Cockney Rich
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 14:53:00

I agree with Amos, re Cesc being wiser. His fellow Catalans have made him go through such an uncomfortable period, these last 5 weeks, or so. He loves Arsenal but is Catalan and so has a soft spot for the club and we all agree he shall, some day return there. They have made him start something they couldn't finish as planned.

Sir H, I have since lost respect for the sorry lot at Barca; I fail to recollect any other club that goes about tapping up players as do the Barca heirachy. Real Sissies, if you ask me; and why have their recent club Presidents come with feminine first names, anyway? Joan? Sandra? (apologies to female Gooners).
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 14:55:00

In a way I'm glad that Cesc has seen just how classless and idiotic his beloved boyhood club and the whole lot of them are. Cesc is more intelligent than all of them (hence the diplomatic talk and all that) and should be able to see through it. Whether his root and his love and his family's fandom and his DNA and all the rest of it would stop him from seeing sense, time will tell. He's been relatively quiet and restrained because this smart boy knows he's more likely going to stay than leave now. Bridges aren't burned per se but he knows for sure that there're a few disgruntled Gooners here and there.
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 15:52:00

Thats a really funny and perceptive post Sir Henry. Its as if the Barca legal team has designed their whole tap up process. Eliminate competition by getting the player to say he will join only Barca thereby driving the price down and then follow it up with inducements from all their players and staff. Guardiola is the only one to have emerged with any sort of credit in all this muck.
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 18:28:00

Barca did play a very physical game against a Dutch team that set out to injure them in deliberate, organized fashion--von Bommel makes Stoke look like amateurs in the "rough them up" dept. Just ask the little Uruguayan defender, Gargano, whose leg he almost broke and Cavani - whose shin he almost tore apart. Or Fabiano who left the Brazil game with blood coming out of his ear after von Bommel shoved his elbow into him. And Alonso's ribs were cracked by de jong while Iniesta left that game with at least 3 holes in his leg and 1 on his foot: // . I'm sick of Barca too but this mantra by so many English fans about Barca not knowing what it's like to be kicked and shoved on the pitch is pure delusional fantasy. This notion that every single game in La Liga for Barca is just a delicate romp with tons & tons of space really doesn't bear up to any scrutiny. Teams like Getafe routinely kick and stamp and shove Barca & Real Madrid. Anyway, finally an English journo lays it out clearly how everyone at Barca has publicly tapped up Cesc:
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 18:55:00

naija, the man's name is SANDRO - which is a very common name in Latin countries. Nothing feminine about it - Sandro is derived from Alessandro. Joan is just "John." So is Juan, Joan is just another form of the same name.
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 18:59:00

Thanks, Jaelle. Actually, I was looking at things on a lighter note as I do know the origins of the names; I was only trying to characterize their use of their players to tap up Cesc.
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 22:00:00

Oh's reading on the hateometer? An relatively mild score of 5. Hey LD why don't you write an article entiltled Bellend of pre-season: Barcelona. *****arse.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 22:51:00

Van Bommel would be described as hero if he was a Stoke player (and not that kind of a lad).
Report Abuse
19/07/2010 23:07:00

Barca already did play a pretty physical team in the World Cup final
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 00:59:00

Well, we all know who bellend of Vital Arsenal is :-/
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 02:47:00

The chief executive of Troll Inc. is here. Kindly ignore.
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 05:54:00

Rocky - aren't we getting this numpty banned from the site?
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 12:31:00

Does anyone else find it funny how Barcelona say "we want to build a relationship" and in the very next sentence declare they still want to sign him. I know it's frustrating when we hear nothing about potential new signings, but I's rather that than the public 'dirty laundry' hanging. If you want to build a relationship...... just keep quiet about the whole thing!
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 13:49:00

Jaelle’s link is a nice summation of things. Barcelona is clearly a club that would do anything for success both on and off the field and the player statements seem to be a calculated strategy to unsettle a target that has been promised during a presidential election. If it remains unchecked (and it will) there is a danger that it will become more widespread and the game will slip another notch in reputation. Gamesmanship, provided it is done well, is having a much larger impact when the margins of success and failure are so thin. The notion of being “cheeky and clever” when getting away with a breach of the rules (Maradona in 1986), and it being accepted as a bonafide cultural trait may have to be employed more and more in the EPL in order to succeed. If you can’t beat them.. etc. etc.
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 13:58:00

Wanting to have me banned? I ta
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 20:30:00

Wanting to have me banned? Can't think of any comebacks eh?
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 20:38:00

Judging by the post before your last TRH you're struggling for something worth saying yourself and going by the last one failing miserably.
Report Abuse
20/07/2010 20:58:00

Im still not sure where Cesc would get into their side? Maybe in a years time, but i cant see it happening now not for £40+ when they have liquidity problems and they have SO much talent in their prime already at Barca
Report Abuse
21/07/2010 00:25:00

Report Abuse
21/07/2010 00:25:00

I hear the club will soon officially announce the signing of Schwarzer. He will also take on a coaching role at the club.
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21/07/2010 09:02:00 please sign and spread the link.
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21/07/2010 14:01:00

We're all sick to death about this and don't need to hear the Farcelona players repeat themselves. But did anyone see Xavi's latest quotes, e.g. 'Arsenal only delaying the inevitable'? What an arrogant prat.
Report Abuse
21/07/2010 15:00:00

liked barce a footballing team but this last few weeks is shocking attitude in how to do business, reminds me of berba sale, we all knew it would happy didnt no when. cesc should be asked if he wants to stay say it, if he wants to leave put in a tranfer request
Report Abuse
21/07/2010 17:15:00

I'd relax if I were you - Barca don't have a peseta to drop at the moment, so unless Fabregas actually agitates for a move I suspect this is all smoke and mirrors on their part to put people off the fact that they are in the financial doo-doo. Bit like the situation at manure really.
Report Abuse
21/07/2010 17:56:00

Are we always the word on your tongue everywhere you go fcb?
Report Abuse
23/07/2010 18:47:00


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