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Henry Still Loves To Score Past Spurs

Somethings just never change.

The sky is blue, the sea is wet, and Thierry Henry just loves to score against Spurs.

Henry might have been away from his beloved Arsenal for a few years now, but he is, and will always be, a gooner, so scoring a goal against Tottenham on his debut for the New York Red Bulls was no real surprise, but you could tell he loved it nonetheless.

When he found out that his first game for the Red Bulls would come against the Old Enemy he was delighted, yet refused to name 'that other team'. Unfortunately Tottenham came back from a goal down to win 2-1 ending an astonishing record of Henry never being on the losing side against a Spurs team in his career.

Still, it took Henry moving to an MLS side for that to happen .... and he still scored.

You can see his cheeky finish by clicking here.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 23 2010

Time: 11:10AM

Your Comments

Notice all the Arsenal shirts in the crowd. You just know they were there because they were positive Henry would score. He always does.
haha, love the article Rocky! Any bets on who the first spuddie troll will be?
fair play to The french bloke, he looked very good in his 45 mins last night, and again shows what a nob Domenech was for not playing him more in the WC.
To be fair Ox, Henry was probably more up for that game last night than he was for any of the World Cup games. lol
Same old gooners, obsessed with Spurs. Typical small club mentality. No wonder your captain wants to follow Henry's example and leave for a successful club
Good job I didn't bet you TP - I would have never have put money on this nobody being the first troll!
Indeed Rocky! Although this one has potential as a troll simply based on his name!
henry is ***** thats why he's gone to america. thats the most important match of his season, and he lost.
I've been following my beloved Spurs for 45 years and I have to say that Henry is one of the best players I've ever seen. I find his baiting of our fans a bit juvenile (I think someone with his talent should be above that), but he won't be the first and last to do that. I'm also not so sure about all this "I love Arsenal" stuff. Most footballers are mercenaries and they'll kiss any badge that's paying them. Just watch Joe Cole express his undying love for Liverpool in a few weeks time...
Henry was subsituted at half time when they were still ahead, only reasons Spurs came back to win in the second half.
You say that Dave, but he still virtually kissies the Arsenal badge despite not playing for us anymore. A mercanary would have been caught kissing the Barca and Red Bull badges, not constantly talking about Arsenal :)
I think he differs from most players dave and trully loves the club. When he won the CL and was interviewed he talked more about Arsenal. Why would he do that once he is at the biggest club in the world? Not for a pay check
Don't want to fall out with anyone, Rocky, and Henry may be the exception, but we've all seen these prats who love our team one minute, then kiss the next badge that comes along. There are a few exceptions - Gary Mabbutt in our case, and maybe Henry in yours, but they're few and far between. Adebayor is a good example - one minute he's one of you guys, next minute he's running 80 yards to express his contempt for you. We should probably accept that most footballers are retards.
Credit to him, he played well in the 45 minutes he was on the field.The other NY Red Bulls players seemed to shrink by a couple of feet when he went off...never forget the way he celebrated goals against us at the Lane though...and there were an awful lot of them.
Oh I'm not arguing that Dave, not one bit, most footballers are muppets with no ethics. Was just saying that Henry is definately a gooner through and through. We've actually been lucky enough to have a few of those over the last 20 years or so, Adams, Dixon, Winterburn, Bould, Seaman, Wright, Bergkamp, Parlour, Henry, all proper gooners. They do appear to be a dying breed though.
As for DaveTheSpur, I agree completely, mate. Most of the players that willingly kiss the badge on their jerseys and make big heart signs at the crowd are only doing so to gain a little love from the fans. Should the opportunity to move on to bigger and better things present itself, they would take it every time. So, footballers are fickle, not retards. But I think Henry really loves Arsenal, to be honest. He keeps talking about them every week or so and says he wants to go back as a coach, water-boy or anything else when he finishes his career.
It's all very civilised here, isn't it! Won't last, haha. YIDOS!!! :)
It's all very civilised here, isn't it! Won't last, haha. YIDOS!!! :)
It's all very civilised here, isn't it! Won't last, haha. YIDOS!!! :)
It's all very civilised here, isn't it! Won't last, haha. YIDOS!!! :)
Hallo - I've turned into RainMan :D
I was at the match v. the Spuds last the night at Red Bull Arena (my first MLS game, I usually travel to the Grove once or twice a year to get my live fix, but I HAD to go seeing it was Titi v. the Scum again). I can report a few things: 1. seeing Titi score again v. the Spuds was f ing brilliant, friendly or no.... 2. there were far more Gooners in the stands than Yiddos despite the fact that the mighty Arsenal weren't even playing, and 3. the atmosphere was a lot better than I expected and the standard of the footy was also better than I expected (not from Tiny Totts, mind). Jenas and Huddleston are still Rent Boys...
Well, I think a civilised, adult discussion between fans who just happen to follow different clubs is an excellent thing. We all love the same sport, after all.
Nice to see TH14 hasnt lost his scoring touch against the Spuddies.
Too true Dave. Doesn't take much for things to kick off round here though. lol
Clearly not Rocky! I'm off to get some lunch before the playground insults set in! Cheers.
Nice little piece Rocky, and great to see TH14 celebrating his goal, albeit slightly ' naughty '. Nice point about the ' badge kissers ' Dave. I was at Villa Park and felt physically sick when Cashley puckered up and planted one on his away shirt. Badge kissing is a very simple rule to abide by : ' If you don't mean it, then don't do it '. Good luck in the MLS Th14.
Cockney Rich
didn't do him any good though. He still finished up on the losing side again.
Great piece on Titi -
He was a bloody good player but no one can deny the blokes a total****. Oasis are my favourite band, doesnt mean i cant accept liam is a bit of a knob....!
What do you mean "again" JohnM? That's the first time he's lost to Spurs and his team were winning 1-0 when he was substituted ;)
Rocky7. They probably knew he wouldn't last the pace.
Having read your post mikethfc, I can clearly see that you and Liam have something in common.
Cockney Rich
Bring back Titi on loan over winter Arsene!
Did Henry ever kiss the Barca badge, out of curiosity?
I never saw him kiss the barca badge, hughied - not in any of the barca games I saw in which he played anyway, and I saw most of them. Hey amerigooner, I was there last night too! Made sure I got tix last weekend. Went with a group of 6 gooners. We sang all the old chants to the spud fans there. Great atmosphere, wonderful to see Henry play again. Interesting how much better he plays when he's just allowed to roam free, mostly in the middle, which he was never allowed to do at barca nor in the national team. He was fantastic yesterday, did some great tricks for the crowd. Lots of pundits here are saying he's a better buy than Beckham and will do more for the sport here than Becks did. Lkg forward to seeing what he'll do with Juan Pablo Angel back in the front lineup.
ah thanks cockney rich
The man's a cheat and a liar, who *****ed off to la la land to earn himself a few more bob in (literally) a Mickey Mouse league. And, predictably,....he lost. Move along, there's nothing to see here.
Tony Rocky Horror
He's a cheat and liar who b*tch slapped your arses more often than not. lol
Badge kissing is the most idiotic thing a footballer can do. I never saw Adams, Bergkamp, Dixon, Winterburn, Bould, Parlour or Keown once indulge in that act. If you love a club, it shines through without the need for such gestures. I'm not surprised TH has gone to the MLS, it wouldn't suit him at all to be anything less than one of the best and most appreciated players in his league and the time for him to be that in the Prem or La Liga has probably gone now. Fair play to the guy, he deserves to ride out into the sunset in style.
Little Dutch
Times have changed i'm afraid. I can just see Henry now, after a few years in America, watching endless re-runs of his glory years at dirtbury. Stuffing his face with cookie-dough. Bit like the end sequence in Dodgeball: FATTY MADE IT FUNNY!!!!! he, he
Tony Rocky Horror
Yeah? He'd still score against your team.
In a few years he won't even be able to score in his own fcking bed. Around about the same time we lift the prem..LOL at that shambling old fcker....wonder if he shaves his fat arse with a Mac 3? HE HE
Tony Rocky Horror
If only you would end up the same way as the character you name yourself after.
Seems Amerigooner is a nasty piece of retro homophobic pillock that thankfully is quite extinct in North London. Luckily the Arsenal fans I mix with are decent human beings. Lets hope the masses of his fellow Arsenal fans in New York are more mature and less ignorant as if this specimen is typical of those that attend football( not soccers as they call it)or football will not grow and thrive in the USA.. Moronic neanderthals don't present a good impression to youngsters. Sick individuals will always be happy in a crowd or posting stupid comments on the internet(a great haven for cowards to remain anonymous). I think the word is scum.
Chillax paul...i'm just riffin' baby.
Tony Rocky Horror
and a chicken is by far cooler than a cannon.
Interesting tweet from Grant Wahl (SI's football writer) who went to the game last night. Apparently Henry took the local NJ PATH train to the game. Very cool. So did several thousand fans, like me and my friends. Wish I'd seen him. PATH is just a regular local commuter rail line serving NJ-NY states.
His last goal against Tottenham perhaps.
I was on the PATH also jaelle. Too bad we didn't see Titi ourselves! I think that's probably part of the attraction for America for someone like him too... footy is not widely popular enough here that he can actually have a normal life and leave his house and probably not be accosted. There will be some of us who'd recognize him but it wouldn't be like it is in Europe where everyone knows him. That has to have its attractions.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Henry is the most PR savvy footballer I've ever seen. He easily could have had a limo drop him at the stadium and it wouldn't have been out of the ordinary. Instead he rode the train. The man loves to be loved and he flat out knows real supporters want to back a man who has a connection with them. Badge kissing is transparently ludicrous. Sitting on the train next to a guy who just bought a ticket to see you... priceless.
Rocky, LD, I'd like to be the nth gooner on here who would like to request a ban on the chief troll. I respect the views of most other Spurs fans who come on here but this one just takes the joy out of blogging here. His real blogger name is bloghead and he trolls most of the Arsenal websites out there - ACLF, Le G*ove, Arsenal action under so many different names that it boggles the mind. He is just a sad basket case.
When he left the library he said he wanted to get away from everything English. Including his wife. I think he should return to the filth now cos theres ***** all English left there. Cheating ******** robbed the spud bashers of a World cup place. No morals, these mercenaries. Titi, what the ***** is that all about. ******** Titi.
F off Tony, go back to
Oh *****, I take the PATH everyday.. If I see Henry in real life I might just lose it. Btw, Im going for the NYRB game in three weeks
Amerigooner you are indeed a ****
An article about Henry scoring a goal in a pointless match that his team lost. Although the point is to bait Spurs fans it's hardly worthy of an article. A very poor effort indeed!!! and Amerigooner getting excited over this.....Pathetic
Jimmy the Saint
who wont the game? and he will alays been known as the le cheat ill wave you good bye u french frog

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