Arsenal - The Hypocrisy Of Big Fat Sam
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The Hypocrisy Of Big Fat Sam

This will be a short article, as I'm just not quite sure what to say, but this needs to be seen to be believed.

Whilst perusing the forum this morning I noticed a striking thread posted by our very own LittleDutch entitled 'The definition of hypocrisy'. Naturally I assumed John Terry had been moaning about someone stealing his parking space or Stan Collymore was objecting to being slapped round the head by a woman.

What lay within obliterated any thoughts of what might have been the subject matter and I sat open mouthed long enough for my tongue to go dry leaving me unable to speak. Which is probably just as well.

Now before reading on, you might want to take a seat, pour yourself a stiff drink or whatever it is you do before hearing some absolutely astonishing news.

Ok, brace yourselves ..... Big Fat Sam Allardyce has been complaining about over aggressive football played by AEK Athens in a pre-season friendly.


I'm not lying.

Here's what he said.

'I had to take David Dunn off for his own protection because the referee wasn't protecting him from the volatile nature of the Greek midfield just going straight through him,'

'We were disappointed in that sort of attitude in a friendly game really rather than playing football, they were intent on stopping our best player which meant it got a little heated at times.'

Over to you guys.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 29 2010

Time: 6:28PM

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What next? Arry Redknapp telling of his grandchildren for not sitting still?
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29/07/2010 18:42:00

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29/07/2010 18:43:00

LOL this is hilarious, definitely up there with Mick McCarthy calling Greece 'boring'
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29/07/2010 19:01:00

I've always liked Fat Sam. Tells the gooners as it is.
Clive 49
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29/07/2010 19:05:00

And then whinges like a Spurs fan when it comes back to him. Yeah, real stand up guy.
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29/07/2010 19:11:00

I sometimes hope he gets the England job so that a) he *****s it up spectacularly and b) so that we as a nation get the manager we deserve, see the bottom of the barrel and then finally become convinced of the value of progress.
Little Dutch
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29/07/2010 19:20:00

Some cheek!!
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29/07/2010 19:21:00

Oh yeah David Dunn needs his legs intact to break someone elses. Please have some consideration people.
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29/07/2010 19:21:00

Looks like Fat Sam just met the Spartans on his greek holiday. But then I always thought Fat Sam liked it up 'em.
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29/07/2010 19:46:00

'whinges like a spurs fan' - wake up to yourself Rocky7, idiot. Funny article though
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29/07/2010 20:04:00

Almost as bad as the talks'@te massive saying marlon king should never play football again whilst sharing a studio with stan collymore.
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29/07/2010 20:12:00

jeez you lot can't let go can you! take a chill pill and stop worrying about some friendly which nobody cares about. do you think West Ham fans still bang on about you lot after Vieira spat at Ruddock? or any other fans that have been on the end of some of your near 100 red cards since Wenger arrived? separate question but....what would you lot have said if Gallas broke that Bolton players leg last season? ban for life? send him to the Tower of London? lock him up for GBH?
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 20:13:00

Its our site JPS. The articles will be to our taste not yours. Btw, we are not worrying, we are enjoying the irony of the weasel saying what he is saying.
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29/07/2010 20:25:00

Fat Sam! You need to take a Long Hard Look at Yourself! You sad man!
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29/07/2010 20:31:00

fair enough Deltaforce, i can respect that. didn't come on here for a row. just hard to read some of the responses without responding myself! i can see the irony in it anyway! as you were then ;)
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29/07/2010 20:39:00

JPspurs, had Davies broken his leg last season I'd have said, "That's a shame, get better soon. Think twice next time you slide headlong into a tackle at 100mph, cos you could hurt yourself or your opponent." All the force in the tackle came from Davies, had Gallas not lifted his foot, it would have been Gallas going off on a stretcher. Think of a better example if you're trying to make a garbled point about bad Arsenal tackles. Perhaps Diaby against Bolton from 2008? That was a bad one. You see the irony in Arsenal fans' responses, yet you can't see the irony of Allardyce lamenting an opposing team for being overly physical?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 21:34:00

blimey LD! i was referring to the irony of Allardyce's comments but don't let that get in the way of you seeing what you want to see. chill out - go have a w*nk or something
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29/07/2010 21:50:00

Arsenal fans laying into Allardyce. Oh the sweet irony.
Tony Rocky Horror
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29/07/2010 22:16:00

Gentlemen may i point you to the Premier league website....on it you will find that a Rovers player was not in the top 20 of any of the following lists....Fouls committed / Yellow cards or Red exactly do you work out that we are a dirty team? I do believe it is because you read far too many tabloids and dont take the time to check your facts....have a word with yourselves!!!!
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 22:27:00

Missed the last part of your last post, my bad. However, my point stands, Allardyce made a career out of trivialising the safety of opposition players, I don't think it's at all incorrect to point out the lack of self awareness he has shown. Indeed, we're not the only ones to pass comment,17033,8749_6284811,00.html And I reckon West Ham fans would probably comment if Vieira came out and said something like, "I can't believe the guy spat at me, that really is the lowest thing a person could do, you'd never see me doing that." Rightly so too.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 22:28:00

mani, with respect I think we are probably referring more to Allardyce's Bolton side, which regarded Arsenal shin bones as trophies for a few years back there.
Little Dutch
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29/07/2010 22:30:00

What makes anyone with a memory longer than fifteen or so years smirk about this is the fact that Allardyce is the kind of manager Arsenal have built their history on. Before Le revolution, they would have moved heaven and earth to secure his services. They probably would have erected a bust to his tribute and gloried in the memories of his stone-age,prehistoric long-ball 'approach'. Allardyce is steeped in the tradition of Arsenal. And that makes this discussion very funny indeed.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 22:44:00

Or Mark Bright calling Franck Ribery "poor".
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29/07/2010 22:49:00

LD i'm not quite sure as to why you hate your country so much, would you REALLY want Fat Sam to be our manager? Personally i'd like to see us have a successful team. And i'm pretty sure we starred at the bottom of the barrel when Graham Taylor took charge, never mind Keegan & Steve McClaren.
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29/07/2010 22:53:00

Anyway, i've spoken to Sam and he's apologised. For breathing. He's heard that Arsene doesn't like it, and when he did,he fell to his knees and wailed his sorrow. He's also apologised for being northern and for the North existing in the first place. He's also promised not to tackle you when you play him next because you've got a big stadium with executive boxes and stuff, and that meansno-body should touch you. He agrees that your stereotyping of the North as unsophisticated is not in the least bit ill-informed and brimming with prejudice. He hopes this is ok.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 22:53:00

point noted LD. in regards to the vieira spit, it was a nasty and unsavoury but it is something that is well and truly in the past and not brought up by West Ham fans everytime Vieira pops up. I don't really agree with Allardyce's tactics (when at Bolton) but i can see where he's coming from when commenting on a non competetive match.
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29/07/2010 22:59:00

HY, I'm minded of a quote from Johnny Rotten, "You don't write a song like God Save the Queen cos you hate the English. You write it because you love them and you're fed up with seeing them ripped off." The tabloids want Allardyce, let them have him and take one giant step backwards so everyone can see the steps forward. The contention that I hate my country is not at all true, I was born here, I live here, it means I see every great thin g about the nation and I see its flaws too. Pointing out the flaws doesn't make me hate England as a country anymore than pointing out Arsenal's defensive frailties makes me hate Arsenal. JP, Allardyce has been guilty in our eyes of more than just one isolated incident like the Vieira one, Allardyce criticised an approach that he has made a career out of adopting. TRH, my only ripose to your series of unfunny wind ups, before accusing the author of anti Northern prejudice and bias, you might wanna check where the author of the post was born and where he lives you cretin.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 23:12:00

No TRH, what's funny is people here injecting the race card. We are no angels, but it's a bit rich to suggest we ever shared Fat Sam's ideology on football... His teams have always been harsh and I'd even say there was a slightly sinister undertone to their approach... interestingly, here, it looks like he is implying that it's okay to get stuck in for competitive games but not in friendlies. Fat Sam can do one!
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 23:17:00

It's only like Arse'ne talking about cheating. SAME OLD ARSENAL
Report Abuse
29/07/2010 23:26:00

Its like the hypocrisy of the pundits at the World Cup.
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 01:10:00

JPsurs, if Gallas had broken that player's leg, I can absolutely guarantee you that YOUR lot would NOT say "he's not that kind ofplayer" - nor would any of the hypocritical media. To the contrary, YOUR lot would've rushed on over here and villified Gallas as an evil "frog" who deliberately set out to injure an opponent. Hypocrites.
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 01:46:00

I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC's 'tapping up' of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate. The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans. My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is ……..
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 02:42:00

TRH, nobody gives a flying fug about your views here. You are a non entity whose existence is defined by hatred for our club. You have spent so much time following our club blogs over so many years - even at the minimum wage which you deserve, thats a lot of quid you have just missed out in terms of opportunity cost. Do something useful with your life. Maybe joining the BNP will be the culmination of your life which is spent on hate and discriminination.
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 05:55:00

Maybe TRH is right. Arsenal were always a very physical team under Graham and even in Wenger's first 6 years in charge. The difference is Arsenal were physical without being overly aggressive, something Fat Sam could never accomplish. Truth is, if TRH is right then it shows you how we as a club have evolved under Wenger. The football we play today far outweighs the past and the fact is, Fat Sam cannot even offer to wipe Wenger's ass. Well done to the Spartans. Personally I would love it if he made those comments after a game against us!!
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 09:21:00

isn't there such a thing as vital spuds?
knighton gooner
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 09:54:00

@ Kipmonster89 - I completely understand your frustration with the whole Cesc ' situation '. I personally am sick to death of reading numerous articles from Barca players begging Cesc to join them and blah blah blah. However, sending letters on a weekly basis to UEFA, FIFA and Barca will not serve a purpose, and is a completely futile exercise. You are just wasting your own time and effort on this. With regards to Arsenal, they will know the truth regarding Cesc better than anyone else. If Gazidis and the Board feel compelled to complain, then they will do so. A letter from you and I, or a thousand other people, will ultimately be tossed into the bin. Arsene has said this week that the only thing coming from Barca is " noise ", and has drawn a line under it. Our best course of action is to get behind Arsenal and Cesc on the pitch, and show the world what a marvellous club we are. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way, the ' Arsenal way '. If you still feel the need to send letters, then send them to Arsenal, praising them for their stance on the matter. As a club and a fan base, we have kept our self respect and dignity throughout this entire fiasco. Let's keep things that way. COME ON YOU GUNNERS !!!!
Cockney Rich
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 10:15:00

Whoa 30+ posts. Fat Sam getting more attention that he warrants...
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 14:45:00

TRH I fail to see your point. Arsenal played much like the rest of England yes. It was not the silky imitation Total Football of today. But, we evolved. Certain teams (including one just to our north) haven't. If you want us to go back to the pre-Wenger era that you moan about so that you might get more than one victory over us this decade - keep dreaming.
Report Abuse
30/07/2010 18:42:00

lol fair do's. GREAT quote btw.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 15:55:00

I don't mean to be pedantic, but always thought A.Lardass is a Troll, not an Orc. Still, good spot on that quote! :)
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 09:18:00


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