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Denilson: Puyol Is A Big Fat Liar

Arsenal's midfielder, Denilson thinks that Barca captain (caveman) Carles Puyol is a big stinking lying hippy.

Ok, I made a bit of that up, but Denny says he doesn't believe the drivel that Puyol keeps spouting.

There's no need for me to give anymore column inches to a man who, in LittleDutch's opinion, looks like my nans vagina (seriously Tim, stopping perving on mi grandma!) and seems to be stuck on repeat, because I think we can all recall what he's said.

But Arsenal's Brazilian (not 'Brazilain' like the one Tim says my nan has) says he doesn't believe a word of it.

'I don't believe what Puyol says, I believe in Cesc, because Arsenal has helped Cesc Fabregas a lot in his career, and I think that he wants to stay.' Said Denny

'The problem is that because everyone [at Barca] keeps saying, 'Oh, Cesc wants to go, Cesc wants to go', then everyone here also starts to think, 'Oh, Cesc wants to go'. I believe in Cesc Fabregas and this season he will be here to help us.'

'We need him. He is our captain and he will help us a great amount this season. I haven't had a chance to catch up with him as he has been on his holidays, but we are expecting him this week and I will see him again in training.'

Now whether or not Denilson chooses to believe Cesc wants to leave is up to him, we might not all agree but that's by the by, it's just nice to see one of our boys sticking up for the club for a change. Maybe a few more players should speak out, or maybe we could even send Vermaelen over to 'explain' that we're not going to listen to their sh*t anymore.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 2 2010

Time: 1:30PM

Your Comments

I believe Puyol! I also believe Messi and co! Free Cesc Febregas! You know it makes sense.
Clive 49
It wouldn't matter if we "freed" Fabregas, you still couldn't finish above us sweet cheeks. Kiss kiss.
''Arsenal's midfielder, Denilson thinks that Barca captain (caveman) Carles Puyol is a big stinking lying hippy.'' haha quite funny coming from a twa.t.
I see the VS bus has turned up with it's array of window lickers. Nice piece Rocky, and well done Denilson for speaking out. NOW GO AND GET FIT !!!!
Cockney Rich
I'm only going on what Wayne Rooney told me......
Little Dutch
F*ck me Denilson can talk!?
I found it interesting that Wenger says it may be difficult to prove Barca have been tapping up Cesc???? HUH??? Where has he been while their president and players have publicly spoken about him day in and day out? Surely there's a case there?
Its the definition of tapping up Trennon. Apparantly its not agaisnt Uefa/Fa rules to speak about your admiration of a player. Cesc would have to meet up with Barcelona Officials for it to be tapping up
Brilliant from our Brazilian. DENIIIIIIIIIIL SON!!!!
Fabregas doesn't want to go to Barceleona. Seriously, do you honestly believe that's true? Just get rid of him, and use the cash to buy a world- class replacement. What about the briliant Khaderia (poor spelling) or the magnificent Oezil (another poor spelling) They looked superb and you'd have the money as well. You're really putting yourself through the mill on this one. Also, Denilson is crap. You might to consider sending him on his way.
Tony Rocky Horror
Having trouble reading there Tony?
Sadly, of course, this won't happen. What will happen is that the Arsenal board will hold out for as long as possible to in order to get as much money out of Barca. That money will then get sucked into the Emirates creditor's black-hole. Wenger will then attempt to muddle by with Nasri, et al in the centre, until Wilshire (hopefully for you) comes of age. This is the manner in which your club is being run: on a shoe-string to satisfy creditors. However, your site journalists are ignoring this and choosing to blame others for their present predicament. Thankfully, not all Arsenal forums are tinkering around at the edges of the problem, Some are challenging it. Read that.
Tony Rocky Horror
So its not only this gooner site you troll then?
THR spot on there we could always take up the spud way of doing things. Move to a rundown stadium, sack the manager on average every 15 month's and be happy to be permanently in our BIG neighbors shadow....
Ha, we've finished above you for the last 15 years on a shoestring! Oh TRH you do flatter us.
You see, Armoury's response is why these forums are a bit of a waste of time, in a nutshell. Someone comes on with a perfectly legitimate point to discuss and the response is to refuse to address the issue and instead point to someone else and try to paper over the cracks by decrying their faults. This is an Arsenal forum as i've been told over and over again. How ironic then that when i do come on here with the expressed intention of discussing Arsenal, you want to to talk Spurs. How about trying to deal with the argument like real men?
Tony Rocky Horror
"these forums are a bit of a waste of time, in a nutshell." Your time can't be worth much then? Maybe it's because people have no desire to debate with a degenerate nutjob like you. I'd say stick to shouting into your lager can at bus stops.
Little Dutch
Are you a bit of a Nazi LD?
Tony Rocky Horror
Yeah, with a surname like 'Stillman' I'd be welcome with open arms in the nazi party. Then again, you accused someone from Bradford of being prejudiced against the North of England a few days ago so I'm guessing you're not too up on this sort of thing.
Little Dutch
I think i might leave now..for good. Although i might pop by in some capacity when we destroy you in the NL derby. I'm bored of you lot now. It's like watching a pathetic animal dying that needs to be put down. Goodnight and ***** you. COYS.
Tony Rocky Horror
Little Dutch
TRH please don't go. Come back, it'll be different this time. We all hang onto your every word and look forward to your intellectual and informative postings.
Cockney Rich
Well TRH I cant go to Vital Spuds to talk about them there as they don't like my postings there and have deleted them and no Im not racist or use inappropriate language just don't shear their opinions. And as for me answering by pointing to spuds...well its up to me to use what ever comparisons I like and if you don't like what answers you get then there is always vital spuds forum for you..
The quality of debate in here is lower than in my countries current election
Ozi Gooner
i agree with the last sentence in the article. just send vermaelen to "explain" our situation. hahahaha brilliant :)
Nice one LD!!! The protector of Arsenal forums and the scorn of all spud supporters. Maybe we should send LD to discuss the situation with Barca??
personally i detest Barca and i have to say i'm rooting for you guys to keep Fabregas. It really is a joy to see him week in week out in the BPL
Man, the quality of Spuds forums must be really poor, since their supporters all seem to wanna hang out here. Don't really blame them, in high school I always wanted to associate with the cool kids too.
Good point krismon1. Plus there's an element of ' glory hunting ' about it, but I can't say I blame them. Being a Spuds fan must be quite unfulfilling at the best of times, so I admire them for their honesty in wanting to hang out with the big boys.
Cockney Rich
Oh look what you gone and done now LD. You scared him away.
Its a foregone conclusion that the waste of space Tony will be back in another avatar on this site. He is a professional troll who lives in perenial delusion.
Lol - Runs away with his tail between his legs like a good little spuddy. Somethings never change :)
Well done LD, you’ve got rid of the Troll. He says he’ll return when they “destroy” us in the NL derby so looks like we’ll never hear from him again!
Sir Henry
Just hold out for a couple of more days,they'll get bored & move on to arteta.
I’m caught between maintaining a dignified silence and getting more of our players to respond like Denilson. I just hope that the rest of football is watching Barcelona court Fabregas in this ridiculous manner and taking note. I think their reputation has taken a hit recently anyway because of their behaviour in the CL. In fact it’s all becoming a little embarrassing for Barca as their players are coming across as rather pathetic (in the true sense of the word). I’m with Wenger when he says that Cesc needs to come out and end the speculation about his immediate future because as far as Arsenal is concerned he’s going nowhere (I can’t see them coming in with the right cash in time for this season). Anyway, I think Cesc owes Arsene at least a couple of seasons of his prime playing years considering the nurturing the manager has given him. Wenger should look to release him to Real Madrid at the end of the 2012/13 season.
Sir Henry
Jesus! 5 barren years and the kid "owes Arsene at least a couple of seasons." When it's over, it's over. Free Cesc he's done his time!
Clive 49
Not according to his contract........
Little Dutch
Cesc owes Arsenal nothing and Arsenal owes Barca everything. He's contracted to Arsenal so you have all right to demand that he stays. But to act hurt by Barcelona wanting back a player they trained from a kid, a player you poached from their academy for free, and the same player thats kept you in the CL for the past 5 years is completely ridiculous!
It's not that they want him back, they can't want him that much becuase they haven't made a bid for three months! Arsenal have had Cesc for seven years between the ages of 16-23, Barca had him for six between the ages of 10-16, which years are more important in a footballer's development? Which club has poured more money and resources into the guy? Cesc and his family made the choice to come here because Barca couldn't convince him his development was best served in Catalonia. Technically, he also wasn't free, we paid £500,000 at tribunal (peanuts I admit) and gave Barca Gio van Bronckhorst for free. If Barca would have convinced him he could be developed and play there, he would have stayed in a shot. It's not that Barca want him that irks us, we've all known for about 6 years he'd go back there one day, it's the level of disrespect Barca have shown and continue to show.
Little Dutch
Pancake - please read LD's post very carefully before you decide to post more of your senseless rubbish. To insinuate Cesc is in anyway a prisoner at Arsenal is just ridiculous. For 2 solid months he has been surrounded by family, friends and team mates who have done nothing but slam him with Barcelona! Can you imagine that? But still, despite his silence I believe he has acted professional. Yes Cesc may still go now or next season, but the fact remains if Barca want him then they have to come and get him. Don't expect Arsenal to hand him over on a silver platter.
Just had a real good read of total and utter garbage Trennon... which years were more important in Fabregas's development? I'd say 10-16 bearing in mind he broke into Arsenal first team at 16!!! Look how he plays, there are no other players in the Arsenal academy with that Barca style so what on earth make you think Arsenal made him. He got experience with Arsenal, 100%, and he's improved at Arsenal (just like any smart player would with regular 1st team football) but to suggest that he is Arsenal made is just dumb. And getting £30 million for him is not quite handing him over mate. You lot are like the bloke infatuated in a women who loves another man... Let it go!
Well Fabregas and his family obviously don't share your view as they preferred to continue his development with us (also he was playing at 17 and was first choice at 18). If the ages of 10-16 are the most important in the making of a player explain to me why Jermaine Pennant, Freddy Adu and Cherno Samba aren't currently duking it out for World Player of the Year? We have every right to hold out for what we determine his value to be because we own his registration for the next 5 years. We earned it fairly and within the law and the player himself signed it over to us long term on two separate occasions. If Barca want him, it's quite simple, the very least they have to do is make a bid- which they're not doing. Which other plays in that Barca style? Not sure if you've heard of a lad called Wilshere? Not exactly a honking great clogger is he? I'm sure Barca wouldn't mind a piece of Ashley Cole too if they could afford him. Why is it so hard to understand that we have every right to hold out for his price and expect Barca to try and do business if they want him? If they won't even make a bid, how can we let him go, even if we wanted to?
Little Dutch
And as a follow up question, I'm sure in order to keep your views consistent, you expect Barca to give Messi back to Newell Old Boys for a knockdown price?
Little Dutch
within the law! Looool
Perhaps you'd like to explain which law was broken?
Little Dutch
get over it girls... he's Barca through and through. Its time to let your real academy players stand up and be counted!
See, you can't answer a single question of the ones posed.
Little Dutch
Somebody pour some honey over the pancake. It sounds bitter and twisted. Bit like TRH. Amusing that pancake made his first appearance here today. Just on the day TRH trolled into the sunset.
Oooooopsssss!!!!!!! Lost your argument have you sunshine? It's ironic that you'd choose to post as pancake, cousin to the tart and nephew to the waffle, what you seem to be really good at.
That white stuff on his pancake aint syrup.........
lol.. who's HRT?
i have no reason to be bitter, i'm just looking at it from the outside.. don't insult me for that!
Little Dutch, Messi join Barca at 13 and made his debut 4 years later. Your clutching at straws on that one mate!
So there's a certain age as to when you should give a player back to the academy he decided to leave? When exactly should we give Walcott back to Southampton? Or perhaps we should cut out the middle man and give him to Swindon, from whom Southampton got him? Perhaps United would be so kind as to gift wrap Michael Carrick and give him back to Wallsend Boys' Club? While they're at it they can send Rooney back to Everton for a curly wurly and a pack of lovehearts?
Little Dutch
Here's another example you can use, LD: why don't Barca give back Puyol to Pobla de Segur, since Barca poached him from them when he was 17 yrs old? He wasn't trained by Barca so (according to idiot pancake), Puyol was already a fully formed footballer when he arrived at Barca and Barca taught him absolutely nothing. Just like Cesc learned absolutely nothing at Arsenal. I guess Rooney learned absolutely nothing at United either. // Just got back from England last night, went to the Ems cup of course, where I got Pato's attention by shouting to him that Dunga should've called him up for the wc. He smiled & made a thumbs up gesture.
Never ceases to amaze me the DEEP stupidity of people who blithely argue that Cesc got nothing from Arsenal, that everything he knows about football he got at Barca - which of course means there's absolutely no difference between his style of play and that of Barca players. Anyone who knows how to watch football sees the clear difference between Cesc and the Barca players whenever you see him on the national team. Whenever Cesc comes on, he plays more direct with more aggression, he runs at defenders, he brings urgency, speed and tempo to Spain's game. In the wc final, there was a telling moment when--in midfield--Cesc passed the ball to a teammate also positioned in midfield (forgot who it was). He then instantly ran upfield, expecting someone in midfield to pass it back to him as he ran up against defenders. He was trying increase the game's tempo. For a second, the Dutch defenders looked slightly unsure. But then Cesc's teammates in midfield just ignored him, slowed down the tempo again and just passed sideways to each other. The Dutch defenders were thus allowed time to position themselves, looking very comfortable at their opponents' predictability. That urgency and directness and aggression is what Cesc learned at Arsenal, pancaketwit. It's what distinguishes him from his former Barca teammates. It's also interesting that the other Spaniard who plays in England, Torres, has trouble in the national team because he too is more aggressive, direct, runs at defenders with greater urgency and also has more physicality.
Going by pancake's logic, his team Spuds would have to give back ALL the players of their first team to the club's that developed the players. Their academy has produced s*ite all these years. Good point about Cesc's style of play Jaelle. He definitely brought something new to the table when he came on in the WC final and even the Euro 2008.
... i'm certainly no spud! looool. And Why am I stupid if I have a different point of view? All I've said if when you poached Cesc he was a gifted midfielder already and that he learnt at Barca. I don't get why you lot get so bitter about Cesc leaving.. to the extent where it makes you nasty. Is he Arsenal? is he what you guys stand for today? You need to respect your club more otherwise your players will never do the same... You're starting to act like Aston Villa looool!
Imo they are getting touchy because Spurs are breathing down their necks. They don't like it one bit!
Clive 49
Jaelle, you nearly had a point there-NEARLY! In some respects you're right about Fabregas when u say he has a more direct approach to some of the other Barca players but it doesn't take away from the fact that he was at least 70% of the player he is now when he first broke into you team. Your talking about an exceptional player that was a regular in a top 4 midfield at 17! You statement about Torres completely lets you down, he smacked in 30+ goal in his first season in the Prem, was injured mostly in his second... are you trying to say Liverpool made him also?!?!
To be fair LD, it's pretty widely believed now that 10-16 is more important than 16-23 in terms of development. In terms of whether you will continue to develop if you don't play is another matter altogether.
Ozi Gooner
I just don't care about this argument about who made who. It's completely and utterly irrelevant! The only thing that matters here is that there is a legally binding contract between player and club. It doesn't matter how much you wish to argue here about a players DNA because frankly it means absolutely nothing. Barcelona want Fabregas. Arsenal don't want to sell Fabregas. There's a small matter of another 5 years to run on his contract. He is 23. He is regarded as the best creative midfielder in the world in his age group. Therefore, he is worth a hell of a lot more than what's been offered. If the person who built your house offers you half its value because of sentimental value will you accept the offer Pancake? Don't expect you to answer that but it's exactly the same here. The fact that you even argue against this shows everybody here that your intentions is not to prove a point but to simply argue for the sake of arguing. Well, either that or you are just stupid! Every year we have to deal with either Real or Barca wanting our best players. I say it's about bloody time we took a hard stance and told them to go **** themselves!
"The quality of debate in here is lower than in my countries current election Ozi Gooner" Hahahaha ... (It's funny if you're Australian ...seriously)
Pancake: "You statement about Torres completely lets you down, he smacked in 30+ goal in his first season in the Prem, was injured mostly in his second... are you trying to say Liverpool made him also?!?!" - no, moron, that's NOT what I meant to say. The bit about Torres was just an added comment. What I simply meant was that it's interesting that Torres (NOT a Barca-trained player) does well in the PL (better than he did at Atletico), a league that suits his talents better. Those skills and talents are NOT what the Barca players have. And I say again, your contention that Cesc learned absolutely nothing at Arsenal, that he was a fully formed player when he arrived is complete and utter ignorance on your part. Cesc himself has said many many times how much he owes to Arsenal and Wenger. And I repeat, according to your logic, Rooney owes absolutely nothing to Man Utd, Puyol & Messi owe absolutely nothing to Barca.
lol.. we'll have to agree to disagree on this one! move on matey
in other words, pancake, you have NO response to my (and LD's points) - you've lost the argument, so you want to "move on."

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