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Starting Line Up To Face Bolton

Arsene Wenger has named his starting line up to face Bolton in the FA Cup.

Julio Baptista



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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 14 2007

Time: 7:54PM

Your Comments

denilson at right bak ?
Bert in CD with Toure at RB?
Ahh the FA Cup a typically British blood and thunder clash, with er no British players, oops sorry Walcott. Vive la difference.....
Ljungberg shld be in da startin 11....
Freddie turned up late, Y fronts photo shoot
Djourou seems a bit shakey....rosicky seems to be in good touch..
Take that Fatty!!!!! ADE-BAY-OR!!!!
How are they doing? (Apart from being ahead!) It's a weird starting 11. I'm following the match on ESPN gamecast, which doesn't come close to seeing it.
good...rosicky by far da best playa on da feild.....
baptista shoulda bagged numerous goals by now...that one miss on the rosicky cross was incredible. all he had to do was tap it in...amazing
baptista has not been at his best..but i still thnk he will score....... rosicky has been mind blowin...
gilberto...what happened?
campo has to be one of the ugliest people that i have ever seen
a horible penelty... : (
fat sam looks out of chips i suppose?
hahaha i thnk he did. look at campo the lil divin tw*t
Campo you diving cheating fat cant
we shud hav won it 3-1...
Cmooooooonnnn Allliiiiiiiiiiii
Why have we not win yet...i just don't know........should be 4-1.......WOW.. i'm dying here.
2 missed penalties and about 4 billion missed chances. it could have honestly been 5 or 6 goals to the arsenal. amazing
we just love to make things hard for ourselves. and what a goal by Freddie, form is temporary, class is permanent..
Thank Fack it did'nt go to pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon you gunnners
We won....finally.
We love you Freddie because you've got no hair...
Henry, Fabrigas, Gallas, Jens, Van Persie all absent and still we should have won 6-2 or something. ARE WE GOOD OR WHAT?
i went on to cardiac arrest......What a game!!!!!!!!
i went in to cardiac arrest......What a game!!!!!!!!
Spectacular game, I ain't got no nails left, I thought at ET that we'd have the extra juice as half the Orc squad are OAPs I'm bladdered and ecstatic, 'kin wicked!
3-1 now! What a game. Bolton should have been buried earlier. 3-1 a fairer score. more like it
tough to choose man of the choices for short list should be Rosicky, Hleb and Denilson.
Take that you fat walrus c*@t! Outmuscled, outplayed, what now you theiving T*@t? WE made it hard for ourselves nothing to do with your bulls*!t mastermind tactics of hump it and run, the best thing you could do all night was shout f@*k at the refs and lino as many times as possible.............Rant over!
MOTM is tightly contested by Hleb, rosicky and finally by CLICHY(and he takes it, he's been amazing today)
YAKAAAAAA have a dose of football up your bottoms bolton. what a great game from both sides especially arsenal. their equaliser was just stupid. apart from a few mistakes which we will put down to experience denilson looked great. rosicky in the first half was amazing and what about hleb running circles around everyone...that was beautiful to watch
I thought Diaby and Denilson were immense.
hey fat sam today was a beautiful lesson in time consuming not wasting there must have been 3 or 4 occasions where we put 20+ passes together. on a more sober note we cannot afford to keep missing chances like that it was shocking and cardiac arrest stuff.
WOOHOOOO....I'm not gonna sleep tonite, hell I'm not even gonna go to work tommorrow...Hats off to the magnificent team by's that for revenge eh fat sam??? :)
Couple of quick things I moticed: 1) We had more stamina than those Orcs in the ET 1 & 2. This is the measure of physical prowess not kicking other players. Interestingly Denilson is becoming a pro in playing 120 min matches. Look at his work rate at ET2...amazing player. Cesc watch out. 2) Ali is becoming the savior of ET. I think this season is going to be the turning point in his career. 3) We never wasted time. A case in point there was a ball played across by an Orc which should have gone out in ET2 when we were leading but Clichy chased it down and crossed. There was absolutely no attempt anytime during the entire match to kill off time. I wonder if Sam or Sky/BBC would acknowledge it. I wish we wasted time though to teach them a lesson.
Denilson was motm for me Iceman, total unsung hero with Hleb a close second, Are you watching Blackburn????? You're gonna get yours next, shame that cumdribbler Savage won't be there to nutmeg again
yeah they controlled the middle incredibly hardly noticed the beloved cesc missing. the midfield was amazing today. better finishing and defending (in injury time only) and it would have been 4-0
Denilson, Diaby,Adebayor,Clichy,hell,all them were giants tonite...oh the look and fat sam's face...priceless!!!!!!!
Jess it is 4:20 am now. I think my sleep tonight is gone out of the winddow...but worth every min.WOW.
i cant believe no one has mentioned alex hleb, by far the man of the match, how much have we missed him since his injury..... please dont be out for too long, come on you gunners!!!!
How the F@CK did Anelka stay on the pitch? Penalty practice for the Brazilian boys!
Hey hleb is in my list...and denilson and rosicky ...I think I shd stop here...maybe add Clichy :D
sorry Have to say this but the beast abysmal today granted he got that pen(kind a soft) and hogged too much. Other then that, the team played amazingly today.
Haha, Allardyce reckons Ben Haim shouldnt have got sent off! He is such a fool!
I am pretty sure none of the Sky punks would mention Anelka's red card offence. There is no justice in the world :(. I am also looking forward to Sam's whines. any updates on that?
this just shows how much that game was enjoyable, hate to say it but bolton did add to that entertaining game, british footbal at its best!!! hats off to every arsenal player
RVP ...the only thing that bolton added for most of the regular and almost all of the ET was ball someone said we put together 20+ passes 3/4 times. and they were not slow passes either.
questforavalon, totally agree...missed my sleeping time but totally worth every minute of it...Arghhh, damn I hate those guys....ADEBAYOOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!
true true, but they did do some stuff, man danger man being el hadj diouf (spit artist)!!! cant wait to see highlights of that missed a section of the game, down the boozer with the boys (chelsea fans)
"never in the field of football conflict, has so much joy, been brought to so many, by so few." »»Arsene Knows««
Wingston ...grt quote even Churchill would be happy to be paraphrased like this :)
What time will those poor young boys get to bed, tut-tut. How could a bunch of kids like that outclass allegedly the fifth best team in the country on their own turnip patch. Like the Spuds, Bolton have realised the future is undoubtedly red and white.
Hleb played outstanding. Same with Diaby. Denilson was cool in the first half and good in the second. Ady was great too. Baptista lost his footing at times but he was cool too. Motzart was great too and Cliche has come a long long way. The whole team was tight too be truthful. I am glad with the game, not because we won but because of the way we dealt with the game. Diaby and Denilson have shown themselves too be tough and made tough challenges we didn't get pushed of the ball.
Famine strikes the UK! Alardyce looks to comfort eating after 3-1 defeat!
May I digress and say: UP YOUR F@CKIN' ARSE FAT SAM!!!
Actually Sam's quote after the match says it all "We are just disappointed that we did not pull off a miraculous victory." yes indeed, if God forbid they had won, it would have been nothing short of miracle. They had some chances yes. but most of them were in the malee where it was free for all. Only one pass I remember to be defense splitting which alumina stopped.
British Airways claim compensation after 737 gets stuck in Campo's hair! 8-)
hahaha...hilarious flv. I liked the new "diet" of big sam too :)
Jackson 5 sue Bolton after missing armpit hair is found on Campo's head!
but the dive was a thing of beauty. Rosicky was grt to take the leg off completly and showed the fool Campo.
''I like making the big clubs eat humble pie''. Ooooh how the mightly have fallen with that weight it will be noticed by all. ( my lame fat joke -_-). I can't describe how happy I am, it isn't the victory it is the overall peformance.
One last salute to Hleb and R7 the new magicians of arsenal side, (some of the times they were breath taking) and past master Freddie before I drop off.. Long live Arsenal.
Heehee! You know quest, I haven't got anything against the Bolton team and their supporters. They ain't a bad buch really and they play to their strengths. Alardyce on the other hand is the most over rated darts player that I've ever smelt, and I ain't even seen him throw a dart yet the lazy Roger Hunt!
great performance by the guns hleb,rosicky,diaby,clichy,ade,baptista(altought he needs 2 work on his final ball) but DENILSON IS A LEGEND (how can wenger always manage to get that great talents) i really think that he has the potential to be better the fabregas and he should be at least in the squad of every game if not in the starting XI
Headlines. The bogey man is dead. Fat Sam went down talking to himself and was put out of his misey by a team called the Arsenal. Driven by a motor that kept on running. Purchase this new machine, he goes by the name of Denilson and he is here to stay.
Can I just that I've never met a Gooner who has any redeeming features. Instead of talking about a good game of football, you're on here talking crap. Even Spurs fans are better than you lot.
Pint of bitter there landlord
Can I just say I've never met any Bolton fans full stop?, and judging by your graveyard of a vital site and half empty trainer box of a stadium that probably ain't gonna change, back to your lonely castle Geruish O wizard of solitude
Do want some sour grapes with your bitter sir? or maybe some hard cheese?
What do think of your managers point about Ben Haim being sent off? He was sent off after making 4 bookable challenges for god sake! lol The Fat controller has lost his marbles as Bolton get a tanking thats better Thomas!
Sam is already complaining about the ref and how could he send Hiam off. Well he obviously wasnt watching the game due to the fact he spent most of it talking to himself. Bolton are lucky Anelka wasnt sent off. What a TWA*!
Forget about Geruish he's trying to take the attention away from the team, they were superb. Denilson is class!! I wanted Allardyce to lose so badly. After the rubbish he was saying in the build up I wanted Bolton to pay. This season a slow start ruined our title aspiration but I PROMISE anyone reading this, we WILL win the Premiership next year. This kind of performance marks out the cream from the chaff. We are the cream. Ecstatic.
well seems i missed one hell of a game ! we finally beat our bolton hoodoo, even if we needed our super kids to do it ! now their win is all down to me ! oh yes indeed ! Mrs Gold says to me last week, i hope your not watching footy on valentines.. it was a question i dare not answer, instead my thought were, if i did the good deed, then arsenal would do good by me and so i am proved right !!
PureGold,Dude, Stay home on Saturday and please the missus again
I'd hate to be one of Fat Sam's armpits tonight!! The boats Jack........
PG - what a match you missed...
And to top off the night SKY have just re run a Sp*rs FA cup game from a few years back where Nottingham forest knocked em out and Sp*rs were wearing a kit made by PONY!
but still won - so listen to the missus!!! Cheers!
LMAO iceman
I wondr if Fat Sam will be hailed as a bad loser??? Te Boss woudl have been, if we'd been eliminated. Maybe Fat Sam and Paul Jewell can both get together and start off a persecution complex club? they can both sit there and dress head to foot on black oput of angst, before realising that's the same colour that referees wear, and then they'd both start kicking the doo-dah's outta each other, thinking they were denying each other a penalty, a free kick, wrongly bookign their players, swearing at the team, leaving a pie in the microwave too long, not liting up the seat of the lav, etc... »»Arsene Knows««
ach!!! spelling not too good at this time of night. apologies, my literate chums... »»Arsene Knows««
What a great victory. And i hope that the tag of Boogey team will be rest in peace from now on. One thing I noticed immediately that AW went for height in the team. Thats why he didnt play Hoyte. Because Bolton hoop long balls in and are quite good from the set pieces, AW wanted to make sure that he should ve some height in the squad to tackle that. And it came of beautifully until abt 92 minutes. Buts hats off to the lads for such a commanding display against long ball hoofers. The one more wish i ve for the team is that they should come out of the blocks all guns blazing at the Emirates. As they were used to do at Highbury. And we will be right up there.
I noticed the same thing questforavalon did with Clichy in extra time...he should've let the ball roll out (it was a long cross or free kick from Bolton that went over everyone), but instead he just barely kept the ball in way deep in his own half. And Jabba the Hutt has the nerve to say we waste time...pfft. I'd ask him how he likes the taste of his humble pie and crow, but he's probably stuffed several helpings down his gob already.
ljunberg`s goal was sure class(good 2 have him bak in time for da CL) .... i wonder if baptista`s poor performance will cost him a place in da starting lineup of the cc final..?
Nah, I think he'll start along with Alidaire...Adbeyor will be the sub. Wenger will want to keep the Togo striker fresh for the EPL and CL matches.
BTW, I forgot to mention that Bolton got a new pitch in for last Saturday's match, which Fat Sam would help them produce a more offensive style of game. While that might've been the intent, I'd say playing on something that resembles a proper pitch instead of the medows they've had before simply played into Arsenal's hands.
A lot of people at the game were saying Baptista was poor, I thought he was excellent. He was at the centre of everything we did, his finishing was poor, but I don't think Meite and Ben Haim coped with him, his touch and ability to hold the ball up was amazing. I get sick of people only crediting goalscorers, Ljungberg, his goal aside, was absolutely shocking, that man cannot play for us after this season, slow is not the word. Hleb and Rosicky were awesome and the two lads in CM did themselves a great credit.
Little Dutch
Based on Denilson's performance yesterday, he should fit in the starting lineup effortlessly...This will give Cesc a well deserve break he definitely needs...Diaby,Bert (apart from the pen miss) and Adebayor were also immense,as do both Rosicky and Hleb and not forgetting Clichy,he was a revelation yesterday...cashley who???
Clichy has to be our player of the month, didn't put a foot wrong last night.
Little Dutch
Denilson is an absolute menace.
Jacky B
Would you have him over JJ, Huddle-20stone, Zakora or..............Tainio!
LD Freddie has just got back from his injury, you're being too harsh on him. he has lost a yard of pace, but he didnt look slow at all this season. the guy is already a legend at our club. give him sometime to get back to 100% fitness and he'll be back to his best. and he proved tonite, you give him the right kinda service, and he will get you goals..
LD, what did you make of Diaby last night?? I thought first half especially he was one of our worst players. He continually got the ball passed to him & yet with no pressure on he just gave it away or ran into blind alleys. Don't get me wrong I think after regaining his fitness for the rest of this season he will be a major asset for us next season, but I just think he was quite poor last night. Everyone else thought he was immense & Baptista was poor, but like you I thought Baptista was good, bolton just couldn't get him off the ball without fouling him & he allows good link up play. So it will be interesting to hear your opinion on Diaby??
Ashburton Gooner
I think Diaby had a tendency to over elaborate at times, but overall I think he and Denilson bossed the midfield, he got those all important second balls which are crucial for beating Bolton. The added physical presence in the side, including playing Djourou over Hoyte meant we beat them physically, but with Rosicky, Hleb and Baptista we had plenty of creative outlets. As for Ljungberg, fair enough, he's just back from injury, but I thought he looked an embarassment. He was on the field for the last ten minutes and looked the slowest player on the field. By no means is that a rare occurence, he's finished.
Little Dutch
Diaby keeps the ball too long sometimes when a simple pass would do the business. Freddie is finished. I was glad that he got the goal but compared to all the players we have capable of playing his position, hes isnt any better than any of them, Theo included. Denilson will be magic for us. His passing range is fairly good and his footwork isn't too shabby either. Another great buy.
"If Tal deserved that then I think he [Foy] should have a good look at himself and ask why he's done it because if he deserved a sending-off for those two tackles then I'm not a football manager." You said it fatso! The guy committed 4 bookable offences in the game and got sent off? Anelka committed a proffesional foul and stayed on! I though the ref had a very good game.
I thought Hleb was outstanding last night. He has come on leaps and bounds since last season. Bolton could not get close to him. Diaby and Denilson bossed the midfield against two experienced pro's in Speed and Nolan. Freddie for me is not the player of two years ago, seems to have lost a lot of pace, but the goal will do him the world of good. Rosicky though was born to play for Arsenal....He seems to be getting better and better with every game he plays. I hope Arsene buy's the Beast, think he will be better equiped next season for the Premiership.
freddy will take the super sub role to the next level, i would play him as 2nd string to hleb over theo any day
Ashburton Gooner. Hmm my opinion differs very much from yours. I was highly impressed with Diabys game. He can hold the ball and he gave a strong physical impression too our game. He made some crunching tackles during the game something I missed a little bit. Baptista, whilst I don't think he was terrible was a little off at times, nothing I can really fault him at I just don't think he was outstanding.
Agreed bootoo, i've missed those runs of his. He can be backup to either rosicky or hleb. And when gallas or senderos return, i wouldn't mind seeing djourou start at right back if eboue is still injured.
I agree with lucky and bootoo regarding Freddie. I think once he gets back to full fitness, he'll be raring to go, though a starting position is very questionable. Nonetheless, he's still a good part of the squad and like the match against Bolton, we can count on him!
Hey LD, what r u talking about, ljunberg is still class. U go on ranting about slow not being the word, what r u trying to say? That beast is faster than ljunberg?? U say meite & ben haim couldn't cope w beast, could they cope w ljunberg when he scored? And why not credit golscorers, after all, u can't win games w/o scoring. Beast missed a penalty, 2 fks, & that shot/pass. While ljunberg scored on his first shot from a difficult angle. How could u say beast played better? Don't get me wrong, i think beast is still a great player, but he had an inconsistent game.

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