Arsenal - Bitter Xavi Lashes Out Like A Child
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Bitter Xavi Lashes Out Like A Child

We all knew that it wouldn't be long before those gobby twats over at Camp Nou started talking about Cesc again, but little did we know they would be so bitchy about it.

It was always going to be either Xavi or Puyol who spoke up, because let's face it, they never know when to shut the f**k up. Of course it turned out to be Xavi 'DNA' Hernandez who spoke first.

Obviously feeling a tad hurt by being made to look like the bell-end that he is after all of his posturing and claiming that we couldn't keep Cesc from going 'home', the arrogant little brat says the Arsenal captain could join Barca in Janurary when we're 'out of the title race'.

'We've given up on the idea of him arriving now, but maybe he'll come in January when Arsenal are out of the Premier League title race, their team are just not competitive.' says Chavi.

'Arsenal are wrong to have forced him to remain there, they can't just hold him against his will,'

Many Gooners will feel a certain amount of anger after reading his comments, but don't, just laugh at how pathetic and bitter he sounds after the mighty Gunners stood up to him and his bunch of cretinous friends.

Anyone else rooting for Real Madrid in this season's 2 horse La Liga race?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 9 2010

Time: 11:53AM

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His talent aside, I've always hated his face. Now I got a concrete reasons why. This has got to be the ********.i.e.s.t of all remarks. F U Xavi.
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09/08/2010 11:59:00

Whatever that poor loser may say, we'll get on to the pitch and perform! Weren't we written off last year twice, didn't we come back in to the title race and stay close until April, only to succumb to injuries. This year won't see us out of the race either, we'll show on the pitch! And for La Liga, Real Madrid will have to displace Barca to put them off this kind of cheap trash talk!
Sriram Iyer
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09/08/2010 11:59:00

Clive 49
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09/08/2010 12:08:00

Were we out of the title race last January? And the January before that? And the January before that? Why I beleive we were actually top in January in the 07/08 season for a sustained period and not far off the pace at all in January last season. The chavy little ***** ought to do a bit of research first before making silly-ass harebrained comments. Obviously the little *****'s pride is wounded because despite his little premonitions and endless nonsense about Cesc having Barca DNA, the transfer didnt go through as he thought it would. *****er. I hope we come across Barca in the C/L so this little bellend can be taught some manners.
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09/08/2010 12:08:00

Very childish and pointless comments from him really, bizarre interview to give.
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09/08/2010 12:08:00

Agree with you guyz, Barca players seem to get away with a lot more than players in the EPL. Can't imagine what Mr Platini would have done by now if someone was openly courting Messi away from Barca .. All the best for the season!
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09/08/2010 12:18:00

Completely at odds with Guardiola who says that Wenger was right to keep him here and that Cesc should enjoy "what is such a special and competitive league" while he can - acknowledging that La Liga is a wholly uncompetitive totally financially distorted lcompetition.
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09/08/2010 12:21:00

Pep showed he is class! Xavi, however, is just a sour loser! Do we care about losers anyway? Thats why we'll not answer Clive 49! :P
Sriram Iyer
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09/08/2010 12:27:00

I can feel the anger in Xavi's words now ! All those wasted interviews by him and his Barca mates while Cesc remains a Gooner.
Cockney Rich
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09/08/2010 12:31:00

Xavi doesn't seem to know the broader context in which football operates. A gifted footballer may often think that they 'understand' the game but not all do. Xavi is more Maradona in this respect that Cruyff. Bet he would suck at management/ coaching.
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09/08/2010 12:48:00

I've got to hand it to the gooners on VA, they sure know how to put a positive spin on things!
Clive 49
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09/08/2010 13:22:00

I saw this this morning, who knew he could be so bitchy ;) haha. The part where he says "...when Arsenal are out of the premier league title race" in particular. Fairplay to you for keeping Cesc, he seems to understand and so does Guardiola, it may only be for another season and Cesc has kind of made that clear, but I think Cesc has handled it very well and you've stood up to the Barca boys.
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09/08/2010 13:26:00

Somebody really should tell CHAVI to shut his mouth. Sounds like a jilted johnny because he didn't get his pervy little hands on the object of his affection. All this talk of Cesc's DNA- this slimy toad gives me the absolute creeps. Yuck! If any of our lot over here draw them this year, I'll be supporting them. Oh and here's to Mourinho to wipe the smarmy smirk of their faces this year.
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09/08/2010 13:30:00

I didn’t realise how low these people could sink. Just like a dumped teenager, Xavi has become really nasty and poisonous about the Cesc (non) transfer and to be quite honest, for a grown man, it’s all a bit weird isn’t it?
Sir Henry
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09/08/2010 13:45:00

By the way Clive 49, you appear to be the new Spuddie Troll on VA. You’d better watch out for LD.
Sir Henry
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09/08/2010 13:49:00

That was reallly pathetic what Xavi did. How dare he go and say things like that about another team. I hope Barca get their asses handed to them by Real Madrid this season, and for him to miss the entire season after breaking his leg (im joking about the last part).
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09/08/2010 13:55:00

Thanks for the heads up Terry Henry. I'll look out for big bad LD.
Clive 49
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09/08/2010 14:29:00

Xavi seems to be the most frequent talker re Cesc/Arsenal - more than Puyol and the rest. It's very disappointing to hear him be so classless b/c he's one of my favorite footballers ever in terms of talent/skill. Nor do I think he behaves badly on the pitch either, compared to, say, Busquets or Dani Alves. Geezus, if he knows Cesc so well, then he knows Cesc loves this club, AW and the fans. Yet he constantly trashes his supposed friend's club to the press. Just STFU. They'll most probably get him next summer anyway. And yes, Guardiola's the only person at Barca to come out with any credit in all of this. I hate Mourinho but I will definitely be rooting for him this season, tho I won't be happy about it, because I think Guardiola's so much better for football than Mourinho is.
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09/08/2010 14:44:00

OT: fascinating to watch 2 former gunners last night in the MLS Chicago-NY game (Titi v. Freddie). Both played well, were very lively and creative, tho Titi got injured and to be taken off at the end of the 1st half. Freddie had 2 great seasons in Seattle, got 2 MVP awards in the league, then his relationship soured with the Sounders and now he's moved to Chicago. Freddie's relationships with his clubs always seem to end on sour notes.
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09/08/2010 14:48:00

Arsenalreject49 must be a relation of TR(oll)H.
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09/08/2010 14:59:00

If anyone's interested, one of the best blogs on the net (written by a gooner) that focuses on football finances has a new blog on Barca's finances:
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09/08/2010 15:06:00

Is this report backed up anywhere? It's incredible that he could talk like this, given what's gone on all summer... Even up to a few months ago I cant have been the only one to see him as some kind of quiet hero... now he already takes first prize for most slappable face of the season.
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09/08/2010 15:37:00

jaelle - thanks for that link mate, fascinating read. Their finances are just how I imagined them to be really.
Cockney Rich
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09/08/2010 15:54:00

heh, Deloitte to the rescue
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09/08/2010 17:10:00

Oh now he's stopped with the DNA crap he comes up with this. How cheap can a person get.
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09/08/2010 17:11:00

When will you and them just shut the ***** up? No-body cares.
Tony Rocky Horror
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09/08/2010 17:41:00

I thought you went away TRH? You said you'd never be back! I guess pervy stalkers all say that though don't they!
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09/08/2010 17:46:00

Looks like you for one do care TRH. We wish you didn't.
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09/08/2010 18:23:00

Now the best thing that could happen is to be paired against Barca in the Champions League.
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09/08/2010 19:42:00

How is Xavi a loser, if he alone had won more titles on the last 10 years than the entire Arsenal? In fact, he won a World Cup outside home and legally, so actually Xavi alone had done more in football than all the United Kingdom in history. You must understand that you invented football, but you've never imporved, that's why EPL is good, because 80% of the players are from outside UK. Maybe you guys should focus on how the Gunners money is robbed by a scout scheme in South America, because today Spain and Barcelona would be an Aston Martin and UK and Arsenal would be like a Mini Cooper from Mr. Bean
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09/08/2010 19:51:00

Face the reality and stop saying "patriotic bull*****" the data, put aside Arsenal and Barcas titles...better, Arsenal x Xavi from 2005 to 2010. ha ha ha grow up lads...
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09/08/2010 19:53:00

I was gonna write a comment addressing what this idiot lominha just wrote but **** it. He looks like a troll. DONT FEED THE TROLL!!
Report Abuse
09/08/2010 20:15:00

lominha - We're not talking about his footballing pedigree, we're talking about him as a person. Aparently Hitler was a decent artist, but he was still, in the words of Eddie Izzard, a mass murdering f***head. It doesn't matter how good you are at one thing if you act like a complete and total ****biscuit.
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09/08/2010 20:25:00

Personally I dont think we should be spending any more server memory on what Xavi has to say.. or for that matter anyone from Barca
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09/08/2010 20:38:00

I still find it hardly to believe he actually said that. And I'm not sure I will ever be believe it unless I learn spanish and listen to him actually saying it.
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09/08/2010 21:37:00

Still My favourite player on the planet. An absolute genius.
Report Abuse
09/08/2010 21:39:00

...Hard to believe he can actually say such trash about fellow professionals. I am with you on the Spanish lessons there, gronedrone.
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10/08/2010 00:09:00

give me his residential address. let me go talk to that ********!
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10/08/2010 03:27:00

Never thought Xavi of all people would say something so childish!Here's to hoping Barca be out of title race by January..And with Mourinho at Madrid, it certainly is possible
Report Abuse
10/08/2010 11:05:00

Don't worry, it'll come out as...."lost in translation" or "I never said any of those things"
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10/08/2010 18:57:00

This guy really knows his stuff Xavi take a bow he knows a team thats on the slide.
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11/08/2010 08:46:00

I really do feel for you guys......I have always hated Barca cuz I cant stand their mentality and that superior act and it dosent help the likes of Platini saying absolutely jack shait regarding the biggest tap-up yet.....disgusting. My brother is a die-hard gooner and he literally punched the air in anger cuz lets face it this is his way of telling that you guys are worth zero and never will win anything. The double standards with uefa is crazy and how this is allowed is unreal. They have basically dissed your team all summer and got away with it.
Report Abuse
11/08/2010 23:04:00


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