Arsenal - The Only Person Unsettling Schwarzer, Is Hughes
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The Only Person Unsettling Schwarzer, Is Hughes

Mark Hughes claims Arsenal could be trying to disrupt Fulham goalkeeper, Mark Schwarzer as the Welshman reports the Gunners have made a second, albeit identical, offer for the Austrailian stopper.

Reports have been made that the Red and White side of North London have lodged bids for Fulham's number 1 as we attempt to solidify our back line.

Hughes claims, 'Mark is aware of the interest of Arsenal. That knowledge is distracting and disruptive. It's not at all inevitable he will leave. We wouldn't encourage an improved bid.'

'There wasn't an improved offer from Arsenal - it was exactly the same one that was put forward in May. The situation hasn't moved on. There's been contact but no improved offer.

'I don't know if Arsenal are trying to disrupt him. There are many things clubs, players and agents do to unsettle players.'

First of all I will say this, if Fulham say they are not entertaining bids for the keeper, then considering our stance over Cesc Fabregas in the summer then it would be in our best interests to walk away now and search elsewhere. Hypocrisy is not a pretty trait, especially after the extreme measures we went to this summer to ensure Cesc's services for at least another season.

With that out of the way, I'd like to point out the big gaping flaw in Mark Hughes logic. For Arsenal to be attempting to unsettle the player we would have to have publicly and consistently fluttered our eyelashes at Schwarzer, yet the only time Arsenal and Schwarzer are mentioned in the same sentence from any official sources are when Hughes opens his trap to talk about it, so only one person is responsible if Schwarzer is unsettled.

If lodging a bid is to be considered unsettling a player, then every transfer in the history of the game is tainted with it.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 20 2010

Time: 7:24PM

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Timeline of events. Arsenal make bid. Fulham say no. Arsenal go away. Schwarzer makes transfer request. Arsenal make bid. Hughes is simply trying to get the price up, otherwise there would be no need for him to keep blabbering about it. Our problem over the summer wasn't Barca making bids- they're entitled to make as many bids as they like. It was the "noise."
Little Dutch
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20/08/2010 19:33:00

Exactly LD - Arsenal staff or players haven't said anything regarding the transfer. We've acted appropriately other wise Hughes would have cause for complaint. And if he had cause we know fine well he'd be straight on the blower to the PL/FA to get Wenger in bother. No, he's just talking s*** as usual.
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20/08/2010 19:43:00

Infact, looking at Wenger's comments today, we could acuse Hughes of unsettling Almunia. We had no intention of going public, but Hughes' constant babbling now has Almunia saying he's going to leave if someone else comes in.
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20/08/2010 19:46:00

Agree that we haven't "unsettled" Schwarzer but you're all ignoring the basic ridiculous point: WE CAME BACK WITH THE SAME FKG BID, ffs! We insult Fulham and Sevilla with pathetically ridiculous bids, going back to Fulham with the same pathetic cheapskate bid, wasting time while our own keepers are unsettled by all the speculation and news reports that we're bidding for keepers. Geezus f krist, it's less than ONE FKG MILLION MORE we're talking about, not 10 million. So the saga goes on and on and on and Almunia goes into his early season games unsure as to his position. Great management. It's ludicrous that this doesn't end - the player wants to leave, we supposedly want him but we can't even offer a half-decent bid for him. I know Fulham need a replacement for him and that's part of their reluctance to sell but we DO have some money to work with. Goalkeeping is our most vulnerable area and it's ludicrous that 2 wks before the end of the season we're looking only at a keeper who's just slightly better than Almunia and we're too damned cheap to offer a reasonable bid for him.
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20/08/2010 20:13:00

Right on the money Rocky. The only person to make this public is Hughes. Hodgson kept the May offer under wraps and Arsenal went away. The only reason for Hughes to make it public at the time he did in the manner he did was to invite another offer. Having responded to the invitation the only reason for Hughes to publicly reveal details of that second offer is to invite another higher offer. That he is doing so has nothing to do with the interests of the player. If we wish the offer to stand the appropriate response is to tell him that the bid is reduced by 5% with each day that passes until the window closes or, if we haven't already done so that we are ending any interest in the player.
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20/08/2010 20:22:00

For a 37 year old past his best, which was never more than average at best, a few weeks short of his 38th birthday with one year of a contract left, outside the protected period, that will end closer to his 39th birthday - 2m is a ridiculously generous figure.
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20/08/2010 20:28:00

When Barcelona tap up your players, they're subjected to all manner of recrimination and villification. When you do it to others, its their fault. I have to say, the tone of some of these articles is getting ever the stranger. Its as if the editors scour the daily news columns in the hopes of picking up any whiff of anti-Arsenal sentiment. If there isn't any, its created out of thin air. Fulham don't want to lose their keeper, and all this hassle is very unsettling for him. If Arsenal wanted him, why don't they make a bid and take him? The basic flaw in this article is the blind assumption that Arsenal always play fair, because you support them. Oh please, pull the other one, its got bells. Football is a business and Arsenal are very clearly making noises behind closed doors with the players agent and the player himself. Arsenal are ruthless, exploiting corporation who count on your blind support in order to flex the rules of the game. This, i'm afraid, is how the world really works.
Tony Rocky Horror
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20/08/2010 20:50:00

Arsenal are a ruthless*
Tony Rocky Horror
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20/08/2010 20:52:00

Errrr, we did make a bid for him numbnuts. Twice. We've not said anything public on Schwarzer. Every time the manager has been invited, he's refused.
Little Dutch
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20/08/2010 21:03:00

Although you haven't used the press to unsettle Schwartzer and even when directly quizzed in his press conference Wenger pretty much only answered the critisism from Hughes, I do think coming in with the exact same offer rejected months earlier knowing it would be rejected again is not as innocent as you claim. Although to compare that to Barcelona is...well typical Hughes
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20/08/2010 21:16:00

Whatever you think of articles here TRH in comparison your interjections are mind numbingly trite. I hope for your sake that they can be explained by your distorted partisanship. It would be particularly troubling to think that you are genuinely as stupid as you make yourself appear to be. Arsenal only made one public response in response to weeks of claims from Barcelona to take Cesc to the Nou Camp. That was to respond to a formal bid that Barca first made public. The bid was declined and the club asserted they would not enter into further negotiations. Anything after that came from Barca alone. By contrast Arsenal made a bid for Schwartzer that wasn't made public by either side and Arsenal accepted that position. 3 months later Hughes reveals details of the bid that he wasn't involved in saying he hadn't heard anything further from Arsenal deliberately inviting Arsenal to resubmit a bid which once again they did discretely. Hughes once more decides to make details public. Can't see the difference or won't see the difference? Either way numbnuts is about right.
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20/08/2010 21:35:00

In fact, maybe we're not having the right conversation here. Maybe we should all be laughing at the fact that Wenger's best response to Arsenal's incredible, ridiculous goalkeeping crisis is to make derisory bids for Schwarzer....the Groaners have finally hit rock bottom.
Tony Rocky Horror
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20/08/2010 21:39:00

My god, i'm gonna enjoy the NLD this year!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
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20/08/2010 21:44:00

If you're involved it hardly qualifies as conversation - more barking dog. In the meantime we'll watch you tackle your 50 year title drought while providing endless amusement for your far, far, far more successful illustrious neighbours.
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20/08/2010 21:44:00

If it were ANY other club than Arsenal, Hughes would do business. He is turning this into a battle of wills with AW, and nobody is really winning. Schwarzer has made his intentions very clear to Hughes - he wants to join us. Now, because of Hughes' stubborness over this transfer, he is unable to select Schwarzer, and has to tell the assembled media that he has a ' back ' injury. The quicker Hughes agrees to this transfer, the quicker he can find a goalkeeper who wants to play for him.
Cockney Rich
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20/08/2010 22:13:00

Agreed with all of the above. I would also add that this is a bit rich coming from Hughes. Just a year ago he was tapping up players left and rightwith Man City. He does not have the moral authority to even mention Arsenal or Arsene Wenger.
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20/08/2010 22:44:00

Joleon Lescott anyone?
Little Dutch
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20/08/2010 23:24:00

LD - I'll see your Joleon Lescott and raise you a Gareth Barry.
Cockney Rich
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21/08/2010 06:38:00

Dont think citeh did anything wrong with the barry transfer
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21/08/2010 07:41:00

I'm getting worried, if you get a half-decent keeper you may actually win something.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 08:21:00

Correct agaterocks, City didn't do anything wrong when accquiring Gareth Barry. However, I watched Mark Hughes give an interview to a sports presenter up here in the North West. Hughes confirmed that City had bid for Barry, he said : " Yes, we have made an offer to Aston Villa, and we feel it's a fair one ". He was then asked if he felt that a deal could be done sooner rather than later, given the problems that Liverpool encountered when trying to sign him. This is where my problem lies, and the reason that I made my comment. Hughes answered that question with : " I am confident that we will get Gareth. I know how unhappy he is, and it's very difficult to keep an unhappy player. The lad himself has told me that he wants to come ". Is Mark Schwarzer ' unhappy ' at all ?
Cockney Rich
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21/08/2010 08:22:00

The pursuit of Kaka was also conducted very quietly I seem to recall.....................
Little Dutch
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21/08/2010 09:04:00

yid in piece. i have come to ask jaelle if she knows anything about our new brazilian sandro (being from that part of the world)
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21/08/2010 12:38:00

Oh he's a **** ****. No wonder he ****ed up his Man City post. Hope he does the same at Fulham
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:38:00

TRH, the world does not work like it does in your psychotic imagination. Your hate for our club clearly numbs what little intellect you have in judging any event or situation. Perhaps you should just get back to writing for Arsenal Action. Its a wonder some people cant make out that you impersonate an Arsenal fan as often as you do.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 18:43:00

You declared your interest to a player of his age by submitting a 2 mil offer. It was rejected. But then the player handed in a TRANSFER REQUEST. Do we need to bid higher? I think we should bid lower. The first bid was without a TRANSFER REQUEST from Schwarzer. The second bid is 2 mil + TRANSFER REQUEST.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 20:12:00

I think it best not to intrude on private grief, especially involving a club chasing a 37 (whoa....say that again yes 37) year old middling goalkeeper. We're not talking about Pat Jennings here for gawds sake, which was a steal, I'll admit. He ain't in the same class.
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22/08/2010 20:36:00

lordjohnson, if Schwarzer is as average as you say why are you sh*itting yourself now that he may come to us?
Report Abuse
23/08/2010 13:00:00,17033,8652_6331139,00.html Rocky's point given real credence here. Hughes talking about it again, this time with the unnecessary comment, "Perhaps they feel they have an issue with their own goalkeeper."
Little Dutch
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23/08/2010 13:07:00

Yeah.....I am..... like.... Mel Brooks in Spaceballs
Report Abuse
24/08/2010 00:57:00

.... eh I'm sure Arsenal are unsettling him as well!
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
27/08/2010 10:41:00

We have made an offer of 2.5m for an as you put it " 37 year old middling goalkeeper ", who is also out of contract in less than a year and will be free to talk to other clubs in January. If anyone is unsettling Schwarzer, then it MUST be Hughes by refusing to let him leave.
Cockney Rich
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28/08/2010 08:00:00


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