Arsenal - Cesc: There Was No Way Arsenal Would Sell Me
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Cesc: There Was No Way Arsenal Would Sell Me

According to the Daily Mail, Cesc Fabregas claims that 'there was no way' Arsenal ever had any intentions of letting the midfielder join the massive (tossers) Spanish club, Barcelona.

The summer saw relentless speculation (that will not go away until Fabregas finally leaves) that Cesc was actively seeking a move away from North London to his home town club of Barcelona. The longer the rumours persisted with little to no comment coming from camp Fabregas, the more we knew it was true.

Fabregas now confirms, as if we didn't know, that his intentions were to leave Arsenal, he also confirms that when it came to Arsenal's firm stance on the player, that we were all trousers and no mouth.

Cesc said in The Daily Mail: 'Barcelona did all they could to sign me but Arsenal told me I had to stay, that there was no way they were going to let me go.

'In the end I had to stay but the content of my conversation with Arsene Wenger will remain private.'

We all know that the sad conclusion to this story is probably only 12 months or so away, but another upsetting point is that Fabregas is so blinded by love that he is unable to see how very little Barcelona did to sign him.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 6 2010

Time: 9:16AM

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i have to say well done for keeping him even if it is for just 12 months it stuck it right up the arrogant *****e that is barca it pains me but on this one i was 100% behind you guys
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06/09/2010 09:35:00

p.s you chaps want to have a look at this its wenger telling sandro where to go really funny
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06/09/2010 09:45:00

The club were always in a ' damned if they do, damned if they don't ' situation. There is NOTHING wrong with keeping arguably your best player AND captain if you do not wish to sell him. When Barca were told repeatedly " he is NOT for sale "' that should have been the end of the matter. Barca need only have asked Gazidis one simple question : " What price would you sell Cesc Fabregas to us ? ". They offered 29m and then 31m, figures that they just plucked out of the air and expected us to do business. No chance. Would they have sold Lionel Messi if we had offered 31m ?
Cockney Rich
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06/09/2010 09:49:00

Whatever happens next summer we won't get any less for him so making him stay another season, in the absence of an irresistible offer, was the right thing to do. We all know what Cesc's preference was but I don't think he was exactly devastated that his move is postponed either. The chance came at a bad time for Barca as the need for a short term loan and the hefty hit they've had to take on Ibrahimovic shows. They may be in a little better shape to do the deal next season.
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06/09/2010 10:25:00

If this is in fact true, so much for the claim he would stay professional. If it is the case he's made these comments then he's just another spoilt child, like Adebayor.
Ozi Gooner
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06/09/2010 10:38:00

Predictably the Daily Mail quote is a cut down one from an interview translated from Spanish. The fuller text gives it as "Barcelona made every effort to sign me, but Arsenal had told me to stay, which in no way I was going to refuse, and in the end I had to stay," Cesc went on to say that above all he wants to "be professional and give it everything". He refused to discuss Barca and said "What happens in the future? we'll see. I do not think of anything because if I think of the future it would not let me focus on the present and I would have a bad year." Whatever I think of the wisdom of Cesc setting this thing running in the summer he is trying, and for the most part succeeding, in being pretty mature and professional about it since.
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06/09/2010 10:57:00

Don't get angry get even!
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06/09/2010 11:03:00

I don't think he'll leave next summer. And I don't think our success on the pitch will be a factor in the decision. But what do I know.
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06/09/2010 11:05:00

In a strange way I find it refreshing to hear from him and not Messi, Puyol, Xavi et al. I think that we can ALL guess the content of his conversation with AW, and yes, it must have been very emotional for him. Let's all take a tip from Cesc himself and " focus on the present ". We are unbeaten, second in the league and at home to Bolton on saturday. End of.
Cockney Rich
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06/09/2010 11:07:00

We know one thing, if he doesn't perform 100% of the time this season the fans will get on his back very quickly. The only thing I expect of Fabregas is 100% effort. He has given no reason in the past to doubt he will, but then he gave no reason in the past that he wanted to leave, until this season. His deafening silence all summer was (IMO) unprofessional when he could of simply asked Barcelona and it's mouthy bunch of players to keep a dignified silence while he spoke with his club. As Arsenal captain that was the least I expected of him and he spectacularly failed to deliver.
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06/09/2010 11:20:00

Cesc will still give 100% on the pitch. He was awesome in Spains 4-0 win on Friday night and is looking sharp. I agree that unless Barca make a better offer come summer we'll be in the exact same situation. Arsenal will not sell at that price. The best thing that can happen here is that Inter come forward and make an offer for Cesc. I would love it if we accepted a 40 million pound bid from another club!
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 11:33:00

hmmmmmmmmm...fab to real that would put some icing on the cake.....hows that cesc...need to shut it now n play 4 who pays you
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 12:35:00

Haha Amos, that's why I made sure to qualify my comments with 'If'
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 13:13:00

hand in a transfer request
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 13:19:00

lazy peice of writing, "Romeu is weighing up his options at the Bernabeu after dropping down the pecking order since the arrival of Argentina international Javier Mascherano from Liverpool"
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 13:22:00

Not as lazy as your first post 123. What does that have to do with anything here?
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 13:28:00

If Cesc has a storming season with us his valuation might even go up!
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 13:47:00

@123spurs, Bernabeu?? Anyway, if the ****s can't stump up the money it may be an option to add a few of their better prospects into the deal. Then we can sell them back in 5yrs with a hefty profit.
insider says
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06/09/2010 16:46:00

No comment...
Blunt G
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 16:55:00

Thought it was only slur alex that kidnapped players! ;)
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06/09/2010 18:48:00

Cesc is in a difficult position every time he goes away on international break with every question from every journalist centering on barcelona. The papers will invariably take the juiciest quote and sensationalize it (even when the quote is pretty innocuous like the one discussed above). expect this saga to repeat itself every international break as long as Cesc is an arsenal player
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 19:00:00

Very true Arsene_Wonder. The spanish media would do its best to make the fans call for Cesc's head. Any and every tactic which gets the transfer price down and makes an unavailable player available will be pursued by those turds from the camp nou.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 20:19:00

Hmm....what could that 'private conversation' have told us? Fabregas: "I want to go to Barcelona" ..... Wenger: "Non, and ferme la porte on your way out" Fabregas: "OK I'll say Barca wanted me and you wanted to keep me, but the rest remains private".
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 20:26:00

@LondonGooner - Did it ever occur to you that maybe a part of this "private conversation" he had with Wenger could include this: "Cesc, I hope you will stay out of this transfer dealings and focus on your World Cup, I'll determine what's best for you and for us". Outcome --> Cesc told the media "He's like a father to me" I'm just saying....
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 21:31:00

Haha, I wish we Gooners had the same level of interest in Spurs affairs but we don't. But lets be honest who here gives a rats anus about the Gareth Bale saga.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 01:50:00

there's a gareth bale saga?
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 08:56:00

Malaysian_GunnerZ - No it never occured to me. In fact I didn't think at all, I just randomly picked up a keyboard at a strangers computer, while someone else was logged in and typed the first thing that came to mind, fortunately it was about Cesc Fabregas and what do you know it ended up on a Fabregas aarticle, who would of point is valid, he has let the club down with his lack of instruction towards barca and should of done mor eto dampen these rumours, expecially now it's clear he is staying they are still yapping and he is dong nothing aout it, he has the power to and still the club is disrespected day in day out by those catalunian c****.
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07/09/2010 11:43:00

To be fair those stories have emerged every summer for a few years now and whether Cesc denies them or not it has little effect on what is said in the media. It's best that he says as little as he can. What will be will be - but when he does go his place will be filled without any great pain. No one is irreplaceable really.
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07/09/2010 11:49:00

The fact that Arsene stuck to his guns shows the importance of Cesc to the team. He has enjoyed a few good years and now will have another with maybe a trophy at the end of it.
SFC Forever
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07/09/2010 13:32:00

To be fair those stories have emerged every summer for a few years now and whether Cesc denies them or not it has little effect on what is said in the media. It's best that he says as little as he can. What will be will be - but when he does go his place will be filled without any great pain. No one is irreplaceable really. Amos.---Since when, besidce this summer have we been subjected to such intense pressure from Barcelona....answer we have never had this much public pressure put on us and Fabregas could of nipped that in the bud tactfully and politely, but he didn't and has since not stopped talking about how he wanted to be in Barcelona. Correct me if I am wrong.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 14:18:00

Have you guys seen these quotes from Vermaelen re Cesc?,19528,11670_6363566,00.html
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 15:32:00

Yeah I read the vermaelen quotes, I hope they're nonsense the last thing we need is for our own players to be talking about all this DNA crap!
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 15:55:00

I sometimes wish our players would just keep their mouths shut and do their talking on the pitch
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 15:56:00

Depends what wrong you think has to be righted LG. That Cesc to barcelona stories have emerged every summer for a few seasons now isn't wrong. That Barca made a bid for him after encouraging noises from his this summer isn't wrong either. It isn't right that there'll be stories running through the year about Cesc going next summer but it would be wrong to imagine that there won't be. Whether its right or wrong there is nothing that Cesc can say that will change anything even if he insists he's staying. We know what he wants to do - it's best that he says as little as possible and preferably nothing at all. And to be fair to him he hasn't said much at all - though what he has said is always more than he should.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 16:24:00

there is nothing that Cesc can say that will change anything even if he insists he's staying. We know what he wants to do - it's best that he says as little as possible and preferably nothing at all. And to be fair to him he hasn't said much at all - though what he has said is always more than he should.Amos. --- and you don't think a quiet whisper in the shell like of a few people at Barcelona would work? It hasn't been tried (clearly) so it would be foolish to say it would make no difference until it has been tried, surely?
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 16:34:00

I'm not sure why you think it's necessary to cut and paste a text that appears just above yours LG but nevertheless. I think a lot of words have been quietly and sometimes quite noisily pushed into Barca ears - and it times doubtless confirmed in writing. They'll be, and are being, judged on their actions but will it stop press speculation, manipulation of quotes or unguarded responses to loaded questions? I don't imagine so for one moment. We may as well get used to it. Least said soonest mended.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 16:42:00

Guessing you guys are ignoring Vermaelens Cesc does have Barca DNA comments. Quite unwise on Vermaelens part. You guys done well to hold onto him for another year (completely understandable considering how disrespectful the offer was and also how they were going about the situation), it's just a shame Fabregas will be a Barca player, how much do you reckon you will get?
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 17:36:00

Surprise, surprise, RvP is out till mid-October. You gotta feel for the guy, he just can't get a run of games without being crocked. What a loss he is for us. He'll miss the CL and Chelsea games.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 17:57:00

I'm not sure why you think it's necessary to cut and paste a text that appears just above yours LG but nevertheless Amos -- We all repsond and post in our own unique ways, I post this way because it is easier to keep track of discussions especially if you jump on and off the board or other people are following it. Fair enough the board is pretty quiet now, but it is still a good habit. Your self admitted confusion over this is neither here nor there. Fact is there was no polite public rebuttal from Cesc in the media towards his "future" colleagues and I believe it could of made a huge difference. You don't, nevertheless we haven't seen/heard the rebuttal so we don't know, it couldn't of made things worse.
Report Abuse
08/09/2010 13:27:00

If i was him i would've kept my mouth shut aswell. Any word uttered from his mouth is gonna be look at and interpreted from 5000 different angles. He was unsure if he was going to Barca or not, which i am fine with, so if he came out and said "i'm definately not going to Barca" that would've been a lie and every Arsenal fan would've thought "What a ****" ...He does have a lot of love for Arsenal, and i think he's always proven that. He also has a lot of love for Barca, and he's never denied that. He's done a lot for our club and when he goes, he will be missed by me at least but as far as him 'doing wrong' by not commenting before he did, that's ********* really. Completely understandable for me that he didn't wanna get involved with all the crap coming out of everyones mouth.
Report Abuse
09/09/2010 07:17:00

How is Fabregas supposed to make Barcelona people shut up? I mean, even after Fabregas said he was staying, and EVERYONE ELSE more or less put the issue to bed, Xavi was still mouthing off about how Fabregas would go in January when we were out of the title race. How can you shut as big a mouth as that up?
Report Abuse
12/09/2010 11:24:00

Can't agree with that Fuikaka, but then different opinions are exactly what they are.
Report Abuse
13/09/2010 14:15:00


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