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Team News: Arsenal v. Braga

Arsenal Starting XI: Almunia, Sagna, Koscileny, Squillaci, Clichy, Song, Wilshere, Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, Chamakh

Arsenal Bench: Fabianski, Rosicky, Vela, Denilson, Djourou, Eboue, Gibbs

Braga Starting XI: Philip, Albert, Moses, Paul, Michael, Simon, Alan, Hugh, Mathew, Algernon, Valentine

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 15 2010

Time: 7:04PM

Your Comments

interesting that djourou is on the bench, considering he just played the full 90 yesterday
Why is jack starting ahead of Rosicky? Wenger is trying to promote the "ENGLISH LAD" undeservingly
Rosicky is not being risked in a 2nd game in a week. I'd expect him back for the weekend. I'm glad that Wenger isn't going the Fergie route with the CL game, but I'm all for resting those who are carrying knocks and hope we come away from this without any more for the treatment table (and 3 points)
Play Wilshere and AW is criticised and not playing him gets him slated. What a lovely position to be in.
i just hope we kill this game off early and get Cesc, Chamakh, and Arsh off early
I'm buzzing! CL football is back!! :D
All those refs and they can't see a clear cut pen?
Two stonewall peno's turned down. Ref is a *****er...
And just as I say that we get one:-)
haha, try that again later TGB, complain about a lack of pens
It's funny that Barca refused to pay 40-50 Million for Fabregas thinking they'd get him next year anyway, Cesc is going to be priced at 100 million at this rate. There's no one as good in the world right now.
We could easily have made it 3-0 within the first 10 mins! We'll get there without the ref. Now please score more and kill the tie please please!
Indeed Rocky, and by next summer we can sell him to Real who can afford it without asking the banks for cash.
indeed lou, this match should be done and dusted already
Oh shut the eff up! The commentators on my you-know-what online are annoying me no end! I just want to keep enjoying this great attacking game with lovely football without hearing the word 'Barcelona'. Eff off!!!
Well we are all over them. Hopefully we will get another just before half time.
We should win this one fairly easily seeing as Braga have Carlton Banks of "Fresh Prince Of Bell Air" fame, in goal.
Wilshere is absolutely everywhere, having a great game. Arshavin has been a bit sloppy at times again.
U reckon if Braga score, their goalie will do that silly Carlton dance to Tom Jones between his goalposts Rocky? :-)
Yay, Arshavin made that shot look 'simples!!!'
cesc = another goal and assist, I can't believe some gooners were insisting that we sell him
He's 5 foot 4....!!! :D
Chamakh!!! What an ass kicking we are administering!! :-)
Fabregas is worth his weight in Eboue's. Wait..I take that back. What an assist. Well done Arshavin.
what a goal!! well done Jack and Chamakh!!!
Brilliant move, brilliant finish, brilliant striker!
Lovely little set up by Arsh there...
but Lou, what about Jacks back heel? ;-)
Yeah yeah brilliant back-heel, brilliant assist, brilliant midfielder! Happy now? I am! :D
It'd be perfect if we cut out the occasional sloppy pass here and there. And guys, at this rate, free transfer of the season anyone? What a coup!
Arshavin has been the only let down so far, he's not done much useful apart from scoring that goal. If Diaby was playing like that he would have got slaughtered by the fans. Wilshere was the best player on the pitch in the first half for me.
Say what you want about Adrian Chilles, but I reckon he's pretty funny. He claims that Cesc is about to be on the end of "some serious man love" from the ITV studios. lol
the sooner we can get some key players off and rested for the weekend, the better... about the sloppy passes lou, most of them came from Arsh, he's still not quite at his best
I think Arshavin has done well. He's given away the ball a couple of times, but he's worked very hard, and been an intergral part of the group. Chamakh however has been my man of the match so far. I'm not sure I've ever seen a striker work quite as hard as he does. Awesome awesome performance.
Arsh has looked extremely lacklustre at times this season for sure.
What do the officials on the goal line have in their hand?
As for Cesc, you can peg him down for an assist for his own penalty. He played the ball that won us the spot kick.
Also what is the point of those officials? On all of the penalty claims, I haven't seen him move a muscle.
Chamakh's goal: Wilshere was offside and the ball went throught the legs of the defender, we never get that rub of the green against Chelski. Vela, Denilson and Eboue on for Arshavin, Cesc and Chamakh.
Their knobs for the most part GK .... considering the two stonewallers they've missed.
I agree with Rocky. AA did well. Saw him track back a few times, supporting Clichy, something that he didn't always do before. Chamakh indeed so far so good Rocky. Like a more mature, composed version of Bendtner, or a skilful version of (the old, hard-working) Adebayor. He has the physical presence, the work rate, the finesse, the link-up play, the aerial threat. MotM in the 1st half for me too!
GK, I'm sure we have the same commentators, and as they said 'more humans mean more human error' -- tough to argue that
I think we're having a competition with Chelsea to see who can win by the biggest margin, 4-0 in both games.
Is it just me, I thought I saw someone like Defoe playing for Braga lol..
Bowie keep saying that - they just conceded one as you said that! ;)
This should be reviewed as Fabregas v Braga. He has turned them inside out tonight.
The players on both teams seem to be slipping on the pitch much more than usual. And *****, now my stream goes out. So much for thinking paying for a official stream will get me better quality than the illegal ones.
Cech own goal by the sounds of it, Almunia is so much better than him ;)
I like the little 'frog leap' warm-up move Eboue's doing on the sideline! :D
GK, is that how you're paying for FS Plus? didn't know that option was available
It had to be a chip didn't it?
arsh has been much more precise this half, nice finish from Vela
Lovely finish by Vela...
Carlos has been the king of icing-on-the-cake goals so far!
TPowel, is a really good alternative to FS+, which isn't offered in my area either. It has live high-quality streams of all the matches on both channels, as well as live streams of any match Fox has the rights to.
thanks GK, I'll have to check it out
I take almost as much pleasure from seeing 2, 3 players tracking back after we lost the ball at this stage of the game - the players want a clean sheet, collectively too. Love this whole performance!
Glut of goals I see? Well done lads. Its either you lot or us for the CL this year, it's only fitting that one of us win it at London! Fabregas-Wilshire partnership seems to be great for you guys! Though I think Wilshire will be crowded out by the physical defenders in the Premier league.
Bowie we're the kings of this matchday outscoring Chelsea, Farcelona and Valencia. :)
Great performance, even Arshavin looked a lot sharper in the second half. Wilshere and Fabregas ran the show. I don't think Wilshere will have any problems handling physical defenders, he's a lot stronger and tougher than he looks.
How unselfish is Cesc, laying off to Carlos when he might have run on for his hat-trick? Loving Cesc. I KNEW this boy would NEVER let us, the club or himself down, while he pulls on the shirt in our colours.Well done Boss, well done indeed for your sheer stubbornness this summer! Well down team. THAT- spuds- is how it IS done :)
1. I think Cesc may be a little *****ed at a certain group of ****alans for underrating his value. He has played as a man possessed the last two games. How many times did he lay the ball off today rather than selfishly (but understandably) going for his hattrick? 2. Chamakh's touch always looks a bit awkward but I'll be damned if he isn't the best free transfer of the year. 3. They weren't really tested much but the team did look committed to defending as a team today. I find that encouraging.
JT daniel, hows about an all London final between our respective clubs at Wembley? :-)
JT -- there's no reason to think that a short yet strong player like Jack can't succeed in the PL, plenty of others have. Unless you're saying that this year in particular he could have trouble due to his age, which is fair enough
I dunno about best free transfer Smith, I'm struggling to think of a transfer, free or paid better than Chamakh! Awesome player.
Well there was Milner - quite he bargain I hear...
In fact I can't criticise anyone today at all. Even the occasional stray passes are forgiveable lol.. I also want to mention that Almunia, Kos and Squil stayed alert despite our dominance. Almunia made a few good saves and contributed well to our valuable clean sheet.
And also that Italian bloke who went to City, Smithdj... er what's his name... :P
What a perfect European night - even this place is Spuds-free so far, brilliant!
Almunia has looked solid for 99% of the season. He's already won brownie points by going nose to nose by that pr*ck Diouf.
excellent performance and result. but this will mean nothing if we dun get the three points on saturday. i hope the players dont get complacent and take sunderland seriously because they will definetly be a lot tougher than braga and than what many ppl think. we've struggled there for the past two seasons, i hope the manager and the players take note of that and come away with a win..
There will come a point this season where Almunia makes a mess of something, I just hope that when he does the fans will realize he is showing massive improvement over last year. So far I've seen the "awesome" Joe Hart and Cech make howlers but noone doubts their quality. If New Almunia can continue as he has then we shouldn't have too many problems.
By the way, it seems to be forgotten that Nasri played the entire 90 so soon after having surgery. He's an important part of our first team as he can play across the midfield.
Agreed Smith, further to the point, Cech has had really bad errors the last two games that led to goals conceeded... unfortunately Chelski were too far up for them to matter.
Don't forget Reina's flops for spain and liverpool. But Almunia's improvement is also due to the improvement in defense, I saw a stat somewhere saying we've conceded the fewest amount of shots on goal. Sunderland will be tough match and I think we're gonna need our shooting boots on because Sunderland are not going to give us many chances in that match and we will also have to defend like a team like we did tonight.
My eyes hurt, that was just football porn at it's sexiest! Everyone of them deserves a massive shout out, that was a fantastic team effort. Next up Sunderland, bring it on!
insider says
Excellent performance, worth getting up at 2.45am for :) Welldone it Wishere. Chamakh's work rate is awesome. Fabregas ...well i don't even need to say anything. The defence seemed determined not to let a goal in. And Vela, still has a few flaws to work out but his finishing is ultra-clinical. He's had 3 1-on-1 chances in the last 2 games and finished it every time.
TPowell, that's exactly what I meant. He's a bit slight, so he might get crowded out by defenders. But he's very young, so I'm sure Wenger will be making him work on his build next. Loved that backheel! :) And T-G-B - Bring it on! Though that corrupt ba****d Platini would probably fix it to prevent another all English final.
I would love to have a aresenal-chelsea final at wembley,but hold on to your horses lads,platini might not allow it :)
"Indeed Rocky, and by next summer we can sell him to Real who can afford it without asking the banks for cash." ~ Right Lou, Real don't ask for the cash, the banks just give it to them.
Ozi Gooner
Arsenal v Chelsea Final in London would be AWESOME! But as you guys say, it'll NEVER be allowed :( Platini is meh...
Loved Cesc's interview after the match! Says he loves Arsenal, wasn't happy with the performance cause we took the foot off the pedal for like half a minute, and also because he didn't get his hattrick. But the best was when they asked him about Wilshere, and he said Wilshere is better than himself at that age!!!
Arsenal v Chelsea? I'd be happy with that, so long as we get to knock out those Barca slags on the way.
insider says
I was thinking the same thing about Almunia last night, the big test isn't when he's doing well, it's how well he can recover from a big mistake. He's doing well though that's for sure.
Has anyone else noticed that Vela really looks to be a different animal this season? He's noticeably more aggresive, and looks stronger and faster. Almost as though Wenger has given him the belief that if he pushes himself, he'll become a regular. The guy's just an awesome finisher; if he gets his all-round game to improve, we'll have an amazing player on our hands. Times like last night is what makes you savour the Wenger Years!
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Clichy, I thought he was fantastic. I lost count of the number of times he won the ball, and immediately started an attack. Never stopped running, and fast as hell! No better left back in the world when he's like this
Wilshere is unbelievable. 18 years old and playing like that in the Champions League! He was everywhere yesterday...a tiger in defence and fox in attack. Truly world class.
Wyn Mills

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