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Team News: Sunderland v. Arsenal

Arsenal Starting XI: Almunia, Clichy, Squillaci, Koscielny, Sagna, Song, Wilshere, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Chamakh

Arsenal Bench: Fabianski, Rosicky, Vela, Denilson, Djourou, Eboue, Gibbs

Sunderland Starting XI: Mignolet, Onuoha, Bramble, Ferdinand, Richardson, Elmohamady, Riveros, Meyler, Malbranque, Welbeck, Bent

Sunderland Bench:Carson, Bardsley, Zenden, Colback, Gyan, Reid, Da Silva

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 18 2010

Time: 5:05PM

Your Comments

I'm disappointed Rosicky isn't starting, but we should be able to tear apart a back four of Onuoha, Bramble, Ferdinand, and Richardson. Also I'm glad Gyan and Bent aren't starting together.
I'm a bit surprised too that Nasri's starting his second game in a row after injury ahead of Rosicky. Hope the boss will be in a situation where he can rest Samir later.
Cesc is Jesus?
HAHAHAHA CSEC cant do anything wrong
Youngest in Charge
goal of the day?????????????????????hahaha
Cesc can't believe it. We can't believe it. But this post I've just seen on the BBC site puts it well: From jamiebrooker on Twitter: "Sunderland probably should believe it, given they scored a goal via a beach ball last season!" HAHAHHAHAHHAHA
lucky ********
what a bizarre half, i've never seen every wayward/bouncing ball go straight to one team every time
We've soaked up the pressure quite well, except that incident of Clichy dwelling on the ball in our own box, although at times we've scrambled a little bit. The alertness and efforts to defend as a group are there despite the relatively less understanding among the all-French back-line. Hope Cesc's okay. It's just bizarre that he scored such a goal and got himself injured in such a manner. Strange old game football eh?
Is the ref taking the ***** with all these soft fouls in the middle of the park or what? It's working in our favor breaking up their attacks but at this rate Song or Jack will get a second yellow. Maybe Deni should come on.
insider says
see you struggling a lot there
It was towards the end of the second half we managed to keep the ball a bit. Other than that it was 100% dominance by Sunderland.
first half*
I wonder how much that goal cost us with the injury to Cesc. fingers crossed just a massage will sort it out.
insider says
I don't get it...
Song always runs the risk of that and away from home even more so. We're completely off the pace today and I can see us throwing it away.
impressive dive by henderson to get song his first yellow, by the way
Now is the real test. If we're to win something this season, this is the sort of situation for us to show our character.
How's that late tackle on Jack not a yellow??!?!
What the flip is going on here then? Sunderland****s.
Erm. Why is there a dopey spud on here?
I just realized that I don't get nervous on every set piece. Our defense really is much better this season. Including the keeper
Keep laughing numbnut. I see you lot are eating our dust AS PER USUAL.
Why the ***** are we playing better with 10 men?
WTF was that Tomas
Ah- wake me up when it's over!
Eh?!!! What?
fuuuuuck deni
Oh well, same old story :-(
Oh ****, we were so brave to hang in there for so long, **** it!
Fecking joke.
Deadly bounce
Don't know why the ref didn't blow the whistle, together with some of his decisions. But but, I blame ourselves for not killing the game off when we could. Looking at you AA and TR, sorry, sigh. At least we didn't lose. Sunderland played well, despite some of the fouling. Fair result I suppose.
Gotta feel for the lads, they did their best. Alas, Rosicky should have scored the penalty.
*****! The guys did well, despite the goal. I think they deserved the win, and I guess Sunderland deserved the point. If only tomas would have converted that penalty
Just when I was going to be so happy to write that our defence did a sterling job. Funny game. You can tell Sunderland had the benefit of not playing midweek. I also think Song has got to cut out his silly fouls. Maybe this was a game to play Denilson with Song from the start. We just never got going. Feels like a defeat.
Fist through wall!!!! that hurt. Poor clearance, clichy was it?
insider says
I'm afraid the 5 away games after CL is going to have a big bearing on us.
I agree with afri-gooner. We deserved 3 points for a great show of determination, but Sunderland also deserved at least one for making us work so hard and keeping on searching. Rosicky and Nasri showed immense class on the ball in hectic surroundings. Chamakh worked his arse off again. Of course it's a shame we couldn't quite hold on but I'm still very proud of their efforts in the 2nd half.
That and the bleeding injuries. If we kept our first squad intact, we'd blow everyone away. Sunderland got lucky. Oh well we're still ahead of Teenytots.
***** off Dowd You cost us two points Damn you
Oh and I think we should give Vela a few starts to make Arsh feel his place is under threat. We've recently been playing better when he goes off.
Exactly guys, the defence did a sterling job indeed. What a funny old game. If we held on for 30 seconds more, we'd already be saying that's proper champions material we just witnessed - captain going off injured, one man down, holding onto the narrowest of leads, facing a truly committed Sunderland side pressing us hard at home. But despite the draw I do think we've seen some great signs - defensive solidity, variation of attack, even a bit of luck lol, mental toughness of playing against the odds. Indeed Vin, going away right after CL is worrying indeed.
HANDBALL by Gyan and the ref added time, and he sent off, **** performance by the ref to say the least!!! Rosicky, Nasri and Denilson were excellent in keeping possesion after the sending off, Too bad oppourtunites missed (Rosicky) and a rush of blood to the head (Denilson) were some of the things that cost us the match.
Gun 'Em Down
In fairness I don't think Dowd did such a bad job today. Song's second yellow was a bit harsh, but as Lou he was committing a lot of silly fouls. As for playing overtime, I don't think we can really dwell on that. It happens all the time, we just experienced its darker side today. It was a frenetic game in nature, and I think he did a decent job in letting it flow whilst giving mostly the correct decisions.
sent off Song*
Gun 'Em Down
At least this was a match which the longer it went on the more confidence in our central defense I could have. The law of percentages didn't go our way in the end but it's been a long time since I could have realistically expected that we would be able to cope defensively. It was a good performance and though the result was disappointing it was reassuring in many ways.
You can't really say our performance merited a win, but then these are the games they say you get a win even without playing well, and we haven't done it. Lots of positives, but you can't help feeling we keep making the same mistakes and don't learn from them. I'm surprised Wenger started with the same team as Wednesday though. I definitely would have started with Denny. I thought Wilshere played really well again so that's a massive positive that he can do it in the tough fixtures.
Dowd was keen to send off Song cheaply. That second yellow was not even a tcakle and was miles from goal. My gripe is with Rosicky. He is one of the old heads, talks about us winning, its the 73rd minute, his team is down to 10 men and taking pressure, he gets a penalty and he manages to miss the target altogether? That is criminal. I don't think he had his best game today when replacing Cesc. His shooting (and AA's) has been poor of late. He skyballs everything.... We can't throw points away like that.
Ah man what can I say about this.. We deserved better than that. For the kind of effort we put in.
I thought Rosicky was tremedous in the 2nd half. Maybe the main reason we were able to hold possession and mount attacks at all with 10 men. Shame he didn't score the penalty but an absolutely sublime player.
i heard that wenger pushed the 4th official but i dint see it, how about you
I actually thought that, barring the pen miss, Rosicky played very well given the circumstances. Admittedly his shooting hasn't been at its best for a while (perhaps it's a confidence thing having not scored for so long), but he made all the right decisions in his passes and found space brilliantly. Him and Nasri did superbly to enable us to keep the ball in the final 3rd with no wingers. Just a shame we didn't get that second break. I do think it was a bit foolish to take the pen though, seeing as he hasn't scored for so long. Nasri would have been a better option.
Didn't see Amos' post, but yeah - what he said.
Our performance with 11 was poor but with 10 we were really good. Really proud of the performance but a real shame we couldn't hang on for the win. And we shouldn't be surprised with the ref's performance it was Phil Dowd after all.
Have to say I think the centre halves were absolutely superb, especially Koscielny. 9/10 performance from him in my opinion. It was an awfully bitter way to lose two points, but I felt we produced a very good performance in the second half, although we had a sub par first half.
I agree Rosicky was outstanding bar the penalty miss, as well as that someone else should have taken the penalty considering I've never seen him take a penalty. Wenger makes a list of who takes them though. It's a good point especially since we lost there last season, but the manner in which we did so is obviously frustrating.
Gun 'Em Down
I thought it would be scrappy but did expect the win; tough, I guess. I did see a lot of positives to take away from this, one of which is the marked improvement in the defensive side of our game. All we need is a near fit squad and we should be in for the long haul. A draw at Sunderland is not all that bad, after a mid week game.
*expect a win*
Koscielny and Squillacci were immense. That extra-time-extra-time goal really hurt but I am really comforted by the fact that we managed be so defensively solid for such a long time.
Bring on the Spuds on Tuesday, nothing like a win over them to get over this game!
thought ur club dont care about the CC
We care to beat you lot, though.
Rosicky used to have a great shot from distance but he seems to have lost it of late. He's a fine passer and It might be unfair to compare him to Cesc but i always feel like noone controls the tempo of a game as Cesc. In the last minutes, we did not waste enough time or slow the game down. Almunia loves to counter-attack and release the ball fast, its fine during the earlier parts of the game but not at the end when players are tired.
well we may have to put out our reseves 2 an we are in the big time
The Spuds Trolls have found their voices again. Amazing how avoiding defeat, at home to Wolves, can restore confidence for some.
Agree on the centre halves. Both were outstanding and at last i dont get nervous every time we defend set pieces, seriously how many crosses did we comfortable deal with in that game. Kos is a monster in the air and Squillaci is fantastic at organising. I think it's clear now how much Gallas was holding us back.
insider says
we had ur lot over last week to our lose to wigan, just take the good with the bad, this is not trolling
So *****ed off. I don't want to criticise too much but I really didn't think we played well. Nasri was industrious and constantly our best outlet but he was the only stand out offensive figure (unfortunately Rosicky's impressive performance will naturally be overshadowed by the pen miss). Chamakh worked very hard as usual but I thought he was far less effective with the ball. Arshavin had a typical game, drifting in and out. Unfortunately, when involved, nothing positive was really created, unlike his last few performances. Wilshere was okay but I thought Denilson would have been a better option. I'd love to say Song's red was harsh but I really don't think it was. He's good at stopping play with those sort of fouls but has got to be more discrete, like Mikel and Fletcher do perfectly for the other big boys, and therefore, stay out of the ref's book. The centre halves, on a positive note, were immense which is promising but, like Rosicky, the failure to get rid of the ball marrs the performance. And finally, where did four come from? And whilst I accept it is a MINIMUM of four, that's only if there are stoppages. There were none, ergo, poor officiating.
And I also feel that Wilshere showed again why Denilson and Rosicky are on the bench. He's getting better with every match.
Come to think of it this is reverse of the Liverpool match. Outplayed in the first half but played better in the second half when we had 10 men for most of it. And the late goal too.
I think Rosicky and Denilson showed why Wilshere should have been on the bench. Both far more influential on the game than young Jack.
How much of that was down to fatigue you guys think? The passing just wasn't there in the first half. I was surprised to see the same team as against Braga actually. Thought Den and Rosicky would start replacing Song and Nasri. No point talking about that I suppose. Makes it all the more interesting what kind of team the boss will send out at WHL next.
Koscielny for president
I don't think Wilshere did too bad really, he had an OK match. That being said, I do feel both Rosicky and especially Denilson brought sensible passing and calmness to the team.
Equating an away draw at Sunderland with 10 men to a home defeat to Wigan isn't a secure enough basis for waving your willy around 123 spud - people will just laugh at it.
I'm sure after the dust has settled we won't feel as bad as we do now. But I do feel that, esp away from home, that we can't rely just on Song to do the winning ball back part, that's prob partly why he gets so many yellow cards. I watched Denilson closely when he came on and he made some excellent tackles, took up good positions and physically looks to be stronger and faster. Maybe he should have played from start. We're also unlucky to lose Cesc, I'm sure we'd have won if we was on throughout.
Congrats to Uncle Arsene on picking up the 50th red card of his tenure as Arsenal manager - a stat you can all be proud of as Arsene moans about the rough treatment meted out to his players from "Certain" clubs. SALUT!
Sunderland were class today, best we have played in a long time. So proud of our passing and will to win the ball. Deserved more than the one point but I wont be too greedy. Darren bent is fast as lightning, Darren Bent is red and white, when he gets the ball he scores a goal he's fu**ing dynamite!!!
fifthcolumnblue, 50 isn't a massive amount. It works out at around 4 per season, which is fairly typical. And none of Song's tackles today were every going to cause an injury. They were cheeky, tactical fouls but by no means reckless.
*ever going to cause an injury
The way Wenger's comments have (and continue to be) reported by the press is laughable, predictable and pathetic. Similarly, how they stick up for the way the Stokes and Blackburns of this world play. The pundits are so fiercely protective of the English game yet they forget that haven't won sweet FA since '66 and won't any time soon. And then all these fans just suck up to whatever's said and written.
FCB, maybe because your ragtag mercenary club has had countless managerial changes over the last 14 years, you may not have realised that we have had the same manager in charge over 14 years. The red card number is not much if you compute an average.
Which team does fifthcolumn support anyway?? I only know him as he's always on every site being an arse and voting on about 100 polls trying desperately to win the "vital supporters league" (imagine if your life was so sad you'd need to do that?)
The Horses Mouth
I'll try not to take the ***** by saying that Arsenal's defensive play was really good today. Better than last year I would say.
Gutting in the end but a great many positives. In the second half, Sunderland didn't look threatening, such were the performances of Kos and Squillaci. I felt gutted for the players because they didn't deserve what happened to them in injury time, they had worked so hard and we can be proud of how we controlled the game in the second period, even with 10. The penalty is obviously a turning point, but Rosicky was a lot more effective than Arshavin, Wilshere showed great maturity after Song's red to sit deep and protect his back four. A sickener, but I think we're owed a win we don't deserve soon after that (at Chelsea would be nice), in every season you're going to get gut punches like that but the likelihood is, we'll celebrate more last minute goals than we will lament them.
Little Dutch
I suppose it balances itself out against the Liverpool draw. I was suprised Nasri didnt take it, not that i thought Rosicky was not capable. If you had offered me 5 points for Anfield, Ewood and Stadium of light at the start of the season i would of take it
No point dwelling on it but Rosicky's penalty felt like a rushed effort, no control, just power... a really bad miss... from 10 yards, you have to make the keeper earn it.
Really dissapointed with the result but we do have to remember that the likes of Man U and Chelsea still have to go to place like Liverpool, Blackburn and Sunderland and there are no guarantees that they will get 5 points out of those matches.
buy bent to avoid him scoring against you lots..haha
Yeah, shame you lot sold him and kept Fattie Keane really.
Little Dutch
Like you sold fat Robinson to stop us from scoring against you? How'd that work out for you?
I'd like to point out this article in today's Guardian: Such a contrast from the behavior of that disgraceful hypocrite whinger Arsene Wenger who, to my knowledge, has yet to lodge an official complaint about the ref's failure to book Robinson, or any other ref for their performance
diff story now..we have vdv and gallas...and you're stucked with almunia and
yidpondan - Schizophrenia or what? You've spent weeks trolling vital spurs with VDV your biggest target and now on VA you say the exact opposite? I'm not sure who you support (Villa maybe) but one thing I do know is that you're really lonely

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