Arsenal - Sunderland 1 Arsenal 1
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Sunderland 1 Arsenal 1

5.30pm is the most moronic kick off time there has ever been. Whichever slick haired, booted and suited executive came up with that needs a bloody good slap. If you`re at home, it makes the day drag and doesn`t give you enough time to get anything done during the day and likewise ruins any social plans you have for the evening. For a distant away match, it`s even worse. My alarm still awoke me at 06.30, so I can hardly be thankful to ESPN for a lie in to compensate, whilst the last train from Sunderland to King`s Cross leaves at 19.27. Those of us on the road; don`t see our homes again until 3am. All in all, a thoroughly horrible idea dreamed up by the type of Gordon Gekko moron who spends too long hovering coke off of stripper`s tits and inviting compliments on his Patrick Cox loafers to engage the empathy gene. So a hearty fry up was required prior to boarding the coach to the North East as heavy traffic enervated our journey. However, the trip was somewhat lightened by Terry`s phallic confectionary; Father Kev`s confession and Postman Pete`s unnecessary intellectualisation of children`s car games. (Who chooses Quentin Crisp for a game of 20 questions? I mean, apart from me obviously?)

Arsenal began with an unchanged side, which surprised me greatly. I didn`t expect to see Wilshere in the starting line up and in the interest of fresh legs; I felt at least Rosicky and or Denilson should have started. Indeed Arsenal looked heavy legged in the opening minutes. Sunderland put Danny Welbeck on Gael Clichy and looked to work the channels with long balls. The Gunners were not greatly troubled; though I struggle to recall a game we were so ineffectual in possession. But after being on the receiving end of the pressure for the opening 13 minutes, the Gunners took a fluke lead. Arsenal cleared another Sunderland attack into the Sunderland half. Anton Ferdinand waited for the ball to roll back as he prepared to launch a clearance. Fabregas, who created his second goal on Wednesday night by closing down a Braga defender, advanced forwards to block Ferdinand`s clearance and the ball hit Fabregas` right foot and freakishly looped over Mignolet, who had been caught off his line, from 40 yards. A great many Arsenal fans missed the goal such was the serendipity of it, but we incredulously celebrated anyway. In the meantime, as Fabregas wheeled away, he appeared to be flexing his hamstring. Eventually, the skipper had to go off, for the fifth time in 13 months he departed a game early due to an injury to his right hamstring. That has to be a little worrying.

The Gunners remained somewhat pinned back and should have grabbed themselves a quick fire equaliser as David Meyler`s corner saw Nedum Onuoha completely unmarked from eight yards but he somehow contrived to head over the bar. The away side briefly managed to gain some kind of attacking impetus, Arshavin`s cross found Alex Song at the back post, but the Cameroonian`s header was smothered by Mignolet on the post. Had Song gone across the keeper, it might have been one of the more undeserved two goal leads I can recall for Arsenal. Song and Arshavin combined again, though this time in reverse, as Song`s drag back and pass found the conniving run of Arshavin, but his early shot was straight at Mignolet. Sunderland`s territorial domination in the meantime was manifesting itself in speculative long range efforts. The Black Cats balls into the channels were repelled wonderfully by the ravenous Koscielny and the calm, authoritative Squillaci. But Arsenal`s inability to hold possession was having a detrimental effect, as Wilshere was booked for a mistimed tackle, whilst a couple of niggly Song fouls earned him a yellow card. But half time thankfully arrived with Arsenal leading against the run of play.

Arsenal looked to be a different beast in the second half, Nasri got hold of the ball in more central areas whilst Chamakh proved to be a quite outstanding foil upfront, making himself available and controlling every pass that came his way. Nasri clipped a wonderful ball over the top of Kieran Richardson where Chamakh had peeled to the right, he sent in a low cross which Arshavin met, but got well under and spooned over the bar under pressure from Ferdinand. The same trio contrived to carve out a further chance for Arsenal to slay the game. Arshavin fired the ball into Nasri, again operating more centrally, Nasri hit a first time pass into the path of Chamakh, who was clean through albeit wide from goal, but Chamakh dithered and allowed Mignolet to close out the angle. But just as the yellows were getting out of the rut and into a groove, they found themselves reduced to ten. Malbranque knocked the ball past Song and rather threw himself at Song. That said, Song was not cute enough to move out of the way and invited a fussy referee to send him off. I thought the card was soft but I`m not going to rage about it, it wasn`t an absolute scandal. I just hope when Phil Dowd next referees at the Grove he is as stringent with our spoiling opponents. What was irritating was Dowd`s rather selective interpretation of rules, exactly the same incident would happen twice and be treated entirely different both times. Arsenal brought Denilson on for Arshavin and ironically, it allowed them to control the midfield. With Denilson`s precise tackling and Rosicky`s ability to carry the ball forward, we did not look unduly disadvantaged.

Koscielny and Squillaci continued to frustrate a Mackems side that looked all out of ideas. Though one piece of Sunderland ingenuity briefly threatened to open Arsenal up, when Meyler and Welbeck worked a short corner, before Meyler played a low cross to Darren Bent, who swung his shot wide. Another Henderson corner slid unctuously off of Denilson`s shoulder and goalwards until Clichy headed off the line. But the zip came out of the atmosphere at one of the few grounds left in England that actually creates it, Sunderland were floundering. Rosicky and Nasri worked the ball into the penalty area and El Muhammady swiped Nasri`s leg from behind him and Arsenal had a penalty with fourteen minutes remaining. With Cesc, van Persie and Arshavin all off the pitch, Rosicky stepped up but smashed his effort horribly over the bar. Suddenly, the boisterousness came back into the voices of the home fans. Denilson`s under hit back pass put hearts in mouths in the South Stand, but Almunia was out swiftly to make a decisive tackle. The Spaniard continued his fine work when a Zenden cross saw Koscielny and Squillaci not commandeering the overhead flight path for the first time, Bent nodded towards goal but Almunia made a fantastic reaction stop.

But as nails were chewed and hearts palpitated; our worst fears were realised when Zenden lofted a hopeful ball to the edge of the box, Bramble won the flick on which set off a scramble in the area, Koscielny took a swing at a clearance, before Clichy`s weak effort cannoned off of Squillaci into the path of Darren Bent to equalise with the last kick of the game. It was such a sickener, the gut punch of two points lost at a time when we looked to be in complete control. Objectively, a draw was a fair result, but through the prism of club bias, I felt our players who had put in a Herculean effort with ten men, deserved better. Koscielny, Squillaci and Almunia did not deserve that. Had the Mackems levelled with ten minutes left, we might have looked upon it as a point hard earned in difficult circumstances. As it happened, we are left to lament the fact that we were about 5 seconds away from lauding a champions performance of grit. That said, there are many positives. The defence looked more secure than I ever remember it being last season. Rosicky, Walcott, Nasri, Almunia and Wilshere all look better players than they did last season. We have felt the fruits of a last minute equaliser this season and, this sort of thing is statistically going to happen to you at least once a season- it`ll happen to Chelsea this season too. Come May, we will look back on more last minute goals to celebrate than to commiserate. Ultimately, our biggest sin was not to kill the game off in the second half when we had the opportunities to do so. That puts great pressure on the defence, they made one collective error in the second half, but the forwards were guilty three or four times at the other end, which puts the defence under pressure. Time will tell how costly these two points will be, but we are now due some last minute glory of our own. Stamford Bridge would be a nice place to reap it.LD.

1.ALMUNIA, 3.SAGNA, 18.SQUILLACI, 6.KOSCIELNY, 22.CLICHY, 17.SONG, 19.WILSHERE, 4.FABREGAS(c) (7.Rosicky `27), 8.NASRI, 23.ARSHAVIN (15.Denilson `55), 29.CHAMAKH. Unused: 11.Vela, 20.Djourou, 21.Fabianski, 27.Eboue, 28.Gibbs.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 19 2010

Time: 3:55PM

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Good report Tim, very fairly balanced and I agree with 95% of it due to a few mistakes with players but I enjoyed that mate.
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19/09/2010 16:06:00

"I think they could win their first big trophy since 2005 if they had a few more combative and tenacious players. "Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful to watch and play great attacking football. But I think they overdo the passing game. "Against most teams it works, but not against the big clubs – and some teams think Arsenal are a bit soft and try to bully them." Peter Storey on Arsenal
Wyn Mills
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19/09/2010 16:15:00

Who did you mean instead of Walcott in the last paragraph?
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19/09/2010 16:25:00

The manner of the draw hurts. But if you had told me we would get a point off Sunderland without Vermaelen, Van Persie, Cesc and Song.. Id take that
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19/09/2010 16:28:00

Arshavin's finishing is normally good, but he missed a couple of chances for the 2nd game in a row. Not sure whether we need to worry about that. Overall, I'm ok with a point, coz we didnt play that well. The defence had a solid game, and it was a bit of bad luck that Clichy's clearance cannoned off Kos before Bent scored, but we should have killed the game off with Rosicky's penalty. Nasri had a good 2nd half, but Rosicky lost the ball too often. I liked Denilson's brief effort too, had a good game, intercepted passes well, tackled well, and I think with Song & Den back in mid field, it will be better, as Wilshere needs a break.
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19/09/2010 16:32:00

Bit disappointed that we didnt hang on for the win but nevertheless in the grand scheme of things it was a tricky game and we did well to come away with a point especially with the injuries we had and Song and Cesc having to come off during the match for different reasons. The real test will come in a couple of weeks time, that being Chelsea at the bridge.
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19/09/2010 16:36:00

Some bloggers are pointing out yet another poor decision or switch-off by Clichy. Any comments?
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19/09/2010 16:41:00

Why did Rosicky take the penalty? He’s never scored a goal in such a long time n his face showed such a lack of confidence, it didn’t surprise me that he missed. And the referee Phil Dowd appears to want to teach Wenger a lesson not to tell referees what to do. He was harsh on Arsenal players n lenient on Sunderland. Even the TV commentators were agreed on that. And to help Sunderland, he gave them an extra min to score. Again, Arsenal couldn’t hold out for a win. Fabregas looking on must be totally frustrated. He’d gifted them a goal but they couldn’t do the rest. Having to play with 2nd rate players such as Rosicky, Arshavin – who misses so many chances in so many games & always give the ball away to the opponents – must be frustrating. Better to return to Barcelona & team up with 1st rate players such as Messi & Xavi. So beware, Mr Wenger…your 2nd rate players will cost you Fabregas come end of season!
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 16:42:00

Well if the TV commentators said it buzzz, it must be true! Christ, give me strength. The injury time was fine, no issue there. Who are you to say what Fabregas was thinking? Gave us the lead? Well yes he did, but it wasn't exactly one of his regular moments of genius was it? Was he sitting there saying, "Jeez, why can't anyone else deflect the ball into the goal from 40 yards." Look up the result of Barcelona's last league game before you get a bit too short sighted on this. Winds me up no end that anything not 100% positive is now going to be held up as some kind of Fabregas- Barcelona thing, ******** let it go, please. If you want to torture yourself with that rubbish, fine, but please don't fee the need to spread your misery elsewhere. jaelle, not a massive error by Clichy, not a great clearance, but I don;t understand why every goal has to be pinned onto individuals all the time when it's not necessary. N'Gog was all Almunia's fault. Diouf was all Koscielny's fault, this was all Clichy's fault. It gets tiresome. The ball ricocheted a few times and it fell in Sunderland's favour, we just have to deal with it and be comfortable enough human beings not to feel the need to point fingers all the time.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 16:51:00

something way off topic here,sorry.Who the hell does fat sam think he is?
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 16:55:00

Rosicky second rate? You couldn't have been watching him this season. It wasn't Arshavin's best game but there are other games on which to make a more rounded judgement of him too. As for Cesc, whoever we sign whatever we may or may not win won't have any impact on when he goes. That comes down to the far more fundamental consideration of contract strength. It's true that some are picking on Clichy partly because they're tired of picking on Almunia who has performed soundly so far and Silvestre as gone. Clichy's clearance hit Kos' back leg. It could have gone any where but landed at Bent's feet. Not quite the level of fluke that Cesc's goal was but a fluke all the same.
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19/09/2010 17:01:00

LD, true enuf - just think that Clichy now has that reputation of switching off and gifting crucial goals so people are jumping all over him - I was gutted as much as anyone else was but the #1 feeling I had from this game (and this is a feeling that's been growing more after each game since pre-season) was how strangely solid we were defensively, how much our players are more willing to "get stuck in". It's not a feeling I'm used to. I usually look away at every set piece we concede, that's not so much the case anymore.
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19/09/2010 17:09:00

Arshavin & Wilshere should have been rested. Wilshere because he's 18 and should be blooded in slower than playing 6 games in a row. Denny was ready to start and would have offered better retainment, and of course fresh legs. Arshavin has started all 6 games so far which suggests Arsene still has little faith in Vela. Why?.. nobody knows!!
insider says
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19/09/2010 17:16:00

insider, you remind me about the overriding criticism I have and that has to do with the manager's constant failure to take Cesc off late in games we're winning, like Braga. He runs Cesc into the ground all the time. I also wonder why he didn't use his 3rd substitute yesterday when his players were tired after playing so long with 10 men.
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19/09/2010 17:24:00

I dont blame Clichy for the goal, but he didnt look solid defensively to me. His risky approach doesn't sit well at times, coz he attacks the opponent too far up the pitch - if he loses the ball, it leaves the left flank completely open for the oppn. There were a couple of times he switched off which didn't cost us. I hope this is a one-off, coz otherwise, he has looked pretty solid this season, esp with Gibbs providing proper competition for a spot.
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19/09/2010 17:30:00

Good post Tim. I sat there and wanted to be angry at the team, because I was bitterly disapointed that we didn't win, but I knew that it was just one of those things. Just like our goal was one of those things for Sunderland, we got the rub of the green and they got in on the rubbing action at the end of the match. If Squillachi would have been a yard either way then Clichy's clearance goes harmly away and we win. Plenty of people bemoaning the ref about injury time, but all you have to do is listen to the stadium announcers "The referee has indicated there will be a MINIMUM of 4 minutes added time" so a further 15 seconds is not something you can moan about. It was a shame because I thought that was about a commanding a performance from an Arsenal centre half pairing as I've seen since Adams and Bould. Those two must have won 50 headers between them.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 17:43:00

LD - the point you make about our not taking of chances putting too much pressure on our defence was one I'd forgotten about, and it's absolutely right. As Amos said yesterday, it's law of averages stuff that says a ricochet is going to end up in their favour. A combination of Cesc's injury, Song's sending off and Rosicky's penalty miss is more to blame than and defensive deficiencies. That said, I agree with Prits about Clichy; he does appear to get caught out with his decision-making and positional play. Contrast our other flank with Sagna, who is excellent defensively.
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19/09/2010 18:00:00

It was very strange yesterday, I was very angry with the team in the opening 10 mins because Sunderland dominated without looking threatening (not even from corners). But when we scored I was still a little frustrated that we never got going. Second half we changed our tactics and played better and we all sensed that either Song or Wilshere were bound to get a second yellow due to the Dowd's fussy refereeing. But considering how well Sunderland fought for everything, and cosidering only three days ago we played a CL and we still managed to get something despite having 10 men. Its a good result. But the best part of yesterday was our defending, we showed that the Blackburn results wasn't a fluke.
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19/09/2010 18:13:00

Tim well written as usual. (were on earthdoes that clown Buzz come from. An idea just Buzz off) IMO we had a poor first half but stuck to it, apart from our defense mainly because The Cats were good. The second half we were in almost complete control and should have wrapped it up with the penalty. When you consider we lost Song with 30 minutes still to play and Cecs off the field we upped the tempo. I thought Jack had a poor first half but played much better in the second half. We should also take in consideration we had only just played Wednesday.I was pleased how we played today overall because we never gave up.
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19/09/2010 18:40:00

Come here guys. We are bored banging other teams 4-0 6-0. 3-0 against you is enough for me. Up Blues
Rip The Reds Apart
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 19:49:00

Amos, will Songs red card suspension be over because he can’t play in the Carling cup?
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 19:59:00

That is one positive. Song will only be suspended for the Spurs game which he wouldn't have played anyway. It's unusual that our defence was the solid base that bailed out our attack on this occasion!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 20:05:00

For all his guile and quick turn of pace, Arshavin can be a wasteful player, as he was a few times, yesterday. Time to give him some competition, I say. Play Vela/Rosicky in his place more, I say.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 23:28:00

In my view, if we can continue to be as solid, defensively, as we were yesterday (agree it will be a major tactical change in our normal style), it will serve the cause of the team well this season. Never was worried about all the Sunderland set pieces (with Kos and Squillaci eating up most of the crosses) and was happy to see Almunia barking out covering instructions; that is what he had always lacked: proper defensive cover. It is, afterall, a team game.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 23:38:00

Any news on the Cesc injury?
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 00:29:00

Arshavin was utter garbage. he was lazy, slow ineffectual and disinterested as well as having a pi** poor end product. For games away from home, were we have to dig in he must be dropped and dropped quickly we cannot afford a passenger like him, especially when we are down to 10 men away from home against an industrious yet modest Sunderland team. Fair play to Sunderland they kept plugging away and got the goal their effort deserved. The referee was poor and fussy, how did Bramble not get atleasta yellow for sything down Fabregas yet a couple of seconds earlier Song goes into the book because Malbranque dived? The defence has looked very comfortable this season, maybe beccause both Krusty and Squelchy haven't played in front of Almunia before the GK gets to start with a "clean sheet" so to speak and they don't have the nerves his commically inept performances last season would have given Gallas and Vman?
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 09:37:00

Maybe it also works the other way around and Almunia has more confidence in our new centre backs being able to deal with the aerial threat better than Gallas and Vermaelen could. They certainly seemed less troubled by it and Almunia's handling looked pretty sound too. Now compare that with Schwarzers against Blackburn and maybe we should feel relieved that we decided to stick instead of twist.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 09:43:00

Almunia's handling as never really been in question too much, it's his decision making, positioning and assertion behind his back 4.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 10:07:00

Interesting that Fat Sam claims to have targetted Schwarzer as a weakness. Could be his usual self congratulatory guff of course.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 10:48:00

I had the misfortune to listen to Talksport for the match commentary with Stan Collybore and a main commentator whose name I didn’t catch. I’ve never heard so much bile in my life from a commentary team purporting to be professional, and I’ve listened to Radio 5 Live with Alan Green! The onus was definitely from a Sunderland perspective to the extent that at one point the commentator had to report on some breaking news but said that “we’ll have to wait because unfortunately Arsenal are on the attack”, after which he quickly corrected himself with “if you’re a Sunderland supporter that is”. At the end of the first half in which Sunderland had bombarded the Arsenal penalty area, in a mocking tone, Stan remarked on the first half foul ratio of 10-1 (Arsenal/Sunderland) and that Arsene Wenger can’t have it both ways. He can’t complain about all the fouls committed against his team when you’ve got first half stats like that (point missed there I think Stan). The second half and the two commentators reached a new puerile high by mocking the gestures of Wenger like a pair of schoolboys in the family enclosure. Finishing with a s*******, they stated that Sunderland scored at 5 minutes twenty-one seconds into added time, this was after they celebrated the Sunderland equaliser with an impression of a south American commentator; “Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal”! And I thought that commentators had to suppress their personal bias and present a balanced view, but in fairness, he did apologies for mixing up the Tyne and the Wear.
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 12:38:00

Change that to "Finishing with a chuckle". I didn't understand where the four minutes of additional time came from and when we entered the sixth minute I was totally confused. Last week, when Valencia was injured for United with a broken leg they only played five minutes additional time on top of subs and other injuries. Can anyone shed any light on it?
Sir Henry
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 13:46:00

On the whole, it was a fair result, though quite heartbreaking for you lot. Blame Rosicky - pure and simple!
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 13:53:00

Agree with most of you about the defence and the result. A minor thing but I read that Nasri and Chamakh said no to taking the pen so Rosicky stepped up. Nasri didn't want it cos he was fouled. Not sure what happened there with Chamakh.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 16:38:00

Sir Henry - I have only had the misfortune to listen to Talks**te with the wife beater once before and 5live a couple of times. The quite obvious pro northern bias is almost bordering on the xenophobic. I have heard them give the northern teams such a talking up when playing against most London clubs it's rediculous.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 16:38:00

Sir Henry: Every Time I watch MOD I have got into the habit of muting Hansen and his band of Arsenal bashers! There seems to be an anti Arsenal bandwagon in the wacky pundit world of to**ers! It bores me now.....When Liverpool are languishing in the bottom half of the table its "ahhh hodgson is doing his best bless him" If it was us it would be "off with his head! the mighty Arsenal are finished!" Lets just do our talking on the pitch. 5 games in, 2nd in table, undefeated.....Id have taken that with the rest of your arm in July.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 16:55:00

Sir Henry - that doesn't surprise me. The only thing that does is the depths that they're going to. It's the gutter press, plain and simple. I think we can safely say that Arsenal isn't liked by most pundits and press, we're not just being paranoid. And the Chelsea and Man Utd love-fest that goes on is just sickening. I think we're just paying for being managed by a foreign (and French) manager with hardly any English players, plain and simple.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 21:00:00

Could be worse you could've conceded two in extra time like us. Guttening all the same, unlucky lads.
Report Abuse
21/09/2010 17:51:00


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