Arsenal - Arsenal 2 West Bromwich Albion 3
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Arsenal 2 West Bromwich Albion 3

I should probably state now that this match report is not likely going to be any more fun for you to read than it is for me to write. Yesterday was, quite frankly, an unmitigated disaster in terms of the result and the performance. It`s a day that the players will do well to forget, but it will always be a stick for the supporters to beat the team with. In the unlikely event that we beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge next weekend, we will still rue the points we tossed away yesterday. Or match routine started slightly earlier than usual as we arrived at the Tavern in time to watch the Carling Cup draw. I`ve rather given up on the idea that we will ever get an interesting/ kind cup draw ever again, so while a midweek sojourn to the North East doesn`t fill the travelling supporter in me with vigour; it`s a winnable match nonetheless.

The starting line up surprised me slightly, with Eboue and a half fit Diaby in sit in our midfield, I did instantly wonder where the creativity would come from. It seemed an awful lot of pressure to heap on Samir Nasri and it`s probably instructive that he was the only player who will be able to look in the mirror this morning without regrets. The simple fact was, Arsenal took their opponents too lightly from the 1st minute until roughly the 91st. The passing was sloppy and the attempts to win the ball back nonexistent, it is rare that so many players have a mutual off day, but several players probably put their worst shift in in an Arsenal shirt. Though most people will tell you today that it was only Almunia that played horribly. Despite their insipid display, the Gunners came close to opening the scoring inside 20 minutes. Eboue slung a cross in from the right and Andrey Arshavin arrived at the back post past Jara and toe poked the ball onto the post, he repeated the feat when the ball came out for the rebound. An isolated Chamakh played a neat ball to Nasri with his back to goal, Nasri launched a low shot which flew just wide. That was the sum total of Arsenal`s efforts and West Brom soon had a gilt edged chance to take the lead. Brunt`s through ball cut Arsenal`s defence in half, Peter Odemwingie ran through only to be taken out by a rash challenge by Manuel Almunia. Chris Brunt stepped up for the penalty but Almunia atoned for his error by saving low to his right. Almunia`s record for saving penalties is statistically better than David Seaman`s, it seems the penalty taker has to make sure he hits a good penalty to beat Almunia. However, instead of the team mopping their collective brow and using the narrow escape as a wakeup call, they instead appeared to convince themselves that the hard work was now done.

It wasn`t, our sloppiness allowed the Baggies to grow in confidence, the half time team talk must have been a much tamer affair than it should have been, as the away side had the game won inside ten first half minutes. In that respect, the DJ`s decision to play KC and the Sunshine Band`s 'Baby Give It Up` was probably poignant. Really something by the Deftones would have been more fitting. Koscielny cleared Brunt`s cross, but the ball went straight to Jara. Eboue and Sagna failed to react as Jara sent a first time pass to Thomas. The Arsenal trainee easily evaded a cumbersome Sagna and sent in a low cross which Peter Odemwingie was on hand to slide in with the Gunners backline static. The goal said everything about our performance, sloppy, careless, complacent. Whilst I have no desire to berate individuals given the poverty of performance from at least nine players, it is hard to believe I have seen Bacary Sagna have a worse game in an Arsenal shirt. Sagna`s uber consistency made this all the more stark. Three minutes later, a comedy of errors gifted West Brom a two goal lead. Clichy held Brunt up on the left wing, whilst Alex Song stood around catching flies, Brunt`s back heel sent Jara tearing down the right channel. Koscielny was far too slow to close Jara down and invited him to shoot. Shoot he did and Almunia spilled the ball catastrophically into his own goal. The travelling Baggies fans were in delirium, I am surprised that several Arsenal fans didn`t join them. A lot of people got the mistake they had been hoping for from the Arsenal keeper and they have the pound of flesh they really wanted. As the jumbotron screen replayed the goal, there was an almighty reaction against Almunia and those guilty of berating our goalkeeper enjoyed every second of doing so, make no mistake.

The afternoon went from bad to worse as West Brom seized upon their limp hosts. Jerome Thomas was given free rein to find Brunt on the edge of the box, Brunt skipped around Almunia and diverted the ball into the six yard box. No Arsenal player bothered with anything as trivial as trying to track back and stop the ball and Thomas was on hand to gleefully prod the ball into an empty net. It was genuinely no less than West Brom deserved. Wenger sent Wilshere and Rosicky on and all of a sudden you were left with the impression that Arsenal had put their energy into the wrong game this week. Samir Nasri made a decent fist of being the only player in red and white to look like easing the embarrassment of the score line. He used Chamakh as a sounding board, collecting a one two from the Moroccan, evaded two challenges before smashing a shot onto the crossbar. Seconds later, Nasri got the goal he deserved. Sagna played a diagonal ball into the box, Nasri moved past Jara feinted around Ibanez before sliding the ball through Carson`s legs. The game was very much over, though the sole morsel of credit the team deserve is that they kept going, but it was far, far too late. As the board was raised for five minutes stoppage time- I have no idea where that amount of time came from I must admit. Chamakh, starved of service, found Arshavin, the Russian stayed calm and lifted a precise through ball to Nasri who found space in the box, he steadied himself before slotting the ball past Carson again.

This meant stoppage time was vaguely interesting, though I am at a loss to recall two Arsenal goals that moved me so little. Wilshere sent in a cross from the left and Rosicky attempted a volley with the outside of his right foot but sent the ball over. The final whistle went and Nasri had merely buttressed some respectability to the score line and allayed the volume of boos at the final whistle. West Brom were the better side and I felt 3-1 would have been a score line that reflected their superiority accurately. With the exception of Nasri, Arsenal had a huge off day, both as individuals and collectively. The manager erred away from a midfield that would have been better at keeping possession, with the likes of Rosicky, Denilson and Wilshere on the bench. But nonetheless, this was a team that should have had enough quality to win the game. That they didn`t was down to a lack of professionalism and a lack of focus. Basic elements, such as possession, retention, tracking back, all deserted us. Therefore, berating individuals, whilst doubtless cathartic and a lot of fun when you have it in your mind that you don`t like someone, is essentially useless and misses the point entirely. The result and performance were an enormous blot on the copy book for the season, whilst the players need to forget about it quickly, the supporters will not and once more, the sense of unity in the fan base will be dissolved. Arsenal have a lot of work to do to earn the trust back, this is a huge week for those players, because they let themselves, their manager and their supporters down yesterday. My response was to stumble into the Tollington Arms and sink several double wild turkeys. My memory of the evening thereafter is somewhat hazy, I only wish I couldn`t remember the afternoon either.LD.

1.ALMUNIA(c), 3.SAGNA, 6.KOSCIELNY (11.Vela `66), 22.CLICHY, 17.SONG, 2.DIABY (7.Rosicky `56), 8.NASRI, 27.EBOUE (19.Wilshere `56), 23.ARSHAVIN, 29.CHAMAKH. Unused: 15.Denilson, 20.Djourou, 21.Fabianski, 41.E.Thomas.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 26 2010

Time: 3:35PM

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While I appreciate there are people who do, as you say, seem to thrive on any Almunia mistake, their attitude is, almost, understandable. I have rightly or wrongly criticised the keeper numerous times in the past 12 months or so. Is that because I'm so hard to please? I don't think so. Whilst I feel sorry for both Almunia and Fabianski, there are only so many chances you can grant a footballer and, unfortunately, they are just not good enough for a club supposedly challenging for the title. Schwarzer probably wouldn't be any better (although he had a blinder yesterday I hear) but someone needs to come in, or perhaps even we could give Szczesny his wish. He simply cannot make as many errors as these two have can he? I will continue to support (and simultaneously criticise!) Almunia if he remains between the sticks but I will always be on the edge in fear of another catastrophic mistake. Will be interesting to see what Le Boss decides.
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26/09/2010 16:31:00

I think Almunia suffers from the problem of perception over reality..the number of mistakes last season were greatly exaggerated and in a season where Freidal, Hart, Schwarzer, Reina have all made howlers to very little fanfare, the inevitable first mistake was always going to be viewed as a catastrophe.......
Anon 1
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26/09/2010 16:34:00

Fisrt and foremost, well done to West Brom for that performance and they were fully deserving of the points. Yesterday was one of the most lacklustre performances we have put in for a long time and AW was completely justified IMO ripping into them. Almunia was also doing well up until that game too, but it was an accident waiting to happen. Made a save from a tame penalty but then followed it up with some shockingly bad goalkeeping. Agree with SG in that it will be interesting to see how AW reacts and whether he does now give Szczesny a chance because Almunia and Fabianski have been given more than enough chances but keeping ******** up. Its a shame that we didnt pick up a win as the gap would have been closed on the Chavs going into next weeks match and given us a slight pyschological advantage perhaps. Just hope the boys sort themselves out in Belgrade in Tuesday and then put up one hell of a fight at the Bridge next weekend.
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26/09/2010 16:53:00

Let's not make this about Almunia, yes it was a terrible mistake but to focus on Almunia would be letting the whole team off the hook. The last time I saw Arsenal outplayed like this was the opening 20 mins against Barcelona at home last season. We took a lot of positives from conceding a late goal against Sunderland last week but we shouldn't give them credit for anything they did yesterday, the lack of disrespect towards WB was stunning, the players just thought their sheer presence was enough to win the match.
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26/09/2010 17:04:00

I don't think this mistake will tell us anything about how he has seemingly progressed ... all keepers make mistakes, what will give us an indication of how he's doing is how he responds to his mistake.
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26/09/2010 17:08:00

Agreed GD, the whole team was awful yesterday and it goes without saying that they massively underestimated WB and got a very nasty surprise as a result. When they finally ******** woke up and realised what was happening, it was too late to salvage even a point. Especially with Utd drawing earlier today, I think we have missed a major opportunity to put ourselves in a very strong position.
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26/09/2010 17:12:00

If we're honest, this doesn't look like an Arsenal team that's learnt anything the past few seasons, despite what they say in press interviews. All it takes is a couple of good results and they seem to forget the basics and think they just have to turn up to win games. Definitely had a feeling of Hull City all over again. Despite what some people on this site say about Almunia not being as bad as people make out, I think it's absolutely clear that we have a problem in that position and the manager hasn't taken decisive action to solve it. Injuries, last-minute equalisers, inability to keep clean sheets, complacency and goalkeeping errors. Sounds all too familiar.
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26/09/2010 18:14:00

I noticed there was a lot of booing after West Brom's third. Why? It just seems that the better teams cannot take a common or garden defeat anymore. The language has become emotive; these days if a football team loses a match the emphasis is always on the sense of betrayal felt by the supporter. Debts must be repayed and trust must be earned and re-earned. But you thrashed us 4-1 so it ain't all bad. We get this at WHL too. Supporters going aploplectic if we lose a game against an inferior team, or, shock horror, we are a goal down at half-time. In the end, West Brom were outstanding. Why, oh why, do the better teams think and their supporters think that all they need to do is turn up? Why are we getting this booing when things don't go exactly the way these teams want it to go?
Tony Rocky Horror
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26/09/2010 19:18:00

Thank you baggies,.............. oops wrong team.
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26/09/2010 19:25:00

I can understand why the better teams get it but not sure why you'd get it at WHL though TRH ;). In all seriousness it's a good observation you make - supporters of some clubs can't accept a defeat, or even an unexpected draw as sanguinely as they may have done in the past. Disappointment is natural enough but expectations seem to turn disappointment into hostility far too quickly.
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26/09/2010 19:41:00

I didnt get to distressed at the result because it was fair, but i was appalled by some performances. Clichy, Diaby, Song, Arshavin, Eboue & Sagna were awful. Clichy failed to overlap the winger on countless occasions, Everyone failed to put in one cross which beat the first man including all of Arshavins corners, Sloppy passes all around, no cover for the defence, lack of tracking back. If you try but fail, or just having an off day but work your arse off its a lot easier to forgive.
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26/09/2010 19:55:00

Ah, a day to forget.
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26/09/2010 21:09:00

I remember Wenger commenting not so long ago about why he doesn't lose graciously, Or why is he not a good loser......(I quote) "I come out honestly with what I think," Wenger adds. "I don't deny I'm a bad loser, because in my job if you're a good loser you don't go a long way. "I have been 27 years in this job and I've won more games than I have lost, you know." The man talks logic. With Manu scrapping a draw today, all in all this weekend could have been a whole lot worse! Lets hope the players realise this, refocus and move forward.
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26/09/2010 21:18:00

Football manager I am not however it is my humble opinion that we must have 1 of the three following players on the field at anytime to inject the desired penetration...Cesc, Jack the Lad or rosicky. Funny how the mood can change so quickly anyhow we can restore pride and confidence by playing well in the CL this week and beating chelsea...
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27/09/2010 01:59:00

One aspect of the game illustrated a big flaw in our approach. 2 of WBA's goals came from square balls through the box leading to easy finishes. How many times did we even attempt to do this? I struggle to remember even one. We did score from such a play midweek (Lansbury's goal), but too often our wide players (apart from Walcott) seem reluctant to try this, instead being content to pass back into the middle.
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27/09/2010 02:22:00

The boys were still thinking about the last second 2 point lost at Sunderlands. This kind of "mistake" was like missing a easy volley for a match point in a tennis game and it had a long lasting negative effect when the team are facing the same setting - EPL matches. Young dreams are so exciting to pursue but we fans are not young forever and cannot afford to stay hopefully every year and ending up with emptyness and disappointment. We need at least 3-4 proven key players to lead the boys to victory. Germany did really well in WC10 with a young team but they came in short.
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27/09/2010 08:01:00

Adding this defeat to the draw at Sunderland is terrible. We missed opportunities to show we have learnt from the past. What grates me is that the players knew chelsea had lost and this was a HUGE opportunity to close the gap and shift some of the pressure on chelsea. Now the match at chelsea already looks like a 'must-not-lose'. Cesc was in the stands yesterday.. i wonder what he must be thinking seeing his teammates not being bothered like that. totally unprofessional attitude.
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27/09/2010 08:47:00

Almunia's out with injury apparently... I really can't blame him because i think for a top 8 club in Europe, Almunia would be a good 2nd or 3rd choice keeper. We are asking him to perform like a Van Der Sar, a Buffon, a Casillas and We should all admit he's not in the same league as the aforementioned and move on. Its like asking Milner to play like Cesc...
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27/09/2010 11:44:00

Though I can understand the suspicion, I don't think this is a diplomatic injury. My friends and I all commented on Saturday that he was clutching his elbow and grimacing for the rest of the half following the penalty. Maybe that provides some explanation for his mistake for the second goal- but it's not really worth raising as a talking point because I don't think many Gooners would be prepared to consider it because their minds are already mind up.
Little Dutch
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27/09/2010 12:03:00

Flappy's in for the game against Partizan. I'll be in my corner stocking up on the booze.
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27/09/2010 12:04:00

It speaks volumes wenger would prefer to keep almunia in goal with an elbow injury than play the potentially 'world class' flappyhandski.
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27/09/2010 12:17:00

Have no fear. "Fabianski is world class" according to Wenger - so we should be alright then.....!
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27/09/2010 12:52:00

Your cynicism as to the disposition of gooners to see this as anything other than evidence of our dire keeping 'crisis' is well founded LD.
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27/09/2010 12:57:00

This Arseblog stuff re him being "world class" - he didn't say that specifically, he said he "has the potential to be world class".
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27/09/2010 13:09:00

You're right Gael, its like asking Almunia to play like Hart...
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27/09/2010 13:16:00

"I don't think many Gooners would be prepared to consider it because their minds are already mind up" Not that im disagreeing that gooners can be fickle, and i agree many are waiting for him to make a mistake to say i told you so, but how many mistakes does he have to make before they are right and criticism is justified.
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27/09/2010 13:25:00

I think its a no-brainer that we have a weak number one and number two goalkeeper and defending them here is a little naive. We have to acknowledge the problem (and I believe that Wenger has) and sort it out at the earliest opportunity. But it is also a no-brainer that until then we have to give unerring support during the games to both goalkeepers in order to get the best out of them. Almunia was not to blame for the defeat against the Baggies but his (known) weaknesses were sadly exposed by a totally limp and un-committed performance by the whole team (Nasri excluded). LD was right to say that we focused on the wrong match last week; it seems that thrashing Splurs at WHL was not the tonic we needed to win at the weekend. So by next Sunday it is possible that we could have dropped eight out of the last nine points in the league. The most worrying thing is that I think weve been here before, playing some exhilarating early games and then putting in completely inexplicable performances later. A resounding defeat at Chelsea could create a negativity that would be very difficult to emerge from.
Sir Henry
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27/09/2010 14:33:00

in swartzser we trust
truth sayer ffc
Report Abuse
28/09/2010 15:23:00


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