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Is tackling now being tackled at last?

Having been dismissed as a whinger and a moaner it seems that Wengers long standing criticism of poor tackling skills might be coming of age.

A number of injuries in the Premier League this season including broken limbs for Zamora and Ben Arfa has strengthened a debate that had already benefited from a wider criticism of the tactics employed by the Dutch, notably van Bommel, in the last World Cup. Perhaps it is this criticism that led the Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk to drop Nigel de Jong from the current Euro qualifiers with the comment that "I have a problem with the way Nigel needlessly looks to push the limit. I am going to speak to him."

It was a stance cautiously applauded by Fifa executive committee member Dr Michel D`Hooghe. "I have made a compilation of brutality over the last two or three years in the main competitions in the world and it is amazing," said D`Hooghe. "On the one hand I am happy that some leaders take responsibility - on the other hand I am very sad that he did not do the same at the final of the World Cup."

When Wenger responded with more than a little scepticism, a few weeks back, to an invitation to comment on Robinson`s unpunished tackle on Diaby after the recent home game against Bolton he was, as he predicted, dismissed as a moaner and whinger. The media were only too keen to seek the equally predictable scorn of perpetrators of footballs shameful defenders of bad tackles with Pulis and Allardyce providing the ammunition to further the claim that Arsene was just seeking special treatment for his own players. That it was like asking Josef Fritzl for his views on parenting didn`t matter to those who wanted soundbites more than they really wanted a considered view.

It seems now though others are beginning to wake up to the realisation that if we encourage such play, or even if we just fail to condemn it robustly enough, it isn`t just Arsenal players who get hurt. Fulham's midfielder Danny Murphy has specifically criticised the managers of Stoke, Blackburn and Wolves for encouraging bad tackles. "The pace some of the players are going into tackles at is ridiculous," said Murphy. "There are no brains in the players doing that. I don`t believe they are going out to break the legs of their opponents but there`s no logic or intelligence in what they are doing.

"If you`re going in at a certain pace and don`t get it right you are going to hurt someone. Players need to be more intelligent, especially the ones who are doing it repeatedly. They are culpable in that. You get managers sending teams out to stop other sides from playing, which is happening more and more," he said. "Stoke, Blackburn and Wolves — you can say they`re doing what they can to win the game — but the fact is that the managers are sending the players out so pumped up that inevitably there are going to be problems."

At least Wenger isn`t a lone voice for the time being. His resignation a few weeks back to the fact that nothing would change unless others in the media were prompted to look at the benefits of encouraging good tackling as opposed to defending bad tackles may have found support quicker than he might have believed at the time. There is a debate underway at last. Whether it can be sustained unless some other poor soul gets clogged remains to be seen.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 8 2010

Time: 11:08AM

Your Comments

Isn't it funny how this only became a broader incident once de Jong's tackle came into focus? You know, de Jong not being English and all. Or is that just me? It's a simple point that I fear people are refusing to process, tackling is fine but charging in at someone at 1,000mph isn't an asset to the game and I wonder why people are looking to protect is so fervently. If you had a player incapable of controlling the ball, who whacked it out of play every time he got it, wouldn't you implore the coach to teach him touch and distribution? Why isn't it the same for tackling? Had to laugh that the two people to come to de Jong's defence have been van Bommel and Shawcross. That's like Fred and Rose West being called as character witnesses for Harold Shipman.
Little Dutch
De Jong was dropped from the Dutch squad after his tackle on Ben Arfa, Dribbling Moron Shawcross was called up by England for the 1st time after stealing a year of Aaron Ramseys career. Glad an English player has been brave enough to make these comments had enough of brain dead soundbites from the likes of Arry "you shud av seen tackling in the 60's" Redknapp and that c0ck Pulis.
Unbelievable that it has taken two and half years after the injury to Eduardo and an addition of Ramsey, Zamora and Ben Arfa being maimed for the issue of reckless tackling to be back in focus. The rising voice will unfortunately become a scream only when more players are injured. How hard is it for the majority of the clubs to understand that they are all together on the same side on the issue. Wenger was not asking for football to be non contact sport with no tackling but simply for reckless tackles to be punished so severely that players think twice before maiming a fellow professional. Richard Scudamore also has a responsibility here - a continuation of leg breaking tackles are going to damage his "product", i.e. the Premier League and he for atleast his own self interest should look to gently intervene.
"we'll end up getting to a point where football's purely about technique!!!!!!"
Tackling is bad now? I invite you to watch old footage of George Best riding viscious tackle after viscious tackle on dreadful pitches. Or Maradona being hacked out of games every week. What about the Italian hatchet men of yore? What about the thuggish Brazilian team of '74 who tried to kick Holland (there's an irony) out of the World Cup. We do have a problem with poor tackling but we also have a problem with diving and feigning injury, paradoxically. We have problems with cheating. I can understand your feelings about this topic but unfortunately players have always induced injuries. What about our captain of the sixites, the legendary Dave Mackay? Broke his leg twice in the space of a year. Besides, think about it: if you slide in recklessly, you have as much chance of doing yourself as you have your opponent.
Tony Rocky Horror
Oh and shewore, that is precisely what your manager wants. It's the agenda that goes to the very heart of his project.
Tony Rocky Horror
Typically blind post TRH. Disagreeing just because you think you should rather than any serious attempt to consider whether what went on 40 or 50 years ago is appropriate in the modern game. Perhaps modern cars should be equipped with the same safety standards of the 60's too. No seatbelts, ABS airbags - they weren't needed 50 years ago either. The game has changed. It's played at a faster pace. Players are more athletic and require a higher level of fitness and physical condition. Tackling doesn't have to end it just has to adapt to the way the game is now played. Tackling skills should need to be improved just as much as other ball skills. It's better, more intelligent tackling we need not no tackling.
TRH, your spud mates are calling you back to their site knowing that you add zero value here and are an embarassment to them. Yet your disease stops you from going back to where you belong. The kind of Spurs fan who registers himself as a member of the vital Arsenal forum is probably a highly disturbed individual.
Tackling probably isn't as brutal as it used to be (though that's a moot point really, a lot of ***** happened in the 60s and 70s that isn't accepted anymore), but the game has changed to the effect that players are much quicker, the game is played at a higher pace. Launching your whole bodyweight at someone's leg risks snapping them in two more than ever. Just beause it used to be worse than it is now, doesn't mean we shouldn't try and eradicate it as much as possible.
Little Dutch
It hasn't even occurred to poor, slow thinking TRH that tackling is a 'technique' too. Part of the project is to get Luddites like him to realise it.
Haha, what a berk.
Zamora's leg break wasn't the result of a malicious tackle, Henry won the ball and it was a fair tackle if you wanted to be harsh you could say he came in slightly from behind. It was an unfortunate accident but in no way did he go in to hurt Zamora so unfair on Henry (despite his recent tackles on Barton and vs Wigan) to include that break as an example of bad tackling.
daveeeeed ginola
Ginola do we have a meter connected to the brain of players during games to know their intentions while going into a tackle? The end result is what matters - Henry broke Zamora's leg. If he cant tackle for s*it maybe he shouldn't do it. Paul Scholes knows he is s*it at tackling and doesn't go into hard tackles anymore.
Nobody said that Zamora's leg break was the result of a malicious tackle from Henry (though not dissimilar to de Jong's which has been condemned) but his injury has added weight to the current debate. Whether it was careless or reckless to any degree is still something that should be considered. Of course accidents will happen but that's no reason at all not to consider ways in which they can be minimised.
Irrational people deal with extremes, if its not the Worst its ever been then anyone with a problem with it doesnt appreciate what theyve got and need to count their blessings! Accidents happen! its completely ok to risk cutting a young footballers career in half with a wild swing of the leg to stop a team their own half...over at the side of the pitch...nowhere near either goal, nowhere near a team mate to receive a pass, just swing at it and give it all youve got! thats football! Humanity? whats that?
Thats hilarious bootoo.
I also heard today and agree with the fact that modern day pitches are less forgiving than those of yesterday. Studs will get stuck and bones will snap unless players exercise more caution in tackling. Malicious or not there is a responsibility on players to respect the safety and livelyhood of fellow professionals.
Wyn Mills
I appreciate what your saying regarding reckless and careless tackling but the player won the ball, the ref deamed it a fair tackle and only the fact that Zamora broke his leg is why the tackle gets brought up. My point it was a fair tackle in which a player got unfortunately injured but that doesn't make it a bad tackle!
daveeeeed ginola
TRH, I'm glad you mentioned George Best. You probably won't bother, but James Lawton mentions the rough old days of Best in his recent column on dangerous tackling . Lawton provides a good historical riposte to this argument about those bad old days. An excerpt: "back in the '60s and '70s the failure of the authorities to take proper action against the worst of the violence, and the sheer inefficiency of the leading referees, created a culture of self-help among the most creative of players." It's an interesting look at how attacking players had to take the law into their own hands to deal with vicious tackling. In other words, TRH, the historical record and your use of Best to back up your point shows you are quite wrong. Best had to do what he did because the referees wouldn't.
daveeeeed ginola, your argument is uninformed and totally irrelevant. Get this thru your head: INTENT IS IRRELEVANT. Deliberate recklessness, deliberate wild and out-of-control tackling is. Few players go into deliberately break legs. THAT'S NOT THE ACCUSATION SO STOP USING THIS PATHETIC ARGUMENT.
I'm not necessarily condemning the Zamora tackle which wasn't deemed unfair by the ref., but then neither was de Jongs on Ben Arfa or Robinson's on Diaby at the time. I do wonder whether the current interpretation which seems to suggest that if you make contact with the ball even though you do so knowing that you must make contact with the player might not correctly understand the word careless. That was the excused initially offered in defence of de Jong. I think every player should first have to consider, or more pertinently be taught to consider, his chances of winning the ball cleanly. Simply making contact with the ball doesn't justify a tackle if in order to do so you have to go through the player at the same time.
A Daniel (no pun intended) has indeed, come to judgment. After the bile poured out by fat Sam and 'Arry, in opposition to the well intended and purist views of Mr. Wenger about bad tackling, it is good to hear an Englishman and professional -bless his soul- come out to speak against this act, even naming some managers' as culpable, to boot. No doubt, the groundswell of debate has come from the fact that the last bad tackle has come from a Dutchman, no thanks to their WC reputation; this has occured to me as a strong possibility, but it is welcome, all the same.

If this trend is not addressed soon, it won't be long before an England potential is hacked down in his prime, to the detriment of the game and its followers. Maybe, that will get attention of the FA. The attempt to reduce Wenger's views on this to an attempt to influence officials or protect his own players is so outrageous; as if only Arsenal players can get mowed down and sidelined. Good one, Danny.
Also the fact that losing a player worth tens of millions of pounds due to injury and having to pay them their wage while they sit out for long periods of time. This not only hurts the stronger clubs but can hurt the "weaker" a lot more. Overall bad for football in general.
Jaelle i mentioned i thought he went in with no intent (my opnion) but that is not what my argument is based around. It was a normal tackle you'll see 1000 times and 1 or 2 will result in an unfortunate injury, from what i gather from your self righteous crew you shouldnt tackle unless you win the ball and do not and i mean do not touch an opposing player?
daveeeeed ginola
there will always be players who arent talented and have to resort to, well, violence
No DG, to break it down to two simple sentences 1) Dont go into tackles at very high speeds when there is a low probability of winning the ball 2) Choose your tackles keeping in mind the situation, force required and minimum respect to a fellow professional. Tackling is a skill, if it were not, any lout could start playing football.
Sorry to keep posting here but I'm a bit "pumped up" about this this week because I've been debating this issue since last week on various blogs, in 2 "soccer bars" and on a panel at a local MLS-sponsored event for NY area football fans. There's one point that I haven't seen discussed in the media, except by 2 pundits, one in the UK and one in N.America: Alan Curbishley & Bobby McMahon. I've seen it mentioned in passing by a few bloggers and posters, but that's all. Curbishley pointed out--in reaction to deJong's tackle on Ben Arfa--that what deJong did was a type of tackle that’s crept more and more into the game and is responsible for much of the damage being done in recent incidents. He was referring to the scissor tackle—going in with 1 leg, winning the ball with that leg, but then wrapping the other leg around the opponent with no attempt to control it. Fact is that you simply should not be making that kind of tackle. It’s completely unnecessary, there’s no reason for it except to "show them you're there" and hurt your opponent. Players who do this are totally indifferent to the consequences of what they're doing. There’s a difference between being combative and uncompromising one the one hand, and reckless & excessive on the other. The other leg coming thru--scissoring thru--does not need to happen. You can make the tackle with 1 leg, get the ball and control your other leg, or at last TRY TO. Some argue that it's just the uncontrollable force of forward motion but the issue is TRYING to control your body's movements, speed, intensity and force. deJong, Shawcross and Henry routinely and repeatedly make no attempt to control their movement. Zip, nada--that's the issue. There are lots of good defenders in the league who don't repeatedly injury opponents so badly throughout their careers like these thugs do. That's because they have football intelligence, they are mindful of the concept of "duty of care," and most of all--they TRY TO CONTROL their movement, speed, intensity. Richard Dunne and Michael Dawson are good defenders but they're not world class. You don't see them repeatedly break legs or ankles or throw opponents upside down. So the argument about less skillful players having to behave like this is complete bullsh-i-t. deJong himself has some good skills, he's a better player than Shawcross or Henry. He doesn't need to make tackles like this. But he CHOOSES to. Because, YES, it shows intent. All this denial of bad intent ignores this fact. It’s a CHOICE to scissor thru your opponent with your other leg at such high speed and force like a human missile with absolutely no attempt to control your body. Henry repeatedly CHOOSES to fly in insanely, wildly with NO attempt to control his movement. That's a choice, people.
As for Henry, his challenge was late, high and AGAIN, made with absolutely no control whatsoever. Henry flew in wildly, totally out of control, with conscious failure to even try to control the force and trajection of his movement. Nor did it make any sense to make a tackle in that moment of the game, and in that area of the pitch (just like deJong’s tackle made no sense tactically). Idiots who claim we’re trying to ban tackling altogether just don't get it. YOU DON’T NEED TO MAKE THESE TYPES OF TACKLES, end of. They're almost always done in areas of the pitch where it makes no sense anyway. They're completely unnecessary. Finally, vanMarwijk's action re deJong was brought on by the strong reaction he and his team received from their fellow Dutchmen and women. Unlike in England (or the US for that matter), the Dutch overwhelmingly rejected the kind of thuggery shown by vanMarwijk's team. They overwhelmingly agreed with his action re deJong. In less than 6 months, deJong has broken the legs of 2 players, almost broke the ribs of another, and brutally assaulted at least 3 other players in the world cup. In a FRIENDLY, he destroyed Stuart Holden's dreams of playing in the wc. He destroyed BenArfa's season & his attempt to start afresh in a new league after yrs of trouble in France. And still the FA do nothing.
Good post jaelle.
Totally agree with cutting out the wild tackles, dangerous tackles, crazy tackles, f****d up tackles but Henry's on Zamora was not any of the above and that's all I was trying to communicate with you gentlemen, enjoy the rest of your days.
daveeeeed ginola
Maybe there should be a graph presented to every club detailing just how fast and where on the pitch such tackles are allowed to be made. If this crap keeps up then football will be about running with the ball and the only tackle you can make is using jedi mind tricks to make the opposing player loose control. SICK to death of this subject and how its blown out of all proportion. There has and always will be bad tackles in football. Such is life.
You can't measure intent so there's no point introducing it into the debate. You can determine whether a player has at least a 50% chance of making a clean tackle. Some tackles are made knowing that the chances of making contact with the player are much greater than the chances of winning the ball. By any understanding that is careless if not reckless. Any tackle can carry a risk but not all tackles have to be made. If it's in an area of the pitch which doesn't pose any real danger and a tackle cannot win control of the ball as opposed to just hoofing it further down the pitch or out of play then other choices such as restricting space to make a pass can be more usefully made. Such tackles are not made to win control or possession they are made simply to stop the other team from playing. If a player is more concerned with stopping the other side from playing rather than encouraging his side to play themselves then that has to be a fairly good stab at defining anti-football. There's nothing to lose by encouraging people to tackle better, to use their brain more than their brawn. The game would only be the better for it.
Zbam, there will always be fatal road accidents on the motorways. Does that mean there should be no rules regarding overspeeding, wearing seat belts and drunk driving? One can always improve on things if one wants to.
It's worth noting that usually players will be far more cautious about the types of tackles they'll make in the penalty area than outside it. It does show that a natural discipline can be involved if the punishment for getting it wrong is significant enough.
Why do people like zbam feel the need to keep using this stupid ******** argument, "let's just stop tackling then." No, there is a ******** enormous grey area. Shall we make sex illegal because rape happens too zbam? Afterall, rape happens, comme ci comme ca, you'll never get rid of it.
Little Dutch
At the end of the day it does matter if someone intends to hurt someone else, or if they don't. Of course it does. Compare what Keane did to Haaland to what Shawcross did to Ramsey: intent in the one instance, whilst the other was a pure accident. Some of the things you write on here are ill-informed, ill-thought- through emotional rubbish. What on earth do you think the manslaughter laws exist for? Totally irrational. And as for the argument that Shawcross is some kind of thug why is it then the case that most pundits are tipping him for England honours for years to come? It was an accident, plain and simple. And it's time for Arsenal Football Club to move on.
Tony Rocky Horror
Rape and fatal road accidents, that lightened the thread a bit didn't it?
Little Dutch
slide tackles his way out of this endless debate!! ;)
The advocates of use of video replays by the authorities, to retroactively hand out stiff punishments to offenders, are spot on. Such should deter the thugs in the sport.

Good post/rant, btw, Jaelle.
Predictably banally prosaic as ever TRH. You've no way of knowing what Shawcross intended and only knew what Keane intended (though it was pretty obvious anyway) because he told us later. Almost all of the things you write here are uninformed and unthinking. You don't even have the excuse of emotional involvement other than that of many, many years of humiliation in the shadow of your far, far, far more successful, forward thinking and innovative neighbours (until you move to Stratford if they'll allow you). As for moving on it's way past the time when you should have done so.
Spot on there, Amos, re: players' caution in penalty areas. 'nuff said.
I think TRH does a good job of taking on the angle of the media - keep raising irrelevant questions and do everything possible to keep the debate alive and to stop solutions. I dont know why TRH in particular does it, but i know clearly why the media do it and why those in charge at fifa do it. The longer they keep the debate open the longer they can act like they are actually working. If they conceed, action will be taken swiftly to combat the problem...then we have no wenger cry baby quotes to write about or sound bites from that neville brother about how he kicks players faster than him in the air...blatter wont have a meeting to go to to debate the topic, so wont have the need to buy his first class plane ticket or book his hotel room or charge his expense account and eventually those useless 'international friendlies' wont be so necessary. Then maybe someone can talk about and write about actual football. Maybe then we can actually play some football.
TRH glad to know you are Shawcross's homeboy and part time psychiatrist to know his inner feelings. Has he told you who is next on his hitlist? Do his anger issues stem from an unhappy childhood? You would know.
LD - I'd just like to point out that it wasn't just Van Bommel and Shawcross that have come to De Jong's defence. Andy Townsend has also to name but one and even Newcastle assistant Colin Calderwood refused to condemn De Jong. I always find it funny to hear Arsenal fans discussing bad tackles when you consider their disciplinary record not so long ago.
Andy Townsend? Wasn't it he who promised to give team mate Paul Elliott his full support when suing Dean Saunders for ending his Chelsea career and then withdrew his support when he signed for Saunders Villa team? Perhaps shouldn't rely too much on principled objections from that source. As for our disciplinary record it was never any worse than average relatively other than one season of non-violence related red cards and over recent seasons it's been far better than most. Just another red herring to deflect from the need to improve the practice and technique of tackling.
Classic Amos, I love it. Andy Gray also defended him, lets hear what you have to say about his character, I'll be back.
How thick are you TRH? You just claimed Keane was capable of thuggery and Keane was 20 x the player shawcross will ever be. regardless of talent any player can break anothers leg if he is reckless so the fact Shawcross is tipped for England honours is irrelevant.
Please tell us how many of our red cards have been for reckless tackles Bluedub? You wanna stop using the same arguments as the sun newspaper.
The Sun? Excuse me, I have never and would never read that rag. I take that comment as a personal attack iceman.
Wll sorry, if you make comments which are illogical and sensationalist the only difference between your views and the Sun would be Page 3 Bluedub.
How on earth is my comment illogical? It is a fact that not so long ago Arsenal had a very bad disciplinary record, is it not?
You did not answer Iceman's question - how many of our red cards were given for reckless leg breaking tackles? Vieira would get in your face as a rival player but he knew the A-Z of tackling apart from passing and movement.
Bluedub, even now when Vieira occasionaly plays for your lot do you not see the difference between him and NDJ? Viera stops a rival player from playing by not giving him space and eventually winning the ball from him without injuring him. He then passes the ball to a more forward minded team mate and covers the position of the team mate he has passed the ball to. NDJ goes in for over the top tackles that have led to broken legs. There is a massive difference in the two.
How many careers have been ruined by the thuggish tactics of Arsenal football club over the decades? Arsenal have always been cheats, liars and thugs, it's a well known fact. So let's hear no more bleating; most of the worst things abou the modern game have Arsenal's finger prints etched on them.
Tony Rocky Horror
I couldn't be bothered looking up how many red cards they got just to prove a point. I can however remember watching Arsenal, and whilst I admired a lot of their football they had a nasty streak to them. Van Nistlerooy incident sticks out, where more than one Arsenal player behaved like a thug.
TRH take your loony act into the loony bin because you can only make general statements which reek of bias but you can not cite examples or events because you know you are wrong and you know you are a huge schlong.
Lol nice to see you stick up for your neigbours and rivals bluedub. You dont know anything about the background of the nistelrooy penalty incident. If he had done the same to your team, there would have been fireworks but then horseface didnt't need to because they beat city all the time!
TRH only posts in search of a wind up, either that or he's very thick (you can see this with banal statements like "many a career has been ruined by the thuggish tactics of Arsenal" but then can't give any examples). Either way, he's best ignored. What Arsenal's disciplinary record was ten years ago is totally ******** irrelevant. This is a point that applies to everyone in football, whether they play for Arsenal, Wolves or Tooting and Mitcham. Attaching club bias just obfuscates the point deliberately in a way that is needlessly childish. People have no constructive counter argument, so they just say, "Arsenal got a lot of red cards in 1999" like that has any kind of relevance to what's being discussed here.
Little Dutch
Sorry bluedub you point was so poorly researched and irrelevant I just assumed you were an avid sun reader.
The good thing is that in the real world there is at least a debate going on. No matter how TRH and those of similarly vacant mind try to trivialise and deflect from it. Dr Michel D`Hooghe, the Fifa medical officer and member of the executive comittee, whom I quoted in the article above has gone on to say "Some players come on the field... simply to provoke injuries in other persons - to break a career. I have two eyes, where I can see what happens - how some acts are really criminal." It's a point he intends to raise at the next Fifa executive comittee meeting.
Quote: Arsenal have always been cheats, liars and thugs, it's a well known fact. So let's hear no more bleating; most of the worst things abou the modern game have Arsenal's finger prints etched on them. - - And what are arsenal known for now? If what you say is true Arsenal is a living example of how you can go from being d!cks to taking the lead in fair play, financial fair play, giving youth a chance, giving back to the community all that gay hippy stuff, and we still compete at the top level - so TRH basically just laid out the argument for me that arsenal were the WORST so its the toughest for them to change, and we did it! Gratz to all at arsenal who were involved and thanks for bringing that up TRH
I find it shocking that people still take the unenlightened opinion that Henry's leg breaking tackle on Zamora was accidental and acceptable. Jaelle has already made the obvious but missed point that scissor tackles are up there with the most dangerous types of tackling there is such as two footed lunges. This is exactly what Henry does to Zamora, trapping his leg between his thighs but what makes it even worse and non-accidental is the fact that at the same time he grabs Zamora's shirt dragging him down to the floor with the momentum gained by lunging in. Zamora has no chance to free his leg as it is held in position while his body weight falls to ground causing the leg to snap. See here - Is that fair? Is that an acceptable tackle? Shocking!
insider says
For all non-Arsenal fans perusing this site, I suggest that you go onto Youtube. When you get there type in 'Henry tackle on Weir'. How Weir escaped with his career in tact I shall never know. You must remember that this is a group of Arsenal fans that have developed a taste for banging this particular drum, whilst their team is, and always has been, as guilty as anybody else's. Stand-up to their propaganda. Arsenal are trying to re-position themselves as victims, pointing the finger at others, whilst tucking their own smear- stained washing well under the fold in the carpet.
Tony Rocky Horror Apparently this is the most shocking moment in NFL (The most popular sport in the US) history. Arsenal fans have seen this twice in the last two years. I play footy in the park with my mates a lot and I know for a fact that I will never end up in Ramsey or Eduardo situation simply because I am not playing nowhere near the level at which professional footballers play these days. The F1 cars are a lot faster these days but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have safety cars just because the drivers didn't wear full-visor helmets in the 50s.
Iceman - thing is mate my point wasn't researched, I don't need to research it if I saw with my own eyes. I'm sorry if that doesn't suit your lofty requirements, but I say it as I see it. I think it was Delta that made the point earlier about sensationalising, can you lot not see that is exactly what you're doing over this tackling issue?
You are a numpty TRH. The reason that Weir escaped with his career intact is that Henry didn't get near the player. As the commentary tells you he jumped to block the ball not tackle the player. Still a stupid challenge and he was rightly carded for it and I don't suppose anyone would have been too surprised if it was red. But on the other hand Robinson didn't get a card of any description for his tackle on Diaby nor de Jong for his on Ben Arfa both of which did make definite contact with the player. You do find it absolutely impossible to get even the faintest grip on this whole debate don't you. If, as you insist, we are as guilty as anyone else then we'll suffer along with everyone else won't we - so where's the advantage? What purpose does the propaganda serve? Why is it that the latest gripes about tackling are coming from people who have nothing to do with AFC? Heaven knows we get some dumb posters here but when it comes to vacuous ignorance you are in a class of your own.
NFL - a full contact phsyical 'who is the baddest' sport - whenever there is a major injury to a player it is reviewed and rule changes are put in place the following season where possible to avoid those injuries in the future. It is NOT OK to break another persons leg at work. It is not OK to break another persons leg. It is not OK to break another persons leg. People legs are being broken. How do we stop this? Ask the players to be more responsible. Ask refs to give protection to players. Ask players, managers and fans to re-asses what they expect from football. Do they want to see Cesc pass to Inesta in the dying minutes of the world cup final to win it? or De-Jong kicking alonzo in the chest? Or....Just stand still, explain its better than it was and sorry another human cant walk anymore but who cares about other humans? they get paid loads! why is everyone so worried about these spoilt overpaid girly men?
When the Fifa medical chief, Gordon Taylor of the PFA and Fulham captain Murphy (and many others lest we forget) can all see there is a problem Bluedub then it's pretty disingenuous to claim it is we that are sensationalising the issue and not that others are unwilling to adapt the techniques of football to meet with the needs of the modern game.
They have a similar article on the vital spuds bluedub, also the story has been running all day on SKY, talksport etc, Arsenal didn't bring this topic to the fore. it's not about us it's about getting rid of these tackles from football, it's about proper bans for excessive tackles.
You wont be surprised to know the silly **** TRH hasn't commented on the spuds article on the same issue.
There are not very many "non arsenal fans" reading this article as you think TRH. You are in a league of your own as a psychotic spud troll. TRH is known as James, Jimbo and many other names on other Arsenal blogs - some where he has free reign to assault our club. He is frustrated because his writ doesn't run here.
something has to be done to protect these class players, lower teams go out to get stuck in, they over do it an you can see what happens rash challenges, players out for months and there was no need to be reckless in the first place.
It's just so sad that you feel compelled to resort to crude jibes, instead of reasoned argument. Tis unbecoming sir, tis not manly. Tis despicable.
Tony Rocky Horror
There's plenty of reasoned argument here TRH - just none from you. You set yourself such low standards yet still fail to live up to them.
Who cares what TRH thinks? (And he doesn't genuinely think this rubbish, he's just trying to get a rise). It's like shouting at a monkey for throwing its *****.
Little Dutch

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