Arsenal - Wenger: We're Always Wrong
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Wenger: We're Always Wrong

Something we have known for many years is that no matter what we do as a team, a club and as fans, people will always pick fault with it.

It's true of any club with real rivals of course, yet when it's your own club it seems that whole lot worse, but I'm 99% sure that the Gunners are vilified for whatever we do, much much more than any other club.

Take for example Eduardo da Silva's (welcome home this week buddy!!) dive against Celtic in the Champions League qualifier at Ashburton Grove. The incident clearly wasn't the first, or worst case of diving in football history, yet calls came out from the entire world for the game to be replayed and Eddie to be banned. The outcry was so strong that FIFA actually bowed to the pressure and banned our striker .... of course the decision was ridiculous and unfair and was over turned.

Our club and manager has come under intense criticism, rather unjustly I feel on countless occasions, from overly orange individuals, baseball capped childish pillocks and just about anyone with an opinion of football.

Well Arsene Wenger has now come out and voiced the opinion that we've held for a long time. We're always wrong.

'No matter what we do, it is wrong, If we get kicked the whole game and do not reply, people say we are too soft.' said Le Boss.

'I don't believe we are too soft. We showed that at Chelsea where we were not dominated physically at all. On the contrary, we dominated that game physically, so we are not too soft.

'I tell my players to play football. I can influence my players with the vision I have of the game, but I cannot influence what people say about us. If you respond every time to the judgement of others you go one day north, the next day south, then east, then west and players don't know where you are going any more.'

And he's right ...... we're too soft, we're too dirty, we're weak defence, we're weak in attack, we don't spend enough money, we spend too much on wages, the list goes on and on.

After comments in the last week from people like Tony Pulis, Chris Coleman, Kris Kamara (I used to love you Kammy) talking about aspects of our club without including any actual facts and relying on red top sounds bites for ammunition against our beloved Gunners, I've come to the conclusion that the only way to survive with our sanity intact is to tune these idiots out.

It might seem like a simple solution, but with the widespread availability of footballing news on the Internet, mobile phone 'apps' (I hate that friggin' word), newspapers, television and so on, it's much easier than it sounds. But I can no longer listen to the opinions of football's has-beens and people who have nothing to do with football other than to offer their deliberately inflammatory views.

There's no sense in arguing with someone whose opinion is formed by widespread misinformation, because as Wenger says, 'we're always wrong'.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 18 2010

Time: 9:51AM

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In amongst it all there are voices of reason though few and far between and pretty well impossible to find on any mainstream media. The fundamental rule for people like Kamara, Hansen and much of the popular press is that if they slate Arsenal they'll find support amongst the supporters of at least 19 other clubs. Over the last decade Arsenal has been the one club to march to a different tune from most others. It has put the quality of the player in front of his nationality. It has looked to provide a level of entertainment for the prices they charge. It has looked to develop players rather than risk financial jeopardy by spending money it doesn't have. It has managed to build and finance its own stadium. It has championed the apparently novel idea that bad tackles should be punished whichever club commits them. All of these things mark Arsenal out as something different and the rest of the herd will always turn against those that aren't marching in the same direction - until the herd comes to realise that perhaps they were heading in the wrong direction.
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18/10/2010 10:07:00

It's all very true Amos - But what astounds me is that apparently very few people can see what we see. It's like they're hatred for Arsenal leaves them blind to the completely frigging obvious and unable to listen to the actual words spoken by Arsene Wenger, opting instead for quotes and claims that have been completely made up by person or persons unknown. Baffling.
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18/10/2010 10:16:00

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18/10/2010 10:17:00

Spurs fan in peace. I think you guys might be feeling slightly hard done by here... Rather than everyone being against you, I think the reason you are criticised is that you have under-achieved in the past five years. You think, if Arsenal were winning all their games, you really think the press would say you were too dirty or too soft? The job pundits have is analysing football and finding a reason for why football teams are losing and winning. When asked why Arsenal haven't won much for a while, people will have many different opinions. Thats why, if the papers were to be believed, your entire setup is apparently crap. Its not obviously, and for what its worth, I don't think any Spurs fan couldn't grudgingly admire Arsenals devotion to developing talent, the way you play football, and the way the club is run financially.
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18/10/2010 10:28:00

When we were winning they said we were too dirty and had no English players. All fans must feel the same about the press I guess? For me the bile they have trotted out this year in particular has been a disgrace considering the amount of time Arsene affords them.
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18/10/2010 10:31:00

Agreed Iceman. I hold particular distain for the people who start their comments with "Arsenal can play some lovely football, we all know, but ........". Like starting their sentences with that some how excuses them for all the crap that follows it.
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18/10/2010 10:37:00

It's certainly frsutrating but common sense usually prevails in the end. There is at least a debate going on about tackling and it's not quite as one sided as it once was. Even the CMO of Fifa has joined in positively. Sometimes I think it might be better, or less frustrating at least, to say nothing about things you disagree with or think should change for the better but then how would change ever take place? The herd will never thank you for it. As now they'll question your motivations, character, personality all of the peripheral things seeking to make life unpleasant for you before they eventually find themselves having to deal with the substance of what is being said. Inevitably they'll have to and as you say Rocky the widespread opportunity to air your views in support of those you can agree with is an opportunity not to be declined if you believe strongly enough.
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18/10/2010 10:42:00

Agree Rock, bit like starting a sentence with 'I'm not racist but...' or 'some of my best friends are '. I do think iceman is right to an extent though, every club thinks theirs a vendetta against them, and to some extent they're mostly right. In the same we see the typical English attitudes about us being soft as against us, I'm sure Stoke, Blackburn and Bolton fans feel they're being hardly done by with comments regularly in the media about their style of football. Now, who is right or not is largely irrelevant to a fan, cos one thing most of us lack is a sense of objectivity, would be nice to see a bit more of it from apparent neutrals though.
Ozi Gooner
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18/10/2010 10:51:00

*in the same 'way' we see
Ozi Gooner
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18/10/2010 10:52:00

So what you're saying is that Arsenal is the footballing equivolent of Martin Luther King?
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18/10/2010 10:53:00

'Passive Resistance' probably fits well into the media's self created narrative :)
Ozi Gooner
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18/10/2010 10:56:00

I wouldn't want to put a campaign for encouraging good tackling on the same footing as that of the American Civil Rights movement. Despite Shankly's insistence that football is more important than life and death it isn't - it's just theatre. But the inclination to focus on personalities rather than purpose isn't too different. Ozi is right that we all have a tendency not to be entirely objective in support of our own cause but there's so very little objectivity displayed when dealing with the issues by those in a position to be neutral - probably because they have agendas of their own whether it be selling newspapers or TV subscriptions. Maybe there just aren't any true neutrals.
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18/10/2010 11:16:00

It was obviously tongue in cheek Amos, though the comparison isn't far off. A lone crusader looking to set things straight in the face of a load of dinosaurs living in the past. Gradually people will and have come across to our way of thinking, but it's a long fight and one that's far from over. Unfortunately I don't think anyone unconnected with Arsenal will truly appreciated and aknowledge Wenger until he's dead.
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18/10/2010 12:08:00

I knew it was tongue in cheek but it's pretty certain that some clown is going argue that some gooners see Wenger as a sort of super being instead of just a pretty straightforward fella who talks plain common sense most of the time. The most impressive thing about Wenger is that he has all the quirks and foibles we all have but just applies straighforward uncomplicated intelligence and practical wisdom to doing what he does. It's others that complicate it and all the more frustrating because many of them know that they are doing so.
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18/10/2010 12:26:00

I wish AW would simply stop talking to the media and treat them with such consideration and respect. They don't deserve it. The thing that irritates me the most is how the haters always leap to the usual cliched media soundbytes without listening to what AW actually SAYS. All they get is the media soundbytes, selectively quoted or twisted and overblown. I'll watch the entire press conference on ATVO and then next morning I'll see a totally twisted take on it in media headlines. It's always always always the same stereotypical stuff, most of which is totally invented. Like the myth that AW holds contempt for any team that doesn't play like Arsenal. Morons like that spud TRH repeat this idiocy ad nauseum. They routinely ascribe attitudes and opinions to him that he simply has never ever expressed, nor believes. I've always thought that these accusations of arrogance and elitism toward AW are a projection of the accusers' own sense of inferiority and nothing to do with him. Barnay Ronay at the Guardian last season wrote in absolute glee after Stoke's elimination of us in the FA cup last season that Pulis had shown AW was wrong and arrogant to underestimate Stoke. It's amazing that anyone actually believes that AW underestimates the challenge of winning a football match away at Stoke. And why doesn't the media ever call Pulis, McCarthy, Brown et al for repeatedly attacking AW (professionally & personally)? If AW did that, there'd be hysteria all over the media & blogs.
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18/10/2010 14:02:00

This particular issue is the only reason I'm glad I don't live in the UK. I don't have to be subjected to all the media punditry that trashes our club.
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18/10/2010 14:03:00

From the headline i thought the article was about how wenger always gets the recovery time of our injured players wrong!!
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18/10/2010 14:18:00

It can be very frustrating for fans to have your club and/or Manager trashed, misrepresented and misquoted at every turn; but, on the brighter side, it could be worse if the club was not news worthy or did not have a Manager whose opinion on footballing matters is recorded (albeit, manipulated) and his every word eagerly awaited, on just about every topic he speaks on (even the subject of this article). Wenger is never afraid to have a view on matters about which most managers don't even have a clue of the short or long term implications to the game and will rather remain silent, trusting that the FA has done or will do the right thing. It is also somewhat flattering that we are considered good enough to be challenging for trophies, every year. The media (even rival fans) has been counting the trophyless years and reminding us of the count, each year, for Gawd's sake! Is Arsenal the only club without a trophy in the last 5 years? So, how many of these clubs are reminded, so consistently, about their trophy cabinet condition? It is flattering, at times and it is to the credit of the club that we are so highly reckoned with.
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18/10/2010 16:15:00

I tuned them out long back, Rocky. And also refuse to indulge in a discussion with fans from other clubs who come on to our forums with ill-conceived opinions refusing to listen to any other point of view. Life isnt so bad now :).
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18/10/2010 16:17:00

Well said Naijagunner, I agree. There are not many managers who are as intelligent as Wenger and who don’t have the same thought processes so the media will always jump onto whatever he says. Couple this with being in charge of an elite English club, he is a great source for a story. However, I also think that he represents a perceived anti-English viewpoint who can see beyond the English footballing culture of work-rate, commitment and spirt to overcome all. Every time Arsenal fail I am sure it is met with a haughty sneer and much gloating in many quarters because it invlidates his foreign approach. Why do we need the pretty, tip-tappy football when a reckless challenge is so much more entertaining. But I also think that there is a sense of relief in the media and the general English (British) footballing public that, whilst Wenger fails, they can cling on to their old values because it’s much easier and cheaper to produce a destroyer than a creator. Last Tuesday was a great illustration of this.
Sir Henry
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18/10/2010 18:09:00

Just wanted to make this point as well: I'm not the only one who's been saying for years that this Arsenal team are too damned nice. We've been winning or finishing in the top 5 of the Fair Play league for the last 5 yrs. Enuf of that. We were winning trophies when we weren't so nice. So c'mon nasty Jack! :-D
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18/10/2010 20:14:00

Its a shame that whoever says i slagged Arsenal or Arsene Wenger off obviously did not watch "Goals on Sunday" the thing we pointed out is that mistimed tackles happen and that you cant one week say, when the opposition do it its deliberate when we do it its accidental, i have to much respect for Arsene Wenger to ever slag him off or Asenal football Club - chris Kamara
Ben Kamara
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19/10/2010 09:16:00

The use of the Chris Kamara quote is pretty typical of this debate. Whether a tackle is mistimed or deliberate the punishment is exactly the same so it's an irrelevant point. For the umpteenth time nobody can prove intent whatever suspicions might be held. The issue is whether a bad tackle is punished or not and thereby poor tackling discouraged. If the same level of tolerance shown towards Arsenal in the weekend game were applied universally then there wouldn't be a debate.
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19/10/2010 10:19:00


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