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Robinho: Spurs Are Not A Big Club

You know, even when Brazilian wonder kid, Robinho chose Real Madrid over Arsenal, I still felt a little warmth for the boy, and now I know why.

After rumours circulated that Robinho may leave Real Madrid should first team football not come his way at the Bernabeau, the inevitable link to Tottenham arrived.

Well the little attacker proved that even though he join Madrid, he is a true Gooner at heart with this side splitting statement.

'Reports that I'd move to Tottenham are wide of the mark, if I had to leave Real, I'd choose to join another a big club. 'Said Robinho

'I don't regard Tottenham Hotspur as a big club.'

Hats off to Robinho, he knows true class when he see's it.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 15 2007

Time: 3:42PM

Your Comments

Oh dear, your gonna upset the tarts from down the road now, repeating what robinho said. The fact is it cannot even been construed as an insult because he is only speaking the truth, but it wont stop them from trying to make out they are big!!
Ashburton Gooner
You have missed the rest of his statement. He said that a move to Arsenal, West Ham, Fulham, Chelsea or even Barnet would be considered.
QUOTE OF THE YEAR...still laughing and i read it an hour ago :) ...I hope we sign him hes pretty good.
Robinho is just scared he will be the meat in a Robinson/Huddle20stone sandwich! Martin Jol says he thinks Sp*rs are a big Mac.....Sorry i mean big club!
Hold on a second..... how can he say that??? He obviosly doesn't know what he's talking about at all does he!!! I appreciate he's a good footballer and all but....... Oh sorry I thought he said "**** CLUB"!!!
Is it my imagination or has BFMJ's head got even bigger??? Was he one of those blokes tested for that drug who then developed the elephant man disease??
Robinho, a gooner legend without even signing! brilliant!!!
What I wanna know is where are all the Spurts fans saying "well, actually I think you'll all find we are a big club!!! In 1956 we won the..................."??? Maybe they've just accepted things now!!!
i think reyes had a word in his ear also just prior to the interview
surely in terms of success forest are a bigger club than the spuddies arent they ?
can we swap him for Reyes?
everyone knows spuds are small club, that is common sense :p..
not a peep from a spud as yet ! incredible, i think they have all committed hurry curry after last weeks performance and are using their spare time to phone into talk sport and vote for Jol to win the sack race, which he won on sunday night i might add ;)
G4L - swap him for reyes and buy beast for 12mil...interesting...but i dont see any holes in the ship right now with our team, where would he play? who would have to sit out? id love to see him in an arsenal shirt tho! would he be considered one of our 'young guns' and play in the carling cup?
He is very similar to walcott. Both have terrific skill but both are too lightweight. Walcott is still developing but I think Robinho is 21 or so now. He obviously needs to spend a lot of time in the gym if he is going to make it. At madrid he gets knocked off the ball way too easily & the premiership is a lot more physical than la liga.
Ashburton Gooner
tell me something new Robinho ,We and all the world new that sp*rs are not a big club!!
Ahahaaahah, where are the spuddies?Not a beep....strange.....
Like in 'X men the last stand' they have found a way to cure mutants/spuds and they are all down the clinic getting their shots!
I think that a big club like us (and unlike spurs) might go for Robinho, as we could do with maybe one more winger, and I think AW could make him a winger, as he has all the attributes: Pace, Technique, good passing(all Arsenal players need) and he can hit a great strike. He would definately be a class act for us.
Super Cesc
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! My sides hurt. We've been telling them ths for the last 15 yrs, maybe they'll get it now. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! HILARIOUS !!!!!
would we rather add him as a winger or add ribery. tough tough decision
i'd like him at arsenal.. hey i heard eto'o being linked to arsenal.. any thoughts?? imagine henry and eto'o.. unstoppable..
hahahaha i just look at the spurs vital. theyre having a debate about what defines a big club
Not a peep from them for weeks? Not even a **** off you fat gooner b***ard. Maybe they've all turned to the light side of the force, we have been getting loads of new members recently.
We won't hear from the wretched little halfwits until one of our cup runs comes to an end or they start actually winning again, they are still licking their wounds in the dank, dark Spudholes, believe me I know I live close enough to Mordor and can smell when they are stirring.
well in my opinion, if Freddie does not comply to becoming a squad player and maybe getting a little pay cut, he could be sold which, with the imminent departure of Reyes, would open up 2 spots in the squad. Theo is still too young and could develop in 2-3 years. with the squad we have I think Ribery or Robinho would be great, + a goalie and don't forget Bendtner is coming back as well. what a team!
(that was for bootoo;) even Jacky B has gone missing. maybe he became a gooner?
funny funny stuff. i would have loved to actually see robinho saying it, since he meant it and would have had a serious expression on his face when he did.
It's official. The Queen's a gooner! And lol at Robinho's comments, didn't have to elaborate much did he?
capello has benched reyes and robinho at madrid in favour of more 'defensive' players, italian thinking *****, i hate that guy - anyway, lauren went for just 500k, freddy wouldnt be taken up for much more, id rather pay his wages and have him as a super sub, theo needs developing so i wouldnt want to put too many people in front of him, aliadiare will be leaving so thatll open up a spot on the wing, although i think id rather keep ali (if he were happy as a 2nd string winger) instead of trying to intergrate someone into the arsenal way of doing things - so we are 3 deep on the right, 4 if you include eboue, robinho plays on the left, link up play with henry in rosickys absence could be deadly
Guys a G. He pretty much has it down. In the premiership he would always be welcome at Arsenal. Tottenham punch above their weight too much, I remember them being intrested in Baptista too.
No brazilian with honor can play at white harte lane.It will be a disgrace to this country!
Who? Robinho - I would rather suck the sweat off the testicles of a dead goat than have him at WHL. He's a squealing mommys boy and definitely not what the Doctor order. Its fairly amusing how you guys always publish so many articles about such a small club and take agent speak, trying to drum up interest in their player, as the gospel truth. And is K_chelski an Arsenal fan? He never appears on his own page ... mind you hardly anyone appears on the Chelsea page ..
Robinho can dribble your whole team sir_harry , in a matter of seconds.oh yeah, momma's boy, the guy was poor, and when he got rich people kidnapped his "mommy" , nice going.Never? hahahahaha, we don't have as much members as vital spurs, but the members we do have, are great writers (except for me of course).Quality > Quantity.
Robinho is a show boating sulker. If he was a decent player he'd knuckle down rather than go squealing to the press .. and the moment he lost the ball in the dribble the opponents would be up the pitch while he stood with his hands on his hips. He may say he's not interested because we are not a big club ... the point he's missing is - we don't want him
i dont like the way we make fun of spurs it gives me a funny feeling
the point you're missing doesn't matter what you want!If he said tottenham was a great club, and that he wanted to build his career in white harte lane, i'm sure you wouldn't have a problem accepting him in your team.A 23 year wold player who has more trophies than all of your players, ho ho ho embarassing.
old *
Sir_Harry: "I would suck the sweat off the testicles of a dead goat for robinho at the lane". Wierdooooo!!!
Youngest in Charge
jeez, i drop by this article and find everyone armed to the teeth with kalashnikovs, ready to go at it. Sir_Harry, that's not gonna make Robinho wanna come to WHL ;-) »»Arsene Knows««
Joking aside, honestly, I wouldn't welcome Robinho even if he expressed interest in Arsenal. Take away the Spurs factor, and you're left with someone who's careless with their choice of words. So in reality, he really ONLY wants to play for a BIG club. Don't get me wrong, he's certainly not rubbish in terms of talent, but at the same time he's not a galactico either or yet. He chose Real over us because we weren't big enough for him, but if there is a chance there's interest from him now, I guess we're finally big enough for him eh? Who wants a player with that kind of mentality? Look at the likes of Rosicky, who's been an avid Arsenal fan and loved the book Fever Pitch and waited one more year to hear a call from Arsene before resigning to go to another club. Or the likes of Fabregas who came to Arsenal because they were able to recognize his qualities and appreciated the fact that he was given such an opportunity at that age. I know most will say I'm making a big deal out of one sentence, but that one sentence is more than enough for me because I know any Arsenal player would never make such a careless, cocky remark.
Ducksworth, he didn't choose real madrid because they were the bigger team he chose them because they were the best choice for him. Which I respect. If I was a brazilian player I would rather play in spain it is closer too his home culture which I am not going too disrespect. As for him wanting too play for big clubs, he is an ambitious player who said he wants too be the best player in the world, you will want too play football at the highest level so his statement is just.
If he came to Arsenal I would welcome him. He is a decent player and I like his style. His views I also respect. Him moving too real Madrid over Arsenal too. I am going too put my fanboism aside logically in his shoes he is a supporter of neither team he is going to move too the team where he would easily fit in and the team where he has less cultural stress, an area where his family could settle in easily.
I don't have any qualms about his decision to go to Real over Arsenal. I only brought that up to stress my point on how he only looks to big clubs. It's not about being ambitious but being arrogant that I'm pointing out. With all due respect to his skills, he hasn't won anything with Real yet. And he was not an integral part of the Brazilian national team during the 06 WC. And this is shaky ground because I don't think there's an official record of him saying it, but he has desires to play in Italy or England in the future, so if that is really the case, proximity to his culture isn't really a factor in his decisions on where to play.
glad to hear robinho knows what the definition of a big club is and isnt.laughed my ass off when i read his statement. pity he's being wasted at real madrid but he's not exactly pullin his weight at real madrid. always wondered what would have been if he'd signed for us instead of real. anyway aint life now that his ass is warming the bench along with reyes. he( reyes) could have been great for arsenal but it wasnt meant to be
Spuds mashed again...... even people who have little or no command of the English language know spurs are a small club.
I wouldn't mind him coming here either as his wide play and speed could help us but im wondering how he will be able to join? We cant trade him for Reyes if we want to keep Baptista and if we were to buy him we would have to spend around £15 million and i think that is too much as i think our priority's for the transfer window should be a new keeper and a talented young central defender.
spuddies (GEOGRAPHIC) closeness to us. It the only claim to fame there have had for years now. Is it favouring sp*rs more than ARSENAL? who thinks moving east to olympic stadia will make them bigger? will this result in them being lesser known? posted on vital sp*rs and a good suggestion for a poll (if it hasnt been done)
Again it is Robinho's agent trying to get some interest in him. Totally agree with Ducksworth .. people who fire off their mouths in public are narcissistic wannabes and not team players - he's merely a circus act. He is a completely lazy defensive liability who's game who not be suited to the EPL. He'll be back in Brazil soon as a flop. I have no interest in him being at WHL as because like with a huge number of Brazilians and other South Americans he is massively overrated. What some pathetic little child wants to define as a big club is of no interest to me. A big club is a club who have won titles, won cups, both domestically and in Europe, have a strong committed fan base and fill the current capacity of the their stadium for most games, at present we have 23,000 season ticket holders and a waiting list of 19,000. Whilst Arsenal are to be congratulated for avoiding the cyclical highs and lows of most clubs it only takes one forward thinking decision by the board of a club combined with certain players being available at the right time to break this mould. The ability of Dein to grab first Bergkamp and then Wenger is an example of this type of transformation. And a team with a large fan base who get it right either through insight or luck can transform their situation within a season.
Sir_Harry for a supporter of a team that has not won anything for the last decade you sure are optimistic and wasn't this season supposed to be the season of change?...From what Tottenham fans were saying before the season started I thought you were supposed to be challenging for the premiership or at least getting top 4 at least.
Hahahahahahaha, overrrated ?Ahahahaha, sir_harry, you must be losing your mind.Ok, let's play a little game, find someone in your team.The greatest player of all time.And we'll compare it with a brazilian, okay?We're so overrated , that's why we won 5 world cups.Any player. i challenge you to find a better player(in your club's history) than a brazilian.
We underestimated the loss of Carrick. After a strong season we have suffered second season syndrome as well as unfortunate injuries to King. In retrospect the appointment of Comolli hasn't worked. However with the addition of 2 or 3 players we will have a strong XI again .... I also think Jol has taken the team as far as he can but there are one or two innovative managers out there who could be the second coming of Arsene Wenger. Everyone goes on a big club internationally, but that is only because the teams mentioned are in the Champions League each season. A little misfortune, a couple of seasons missed and these teams will be back in the pack.
i do think robinho is overrated,he is fast and good with the ball,but thats about it,he will never be classed as great,just another good brazilian.i wouldnt want him at arsenal,i dont think he would be any better than walcott,or lennon at s***s
fran merida
K_chelski you really are a pathetic little moron, who's grasp of English is tentative at best. In Europe we receive far in excess of the numbers who turn out for the Brazillian National team, many travelling on Portuguese, Spanish or Italian passports and a large number of them are absolute dross who disappear after the initial fan fare. The name Brazil creates an aura for these individuals frequently not matched by their performance on the pitch. I have seen Robinho play for Real and whilst he has a few tricks that's it. He is a me-first player, defensively totally useless and there is no way I would want him in my team ever. Football is a team game for 11 players not 10+ one lazy Brazillian which Robinho is .... if you think he's so good ask Chelski to buy him
"have no interest in him being at WHL as because like with a huge number of Brazilians and other South Americans he is massively overrated. " Where are the players?Tell me the greatest tottenham player of all time.What's the matter? You can't name one?Or are you afraid that he will be beaten easily by a overrated brazilian player?Your club is pathetic.
so you are a brazilian chelsea fan? Surely you must prefer a more entertaining brand of football than that which Chelsea practice? oh, and to answer your question........ we have currently and also have had many players in the past greater than the legend that is....... Kleberson! Two of those were Argies.
Jacky B
And Col8........ Villa are a massive club right now are they? I reckon Robinho would jump at the chance to play for you! lol!
Jacky B
okay, now tell me a totenham lengend, who is better than: Romario, ronaldinho,ronaldo, pele,carrincha, zico ... and many many many more.....
I cant.... because Brazil produces the best footballers. And those players are some of the best ever. But you suggested, that no player anywhere could ever be better than even the *****test brazilian, which is B O L L O C K S . btw its Garrincha not carrincha
Jacky B
oh, and by the way. Maradona once played in our shirt!
Jacky B
get a room girls
Normally i would, but not with this moron. Have u read some of the crap he is spouting?
Jacky B
What? That most of the Brazil squad is better than Tottenham? Sounds pretty rational to me.
Little Dutch
no, that i could not possibly name any Spurs player from any period in time, thats better than Kleberson! or Roque Junior! lol, oh and if he was saying what you suggest, the same would go for Arsenal or any other club in the world.
Jacky B
I know it's garrincha (my favorite player btw) just a typo error.I'm not saying that jack B, sir_harry said that a huge percent of brazilians who play in europe are overrated.So i asked him to deliver me your greatest legend(something you didn't do btw).Oooh score Jacky B, a cocaine addicted player played for you team!Wow congrats.
P.S Robinho is 6x better than lennon.
K_Chelski, we are not talking about signing all the greatest names in Brazilian history you f***ing muppet, we are talking about the waste of space that Real don't want called Robinho. Guess you are a local Chelsea fan being in Brazil eh - maybe we can invite you over to give the Met some target practice
Our greatest player is hard to pinpoint. Here are a few. Hoddle, Gasciogne, Lineker, Greaves, Ardiles, Villa, Klinsmann now whilst none of those are better than Pele, they sure are better than a lotta Brazilians. Oh, and Coke or no Coke Maradona is the greatest ever player. and not Brazilian i might add!
Jacky B
What about Sol?
heavy on the nails
C'mon chelski Jacky said hes gonna get the pigs to gat your arse Whatcha got?
Aahahahahahahahahah, maradona the greatest player.Scored with his hand, was high in all matches he played.Well sir_harry you ******** idiot, you said that most brazilians are overrated, wich is very very far from the truth.Are they better than ronaldo? Than garrincha? Than romario? Than rivaldo? Than ronaldinho? Than Zico?Than Adriano? Than Kaka? Than Dida? Than Taffarel? Than Dunga?Hmmm, they aren't so great after all.Pele is a three time world champion (that's more than argentina has ever won, ever!)And the other stuff you know.
What about this sir_harry , you come over to brazil, and we fry your arse and make a churrasco
Learn to read English - there are huge numbers who come over having got the odd cap on a European passport who are *****e. Of course you are listing the greatest players of all time ... we were discussing Robinho you ****ing cretin ... Dida and Taffarel haha pillock - can't you go and support you own league rather than be a free loader over here?
you're such an idiot don't you realise that 'chelski' is an offensive derisive term aimed at your club. Dumbass
And you are such an idiot that you don't realise i did that sarcasticaly.Sir_Harry , that justs shows what kind of person spuds are, you don't like foreigners commenting on your league?Shocker....
ding ding round 4
A Tottenahm and Chelsea fan going at it on the Arsenal site, ahhh the wonderful world of football!......the only thing i have to say is keep it coming this is great :)
No, we don't like brain dead foreginers commenting on our league whose favourite player lost his cherry with a goat. Kind of sums you up K_chelski. Your total ignorance of the the history of the English game plus your bragging about Brazil just makes it all a little dull. We had a decent conversation going about the definition of a big club and whether Robinho was a good enough player to even make such a statement, and then you have to wade in.
Wait a minute, k_chelski your Brazilian and you support Chelsea! WOW now I've heard it all.
When did i mention my favorite player?I think you're the brain dead one.I said garrincha was one of my favorite players, that's it.Ignorance?What did i say?I said he was right, and i said spurs are a *****ty club. You're the one making uncessary comments about the quality of south american players.When you say huge overrated players, that means 60 to 70 %, wich is not true.
On the subject of English v Brazilian players, I believe Butt leaves Kaka and Dudu lying on the grass, boom boom
Not english V Brazilian players, i love english football, i have idols like gordon banks, and dennis wise.It's about "overrated" south americans, against the little bitty club that spurs is.
Great quote of the spuds vital site discussing robinho and how, (cough, cough,) big they are! "The stadium is considered one of the top designs in the league, the pitch is considered one of the best in Europe. Spurs have a manager who has been chased by Ajax, rumours suggest Chelski are seeking Jol, and to top it off, they have a top 2-3 place in spending on transfers in the EPL." Who considers it to be one of the top designs in the leuage? Doncaster rovers new stadium is far better than that shi*hole! The pitch one of the best in europe!-did they ever see highbury?? Rumours suggest Chelsea are seeking Jol-what on earth for? a new kitman??!! oh wait that does our vic akers a disservice, maybe its for chief chelsea pie taster, he'll take robbothepieman with him too!! and as for being in the top 2 or 3 in spending in the premier league, that just sums up how shi* your managers have been at buying players-and shows that your stupid chairman has more money than sense!! this is my fist post, so hello! and hope its not too long!
Hello mate and welcome I take it you're named after Bergkamp not Wise he he
haha, yeah you can be pretty sure of that!
kingdennis ... a wise man learns to engage brain before opening mouth. It has been strongly suggested that as Frank Arnesen now holds such respect with Abramovich, that if Mourinho were to move on, he would put forward Jol as a candidate. Arnesen would not want Lippi or Huddink as they would erode his own power base. He would be able to suggest that this reason was a blip due to Jol's inability to work with Comolli which has been reported and will contrast it with his ability to work with Jol on a more limited budget. It was after all Arnesen who brought over Jol, and was instrumental in getting Jol promoted when Santini left. Could you possibly tell me why Jol won't be in the mix with such a strong supporter there already?
Spurs are regarded as having one of the better stadiums in Europe which has been rebuilt. Obviously it is not as good as green field stadiums now being constructed around Europe and the next step would probably require it being raised and rebuilt from scratch as there is only so many ways it can be expanded. In terms of the pitch it does have a rep for being one of the best in the country. Yes Highbury also was a great surface but contrast this with Stamford Bridge where the turf is getting dug up and relaid again. Considering what a 'close' ground WHL is, the groundsman does an excellent job. Finally Spurs have been one of the top spenders in the EPL. But there remains a fact and this was reported in the Independent with figures from Deloittes. From 1 Jan'06 to 1 Dec'06, Spurs and Arsenal's spending was almost on a par in terms of gross outlay ... however in terms of net spending, Spurs were 20th in the PL, Arsenal happened to be 2nd but this included intelligent investment and squad building with Walcott and Adebayor. They weren't replacing players being sold, they were increasing the depth of your squad. Unlike Arsenal who spent to expand and build their squad, we actually spend money to replace players in the squad with mixed results - what my colleagues on the Spurs site don't realise is that if we have spent £18m on players its because we have sold £18m of players and such a turnover is never effective in developing an effective squad. The only good thing is that we are sitting on a not inconsiderable war chest of anything up to £50m+ from the Puma/Mansion deals so if Jol moves on, a new manager will have the resources to go after new players but again there will be a settling in period for any buys. Hope I cleared that up for you.
So Arnesen is going to suggest Jol to Abramovich for the Chelsea job, cos he (Arnesen) can work with Jol on a limited budget? Thats your reason right there, because that is one detail not in the job sepcification- a proven ability to work with a limited budget!! Seriously though, if as you say, Jol is held in such high regard over at Stamford Bridge, surely the fact that Jol picks your team, and not Comolli, will have been noted by Abromovich. Granted Comolli and Jol, may not work well together for whatever reason but there have been many, many people criticising Spurs tactics and team selections this season alone. Clearly the man is not a great coach, in the mould that would probably be required to manage a team of Chelsea's current standing no matter who he has fighting his corner in the board room.
Granted your pitch is not as poor as the Sunday park field chelsea play on, i was just comparing it to our pitch at Highbury. I don't at hand have access to the Deloitte figures you mention, so i shall take your word for it. However, i dare say since the inception of the English Premier League, Spurs net spending would be above that of Arsenal's. I'm not certain but i would guess that is the case. Again i am not sure about the transfer kitty available to Spurs, i believe you get £34 million over four year from Mansion, and i presume you get a fair whack from Puma too. I suppose you just hope that whoever spends the money, he can buy and not unsettle your squad.
No the point is the Jol/Arnesen arrangement worked well on a limited budget so with unlimited funds they can do much better - Frank will be saying "if we can achieve this, then we'll be able to do this".... furthermore, Jol may pick the team but does he scout and buy the players?, how much input does he have? - if the guys work together its a good arrangement but when its not its a dogs dinner. And this season has been the one blip on Jol's record in the UK and Holland. Arnesen will not someone coming in to rock the boat.
And i'm tipping that the £50m you have available wont be spent on Robinho!! ;-)
Well if you are criticising Comolli's scouting ability i beg to differ with you, look at the record he had at Arsenal as a scout!
I'm not but so far he has been responsible for Malbranque, Zokora, Assou-Ekotto, Rocha ... hardly an impressive record. I think Comolli worked well with Wenger as Arnesen did with Jol .. coming from a similar culture and league background - the mixing of Comolli and Jol has been a chalk and cheese - and no I wouldn't part with £500,000 for Robinho .. I would however offer £7-8m for your Nicklas Bendtner who will be a class act
Fair point, not the best bunch of signings although i can remeber Arsenal going in for Zokora, or at least being linked with him-probably the sun!! As for Bendtner it will be interesting to see what AW does with him, but apparantly we are in talks looking to extend his contract. So he clearly rates him too.
Somehow, I doubt Chelsea wil hire Jol. Poor tactician, squad selection etc, you only need to visit the spurs site to hear a lot more. And whats more, he's brought in a lot of these players. Mebbe the scout is good, its just that Jol cant bring out the best in his players. The spurs site is moaning about the lack of steel and passion in their team, sir harry. You'd certainly be a better team then and the blame would lie with Jol for that. On another point, I hope Bendtner will stay. Arsene clearly rates him but I dont see how we can give him 1st team starts next season with so many strikers already available.
Cant see him getting first team starts, only in the CC but he was having those before he went to Brum. Suppose it depends what happens to aliadiere, even then he would be down the pecking order so to speak. Also depends on Reyes and Baptista, as Baptista i feel is more of a striker then Reyes. Then you've got RVP too. We are blessed in attacking players, and i tell you what: it feels great!!! But it would be nice to keep NickyB and have him in reserve, and/or for the more physical games in the North West!!

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