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Station To Station

Building on the article some weeks back on the Royal Oak pub in Woolwich, the next Arsenal landmark I shall be casting a retrograde eye over will be Arsenal tube station. (Because in my 19 years going to Arsenal, pubs and train stations have basically been the staple build up to any home match). The Arsenal tube station is one of the most notable, yet quirky relics of Arsenal`s topographical history. On the face of it, Arsenal tube station is merely a station on the London Underground network in travelcard zone 2, served by the Piccadilly Line, wedged between Holloway Road and Finsbury Park. But dig a little deeper into its sloping undergrowth and terracotta tiling and the station unveils a fascinating insight into Arsenal Football Club`s history.

The station was opened by Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway on 15th December, 1906. Of course, it started out life by the name of Gillespie Road station. Back then it granted access to St. John`s Divinity College on Highbury Hill, as well as serving the sleepy streets of St. Thomas` Road, Avenell Road and Blackstock Road, which were just beginning to see rows of terraced houses appear. Those of you familiar with the London Underground will realise its par of the course for a tube station to have at least one bus stop outside of it. Arsenal tube station, to this day, does not have a bus stop within half a mile which is a testament to its sleepy roots. However, in 1913, its usage was to escalate dramatically. When looking to rid Arsenal of the shackles of the commuter`s nightmare that was Woolwich, Sir Henry Norris was struck by the nearby playing fields at St. John`s Divinity College. But it wasn`t just the playing fields that had Norris` attention. Norris recognised that the catchment area for a ground in this area was significantly widened by the fact that Gillespie Road tube station provided precious and quick links to Holborn and King`s Cross, which made the ground very accessible to a wider support base. Gillespie Road tube station and its link to the ventricle of the centre of London was a large part of the reason Arsenal moved to Highbury in the first place.

But not satisfied with ushering the sleepy urban tube station into centre stage and subjecting it to the whims of thousands of hobnailed feet every other Saturday, Arsenal gave it a facelift. To cope with the extra crowds, some of the terraced housing the station was precariously sandwiched between was knocked down and the tunnels down onto the station platforms were widened. Even today, the station is very unique as it has no stairs or lifts. Instead, the floor slopes upwards as you make the journey from platform to street level. Those that use the station with regularity will be familiar with the final steep incline and the sharp intake of breath one must gulp in before becoming reacquainted with level ground again, as your knee joints recoil in terror. But the post first world war, pre second world war Arsenal were an ambitious lot, they weren`t just interested in a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation for this piece of hallowed land. They wanted an identity shift to match the cosmetic transition.

Norris and Herbert Chapman in particular, were incredibly keen to rename the station. "Whoever heard of Gillespie Road?" Chapman told the press incredulously, "It`s Arsenal round here." The interlopers were sticking their flag into the ground. When Norris was banned from football for financial irregularities in 1930, Chapman was given free reign as the benevolent dictator and new chairman Samuel Hill Wood allowed the Yorkshire genius a free reign. Having built a team that had won its first trophy with the F.A. Cup in 1930, followed by the league title in 1931, Chapman set about building a club. He lobbied with the authorities long and hard and in November 1932, his wish was realised. Gillespie Road station was renamed Arsenal (Highbury Hill). (The Highbury Hill suffix was eventually dropped in 1960). This was a quite remarkable feat. One`s mind boggles at how Chapman persuaded London Underground to go to the trouble of reprinting maps, timetables and even reconfigure ticket machinery. But Chapman had pulled off a quite unique piece of club branding, especially when one considers Arsenal`s origins did not lie in the area and, at this point in time, a great many people would still have considered Arsenal a South London province. The renaming of the station was the final knitting needle that allowed Arsenal to weave themselves into the fabric of Islington.

The renaming of the station was part of Chapman`s grand project to turn a sleepy corner of North London into a footballing Mecca. In 1932 the famous 45 minute clock also appeared at Highbury and at Chapman`s behest, Arsenal redeveloped their ramshackle uncovered West terrace and turned into a palatial £45,000 shrine to supporter decadence. Herbert was stamping his legacy onto the club and in doing so, was leaving Arsenal`s footsteps firmly ingrained into the soil of North London. His stalwart defender of the time, George Male, would opine, "Above all, Chapman was a showman. Everything came second to his team putting on a show." The renaming of the station was the great ringmaster pulling down the curtain on his show. To this day, Arsenal is the only tube station in London to bear the sole name of its football team. Arsenal, I remind you, is not a geographical location whatsoever; the area has always been known as Highbury. The terracotta tiling at platform level still bears the legend Gillespie Road, a reminder of its past. But the station is still fixed into our present. The Emirates stadium is slightly nearer to Holloway Road station, but due to access issues, that has to remain shut on match days. So Arsenal station is still the most used access point for the 60,000 that descend upon the stadium for every home game. Arsenal tube station is a small, but significant monument to a time when Arsenal and Chapman were building the greatest football club in England, the station is part of that legacy and it has the unique distinction of continuing to service the wants of the newer, shiner stadium we inhabit. One of Arsenal`s preferred strap lines is "Tradition With Vision." If the club wanted a small emblem of that incantation, they could do worse than to look at this quaint London Underground station.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 25 2010

Time: 9:54PM

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As a piece of brand building it was a tremendously far sighted achievement to get the station renamed Arsenal. Chapman was far more than just a football manager.
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25/10/2010 22:23:00

It's not often you get a good quotable from Peter Hill Wood, but I recall him saying, "My father thought he should have been Prime Minister."
Little Dutch
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25/10/2010 22:31:00

The next station is Arsenal, alight here for the greatest football club in England.
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25/10/2010 23:21:00

Nice piece. There is a spuddy tube driver who makes a point of calling out Gillespie road when the train stops at Arsenal! All good banter I guess.
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25/10/2010 23:22:00

Whoever heard of gillespie road indeed. Am I right in thinking that as part of our agreement with islington council for the grove we were suppossed to fund the further development of the station? Haven't heard of any recent improvements if so...
Report Abuse
25/10/2010 23:36:00

Good article, nice to read, however the main reason for the mass exodus that starts 5 minutes before the full 90 is up is due to the non-development of Holloway Rd Station, surely it is worth spending the money to get this up to current health & safety standards so people can leave on time!
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 07:47:00

Nice piece. There is a spuddy tube driver who makes a point of calling out Gillespie road when the train stops at Arsenal Iceman10 - Brilliant!
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 10:47:00

Tottenham Hotspur from Tottenham. Arsenal from Gillespie Rd Tube station. That pretty much sums it up. Woolwich Islington Dons. And to feel no shame either!.....shocking!!! An apology wouldn't go a miss, along with some appropriate compensation. 200 million should do it.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 16:59:00

I thought this article would be untrollable but apparently not. I know I'm guilty of feeding the troll but I think we should all abstain from giving him what he really wants. Our attention. TRH does post on Vital Spuds but nobody listens to him so we should give him the same level of attention he gets from his comrades.
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 18:57:00

Is that the Tottenham Hotspur from Middlesex (who stole their Hotspur name from a London club) that has recently applied to be put on the list for social housing in Stratford? We brought so much pride to North London that in thanks London named a station after us - they want us to stay obviously.
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 19:04:00

TRH You actually post on VA more then I do! I don't know whether to feel ashamed or just ***** myself. Nice write up Tim.
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 20:21:00

middlesex swamp dwellers
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 22:05:00

Sarf London knuckle scrapers, 61 SOON TO BE AGAIN.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
26/10/2010 22:18:00

Did the doc fix the flux Capacitor on your time machine TRH?
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 09:38:00

Iceman, doesn't that run on rubbish and junk? Limitless supply with TRH around.
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 10:05:00

TRH what kind of celebrations do tottenham have lined up for their 50th year anniversary?
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 12:27:00

We're not strong enough to win it this year. We'll have to content ourselves with winning the Champions League and parading it up and down outside your ground: Ashburton Grave. Well, it's so peaceful there!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 13:47:00

By the way, it is Asburton Grove? Or the Emirates? I know it's not Highbury...I think. It it still Arsenal? Or Woolwich Arsenal? Or 'Dial Square'? It it Arsenal tube station? I'm sure it says Gillespie Rd on the wall there. And it doesn't end there. Do you play long-ball, or 'Total football'? I can never tell with you lot, you seem to like moving around and changing your name and your attitudes: wearing others' clothes, right down to the pure white on your sleeves that used to be cherry red. Wonder where you nicked that from? Beats me. Thank god there's only ever been, and only will ever be, one Tottenham Hotspur.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 14:35:00

Not strong enough to win it this year or any other time in the last 50 years or so TRH - you aren't surprising anyone but yourself with that revelation. As for the CL you are picking the right time to celebrate your triumph - it's only the reality that ever thwarts your delusions. As for Arsenal we're still in Highbury just a few paces from Arsenal Tube Station (you'll see it marked on all the maps). Did you know that the Spuds stole their current kit from Preston North End? You'd hardly credit the number of changes they made before stealing that one. I think the kit that seems to reflect your character most was the turd brown one worn a few seasons back. Most see you in that way. There'll only be one Tottenham Hotspud until they have to change their name should their application for social housing in Stratford be successful.
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 16:12:00

I don't understand the vitriol in your response Amos. Something has clearly set you off, poor flower. In the end, though I'd like to laugh, I can muster only sympathy. I'm glad you brought up our redevelopment plans. Only a massive club could possibly aspire to the kind of stunning, stunning project we have in the offing. As Daniel Levy says, "It's truly world class". I concur. It's going to blow anything- and anyone- in the local away. It'll transform the lives of the poor people who live in the area (you seem to have a problem with people who have to settle for social housing) and re-confirm our status and reputation as the only, really authentic club in North London. In addition, it's going to be flanked on all sides by a festival space and amphitheatres where our worldwide army of fans can gather to celebrate our long history. Why don't you pop along and join in the fun of celebrating us. We could even have an exchanging of the clocks ritual. Yours might have to be set at 1913, though!!! Norris time. TO DARE IS TO DO
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 16:59:00

No vitriol TRH just amusing myself at your expense. It's been the lot of the Spud to provide amusement for its far, far, far more successful neighbours for many decades now. When such traditions are so easy to maintain we should continue to do so I feel. Your development plans are just mere pipedreams that may not ever get built if you can persuade Stratford to let you in. As for authentic North London clubs you'll do well to remember that we were the first club in North London. You were Middlesex marsh dwellers until London took you in - you haven't won a title since. No need to swap our iconic clock though. Especially as ours is still going whereas yours stopped in 1961
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 18:04:00

Arsenal were the first team in NL? Not sure how you came by that conclusion given that you were reconstituted from the dregs and wastes of all the failed South london clubs four years after we became the greatest club on earth. But let's not get caught up in your inglorious past, it turns my stomach. So you like laughing? Unfortunately you've been laughing on the other side of your face of late, haven't you? Around about the time Crouch stooped to conquer. The game's up Amos. Spurs are a top, top side, to the extent that the European champions were holding on at their own ground as we besieged their goal. We have the strongest squad in the league. And, soon, we'll have the finest stadium too. The Halcyon days are fading memories. At most they'll become fairytales that you bore your resentful children with as they beg you to take them to the Lane of dreams to watch a real team.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 19:31:00

Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 19:45:00

No one could argue that you don't possess all the qualities that mark you out as a true Spud TRH. Every word straight from the Spud manual of delusion. Football doesn't have more deluded dreamers than you. Inter just couldn't be bothered in the 2nd half and got a bit sloppy. The score flattered you really even if the points didn't. Crouch makes you a top side does he?? He certainly suits your hoofball style. Nothing 'soon' about your new stadium unless you are put to the top of the Stratford housing list. It's true though. We were the first club in North London - and we still are - by an increasingly greater margin over many, many, many years. Fact is you'll never be able to match our success no matter how long you survive in the PL. It's way, way beyond you now - you could never live long enough. Which is why in a willy waving contest here it is always so easy just to laugh at you.
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 22:16:00

He he, willy waving eh? Believe me, when the dust settles they'll only be one team with his todger wrapped around his forearm and a delicious, glittering broad on the other. And he's from White Hart lane. Not sure about the other guy though. In fact, I don't recognise him, is he from round here? By the looks of his microscopic portion he could end up in a predicatable muddle: nice approach in the foreplay department, but in the end just couldn't keep it up. Shot his bolt too early. Could get rather Messi.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 22:54:00

The only glittering broads you'll find on forearms around WHL have been put there by some backstreet tattooist. You are sounding desperate now TRH ...that's just a bit too juvenile even by your low standards. I think you need a lie down. Grab the corner of your blanket stick your thumb in your mouth and maybe the pain will all have gone away when you wake up. Not that what you have to wake up to is all that comforting but I'm afraid it isn't going to get any better anytime soon.
Report Abuse
27/10/2010 23:01:00

The poor piece of TRasH. Feel sorry for him and the people who have to bear him in real life. Waste of space and air.
Report Abuse
29/10/2010 20:51:00

Strongest squad in the league?? Is that the same strength in depth that got mauled 4-1 by our inferior squad?....I'm just looking at Citeh's squad sheet and yours...your right I think I would swap barry for Jenas, or maybe Teves for about Johnson for Lennon? Hart for Gomes? Keane for Balotelli maybe? Dare I say it, Adebayor for pav? Don't even get me started on Man U or Chelski......Oh You may be wondering why I haven't mentioned our own squad...well that would just be cruel wouldn't it, I do have some humility:)
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 01:42:00
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 19:11:00


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