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Team News: Newcastle v. Arsenal

Arsenal Starting XI: Szczesny, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Eastmond, Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner, Vela

Arsenal Bench: Fabianski, Sagna, Fabregas, Arshavin, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, Nordtveit

Newcastle Starting XI: Krul, R Taylor, Williamson, Kadar, Perch, Guthrie, Smith, Vuckic, Routledge, Ranger, Lovenkrands

Newcastle Bench: Soderberg, Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Barton, Carroll, Gutierrez, Tiote

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 27 2010

Time: 7:09PM

Your Comments

Hmm I would have expected Fabregas to play to be honest. But lets see if these guys can make it.
I wouldn't have expected Fabregas to start. That would be insane.
This is a very weak Newcastle team because they play Sunderland this weekend. I think our team has plenty of fire power to see us comfortably into the quarter-finals.
I'm happy with that. I had a sneeky feeling Eastmond would play, he's looked really good in the reserves since coming back from injury and it would be stupid to stunt his development by hiding him.
insider says
Sky is saying we're playing our first team now in the CC, but I would say only maybe 1 or 2 of those players would normally start.
Fab hasnt played much this season, and he is still finding his fitness. Why is ta that so insane?
Safe bets: Alan Smith picks up a yellow card and Arsene Wenger complains about Newcastle's tactics during the post-match press conference.
Very wasteful from us so far.
I like the team. Don't like Den's hairstyle... which reminds me of Adepaymore...
We have such a deep squad of well known players that whatever we put out will appear to critics like the first team; and why not? Most of them will start at other teams. Truth is quite a few of these players are 2nd string or returnees, who need game time. Sky can say whatever makes them happy; we want the tag of 'trophyless' to end this season. End of.
Not again Gibbs :(
hahahahha! What a goal. Good to be up one at half. It's been a very entertaining game. Our back line hasn't played together before so they look a little out of sorts.
They are all copying that Hernandez fella and using the back of their heads to score :)
Denilson, for all his great interceptions, possession and passing has this laboured attitude at tracking back, when we are on the defensive. He will usually appear uninterested, jogging rather than tearing after his man to make the block. Surely, someone's got to tell him this; it is something he does regularly, even in league games.
Deserved lead but an undeserved goal.
And i thought we couldnt defend
haha, theo offside and Bendtner interferes with play from an offside position?
Djourou gets the assist?
Olés with half an hour left to play, that's going to bite us in the ass.
why is ***** is cesc coming on?
Great finish niky
fantastic finish from Nicky
What a save from Scszczcscesney! Great contribution to keeping the clean sheet!
Welcome back theo :)
well, barton with a premeditated foul worthy of a red card, no real surprise there
What's Barton got against us?!?!??! What's he doing on the pitch!??!?!?
I know it's only one game, but I have to say our goalie looks the part. He has the calm, confident manner that you want from a keeper. I reckon this kid will be our number 1 before long.
Have to say Szczesny did really well today. Some really good saves, and composed throughout. Vela on the other hand did not take his chance.
They send in the goon like it's hockey or something.
Szczesny does look a bit special and Theo is so cool in front of goal these days. Our squad is looking very strong at the moment.
Szczesny will be number one goalie, sooner rather than later.
Funny how the papers say Wenger plays established first-team players in the CC now. I could only see Rosicky and possibly Denilson who fall into that category in the starting line-up. What're they talking about? Yeah we're playing strong teams in the CC now but it's not full of regular starters at all.
Whats with the Eastmond kid and that stamp? Bendtner was clearly obstructing that defender for the 2nd goal. Why are refs on your side so much this season? Interesting stat: 80% of Arsenal goals this season are either (a) a penalty (b) against 10 men and/or (c) controversial (ie ref didnt see a clear foul). This reminds me of liverpool 08/09.
(d) why the f.u.c.k are you on vital Arsenal CDC?
Chelsea DC - feeling scared, are we?
sounds like a made up stat to me
also, its funny you point out Arsenal's transgressions yet fail to mention how Barton deserved 2 red cards in just 20 minutes on the pitch, hmm...
CDC also forgot to mention that despite leading the league in goals that Chelsea is STILL one of the most boring teams to watch.
Anyway, pretty good performance from Chesney, but I'm not sure he's ready to replace the suddenly reliable Fabianski yet. If I was Almunia though, I'd be a bit worried (although in fairness, he is a good number two). Just glad we didn't buy Schwartzer . . .
(e) you make your own luck and all that. But really, you call that a stat? Controversial according to who? Did you know that last season ALL of chelskis goals came from (a) open play or (b) set pieces?
Chim chiminee chim chiminee chim chim cherrie who needs mark schwarzer when we got Szchezney.
What are the chances we'll finally get a non-prem league side in a domestic cup?
Not great TP. I think Ipswich are the only non PL side left in it.
Brilliant performance, a clean again and more than 2 goals scored. Hope Gibbs isn't too badly injured. I just Love The Arsenal!
Chelsea DC should be worried. This is the side that eliminated Chelsea and at the bridge too.
bow, Theo has always been a clinical finisher and he was taught by the master himself. Let's not forget CF is his preferred position.
Yeah, my question was tongue-in-cheek, just by going off our run of domestic cup draws, I predict United away... why not?
At least all the real cloggers are out Wigan, West Ham, West Brom, Manu, Villa, Ipswich and B'ham. United won't want to draw us anymore than we'd want to draw them but we really could do with a home draw for once. We'd beat any of them at the Emirates - even West Brom this time!
I just said it reminds me of Liverpool (08/09). You have had help from refs, dont see how that is disputeable. Was there a single insult in my post?
I think I would rather Newcastle start Joey Barton against us than see him come on for the last 20 min. Whereas he may elect to show restraint over 90 mins for fear of accumulating fouls and getting sent off, there is absolutely no incentive for him to behave when playing a mere 20. He made that painfully obvious by assaulting Eastmond and Fabregas.
Not help from refs if the penalties and red cards are deserved. So far, can't think of one undeserved penalty, whether you think Chamakh exaggerates or not, there's always been contact. Maybe the Cole red card was a little harsh on the first day of the season, apart from that they've all been clear cut. Not help from the ref at all, help from hapless opposing teams.
Ozi Gooner
ChelseaDC please mention which games and which decisions??? second goal we were lucky coz the ref could have called for a foul...the defender would have never caught theo anyhow. all decisions against mancity were correct thus no favours from the ref. this is our 14th game of the season and of the 43 goals we have scored i can count 2 where we were favoured by bad decisions and both of them came yesterday. the second was debatable and for the 4th theo was marginally offside however i remember against liverpool gibbs was called offside when he was clearly on and through on goal these things usually balance ask yourself why you are here whining about a game that involves you in no way. this was a game between Arsenal and Newcastle in a competition that chelski is no longer involved...
Embarrassingly, ChelseaDC has posted on Vital Newcastle's match report, 'Poor decisions for both.' -- So who is the ref 'helpling' in a match where the ref has made poor decisions for both sides?
Theo was off for the second (our second, not his), quite clearly.
Ozi Gooner
ChelseaDC had nothing ..clearly, and that was a ridiculously made up stat.
I don't want to be the one who has to decide who to leave on the bench with our squad. Bendtner/Chamack, Nasri/Walcott, Rosicky/Arshavin, central midfield. Usually injuries make it a bit easier, but we might have a almost everyone available for selection soon. Nice problem to have!
sorry Ozi gooner is correct his second so it was the same goal anyhow which means 3 of the 4 goals were legit chelseaDC
I have to say that i was surprised by WS. WHile i dont think we should make his no1 yet because he is too young and i am not sure he has the Cech/Casillas precosciousness, i was amazed to see how untimidated he was. The boy was organising his defence, shouting at the top of his lungs. I never see Almunia and Fabianski bark at people like that. Definitely one to watch.
Chesney's song surely has to be "I am the one and only"! Very mature performance from our young keeper. I also like the way he was bawling at his defence. He has the presence, build and speed to be one of the best.
Wyn Mills
A bit disappointed Wenger didn't give JET a bit more of a run-out after talking him up so much pre-match. I know he wanted to give Walcott and Bendtner more match time (and you can't argue with the fact they both scored) but I wanted to see more of this promising young striker.
Wyn Mills
Couple of further points. Firstly, just wanted to say how great the Arsenal fans were, you could only hear them all night. Secondly, what does everyone think of Carlos Vela? Some blogs reckon his time is up at Arsenal, but I always think Wenger is patient with all of his players and once he's bought you, he'll persevere.
I think Kos had a great match yesterday. He impresses me more with each match. As he adjusts to the pace of the English game it becomes more obvious that like Vermalen he has good anticipation and is very comfortable with one touch football. You only have to compare this with the relative clumsiness of Campbell and Gallas. Opponents see this and know they play a dangerous game if they push too far up the pitch.
Wyn Mills
Hi guys.. No good goalkeepers at the start of the season, all of a sudden, 3 months in, we're spoilt for choice! Football, eh? bloody hell!
shady gunna
Do you think Bendtner will replace Chamakh in the starting xi at the weekend ?
Strapping Blue
Gooner_vin I thought Vela was poor and seemed completely devoid of confidence. For me, he hasn’t made the grade and should be shipped out; after all, he’s had the opportunity to stake his claim and disappointed every time. A couple of audaciously chipped goals do not make for a career at Arsenal.
Sir Henry
@Sir Henry. I guess that's a fair comment. However, like any player, he needs a run of games to get his sharpness and confidence up. Also, some players are late developers. I really like Vela and think he could be another Eduardo. Am I right in thinking though that Wellington Silva is going to be a first-teamer when he joins in January?
ChelseaDC, you know how we gooners are always accused of having an aggrieved mentality, of complaining all the time about bias against our club? Your posts on this thread are perfect evidence of why we often come across that way. I'll explain. Suddenly there's all this attention from the media and opposition/rival fans about these recent ref calls at Arsenal games in our favor of us--penalties, red cards, etc. Yet all last season -- after the hysteria caused by Eduardo's dive v. Celtic (which was in August I believe) -- it became clear to anyone watching Arsenal games regularly that PL refs were hellbent on denying us penalties for nearly the entire season. Only toward the last couple of games, did it appear that the period of punishment was beginning to ebb. It became a joke. Over the summer, a guy I know re-watched all 38 league games and counted the number of genuine incidents where we deserved a penalty -- plus the arguable ones. He counted a minimum of 15 genuine penalty incidents plus 7 more debatable ones. Now I can't vouch for the accuracy of that but every gooner who paid attention last season saw how we were repeatedly and routinely denied blatant penalties - and how refs allowed opposition defenders basically to do almost anything they wanted in our box. YET I SAW NO MEDIA ATTENTION TO THIS. And certainly not from concerned, attentive opposition fans like yourself. Yet it was very clear that last season PL refs made the blatant, outrageous, unspoken decision to deny Arsenal penalties as punishment for the Eduardo incident. AW mentioned at one point in a press conference how many obvious penalties we were being denied. After awhile I noticed a few commentators during games pointing it out. I have to wonder if the club mentioned this to the FA or something because the number of penalties we've been getting in our favor this season has been quite noticeable--tho all legitimate. And no, you didn't insult us. But you implied we're getting special treatment from refs, a tired accusation given that PL refs routinely allow our players to get kicked and shoved and assaulted without so much as a warning to the perpetrator. Yet the minute one of our players responds, out comes a yellow card. So forgive me if I have no respect for all this sudden attention to favorable ref calls in our favor when there was absolutely no attention given to the systematic campaign last year of denying us blatant penalties that other teams would've been given without question.
We have had our share of bad calls this season and we have had our share of good calls. That is the way it goes and when yu here fans from other teams moaning about it you know they are starting to worry about Arsenal that little bit more.

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